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Bloc Arms Delivery to Cuba: Tbe Soviet cargo sblp

Ilya Mechnikov, which arrived at Havanaeptember with the bloc's first major arms shipment to Cuba, apparentlymedium tanks and antiaircraft artillery, alongariety of other materiel. Detailed reports from observers, one of whom was actually aboard the ship, state thatntiaircraft guns wore delivered.oc cargo reportedly also Included machine guns, artillery, and small-arms ammunition, as well as radar and electronics equipment. Some of the arms evidently are of Czech origin.

Although other reports on the unloading suggest that Jet aircraft also were delivered, photographs taken shortly after the ship's arrival at Havana and other more detailed reports of tho cargo do not indicate the inclusion of jet aircraft in this shipment

Government Attempting to Rout Guerrillas: Govern-

ment Torces are" apparentlyajor effort to rout anti-Castro guerrilla bands from the Escambray Mountains of central Cuba. At leastf Castro's militiamen and one regular amy officer have reportedly been killed in this area already this month. Tbe guerrillas aro estimated to total several hundred, but are divided into several factions. The'leader of an anti-Castro group believes,hat the various bands, which he numbersay be unified shortly. In late August, tho guerrillas were reported poorly armed, but they may by this time have received additional weapons smuggled to them by opposition groups in Havana and other cities. On


9 September, landestine radio transmitter was heard in Cuba appealing to the armed forces to join in fighting Castro

The growth of popular dissatisfaction with the Castro regime in many parts of the island suggests that the position of the guerrilla bands may not be completely hopeless. This dissatisfaction erupted into open violence early this week in the province of Mataozas where therelash between pro-Castro and anti-Communist groups, and subsequent popular demonstrations demanding the release of anti-Communist prison, resulted in several casualties. The militia and police were able to disperse the demonstrators only by firing into the crowd.

Castro is undoubtedly aware from his own revolutionary

experience that,limate of growing popular unrest,

ery small guerrilla band could mushroom into a 11 '

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Seen Moving Toward Stlffer Attitude on Cuba:

Cuba's public attack on" Brazilian Foreign Minister Lafer as an "errand boy" for Washington has outraged most of the press in Rio do Janeiro and is bringing heretoforemoderate elements into the anti-Castro camp,to the American Embassy In Brazil. The Cuban attack onon Lafer's position at the recentlyInter-American Meeting of Foreignmilder than the accusations leveled againstbut the language was so offensive that oven the foreign minister's enemies have rallied to his defense.

However, Janio Quadros, leading contender for the presi dency in the elections scheduledctober and Brazil's most prominent apoldglst for Castro, apparently has withheld comment, probably believing that the incident will blow over Earlier Cuban attacks on President Eubitschek were largely forgotten by the press following Quadros' visit to Cuba in late March. Quadros praised the Ideals of the Cubanand newsmen who accompanied him asserted thatwire services consistently distort news from Cuba.

The Brazilian Government has vacillated on the Cuban question partly outesire to pursue Brazil's tradition al roleediator in inter-American affairs and also to exploit the issueeans of forcing liberalization of American aid policies. It has been reported that arepresentative may soon visit Cuba to "prepare for the return of Fidel Castro's government_to the community of American nations.

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