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has continually opposed what it considers the United States' indiscriminate efforts to win the politicalof the Afro-Asian states In the UN. Paris is motivated partly by fear of establishing precedents which will pave the way for increased UN activity in Africa to the detriment of French interests, particularly in Algeria. Principally,De Gaulle views tho UNeterogeneous mbcture numerically dominated by new states, fundamentallyof action but increasingly tending to assume theof the large powers for the maintenance of peace.

The US vote in tbe Security Council onarch In favor of tho Liberian resolution calling for UN consideration of the Angolan question probably was the Immediate occasion for the French suggestion to the Portuguese. Various French political commentators have recently berated the US for falluro to "stand with itsho influential and usually pro-American Raymond Aron said in an article onarch inFigaro that the US "double standard" will backfire when "the Marxists train their guns on US 'imperialism' in Latinaris can be expected to continue to urge the other colonial powers to utilize the Cuban resolution or any similar resolutions, particularly those critical of US policy In Latin America, as an opportunity to make this point forcefully.

Lisbon's sharply hostile reaction to the recent US vote suggests that it will give serious consideration to the French tactic. Portuguese officials believe the US position hasAfro-Asian attacks on the colonial powers, andhas been seeking ways to induce the US to change itspolicies. The vitriolic anti-American press campaign and demonstrations in Portugal have linked the US stand vith that of the Soviet Union and have singled out Ambassador Stevenson as the chiefeading editorial onarch in tho government-controlled newspaper Diario de Not!clas stressed that the US bases In the Azores had been granted with the understanding that Portuguese sovereignly would beIn all of the Portuguese colonies, that Portugal had

only joined the UN on the insistence oi the US and Britain, and that the loyally and solidarity Lisbon had given the NATOhad been forgotten.

The Cuban request for UN General Assemblyof "the clear threat to international peace and security" posed by "the various plans of aggression and acts ofof the UnitedStates against the Cuban Government was originally submitted last October. Cuba has subsequently furthor detailed its chargesSinseveralfOTntt complaints circulated In the UN.n|ft fnds la and Guinea plan toes olutlon ln the General Assembly recommending that tho US and Cuba make every effort to settle their differences bypcace-fuin bilateral discussioi

the Cuban Government is actively pushingesolution.

For some weeks, Cuba's public position has been that it is willing and anxious to engage In bilateral discussions with the US, provided such discussions arebasis of equality and with an openut that the present US attitudesuch discussions. In its notearch rejecting the Argentine offer of good offices toward casing US-CubanHavana reiterated these views but added, "The conduct of tho US Government and the statements of itswould make any effort toward bilateral discussions at this time "useless."

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