Created: 7/19/1960

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My dear Sirl

I request that you pass the following to the appropriate authorities of the United States of America.

It is your good friend who is turning toriend

who has already become your soldier-warrior for the cause

of Truth, for tho idealsruly free world and of

Democracy for Mankind, to which ideals your (and now my)

President, government, and people are sacrificing so much effort,

I have consciously embarked upon this path of struggle. Many things have contributed to this. In my Ufa, tho last three years have been very critical, both in ny way of thinking and in other things, aboutill report later.

I have thought long and hard. aveature and fororrect final decision which has impelled me to approach you.

I ask that you believe the sincerity of my thoughts and desires to be of service to you. ish to make my contribution,odest one but In my view anone, to our mutual cause, and henceforth as your soldier to carry out everything which is entrusted to me.

You need not doubtill give all my strength, knowledge, and my life to this new obligation.

In presenting theant to saym not beginning my work for my new cause with empty hands. nderstand perfectly well and take into full consideration that to correct words and thoughts must be added concrete proof confriming these words. ave had, and do haveefinite capability to do this.


3 iw


At tha presentave at ay disposal very Important materials on many subjects of exceptionally great interest and importance to your government.

I wish to pass these materials to you immediately for study, analysis, and subsequent utilisation. This must be done as quickly as possible. You will determine the manner of transmittal of this material yourself. It Is desirable that the transfer be effected not through personal contact, butead drop.

equest that you "relieve" me as quickly as possible of this materialave prepared; this should be done for many valid reasons.

Your reply: Please inform me (preferably in the Russian language) through my dead dropaee its description and manner of use) concerning the manner, form. time, and place for passing of tha indicated material.

If you designate your own dead drop for my passing the material, please tkae into consideration that your drop should be able to contain material equivalent In size to the book, Ven Klaybern, by S. Khentov, published

After you receive the material from me, it wouldtoersonal meeting with yourduring the second half of August of thismust discuss many things in detail. equest fourhours for this, Saturdays and Sundays areme. You decide upon tha place and manner of

I will wait for your orders regarding the questions raised above, through Droptarting from IS

I ask that ln working with me you observe all the rules of tradecraft and security, and not permit any sIIduds. Protect mo.

the justice of the Ideas and goals to which I



Always your


P. S. My best, bast greetings to ay first good friend, Colonel Charles MacLean Peeke and his wife. end greetings to ay friendst Cotter, Koehler, Qltta, Beckett, Daniel, Glasabrook and others, emember with great pleasure thepent with them.

I had planned to neet your representative and pass him fails letterut It did not work out.

Now, this must be postponed tougust.

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