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Reactions to New US Restriction sto" Cuba"

While the majority of Latin American governments appears to feel that the United States was justified in imposing an embargo on most exports to Cuba, official circles in Mexico and Chile areritical attitude toward the US action, viewing it as an important propaganda advantage for Castro in the hemisphere.

Tbe Ecuadorean foreignand Bolivian President Paz, while sympathetic to the UShave also expressed concern over what they expect willtrong negative reaction in pub-lie opinion throughout the hemi-sphere. Venezuelan President Betancourt, as well as the Boliv-ian President, warned that the US move will be strongly criticized unless further action is also taken against tbe Trujilloin tbe DominicanThe Brazilian attitude seems complicated by the hopesharbored both by the Rubitschek administration and byQuadros of effecting abetween the United States and the Castro regime-Some of the Latin American governments expressing sympathy for the United States move may soe it as obviating the need for their participating in any future multilateral sanctions against tho Castro regime. Many Latin American loaders prefer tothe Cuban issue as aproblem botweon the US and Cuba. The Ecuadoreanminister frankly statedumber of Latin Americanare too weak to run ahead of public opinion on this issue.

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In Canada, the press hasapplauded Prime Minlsto; Dlefonbaker's announcement that "Canada has no Intentionof imposing any embargo on Canadian goods in Cubanbe Canadian press was critical of the United States embargoand is exhorting thoto stand firm against any interference with exports and re-exports by subsidiaries of US firms in Canada. ctober report on the Canadianconcern about theof US restrictions against Cuba, the American Embassy in Ottawa commented that it wasihe issue should ariseimo when tbe Canadians are particularly sensitive to USover their econoay and are considering the adoption of measures to combat this influence.

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Onctober, Radio Moscow reacted to the US move with: "We hardly need more vivid evidence that the US ruling circlesa militaryo strangle Cuba Just as But this tice it will be different. Cuba's causo is tho cause of allworking for peace against iloi

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