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York YLnea Nevv Tork

Dpir Sires

out to oahe tried.

I wes given the.opportunity to rev! the article io tho kocuit issue ofork Tiae* lo which 5ry father while bale* Interviewed atatedid not thinked been shot

apparently cy father al sunderetcod theave to Questions "

ould like to clc-j- thisending fcy saying that evenid not aeo what It was that caused theeel sura nat it vss not the aircraft itself which eipleded. All ofawtnai nstruactits vara nornsl up to the lime of the explosion* felt and heard. lso saw an orange flash ox glctfooked out.

r cannot U hink the explosion was Sehind aad eayceof the

^I'falt no lapact of anything against the airplane ,lt3flf,hink the shock wave froa toe explosion caused the damage." f

I cxa catty gunss what happenedit. a of tV ooinioa thattali of ton slreraft cano o'ff firstoss to drop sharply ia the failure of both wlsgs. the cockpit aod what vasaircraft tumbled and finally settled Into an Inverted, spinforces which xade It iapos.itle tor se to use thet. I got out of the aircraft atthousand fret or belov. 1this altitude because rsj parachute opened automatically and itto open at fourteen thousand feet. It openeduxnfree of tha T

1 woo a', ra-rirun altitude, is stated la tho trial, at the tiae of the er.plosion. This altitude0 feat.

r feel sure that ny father misunderstood what vte said during'trial ard if so then eityte tVre are othersops thla letter will clear up anyna*stion. -

ather did not otsunderotand se whan he stated thatoning horse. o intend* to. cose hoie'ill net hive to stay In prison for

Sorry to have eethered youelt, thatjaJaduostion of What actualV happened*


?.'sw Torkork, Hew York

Dear Sir si

I vaa givenop.:ortur.lly to read tbe article' la the issue of the New forkIn which ny father while being Interviewed statedid not thinkad beenn. . * rfH

arent ly father Qlsundsrstood theav* toto ne during the

ould like to eisex this -sisarjerstanding by saying thatid not ova what lt was that caused theoel sure hat It vas not tho aircraft itsslf whlca exploded. All of ay englr.* nstruments vara nornal up to the time of the explosionoth'. elt and heard. lso sav aa orange flash oa gicwooked out.

I cannot bo hink the exploaion vasnd maybe to the right of the aircraft,

.-Ifelfc no lapaet of anything against tho airpla-iehink tha shock wave froa tbe explosion eausnd the da-rage." jf"

I can onlywhat happenedut. a ofpinion thatUtl of thf* aircraft'ff flrat causingnosa tc dropin the failure of both wings. Tha cockpit and what was lfftaircraft Unfiled and finally settled into an Inverted sslnforces which tade It Impossible for ae to use th*t". I got out of the aircraft at fourtoan thousand feet or below. ' this altitudey parachute eper.od autoisatlcally and ltto open at fourteen thousand, feat. Xt opened lanedlstely uoonfree of the *. j<

I was at raxtnun altitude, is stated in tho trial, at th* tla* of tho explosion. This altitude0 feet.

I feel sure thatther nlsuJiierstood what VSI said 'daring'* th* rial end if sobe there) are *tb*rS whoai sender stood, ope this letter will clear up say DlaundersUndlsg on this

il not alsunlers.tarid when he stated thet whenall overao coraingo intend'tooseill net bava to sUy in prison

to have totbectd youait, that en exylamtiea wa*to up the questlefl of vhat actually happened*


FV.ncls n. fevers .

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