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Castro regime reacting defiantly to US break in relation*.

A. Castro calls US move "anothor step in aggressiveare bringing world to brink ofKCuban press unanimously echoing Castro, reachingof Bloc comment charges break is proof of US aggressive Intent,

to warn that Cuba has poworful friends which"will

1. On eve of break in relations, at Cuban embassyMoscow, Khrushchev said "US is pursuing anpolicy by trying to suppress Cuban revolution".

abandonut no specific threats made.

Or u

but continued vague in pledging Soviet support, saying

rr "Cuban people can always rely on aid of Soviet people.

- -

C. News of US break treated as flash item by Latin Americancomment took no predominant line and officials gonorally

reluctant make statements.

Peru, which broke relationsecember, one "Number one power in world follows Prime Minister Beltran's paper alsoUS action.

foreign minister told press that he saw noChile to break with Castro under present circumstances.

Colombia, Venezuela, Uruguay, Honduras, which had been considering breaking with Castro, may hesitate to follow US action closoly for fear of being labeled US lackey by opposltion.

Loading Brazilian newspaper called US rupture with Cuba worst crisis in Pan American history; urged other Latin American nations to seek solution and not merely follow

US example, since they would then be "actingatellite

Our source reports that Panama will declare Cuban ambassadi thero persona non grata within next day or so.

Mexican foreign minister told USanuary that he agreed US could not continue in Cuba withman embassy. Ho added it now most difficult to influence Cubans back into American family; said Cubans will need

ittle bit of outside help" to solve thefr problem. Latin American Communists and front groups urging incroasod popular support for Castro.

Uruguayan Communist partyanuary issued "ardent appeal" urging Uruguayan people to "rise up in defense of Cuban people."

Argentine University students publiclyanuary thatecond front will open up in the streets" If aggression is perpetrated against Cuba, according to Cuban press sorvice.

Canadian government sources reported by press saying Canada's relations with Cuba will continue uninterrupted.

F. Jean Paul Sartro, seful Castro apologist given

special treatment by Castro on recent visit to Cuba, reliably reported to haveriend recently that Castro has "gone mad" and Cuban revolution has been betrayed.

Cuba Itself, break In relations reported to haveof/opposition ftu-vuK^-X. c*.yif.-

A. Intend to lie low next fow days and see how Castro goes about

carrying out his throat of extreme repression. B* See need henceforth much greater security and caroful planning.

evidence of imminent Cuban move against Guantanamo base Cuban ambassador in Mexicoanuary that Cuba will

present "petition" to UN "to have the base eliminated."

JSt^Sfflffi^Blreveal close

Cuban surveillanco of base. Identifiednd Cubans apparently monitoring uncoded base communications.

IV' r

agreement for ambassadors from Bulgaria and North Korea to Cuba. A. Four bloc embassies already inChinese Communis Czech, andwith associated trade missions, moreeople thore.

This in addition toconomic and military

Embassies of flvo more bloc countries recently recognized byRumania, Albania, North Vlotnam, andbo sot up shortly. East Germany is only bloc nation still not formally recognized.

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