Created: 8/1/1960

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lay-Cuban Rotations: Belgrade's conclusion onuly oT Its first permanent trade agreement with Cubaurther Indication of continuing Yugoslav support for the Castro regime. Yugoslavia will export Industrial goods and will receive sugar, leather, agricultural products, and minerals of unspecified amounts. cientific and technical cooperation agreement was also concluded.

Yugoslavia has consistently supported Castro,but it has sought to prevent this support from affecting its relations with the United States. On IS July, Foreign MinistryKuncensure of US policy toward Cuba, butofficials subsequently sought to soften their position in private talks with Amorican diplomats. ove tothe milieu for talks with US Under Secretary of State Dillon, conducted in Belgrade fromouly, Kuncthe postponement of the Cuban trade delegation's visit, scheduled to begin onuly. The delegation arrived two weeks later.

Belgrade's concern over its relations with the US is baaed on its noed for continued American asulstance--partlcularly financial aid in carryingizable economic and currency reform. Yugoslav papers wore quick to acclaim both theof the Cuban charges against the US from the forum of the United Nations to the Organization of American Statos andLodge's statement in the UN that the US harbors no aggressivo intentions toward Cuba.

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