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the US announcementartial embargo on to Cuba. Moscow has stepped up its propagandaof the Cuban situation. The Soviet press now carries daily warnings of alleged American plans for "counterrevolutionary invasions" from Guatemalan bases and denunciations of US trade restrictions and of Ambassador Bonsai's recall. Onctober Soviet propaganda media gave full and prominent coverage to the receptionubandelegation by Khrushchev and top Soviet journalists, and Izvcstla's front page wasby reports of "invasion preparations organized by tho US. "

At tbe United Nations onctober, Sovlot delegate Zorln departed from the textpeech on disarmament totatement supporting Cuba, noting Cuban accusations of "OS aggression and acts ofand charging the United Statesolicy of "open military provocations." Moscow has, however, avoided anythat tho USSR mightmilitarily innd there have been no references to Khrushchev's threatuly to use rockets in support of .Castro.

In its nonbloc trade the USSR is apparently giving top priority to filling Cubanand in the wake of new US economic restrictions will probably move to demonstrate still further its willingness to back up in economic terms its

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moral and political support of the "national liberation Moscow already has made considerable and relatively costly readjustments In Itsoperations to accommodate Cuban petroleum requests and to mako timely deliveries of such items as fertilizers, wheat, and, more recently, agriculturaland equipment.

Havana probably will seek additional economic support from tho bloc. However, because of tho nature of its Industrial plant, Cuba may be forced to seek immediate alternate sources of supply in nonblocare better equipped to supply Cuban import needs. This may exert further prossure on Cuba's foreignposition.

"Che" Guevara,f the Cuban National Bank, loft onctober for an economic mission to the bloc and now is in Prague conferring withofficials. Be is scheduled to go on to tbe USSB, Communist Cblca, North Korea, and East Germany.


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