Created: 9/9/1960

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Communists Exploit Pro-Cuban Activity: Since their reium irom tbe Lntin "American Youth Congress held m! JUJy' S the Argentine Communist party (PCA) have displayed considerable enthusiasm for increasing tnoir activity in support of the Cuban revolution. Thishasajor PCA concern for some time, and Comrunists are prominent among the extreme leftists organizing various types of pro-Castro groups throughout Argentina, including volunteers to defend Cuba "in case Cuba is invaded." to the American Embassy in Buenos Aires, it is expected tbat expanded pro-Castro activity will further tho PCAof revitalizing the Federation of Communist Youth.

Such activity can also serveover for otheractivity. Overt PCA activity has been inhibited by government decrees prohibiting Communist political activity ana oy oc-

duav?o raldspartyAlso officially bannod, the PRAXIS group of TrotskyiteRevolutionary Movement of the Lefinues pro-Cuban activity in coopera-

ista-connected Movement of Labor Groups (MA.). Both the PRAXIS and MAO are represented in the Castro-inspired Movement for National Liberation. The government treads more cautiously in restricting pro-Cuban activity than wUlTcJba aCtivitv* dMpltt the increasing strain in relations

As an aftermath to Cuban Foreign Minister ftoa'sattacks on President Frondlzi and Argentine policy *tmeet lag in San Jose, Argentina instructed itsHavana to return homeeptember, although there . .1

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