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view* tne trial of Adolf Kichatann, to begin in Jerusalem onpril, as much BOre than an aet of retributionons of Jewry'* chief persecutors under ths Nazis, Tbs dispute over ths legality of Elchmann'e sslsur* and trial aaa already provided Ben-Gurlon *lth so occaalon for emphasizing Jewish natlonallsa and Israel's claim to b* tb* apokeaaan for world Jewry. Tb* prlaa minister bas also mads clear that beths trial toink between th* Nazis and son* Arab rulers, both during and alnce th* war, Th* principal target alaost certainly will be UAR President Naelr, whohas used former Nazis as propaganda, military, and technical advisers. Ben-Gurlon also bopas tbo trial willyoung Israelle and remind tbe world of ths raaults ofanti-SemltlBB.

There are ladleatloaa, bow-aver, tbat Israeli anticipation of these propaganda benefits is tempered by un*aaln*aa. Elch-mann's Vast German lawyerlnt*Dds to reopen the International controversy over Israeli Jurisdiction by charg- -Ing that Elchmann was forcibly abducted froa Argentina and not Evldenco may be Introduced Into tha trial about aartlae bargaining between Zionists and Elchmann for tb* release of Jawlsh prisoners--la sxchanga for trucks andar materiel. This couldadversely on certain Promlnsnt Israelis who took lo the negotiations and revive Pasalons Id Israel overthat Hungarian Jaws werein favor of otbera* part of an abortive Former Prla* MinisterSharatt la most frequent-

* *entlonod as one who might from such revelations.

Testimony about thisnight also iovolvo tha


British Government, which during the war arrested the negotiating Intermediary and put pressure on Zionist authorities toElchmann'a offer. London is prepared to rebut criticism of Its rol* by citing its strong suspicions of the Intermediary as well as the Nazi interests hs served in seeking vital war material, allegedly for use on Germany's eastarn front.

The Soviet bloc undoubtedly views the trial as an opportunity to discredit the west German Government by repeating standard charges of the Nazi background of high-level officials In Bono. East Germany has sent aVest Berlin Communist lawyer to Israel with "evidence"present West Germanas Nazi functionaries and showing the Ulbricht regime as the "good" German stats. It probably also will attempt to send delegations of East German victims to Jerusalem to support Its case.

vest Cc rniany fears that the trial will lead to an increase in anti-German resentment in the Western world, and particularly tbat It will add to German-Amorican frictions. There lso concern in Bonn tbatmight com* out during the trial against leadingof the Bonn government, especially Ad*nau*r's aid* Hans Olobke, who helped draft the Nuremberg racial laws. Adenauer'a party is concerned tbat these charges might be harmful ln the Septenbar national election.

Ths) Greek Government ls expecting tbe subject of the moving0 Jews from northern Greece to extermination camps Id Poland, and Globke's implication therein, to be raised at the trial. Elchmann's personal fate, meanwhile, sill be determined by his formal prosecution forrimes,f which could draw the death penalty. (COJJFJDJiHXlAlr-KOTORN)


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