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In Havana of tho anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolutionpecial reception for the Soviet embas-sador given by the governsont-controlled labor confederation and attended by high Cuban Ambassador Kudryavtsev again pledged Soviet "sld and support" for the Cuban

Cbo Ouevara, on the Moscow leg of his five-nationbloc economictatement for the 7festivities in which heimilarity between the early post-revolutionary struggles of the Soviet people, "the first in tbe world to take power in their ownnd Cuba's curreat experiences. He added that tbe Soviet people "supported us by your warnings to the Imperialists, thustbelr machinations against Cuba." Moscow press reportingecent speech by President Dortlcosuban-Soviet decision to claim that Cuban mobilization and the Soviet rocket threat have so far averted tbe "imperialist aggression"eek ago was declared imminent.

.eastf tbe ipanish-speaklng pilots,Cubans, being trained In Czechoslovakia may bave had no prior flight experience and ars undergoing primary training in piston-type planes. ubans are believed to have gone to Czechoslovakia for training last July and August.

four more Soviet

helicoptersoviet port onctober for Cuba aboard the freighter Arkhangelsk. Cuba has already received perhaps as many as ten such helicopters.



opoWs**rntfi Czechguns have been issued to units of tbe Cuban Army.

East Gerran Communist loed-or Paul Verner, who attended tbe Cuban Communist party congress last August, said late last mootb tbat Cuba will probably announce its recognition of East Germany incording to'


of closerast German economic cooperation will be thoroughly explored in the near future. Be was probablyto tbe scheduled arrival of Che Guevara's economicIn East Germany later thla month or early next. Cuban Journalists visitingovember signed am agreement with "Bast German Journalists" for cooperation in tbe "antl-lmperlallstccording to the East German news agency.

An increasing number of Cuban delegations are now traveling In the Sino-Sovietallet troupepeace" movement delegation are in the USSR; journalistare visiting East Germany andabor delegation la in tbe USSR;health" mission has been visitingChina and North Korea,

n Prague



4 of B

j, Tneluding aoranamr- oari . year-old veteran of tbe international Communist movement, lived Id Cuba4euban citizenlter wblcb be was repeatedly and reliably reported to be the top Soviet agent ln the Caribbean area. Re Is known to have been high in tbe councils of the Cuban Communists' Popularparty. e was smuggled out of Cubaoviet vessel aad since tbea basbeea la Prague or Moscow.

Hoaowhllo, Cuba issoeklng to circumvent US export controls by expanding Its trade relations with Caoadian and Western European firms vhlch could provide equlpaentid the bloc at tbis time. The pross bas reportedeal underpool" of Canadian aad British firms would sell Cuba equipzeat and buy Cuban sugar and gasolinelatter presumably refined from Soviet crude. Tbe sponsors of the "pool" would reportedly lavlte West European firms to Join.

A Canadian Embassy officer in Bavana told tbe US Embassyovember tbat the press storiespresumably based on the activities ln Cubaanadian promoter who is known to have discussedcheme with Cuban economic officials. Tbe Canadian expressed snopinion of tbeand doubted tbat anyCanadian Interest would Join lo the scheme. he could not discount the possibility that somedistributor in Canada may be interested in handling Cuban gasoline.

The Castro regime continues Its active propaganda aupport for leftist-revolutionary groups in othor Latin Aaerlcanand Is reportedly aiding some of thorn materially. Areliable source with confc tacts among blgb Cuban officials reports, for Instance, that Che Guevara, with the approval of Fidel aad Raul Castro, Islnaaclal asslstaace and intends to provide weapoos to tbeCommunist partyommunist-Infiltrated Guatemalan revolutionary group oa the coa-dltloa tbat the Guatemalaathe leading roleevolution designed to destroy the Guatemalan Army and arm the masses. Former GuatemalanArbena and Guatemalannualst leaders Fortuay aad

Pellecer bow are in Cuba and

reportedly are involved in tbe plot.

Tbe sudden resurgence of leftist influence in El Salvador after thectober coup could loadituation easilyby the Cubans and coulderious threat to tbs Guatemalan aad other Central American governments.

.oaraguanosta Rica reported toSomoza that an officer of the Cuban Embassy la Costa Rica had promised military aid to the Nicaraguao revolutionary movement.

Cuban propaganda mediato attack TenexuelanBetancourt, and to support the strong extreme leftist and Communist opposition to bis Communist and Communist-infiltrated parties and groups ln Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and other countries have publicly declared their support for Caatro


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PART*un orocDVff-


recent weeks,sually reliable Brazilian studeat source reports tbat the Cubaa Embassy la Rio de Janeiroand financed the pro-Castro demonstration thereovember.

Peruvian concern over theInfiltration of Cuban agents into neighboring Ecuador. The Cubans' purposes ars said to be to cause disturbances during the lnter-Amerlcaascheduled to open ln tbe Ecuadorean capital neat March and to osition ln Its border dispute wltb Peru.

navana continues to strengthen its militaryparticularly through the civilian militia, oo theof preparing for an attack by "Imperialist-backedsually reliable source resident ln the city of Santiago reports that

the nllltla ln Santiago Province baa been notably improved ln dlsclplloe and effectiveness and concludes that it Iscapable of suppressing any rebellion or invasion by Selected militiamen are being formedunits to handle some of the more complex weapons such aa antiaircraft artillery received froa

Communist penetration of the nllltia, probably exteili. alt

is adjutantubordinate that, ln order to organize the Dllltla In bis zone, he should summon various allltary and civilian leaders, including lead-era of tbe Popular Socialist (Communist)


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