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CHALK. For COMPASS' guidance, BLKDGB la forwarding enno that COMPASS may benefit from seeing the Boat ioportantIn this operation. Aa COMPASS oaa well imagine, SLEDGZ's shopconaldermble pressure from tbe top echelons here to get this Job donevery soon. Perhaps, moat important, is the necessity for COMPASShis assigned teaks in order to prerent CHAIZ from lapsing intoand giving up his daily ebeek of tha proposed site. Aa COMPASSsvare, CHALK haa been checking the site for overit is possible that his patience aad hopes are at lev abb. Inshop must coordinate operationalith Opaarticular city and brief him--all of which must be closelya projected completion date for Ops Paso i. s notpexfansanee but simply la trying to give COMPASS the feel ofvould be done in our bull sessions ware COMPASSvith regard to Operational Phase I, please give this ease

COMPASS' priority attention, time, brains, imagination, and whatever else lt takes. WEKlmiflt not lose CHAIZ. If VHKEL does this one veil, not only will the veering of aln our hats feel food, but It can have quite an Impact ln terms of future staffing.

vith regard to Operational Phase I, enumeratedre self-explanatory and COMPASS has the detailed easing requirements of these aites Included as attachmentetter Bo. 1. These rejquirementa (in as mica detail aa possible) should be fcrvardsd at COMPASS' earliest possible time for study and planning at WHEEL, alaaaat urges COMPASS to Bakend cape fajejof CHALK aite as soon as possible.

f Opsertains to tbe JIG site (or alternate if COMPASS rejects JIO site). ppreciates COMPASS1 auggestlon (bag and string ploy) for use at JIG. Bovever, SLEDGE and company feel that thlB plan must be rejected because of tho psychological effect lt more than likely vould have oa CHALK; tbe possibilityltlsan strolling along the KeberejhnRya observing CHALK cnpHaclrig the packet and the baguUnd Into COMPASS* vindovj the possible pinpointing of COMPASS aa the recipient, and the proximity of COMPASS' room to the habere ihneya. Vith regard to the JIG vail, COMPASS nantioned that the lights usually go on when CCMPASS walks into the yard. Does COMPASS turn them on himself ear are .they turned on by someone else, or do they bum continually at night? Please examine all possibilities of using the vail or vlndov at JIO (or any otherriority basis. Kith regard to timing, (If JIG site Is used) COMPASS should advise as to vhlch evening hour and day of tbe week be feels la most practical and secure for both COMPASS and CHAIK. also SLEDGE vould appreciate receiving from COMPASS an estimated deadline of when COMPASS

ven that he can complete all tasks asBlgned to COMPASS in Operational Phase I. TMb la necessary so that VHKEL con have lead time to ooerdlnate AZTEC'b movements. If COMPASS honsstly feels that JIO drops should not be



latter Bo. 3

used for swourity or other reasons, please espials fully tba miaa for rejection. WHEEL vlll abideOMPiflB' decision sTneeae la en tbe root aad moat secursteiy gauge the operational situation. If OOCPAJS rejecte the JIO site, then he should, againriority beat a, loeate another drop for CHALK'flutgoing to WHEEL, please reswnber that the reaaon the vaillts vas that, lo WHEBL's vlev, It afforded KAX7MLK mcUREK AHD PRCOTCTIOH to COMPASS. Therefore, IT the JIO site is rejected, COMPASS should keep In aind that hie alternate eholee should afford naUaum security to the unleedar (who nay be CCKPASS).

h. Point It of OperationalefersJop vhlchust locate. Sketch and describe so that WHEEL (in letter Bo. l) eaaII atssign It to CHALK. This Tillontinuity of future eaaao. onjunction vith this drop,houlduitable signal site for CHALK to indicate that the drop is loaded sad for the ualoedcr tocunter-exgnal to assure GSAZX that the material has been recovered.

Operational Phases II end HI are forwarded for COCPASS'end to round out the total picture of the scope of the operation in Its nrat round.

Pa daabs area ae possible CHALK drop area; WHEEL feels, on the basis of peat and eurent infornatlon, that ths dssha alte and area haa little potential for CHALK. It vould, of eourse, take CHAIZ out of his ova locale aad poBBibly expose his as en outsidereavily surra tiled area. Also tbe village of Tarasovskaya should not be considered for CHALK since In this aaaU village the residents vould Immediately reoognize bin aa en outsider and possibly vonder vhat business brought his to their auall vtaLlage and church VHBZL will, however, retain and file this drop.

Re VHHKL eoano to COMPASS and from CCKPASSt BLKDCS fully realises thecomoo hordahipo with vbleh COMPASS Is eonfrented and, therefore, BWleualy rsncamnnart that, at every secure opportunity, CCKPASS refresh his issswry with the incoming file held by CHISEL, in addition, toould prefer to have CCKPASS vrlte his letters ss succinctly and plainly as poaslble avoiding any double-talk. as bad some Initial difficulty In deciphering pest carnspoadSnee sal feels that straight reporting through the secure channel Is preferable, Contrarily. if cog-ass

Is finding difficulty In reading or interpreting WHEEL UttarTor has any suggestions or erltlelsns, please let Vffg"T, knew.

a? rTOleror eervlees of any to CCKPASS, please do not hesitate to make suggestions.

Lattorega 3

With hast nrraonal .iahee.


P*Lang end vlll

OOCPABS1 concentration, lhaxaforc, 'BTJEK8 ini thatpoaalbly take tht latter tol^eour.a.

Attflchaest to WHEEL LetterFBtkTDMkL PHASE I

1. Cbjm CBAUC drop eAte perto Letter_ .

X. Oeee CHALKalee pee* edtecteente to Letter Bo. 1



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