Created: 9/3/1960

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C .Peru Is considering breaking relations with Cuba,to recoup some ol tbe prestige it lost through ForeignPorras' actions at the seventh meeting of foreign ministers in San Jose. After Peru had initiated the meeting, Porras failed to take the lead in promoting the resolution against extracon-tinental intervention in the hemisphere, defied his government's instructions, and finally refused to sign. President Prado,pressure from the Peruvian military, has agreed to this move when the time is propitious, and particularly if other Latin American countries take similar action. Guatemala and Nicaragua broke relations with Cuba earlier this year. Colombia, which is Incensedecent outburst by the Cuban ambassador in Bogota, will at least declare him persona non grata. President Betancourt, who has become increasingly hostile toward Castro and concerned by the threat of pro-Castroto Jus regime, also seems to bereak.

Prado is reluctant to force the resignation ofriend of the leftist but non-Communist APRA party, for fear of alienating the APRA's general backing of his administration. The cabinet unanimously censured his actions at San Jose, and the military representatives are insisting on his ouster.

itter enemy of the Peruvian military andelements, has tended to sympathize with the objectives of the Cubanissident and militant wing of tbe party is strongly pro-Castro. However, Ramiro Priale, APRA's topin Peru, who advised Prado that the party would accedereak of relations with Cuba, has informed the US Embassy in Lima that it will not withdraw its support of Prado In the event Porras resigns--presuraably voluntarily.

Porras* position at San Jose was similar to that ofForeign Ministertanch supporter of Castro, who refused to sign the final resolution of the meeting which wasby his government. This development has causedtension in Venezuela, where pro-Castro groups are strdhg. and could threaten President Betancourt's three-party coalition.

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