Created: 5/6/1961

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The Secretary of State Department of State. C.

Dear Mr. Secretary:

Aa you are aware, National Security Council Action7 of1 (approved by the President onndorsed certain reccoaendations of tha Joint Study Group on Foreign Intelligence Activities of tho United Btates Covermaent. This Included recoramendatloti Ho.hichTho Director -of Central Intelligence should bo supported in Jaking'ieadershlp and* Yultiaiiye to develop solutions for the problems of coordination bgjthe estshilshoentoordination Staff, under hia personalsupervision and separate froa any operational responsibilities of the Central Intelligence Agency or other department or

Tho National Security Council action cited above enlarged upon the functions Initially envisagedoordination Staff by directing that It also analyze and propose solutions tocooosunlty problems; review future plana and programs of cora&inlty members; and review the functions and activities of the several cceazltteeo and subcotslttces of the United States Intelligence Board.

In explaining Its aoncept of the Coordination Staff, the Joint Study Group proposed that itfull time group ofprofessionals owing prliaary allegiance to the intelligence coanunlty rather than to any one member agency. Membership on the Staff would be drawn from the foreign intelligenceargs.*

Having previously appointed an Assistant forave now approved the assignmentenior Deputy Assistant, three senior Intelligence professionals and secretarial support from tho Central Intelligence Agency. This nucleusomposite


coordlnatlcxihsi begun advising and assisting In the Initiation of action toart of the Joint Study Group recotaaendatlon. and has prepared tha first crufjrterly progress report on the atatua of these roccrmoondatlons.

As the Departmant of Stat* has implementing rceponalbllltlea for,ajor interest In, aboutercent of the recccmendatlons. it ie imperative that my Coordination Staffccoaunity-wids character through the assignmentualified senior intelligence professional from the Department of State as well as professicnals froa the Department of Defense.

It is By hope that the experienced lndlvlduals froa the Depart-Dents of State and Defense, when associated in one staff with like individuals from ths Caotrsl Intelligence Agency, wiU together provide the necessary diversified experience in each major field of intelligence so essential to practical and sccoptable solutions of over-all foreign intelligence coordination problems.

I had not previously requested such assignmentsaa awaiting the results of the studies of ths intelligence organization within the Department of Dafense. Without prejudice to any decisions which may be takenesult of thoseould now like to request your Defalcationroperly quallf lad individual to be administratively detailed to the Office of tba Director of Central Intelligenceour of duty with the Coordination Staff. Your nominee shouldop Secret security clearance from theof State.

I shall provide secretarial support, travel funds, officeand related support for the Coordination Staff. as this Staff will be of service to, and in partof, the entire intelligencem requestingand related personnel costs be borne by the agenciesfor thslr personnel provided to tho CoordinationI believe, is consistent with tha support called for inGroup rsccsBaendation Ho.

With your spproval of this proposal our representatives can then ork out detailed arrangements. ave designated Brigadier General Jesnond D. Balaer, U.rmy, Retired, who is my Assistant for Coordination, as my representative on this natter.



Allen W. Dulles Director of Central Intelligence

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