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rescntatlves Bight now betoonference of Congolese leaders on someground if their security were assured by the DK. They have reportedly been in telephone contact several times with the Leopoldvllle government.

'Stanleyvllie, reports public order continues tothere and that authorities are developing some sense of responsibility, with greater control over their armed forces. He believes that, although the principal leaders are stillwith their own claims to legitimacy, Stanleyville rop-

Moreover, they seemdisenchanted with theof the bloc and Afro-Aelan nations to send aid or diplomatic representatives. Any inclination on the part of Gizenga towith Leopoldvllle may bo inhibited by Hulele, hie Cairo representative.

There has been no change la the position of the Sudan, which continues to bar supply shipments to Stanleyville. The African states supporting Gizengato talk of ways to assist him, so far fruitlessly.


Katanga's President Tshombe, who Is seeking to gain support among moderate African states for his Congo federation plan, recently suffered obuff to his international prestige at the hands of Llberlan President Tubman, who refuaod to agreeshombe visit because ofLumuablst sympathies la Liberia. Meanwhile, Tshombe is likely toroblem for the UN and the Meet if beout his military effort againet tho Baluba tribalat Manono hold by



The Katanga force, which numbers, apparently plans toradual advance on Manono from the threeof Mltwaba. Kongolo, and Plana Hwanga;

Mltwaba have progressed halfway to their objective withoutserious opposition. Tsbonbo's forces reportedly hoped to attack Manono airport onarch. Because of the relatively large size of tbe advancingt would be impossible, gaaanaamnaanBW| for theto provont an' attack,

The ON is taking noaction to meet the threat to Manono, but ONcommander General McKeown has been In Ellsabethvllle trying to persuade TShoa>be--so far unsuccessfully--to call off the advance.

UN officials arcconcerned that theouth African volunteers or some of the other white troops with Katanga may clash with the UN's Nigerian troops and give, rise to an Incident with racial repercussions. The Swedish UN commander Inhas said that he would try to arrest tho South Africans as violators of tbe Security Council resolutions against foreign military.

In addition there isconcern in tbeccntors of Katanrja that the large urban concentrations of Baluba tribesmen there way cause trouble.

The Belgian consul general In Ellsabethvllle stated onarch that between P5 aadelgians now servingilltaryunder contract andfor the "whitewould leave by He hinted that Brussels might have to withdraw more Belgiansesult of international pressure, but he Implied that the Belgian Foreign Mlalatry haa littleover tbe Ministry ofAffaire, which apparently Is continuing its assistance to Tshombd. The Katangahas previously given hla approval for the withdrawals but rocently hae becomeover Belgian dealings with ble Baluba rival, Jason Sendee, and now la only acquiescing la their departure.

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