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Minutes of One-hundred-fifty-fourth Meeting United States Intelligence Board USIB Conference Room, Administration Building Central Intelligence Agency,1

Director of Central Intelligence Allen W. Dulles Presiding *

Deputy DirectorIA Robert Amory, Jr. Presiding*


Mr. Roger Hilsman, Director of Intelligence and Research, Department of State

General Graves B. Erskine, Assistant for Special Operations to the

Secretary of Defense Major General John M. Willems, Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence,

Department of the Army Rear Admiral Vernon L. Lowrance, Assistant Chief of Naval Operations

epartment of the Navy Brigadier General Linscott A. Hall, acting for Assistant Chief of Staff,

Intelligence, United States Air Force Vice Admiral Laurence H. Frost, Director, National Security Agency Rear Admiral William S. Post,cting for Director for Intelligence,

Joint Staff

Mr. Harry S. Traynor, Atomic Energy Commission representative to the USIB

Mr. Holland O. L'Allier, acting for Federal Bureau of Investigation representative to the USIB

Part of meeting

ofMay Meeting

ncluding Annex distributed through special channels)

Approved as circulated, including the Special Annex. (For further action with respect tof Special Annex see Special Annex to minutesay meeting attached. )


After introducing Brigadier General William G. Lee, General Hall noted that he had been reassigned and that General Lee would replace him as deputy to General Walsh. The Chairman stated that members would miss General Hall's presence at Board meetings, thanked him for his important contribution to the work of the community and wished him well in his new assignment. The members then welcomed General Lee to the meeting.


of Sensitive Situations

Angola. The Chairman referred to recent developments bearing on tne' situation in Angola,

Laos. The Board exchanged views on aspects of the Laotian situation.

Iran. The members reviewed internal developments in Iran, particularly with respect to the composition of the new government.

UAR. Reference waa made to reports regarding possible moves by the UAR, especially against the Israelis.

Congo. The members discussed certain aspects of the Congo situation including the implications of Tsombe's trial.

Algeria. The Board reviewed developments with respect to Algeria, touching on matters such as the comparative lack of movement at present toward settlement, the apparent inhibiting effect of do Gaulle's uncertainty as to the reliability of military and civilian subordinates and possible moves by the Communists or others to capitalize on the situation. In this connection, the Chairman requested the Board of National Estimates toemorandum on pertinent Algerian developments andit to Board members for information and possible discussion at the next Board meeting.

Cuba. The Board discussed questions related to Bloc and other shipping present in. or believed to be enroute to Cuban ports, including the possible sources of oil carried in tankers and the extent of Cuban oil storage capacity.

Report byCntv.miitfi-Situation

Approved the Conclusions of the Committee and agreed that they should be published In the Central Intelligence Bulletinn this connection. General Willems invited attention to the recent change of Soviet Berlin commandants involving replacementajor Generalolonel. After the Board discussed the possible implications of this move, the Chairman suggested that the Army supplyiew to presenting this matter in more detail in the CIB.


The Board concurredequest by the Joint Staffevision

of "Soviet and Other Reactions to Various Courses of Action in the Berline initiated, noting also certain points which the Joint Staff suggested for consideration in addition to anyof9 estimate. It was understood that this paper would be scheduled for consideration by USIB in aboutays.

elease of GMAIC Report on

Soviet Guided Missiles Productionay; GMAIC Working Group Report, datedpril, SC No.vailable through GMAIC

Agreed to release this reportorking paper to the

as recommended by GMAIC.

mplementation of NSC-Approved Recommendation re Review of Plans and Programs of Intelligence Community

, pril)

Admiral Post's memorandumay setting forth reasons foreferral of USIB consideration oft this time, and General Balmer's memorandumay recommending USIB approval of the proposal, were tabled at the meeting. After noting these memoranda the Board members expressed their views regarding the proposal, particularly with respect to the timing of any USIB action in the light of factors such as any forthcoming reorganization of military intelligence agencies, and the relation to establishedbudget cycles, as well as the interest of the Budget Bureau and other high authorities in moving ahead to implement this NSC-approved recommendation of the Joint Study Group. Following discussion the members agreed, as an interim measure, that Board agencies would provide the Coordination Staff with the data requested inarrative Information on Foreign Positivendarrative Information on Foreignyune for

review and subsequent submission to USIBuly. Members agreed that the agencies should attempt to supply as complete data as they could under the circumstances. In this connection, the Board also noted certain changes toabled by the Joint Staff, and it was understood that these suggestions would be taken into consideration as appropriate, by the Coordination Staff in developing for Board review any future revision of.

mplementation of Recommendation No.f Joint Study Group Report

After discussion with Mr. Saunders, particularly in the light of the Board action on the preceding item, the Board concurred in the views of the Cost Estimates Committee as set forth in.

In the course of the discussion General Balmer, in response to questions by members, emphasized that the Coordination Staff had been established pursuant to an NSC-approved Joint Study Groupto operate under the personal supervision of the DCI and separate from any operational responsibility of the CIA or other department or agency. He noted that the NSC also had assigned the functions proposedSIB management group to the Coordination Staff.

The Chairman stated that, in order to proceed with implementing the various pertinent NSC directives, letters had been sent out formally requesting nominations for the Coordination Staff at this time of senior intelligence officers from Board agencies in addition to those alreadyby CIA, irrespective of the course of any subsequent reorganization of the military intelligence agencies. General Balmer also indicated that steps would be taken to bring the question of the terms of reference of the Coordination Staff before USIB again.'at an early date.

elease of

Soviet Technical Capabilities in Guided Missiles and Space Vehicles

(Memorandum toay)

Agreed to releaseincluding Annexes A, B, C

and D)

The Board also agreed thatincluding Annexes A,nd D) would be released to NASA. It was understood that those Annexes of higher classificationnd F) might also be made available to appropriately cleared NASA personneleed-to-know.

11. Release of

Soviet Short-Term Intentions Regarding Berlin and Germany {Memorandum to USIB,pril)

Agreed to release NIEl



a. Approved as amended (including theubjectheck by the Air Force of certain questions regarding the Mirage IV and further consideration by JAEIC and the USIB representatives of these findings and related matters. It was understood that the draft estimate, as revised,

should then be cleared by the representatives with their respective principals and considered as USIB-approved unless some issue arose which required resolutionubsequent Board meeting, *

b. Agreed not to release this estimate to USIA.

13. Restricted Session

5 Mr. Dullesestricted session during which several matters were discussed.

During this session the Board concurred in the disposition of certain material pertinent to the warning problem, as proposed in a' revision of the memorandum from General Barnes datedprilhich was tabled at the meeting.

In other action the Board concurred in the view that the Warning Systems Survey Committee (WSSC) should be considered dissolved as of this date.


JOHN HEIRES Executive Secretary

of the revised text having been completed onay,hould be considered as finally approved by USIB as of that date.

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