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Minutes of One-hundred-fifty-third Meeting United States Intelligence Board USIB Conference Room, Administration Building Central Intelligence Agency,1

Deputy Director of Central Intelligence General Charles P. Cabell



Mr. Thomas L. Hughes, acting for Director of Intelligence and Research,

Department of State General Graves B. Erskine, Assistant for Special Operations to the

Secretary of Defense Brigadier General C. F. Leonard,cting Assistant Chief of Staff

for Intelligence, Department of the Army Rear Admiral Vernon L. Lowrance, Assistant Chief of Naval Operations

epartment of the Navy Major General James H. Walsh, Assistant Chief of Staff, Intelligence,

United States Air Force Vice Admiral Laurence H. Frost, Director, National Security Agency Rear Admiral William S. Post,cting for Director for Intelligence,

Joint Staff

Mr. Harry S. Traynor, Atomic Energy Commission representative to the USIB

Mr. Rolland O. L'Allier, acting for Federal Bureau of Investigation representative to the USIB

USIB Committees

The Chairman announced that Mr. William O. Cregar had been designated as the new FBI representative on the various committees of the Board, replacing Mr. Meffert W. Kuhrtz, who had been transferred to another assignment. After welcoming Mr, Cregar the Chairman stated that Mr. Kuhrtz had long been associated with the intelligence community and had probably achieved an all-time record for attendance at both IAC and USLB meetings. He and the other members of the Board then joined in expressing their appreciation for Mr. Kuhrtz' substantial contribution to the community and wished him well on any new assignments. Mr. Kuhrtz- in response noted that his association with IAC and USIB activities since0 hadost valuable experience and thanked the members for the many courtesies extended in the past and their best wishes for the future.

Certain Area

Artit le

General Erskine advised the members regarding the nature of an articleree-lance writer proposed to publish and for which the author had sought certain background data. After discussion the consensus of the Board was that it would be undesirableecurity standpoint for members of the intelligence community to purport to authorize or otherwise provide the type of background data which the writer appeared to be seeking.

ofApril Meeting

Approved as circulated.


5. Watch Committee Reports No.A


6- Review of Sensitive Situations

The Chairman commented on the situation in Laos, especially with respect to the status of any cease-fire negotiations.

Mr. Smith invited attention to the announcement of themarriage of the King of Jordanon-Arab Moslem of Kalian extraction, and the members exchanged views on possible political repercussions in the Arab world.


(Distributed through special channels)

(See Special Annex to these minutes.)


(Distributed through special channels)

(See Special Annex to these minutes.)

of8 April)

After discussion the Board noted the memorandum and approved the recommendations inubject to the following amendments:

a. ew paragraph. to read:

"The new publication might better replace an existing publication or some parts thereof. "

"as appropriate" in last line of paragraph 4.

last line of subparagraph. to read:

ntelligence, who, if there is any disagreement, will consult with

of Coordination Staff

With respect to the proposal regarding the composition of the Coordination Staff (draft DCIDoordination Staff,7, General Balmer stated that the DCI had decided not to press for final action on that matter pending the results of any reorganization within the Department of Defense which mightearing on the problem. In this connection General Cabell noted that the DCI was anxious to have the Coordination Staff convertedommunity mechanism as soon as possible. he suggested that any nominations to the Coordination Staff by Board members would be welcome.

ofre Reviewand Programs of


General Balmer noted that consideration of this item had been deferred until the next USIB meeting, pursuant to the requestoard member.


as amended.

member objected to the release of this estimate to USIA.

evised memorandum incorporating these Board-approved changes will be circulated asinal1

a forData to Congress

re Possible Soviet Clandestine Nuclear Testing

The Chairman referred to the earlier understanding of the Board that, following completion of certain further studies by JAEIC and of, "The Possibility of Soviet Nuclear Testing During the De:'FactoSIB would consider the question of possible revision29 letter to Senator Jackson, as previously recommended by General Walshtemast paragraph). He thenourse of action and invited comments by the Board. Following an expression of views by members, including General Walsh, it..was agreed that: (a)including Annex A, but not Annex B) would be forwarded to the Joint Committee on Atomic Energy; (b) the Chairman of JAEIC would provide an appropriate oral briefing of the Committee on this subject; and (c) in view of the above arrangements and Senator Jackson's membership on the Joint Committee there would be no need to prepare and forward any revised letter to Senator Jackson.


The Chairmanestricted session, in the course of which it was agreed that, "Probable Intelligence Warning of Soviet Attack on thehould have no Annexes However, action on the question of the disposition of certain material pertinent to any further study of the warning problem was deferBed.

The Board also noted Mr. Smith's statement that coordination ofo, "The Possibility of Soviet Nuclear Testing During the De. Factoad been completed and concurred in the view that they be considered as Board-approved without further reference to the Board

Adjournment: 5


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