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II la proposed that we briefimmediately! instructing him lu case thle area It ia envisioned that bbbbbbbbbbbbb should first stroll past the drop aite for external observations, and later, at an interval of several days, enter the eite area aadelephone callro-arranged contact or absenteed Embassy acquaintaace--whose absence has been previously ascertained. (Seeor detailed casing brief for uuubbbbbbbbbV guidance.)


horough casing and examination of the proposed dead drop site, bbbbbbbbsbbbbi should case the signal site proposed by bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb1

This casing can be done eimultaneouely with the casing of the dead drop site eince it is believed that it is unnecessary to physically enter tho

signal site proper. In /net, the undersigned urges tlint BBBBBBBBBBBBenter the signal site area (to use tbe phone) for security reasons.a-SBing. external Inspection ahould be sufficient. (See Annex UI for

signal aite brief for IsbbbbbbBBBBbI guidance.}


Loading Pre-selected Drop

I. Upon receipt of bbbbbbbbbbbbbI detailed casingsite cuaractcrieticobbbb1bbbbbbbbbbbbbI date of arrival in Helsinki, it ispropoucdand/or the undersigned (or CSR/9'sHelsinki for the purpose of briefing and furtheractual drop

will consist of acknowledgement of Bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbetailed plan designed to enable BbbbbbbbbbbbbbI to deposit additional materialsrop selected and affording maximal control by CIA. (See outgoing communications from

Annex II for


3 1MAR m

Z. The drop packet and contento will be preparedand should be hermetically sealedopening by bbbbbbbbsbbbbtojprotect the contents)

and colored to match the dark green radiator drop site,ill hand-carry the packet to Helsinki for transmittal to

Helsinki, bbbbbbbbbbb will be given intensivethe general and specific locale, avenuo(s) of approach,

loading, security factors, aborting measures, possible

meat including KGIJ M. o. against bbbbbbbbbb! if apprehended,

use of telephone to call wife, exiting direction, and signalling

technique and procedure. To give realism to the briefing, a

building with foyer area, similar to the actual drop site, will

attempted to be found ln tho Helsinki area and actual practice (a)

will be performed.

will then ba given the packet to secretea elf aa ho returns to Moscow. (Note: eaaaaHeaal has

a diplomatic passport and has previously reported that

never been searched or asked to declare his personal items to Customs.) Upon arrival inBBaaaaal will transfer the

packet to his maximum security safe to which ho alone haa tho key and combination. Tho safe is locatedecure building.referred, the packet could be retained upon his body until the drop lo effected.) -

5. AS soon as possible, bsbbbbbbbbh willry runPushkinlitsa for the purpose of external casing and orientation of the building drop site. At an interval of several days, he will make the actual drop preferably just before dusk, late in the day. It is suggested that consideration be given to sbbbbbbbbbbs1 proceeding along Kuxnetskiy Moot, turning abruptly right onto Puahklnskaya Ulitsa, and, at his normal (fast) pace, proceeding directly into the drop site locale and em placing the drop. An alternative method might be to proceed down Kucnetakly Most and observe thein Meat Storeurning onto Puahklnskaya, Ulitsa, (still window shopping In tho Meatause and then proceed into the building site andall to his wife inquiring as to what kind of meat or kolbaaa, his wife prefers him to purchase. This would giveonvincing cover for the use of the phone, although hie surveillants might be closer because he slowed down to window shop.

for any reason, saBeeaneenesi la obliged to abortloading of the drop, then he should make, at this

time, only oae more attempt at an interval of approximately oneecond attempt must be made, ansansaeenssi should use the alternate plan for approach and not the exact one aa before.

successful loading of the drop, .Tffffffffa ehould

allow at least one day to pees, but not more than two.

before he puts down the pre-eelected signal at the pre-desianated On the basisH Mlna.

