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Korean security forces

have" beenthereew upsurge ofdisorder on the anniversary of ths overthrow last April of the Rhee roglne. ovsr the failure of the Chang Myon administration to meet the high political and economic expectations of the revolution is widespread, par*-ticularlyln urban areas. Chang has putumber of limited political and economic reforms, but he has not displayed theynamic leAdnTimiblpnec* essary to win broad public confidence.

Public apathy and the lack of an emotional issue minimize the prospectassive move that could bring down the government but incidents of violence, which seem likely, could leaderious clash between demonstrators and ths police. The authorities have scheduled events by government supporters in order to deny tbe use of public places to anti-government demonstrations on the anniversary of the student uprising which led to Rhee's overthrow.

This and other recent actionsendency by the government to revert to the repressive tactics of the -Rhee regime in order to silence criticism. Early in March the authorities made an inept attempt to suppress byflat the country's new and only leftist-orientedMlnjok IIbo.

The administration also is seeking more stringentlegislation to combat public disorder and subversion. The pendingBill would limit public demonstrationsalf-hour at any location and would prohibit demonstrators from blocking public buildings, using loudspeakers, orln front of embassies and private hones. roposed amendment to tbe NationalLaw is so loosely drawn that the conservativefears it may be used to silence legitimate criticism. Even administration legislators are divided on support for the measure.

At the same time, leftist groups appear to beore prominent role in stirring up public unrest. Recently leftists, presumably Communists, have been identified attempting to organize tbe students. ard core of subversives Is thought to have beenfor the appearance of pro-Communist andslogans during clashespolice and demonstrators onarch,

Tbe capabilities of tbe police have gradually Improved, and their recent training and performance indicate that they probably can control moderate disturbances. radual swing of publictoward the left seems Inevitable in the absenoe of

reform program.

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