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On Wednesday,. 'HlSHRDlAM oontacted the London fflnbauoy by telephone and somewhat guardedly reported the baeic elements or what appeared too provocation attemptecent business trip he had made to Moscow. The message waa reported to thetation by the anbassy, and it was agreed that London Station would check into the report.

waa asked if they bad any lnforation concerning Subject. After chocking, they advised that thay could confirm that an individual by this nans hadrip to Moscow In early December but knew nothing about hiai. also advised that he had chocked with the Foreign Office who also know nothing about ths individual; but in view of tho faot that MEHRTKAH had stated in his telephone call to the American Robassy that he had already reported tho incident to tho British Ambassador in Moscow at the timo, the Foreign Office was most interested since they had not received any such report from Moscow as

however, that the Foreign Office apparently oxpectee that the Ifebassy would advise the* if they planned to contaot ME&IMAS directly. The Foreign Office waa contacted and so advised.

3- then telephoned ITSOUMAfl and arranged to see him

0 hours at hie hone,treathoa- Close, number leI. w^?'j_

olonel. xpRHIMAH is approximatelyears of age. He iir-WAinotsllurgist (graduate of Cambridge) and formerly taught this subjectechnical university. He is also the author of an imposing-looking technical tome entitled 1 ictionary ofuring the war, he wao chief Scientific Advisor attached to the tighth Army. After the war, be went into private business, and now heTechnical Advisor" to the Steel Industry.

5- called upon him at his apartment. He appearedcompletely stablo and sincere,no doubt that ho,was'telling

the story essentially as it happened although he was, at times, vague concerning dates and tiroes. As he will probably be returning to Moscow again in the course of his profession, he was most anxious that hiB Identity be protected and that no action be taken which sight be traceable to him.

6. He lived! in Moscow foxear after the war and hae since returned on business trips "several times." This last trip was at the invitation of tho Soviet "State Soientific and Technicale arrived in Moscowecember and stated that he made tho usual rounds of industry and talked to various people but nothing was new. On Thursday,ecember, (maybe Wednesday) he was the principal speakeroientific and Technical Commission meeting and dinner. His talk concerned the "Thermodynamic Process" inand he was rather surprised at the questions raised after the talk because it was quite apparent that few, if any, of thehere really understood what he was talking about.




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-to- "J! cesctri.

Continuation Of DISPATCH


rather friendly Russian type named fnu PSIKOVUXYin hand aftwr the meeting and returned with him to his hotelalong with another Britisher. Tho throerinkbar, and the British companion left for bed. PSHKOVSKY askedhe had any spare cigarettes, and thoy proceeded to his hotel roomcould0 packs that he had In his suitcase. Once in thsSoviet locked the doors, turned the radio up as loud as it wouldproduced from his coatolded pock of paper wrapped He stated that thoy were secret doounonte he wanted toin.ands of the American Embassy but sflml "heturn.MBRRIVAH but only to an American offioerto telephone the American 'Bmbassy and ask for ah'officer tobis hotelffiRRIhiAH refueed to make tha call or to even touch

the papers] and the Soviet, after pleading with himittle while, put the papers sway and departed. He was not angry and was around again and underfoot for the remainder of his visit and did not mention ths matter again. KSBRUOK oVfirst felt that ho should advise tha American Embassy about the occurrence but then felt that this, his visit to ths American Bnbaeoy, might be observed by theo he told the British Ambassador about the affair on tho following day.

was subsequently advised by two of his Britishthey had noticed that he was under close surveillance. that he himself did not bother about this or even try to spothe was indifforcnt tolived in fcoecow in more


Nothing else happoned until Sunday at the airport when he was leaving to return to. PENKQVSKY showed up at the airport about five minutes before departure time, lie called MEKRBdlH aside and stated that he realized that MERRXMAN was reluctant to become involved, but it was really most important that he establish contact with someone in the American Embassy and asked if KESRHViN could advise the Americans (presumably upon hie return tohat ParxOYSXY would be waiting by his heme) every Sunday at. for the call and that all tho American had to do wna to call that number and he would give him further instructions. YKRRIMAH was non-cOmmittal but asked PENKCVSKY where his "home" was, andY stoted that he lived atorki Street. XTERRISIAK stated that thie was, In fact, the Office of the Scientific and Technical Commission.

MEKRIUAK stated that there was nothing outstanding about

PfNXOVSKY that could be used to identify hla. He was aboutears of age, of average height, average buildussian, and had no outstanding features. He spoke Pnglieh well but with the usual heavy Russian eooent. Heleasant and engaging personality which madeleasure to be with him. PKHKOVSKY attended the dinner and the speech, and he had seen him around once or twice before at offioial functions during the trip. He Btated that, hebut USRItDIAK felt that he did not have any re aT knowledge of engineering other than some of the terminology.

s, understandably, anxious that no one take advantage of the telephone number and attempt to call it because thin might get him involved and prevont further trips on his part. mVHH assured him that XU3ARK would take no action of any kind, that hie confidences would bo carefully protected and that his bringing this incident to our attention woo deoply appreciated. Mr. MERRBIAM 'has HsflHsss name and office telephone number and stated that he would immediately adviceif ho hears anything further from thio or If, on subsequent trips, he ayaln becomes involved with anything which might. interests.

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