proceed to this eUe and mark the loading signaled


A. it is proposed that la our message to snaaaaanannnaaa1 that we inform him of the following method in which he may communicate with us:

ssnssnsssnssssssl will be Instructed that the American House,ROPOTKINSKAYA NABERZHNAYA, will bo the locale for the drop. He will bo Instructed to proceed down the right side of TURCHANTN Ulitsa (toward tho Moscow River)pecified date and time, and as he passes the wall surrounding the American House courtyard, throw the drop package over the wall- Bsaaaaaananaaln^

retrieve the package. (See attached diagram5 photos of thisAnnex IV.)

receipt of package snsnssassssssl will secrete itand return immediately to the Embassy for inclusion of

n pouch. NOTEj Dependent upon the circumstances and recommendations. It may be more propitious to ueo tlie Marino NCO (highly recommended by BssssanssBBBsl for actual trimnport of the drop packet to the Embassy. Thus, anasnssssssesl could leave empty-handed and upon safe-arrival at the Embassy could telephone asasssssssssaal at ths American House. This would be the signal forto instruct tho Marine NCO to leave for the Embassy. However, auch action might not be amenable to ansnsssanasnl without Ambassadorial knowledge and concurrence,

afore-mentioned plan ia contingent upon snnsnsnsBBBBaaal

casing of the area and his recommendations forthe plan. riefing guide is attached asor guidance.)

1 . As soon as possible, Bsbbbbbbbib ahouldtroll up the right-hand side of PUSHKINSKAYA Ulitsa (going toward SADOVAYAJ aad closely observe Building No.ituated between the Women's Shoe Store aod Meat Storeocated near the Inter section of PUSHKINSKAYA Ulitsa and KUZNETSKIY MOST. (See Attachmentap of area.)

2. During bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb1 walk-by and visual inspection of Buildingnd the Immediate vicinity, the following detailed information is deelred:

type of building doesppear to be? shop, restaurant, warehouse, etc.?

a Westerner be able to enter the ground floor totelephone without arousing undue attention?

the telephone booth visible when walking pea the building?

there any windows flanking the entrance whichpasaersby to look into the lobby or foyer onfloor ?

a. Waa tha presence of any type of possible fixed security forces noted in the immediate vicinity?

i. Note surveillance patterns onin this irca and the closeness of VJiBBBBBBBBBBBfl1 Hurveillants, if possible (without arousing their suspicions).

bbbbbbbbbbI note *ny people transiting (enteringor lotto ring In the lobby/foyer of Building No. 2

as bbbbbbbbbbbbbI pasaed?

type of building is located directly acroas theBuildingith respect to its adaptability aspost?

NOTE: To facilitate bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb ability to observe the numerous items enumerated above, it is suggested that bbbbbbbbbbbbbI pause at sever.il -tores along PUSHKINSKAYA Ulitsa to "window shop. " In fact.

I might window shop athe corner of PUSHKINSKAYA Ulitsa and KUZNETSKIY MOST (note

location on attached map) and even enter andook.

exiting VsbbbbbbbbbbbI could cross the street and window shop in Meat Store

With regard to the meat store, CIA would be interested in

knowing if thaw is an entrance on KUZNETSKIY MOST as well ae on

PUSHKINSKAYA Ulitsa. Also what are the operating hours of the meat


aa interval of several days, preferably at dusk, bbbbbbbbbbbbbb

should walk toward PUSHKINSKAYA Ulitsa past the PROEZD


Ulitsa and enter Buildingndelephone (telephone

riend in the Embasay. (This call ahould be pre-arranged

to BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBse orarranged that bbbbbbbbbbbbbI will know that the

recipient of the call Is not present to answer thehe location of

the telephone is contained in the attached map and is situated to the left

of the entrance.

following detailed information is desired* inthis caaing/obaervation plan:

Number and pattern. Old any follow

BBBBBBBBBBBBBTTnto Building No. 21 la it possible top/alfd)

Buildingefore the surveillance turns the/

and describe interior of foyer or lobby.

Are there apt to be people loitering inside?

Where are the stairs located?

What color are the walls? Type of floor?

What type of lighting: is used in the lobby? How bright?

Is phone booth illuminated?

