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May Break Diplomatic Relations With Cuba

--Peruvian President Prado told tne American cnarge d'affaires tnat he is ready to break relations witn Cuba on the groundsetter from the head of the Peruvianparty to the Cuban ambassador in Lima thanking himontribution to the party and expressing appreciation for sending party members to Cuba for training. Prado said ne does not mind taking the lead at this time in breakingbut hopes Argentina, Colombia, and certain Central American governments will foUow suit so that Peru will notarticular target for Cuba and the USSR,

L Tne Peruvian Governments antagonism for Cuba has been heightened over the past year by the frequent alliance within Peru of the Communists, an influential pro-Castro group, and the reactionary wing of Perufe oligarchy. This alliance hasagitation on emotionalas thoseUS petroleum investment or the Peruvian-Ecuadorean boundaryan apparent effort to stalemate theeconomic development efforts.

The Argentine Government apparently believes that Cuba is seeking toreak in relations but thatreak now would be counterproductive for Argentina^ ambition toits influence in LaUn America, and would mean the loss of valuable information derived from the long-standingbetween Argentine Ambassador Amoedo and Fidel Castro. Colombia requested the withdrawal of the Cuban ambassador last month, and its interest in breaking relations with Cuba would probably be reawakenederuvian initiative.

_Guateiuala and Nicaragua broke relations with Cuba earlier this year. El Salvador, which now is emerginglitical crisis complicated by pro-Castro manifestations, may soon follow suit. The Panamanian Government reportedly may declare the Cuban ambassador persona non grata, although Panamanian President Chiari is facing serious domestic dlffi-culties which would nrobablv oe complicated bytep

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