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One-hundred-forty-fourth Meeting United State* Intelligence Board USIB Conference Room, Administration Building Central Intelligence Agency,1

Director of Central Intelligence Allen W. Dulles Presiding*

Deputy Director of Central Intelligence General Charles P. Cabell Presiding*


Mr. Roger Hilsman, Director of Intelligent6-and Research, Department of State

General Graves B. Erskine, Assistant for Special Operations to the

Secretary of Defense Brigadier General Charles F. Leonard,cting for Assistant Chief of

Staff for Intelligence, Department of the

Rear Admiral Samuel B. Frankel, acting for Assistant Chief*of Naval

Operationsepartment of the Navy ajor General James H. Walsh, Assistant Chief of Staff, Intelligence,

United States Air Force Colonel Robert P. Halloraa, acting for Director, National Security Agency Colonel J. H, McCann, acting for Director for Intelligence, Joint Staff Mr. Harry S. Traynor, Atomic Energy Commission representative

to the USIB

Mr, Meffert Kuhrtz, acting for Federal Bureau of Investigation representative to the USIB

of Minutes

Februaryincluding Annex through spen.il channels)

Approved as circulated, including the Special Annex.


Approved as circulated.

reBriefingsU. S. Ambassadors

After referring to recent intelligence briefings in the State Department of certain. Ambassadors, in which other Board agencies had participated jointly. Mr. Hilsmanuestion with respect to the over-all scope and objectives of these sessions and their continued conductcommunity" basis. During discussion the members concurred generally in the view that the joint, community approach was useful and desirable, although it was recognised that additional briefings by individual agencies on special mattoirs might also be required. In this connection it was agreed that each interested agency would review its procedures for participation'in such briefings and effect any necessary adjustments.

Committee Report



Approved the Conclusions of the Special Committee as tabled at the meeting.


Revision of DCID No. Committee Terms

1 draft; available through Watch Committee representatives)

raft revision of DCID No., as amended. *

ofCenter Personnel

General Cabell made reference to previous Board action3temegarding augmentation of the National Indications Center (NIC) staffnd emphasized the importance of filling certain remaining gaps in thepproved staffing pattern. After discussion withT

Director of the NIC, who reported the degree o: progress achieved thus far in this matter, it was understood that appropriate individual agencies would take any necessary steps to meet the personnel requirements for their respective agencies as set forth in the previously agreed staffing arrangements.

7. Semi-Annual Report of Critical Ccmir.unic iliona Committee



Noted this report. In this connection the Board also concurreduggestion that instructions of individual agencies regarding use of the CRITIC system should be reviewed and clarified to ensure all feasible uniformity and consistency in procedures for the initial filing and handling of CRITIC messages. In particular, the members agreed as to the desirability of filing CRITIC messages with the most rapid U. S. government facilities available, avoiding duplicate transmission of messages and filing such messages "in the clear" with the understanding that the U. S.

transmitting agency would handle any necessary encryption, thus eliminating

delays created by double encryption.

"The Secretariat will arrange for copies of this revised Directive to be printed, as approved by the Board, and disseminated to holders of the "Intelligence Directives" handbook.


- 5^

of Sensitive Situations

Congo. The Board noted late reports regarding developments' in the Congo and discussed various pertinent.political and economic factors, including such matters as the Madagascar round-table conference, financial resources of contesting forces to conduct military operations and problems faced by UN forces in carrying out their mission.

Haiti. Mr, Amory and Mr. Sheldon also commentedecent report regarding the situation in Haiti and Mr, Dulles suggested that it would be desirable for the State Department toound-up on developments in that country.

Cuba. General Walsh invited attentionress reportecent Castro speech and Mr. Hilsman commented on this matter.

Morocco, Mr. Dulles noted the continuing tensions in Morocco anduestion regarding possible implications of Hassan's succession to power,


,arch; item 5)

Mr, Borel, Chairman of the Committee on Documentation (CODIB) briefed the Board regarding various specifics of the principal documentation problems in the community, includingsteps takenlby CODIB to date to resolve them. After discussion in some detail of matters such as legibility and.general quality control, compatibility of format, and security considerations, the Board approved the following amended version of the Committee's recommendations:

"A. That the USIB endorse and support any constructive steps planned by the Department of State to bring its information reporting practices into closer harmony with those of the other intelligence components.


"B. That the uVSIB endorse the steps taken by the Committee on Documentation to coordinate Service and departmental plans for using flexowriter equipment in overseas posts. Further that USIB re-emphasize its sense of urgency to the Communications Security Board for the resolution of the flexowriter security problem.

"C. That the USIB direct the Committee on Documentation tolan fortudy of the information processing activities of the Intelligence Community. The study should seek to establish and define long-range goals, with particular emphasis on considerations attending the use of automatic data processing and the development of compatible systems. The plan is to be submitted to the USIB for approval. "

of NIEforto USIB,arch)

Agreed to release this estimate without deletions to the United Kingdom. Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Outlook in Indonesia with Special Reference to West New Guinea



to release this Special Estimate to the USIA.


At the request of Mr. Dulles, the Board met in executive session


Executive Secretary

Original document.

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