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(Utter and explanatory note of USSR Klnlster of Foreign. Secretary General Dag Baircarskjoeld. Pbsccw- oo Aug.eports that this letter vas spot oa0 behalf, of the. Soviet Covercceot, It astcd that thauniversal peace creators. aggressive acts against theincluded.he agenda of theh Session ofGenera!- .. .1 " .

(lext) (Intercepted lo progress) geoeral peace which Is being created by the aggressive actions whichlted States lagainst the USSR.Io accordance.vlth. rulef the rules for procedu?-of thenclose ao. explanatory note (zap!ska):

The USSR Covermseot (few Indistinct words) has drawn the attention ofNetlona to facts of crass premeditated violation of. Air Force, warning about.the dangeroua character of suchof. GovcroDeot_whleh thrcateo universal peace. Government, ignoring the principles and aiis of thtgoes on with its policy of intrusion. militaryUSSRn doing this,. Covercceot is kiiovn tothat violations. military etrcitfft of USSRbeeo anl continucs^to be the considered policy of the UnitedtheU.S, Covercceot grossly violates generally recognizediotcrnatlobal^ lau^aad the lofty principles of the United"have" also been 'signed by the United States. . nilitary aircraft of the state borders and sovereigntysember.state of tho United nations, in this case thabasic acts^of"aggression.

Here ara tbe

On feyU.S. military, aircraft, of. theype.. ook' off froo Peshawar Vlrport in Pakistan, (andSSR airspace/ having beeo given.the task of crossing USSR territoryorthv.esterly"difection toward the region of Archangel and Mjrcanak

fc This aircraft vas .r


BB -


Evidence given by the pilot, who bailed out by poraehute, asaa cxaxiDatioo of tbereckage, made it possibledefinitely that ths aircraft bad beep aeot intomilitary Intelligence over Soviet territory, in particular toabout Soviet industrial and military objects by means. "" 1

Because of the incontrovertible .evidence,. Covernoeot vaa forced to admit tbe fact of the intrusion into the USSR and tbe military ntelligence nature of the flight oflrcract. It vas also forcedlt that the versioo it bad previously issued about tha Innocent flight of the aircraft into tho USSR vas ocndaclous and aimed at deceiving people. -- - ' -

Wit USSR Governi*Dtelevant approach to the Security Couccil and dcaended the loraedlete discontlnuetloo of" such-.aggressive actions of the United States, vhich are fraught vith dangerous consequences for tbe cause of peace. -

esultxamination of this question, the Security Couocil passed the veil-known resolution ofemanding all* countries respect the principle of state sovereignty.

. Covcriaeot, nevertheless, contioued ita eetjressiveactions acainst the USSR. On Julyo, io therear the Kola peninsula, aLaWi

into USSR slrspactilometers rx rth of Svyatoy Noa Cape andthe direction of tha city of Arkhangel, violatitg the USSR .' - .

The aggression vaa stoppedighter of the USSR Air Force. . bomber vss shot down. As vas shovn in the course of the '*

interrogation of the two mcatbtra of tha crev of the shot -devn aircraft vho vere picked up Inerritorialelsngednit of. Strategic Air Command; forning part ,

of the','lrgarried out special tasks of the nature of military

Intellicence. For this end theircraft waa armed and equipped.

with special photographic and radloeleclroolc equipment.y_

This new violation of the USSR border'by. bomber has conn reed that. Gcvoriraent ia contlnulngalorg the caoe dangerous* course and that the solemn declarations ofovermiurnt'and -" resident Elsenhower personally about his alleged order to'etop intrusions. military aircraftapac* vero but maneuvers aimed at deceiving the public.


Toe seriousness of the situation ic aggravated hy the fact that the United States continues to useck Vhich it haa aet up ootbe territory of other countries which arc allies of the United States for; its'dangerous provocations againstR. These countries allow the United States to use their territory for provocatory actions of. Air Force and thus beeoce, accomplices of the aggressive acts of the United States against the USSR. Toe USSR Government hat warned the governments of the countries vhich have taken part in theentioned aggressive acts of the heavy responsibility wnleh they bear...

e-ult of this.".


Io accordance vith.KMR Government has decided to propose the question of tbe aggressive actions cf tbe United States at. General As cnbly. Tbe USSR Covernoent expresses tbe hope that.ssembly will examine vith all seriousness the situation vhich has arisen and will take relevent steps.

1-- , . . . ..

In dojng bo, the Soviet Government proceedsthe policy of gross violations of the sovereignty of other states vhich is being" pursued by the United States, exemplified ioase by aggressive and provocatory action* of. Air Force against the USSR, cam, if it is oot stopped, lead to serious ccc.sequci.ces for the cause of general peace. Takinginto tceouot, the Soviet overnmenteeply convinced thstmber state whose governneot la aware of its responsibility for the fate of world cannot help paying the greatest degree of atteotloo to the question the USSR Government-In the course of its examination'by. the GeneralAseeoblyisitvja.il1 esaveis.S.'-

u.s. KcwccAinoifrrifF japak repckted

rtostov, TASS,'Psdlote^citype in Russian: toUICLA^SLTfoix) ; tk'" . 'r

(Tex) asrovocation against, the Soviet research vessel Shokarcjjiy. She returned here today from Odessa after corsldcrablebe Indian ood Pacific oceenB.

According to candidate of geographical sciences Alekseyof the scientific expedition,lyskiy wss somaoff Japaneseruieer caricNquita near end askedand origin, ybeo the Shokalskiy replied tht^crulser

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