Created: 9/24/1960

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: as now become inci./jingnts g! governmento leave the country.sp-trie "indignities" sufferedh& dimcr-strators were unusuallyvc- been incited to violence :irecl although there have thusr. tfca personal security ofthe hostile propaganda3 regime is bound to haveiolence now is anar certainty if castro wereyork visit.

toe embassy has als& irer. omitted an tmcvaiuated reportontact in the cutas foreign ministry that cuba is pre-parins to break diplomatic relations with the unitedd may dososhortlyaftercjlstrc^

giher foreignn cuba are becoming

the haitian consul in siaiic-jo de cuba asked his-governmentbour leave to evacuate ids family, because "theis most difficuh_andfui! of uncertainty."

according to reports from two sources,ovietare engaged in some type ol military construction at managua, an army base southeast of havana. six large crates, allegedly containing "rockets or some type of heavyave reportedlybeen transported to the site. the actlvit probably involves antiaircraft weapons.

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