Note any other entrances or exits.

c. Particularly note dark green radiator near wall, opposite telephone booth, and to right ol the entrance.

green color aa close ae possible withyour chart. Ia finish flat or shiny? New orit smooth or cracked and peeling.

... If BBBBBBBBBBBBBI cantandard green available in Moecow, and visual observation confirms that this Is tho same shade ol green as the radiator, he may possibly be able to duplicate it from Embassy stocks.

It may be that tlie paint inside other Moscow building entrances is similar in color to that of the radiator aite. Therefore,may be able toample, away from the site, after he has observed the radiator coloring.

How high is radiator off of floor? Length?

Note peculiar or distinguishing characteristics.

What is tho approximate distance between wall and back of radiator?

What are the lighting conditions here?

Is the hook visible? What color is the nook?

mall packet, the color of the radiator, be visible to people entering or loitering in the foyer/ lobby?

re there knobs or dials for manual operation of the radiator?

will central heat bo turned on in Moscow?

NOTE: In order to observe radiator area closely, bbbbbbbbbbbbbI

might. If he deems it secure, loiter Just briefly near theefore exiting. fJJgBBBBBBBBBBB1 could be buttsaing Ms coat,igarette, blowing nose, etc.)

The utili nation ofin tho projectpresupposes

isk assessment has been resolved in favor of using amesBBBBBBBBsl

instead of an unprotected American tourist. jfThe involvement of bbbbbbbbbbbbbi also is predicated aa the fact that because of the prohibition on the use of American Embassy personnel* no active support can be rendered by CIA staff agents attached to tbe American Embassy, Moscow. The decision to uee the services of bbbbbbbbbbbbbI was based on the above premises plus tbe fact that bbbbbbbbbbbbbI has diplomatic immunity, that he is trained in operational support tasks, capable, well motivated, and has already established operational patterns. Moreover, in caserovocation, no American would be involved directly. On the debit side of the ledger, it should be noted that bbbbbbbbbbbbbIot CIA controlled (Joint liaisonhat he will probablyull report of his operational involvement to his superiors, that will become involved in this operation, and that Ibbbbbbbbbbbbb must bo met In Helsinki in order to rehearse all steps of tha plan and to give Subject the drop instrument.


1. Approach from Ulitsa QORKOGO going toward Ulitoa PUSHKINSKAYA via KOZITSKIY Peroulok. Walk on right side of street. Wlndow-ehop in vegetable-fruitwhich ia next to aite (Houee

Determiae type of installation where telephone is located.

Ia telephone (and signal else) visible from sidewalk? Are there windows on ground floor level?

esterner have normal access in terms of using telephone or is telephone eo hidden that pasoersby would never be aware of it* existence? Are there any written signs or overt indications that thereelephone booth in thle location?

Observe any taxi stands or possible fixedpoints near this building.

Notice if any people are loitering; near entrance to building or situated acroas the street.

If you can observe interior through window or open door as you paeo by. describe in detail interior arrangements.

o. Observe type of buUdlng(s) opposite (across the street) from signal olte.

advantages oi this type ot outgoing communicationis that, if this operation is being mounted by

the KGBrovocation, it puts the opposition in an extremely difficult position in terms ofositive identification of bbbbbbbbbbo and of physically apprehending him. Thus it affords CIA stricter control of the drop and area than heretofore has been possible for internal drop unloading.

is proposed thatbbbbbbbbbbbbbI be informed thatwill beaiting on the other side of

the wall, precisely0 hoursn each Saturday for four concurrent weeks. "Our man" will be instructed to be in place5 and remain in place until In the event thatis amiss, "our man" willangering oramiliar tuna.recise spot along the wall will be located for bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb tQ throw the packet.

UBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB will have the option of aborting the proposed action aa ho passes the drop spot. If the operation is dean, only security worry will be the presence and/or location of Soviet citizens in tho imrra diato area. However, in the past, this etroet has been dimly lit and not subject to heavy pedestrian traffic.

xact details and timing will be worked out upon approval of this operational plan bynd the casing andof

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