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Meet. London.1

(Subject arr ved0 hours1 to, Hotel Mount Royal In London. Upon entering. Subject was shown blown up prints of the expermental shots he had taken revlously. the photo Instructor, was present.)

Did yu take this under electric l'&ht7_ Si No, Hi Chi Daylight. 51 May 17 Ci How was the It was cloudy andas the second half or the day. English) second pert ef the day, about k 'clock. 'clock, yeatardey afternoon. 0| ery clear. St ork under similar conditions which I photograph later. This laon't go Into detail. see how clear and exact everything la the written text la. bad. Sec how the fraae goes evenly all around. 0: ittle hit of an overlap. St Cfcse. ittle bit on this frame. This Is vhat should bahere is the second part. (Subjectound These ere the results which can be had if done properly. St.believed It could be done. Ot Ve wanted you to knowwas notost cause to use this camera. Ithameeverything and then maybe nothing will come outbut here Is what you can get. You can read every printed The exposure was Just about perfect. Ot The amountwas Ideal perhaps you can remember the exposure? Stan rememberand alao the distance betveen thethe table. Gt Now you know froa your own experience thatyou approach the equivalent electric light intensity,the picture. S: That'sid it. Ot Nov, do youre-do some more7 St Not really. KINGSBURYt hink hethe Idea fairly well. These are very good shots.

hould have told you about Pakistan and about(Subject hadote at the Hotel desk to call C: Did you take care of this matter? St At theone told me anything1 vas not worried. ad tomatter out with you. ade no phone calla to this number, Ot Well, who is he? Si on't knov. Hi Ka Is from The representative from TASS? Hi That's ths TASSKCNEV. Gi He's the representative from the news service. he's with TASS. This telephone number Is the TASS phone,number. S: Then vhy does he live here? Ot He does not He called you on the phone. S: Then the number he leftthe Hotel number? sked you before; this Is what vas Ot ertainan called you and vented to getvith you. Houmber for you to call hin. St Whenarrived thereASS representative herewhen WYNNEreception. So, maybe he wanted to ask something of the ill call. Hi This Is someone from TASS. all. He Just wants you to call back. Ss Tomorrow I'll call.



Gt What shall we start with? Ht hink thereew things here we ought to do with photography. Oi Maybe we should start with photography, since tha photographic expert Is here right now. St Oh yes, then If there are any questionsCne minute,Kay 17 Ht Yes. (Subject practicing loading the Mlnoxew cassstts). Si Someone was already snapping this. Gi No, not yet. Now, once againnow, now. St It Is not loaded Is lt? Hi No, no. There's no film In this. Is there? Kt No. S: In this tits positionwhen the dotcome together,oad it? G: Of course. You load and unload only when the dote are like that, and only then. St Andot Isan't load lt then?-Ot No. It means that the point has not been reached yet for you to load it. You should not load lt when it's off center, right? Kt You must not. It's possible... Ot It's posalbls, but you may strstch the frames out of position. S: on't break it will

17 Ask Ki No, but'ths pictures will ovsrlap. Ot What

If he tried to unload it befors the dots are lined up? K: No, that won't matter; lt Just means that he will have to open up the camera shutter so many times, Gi But if he tried to force it open before the dots are lined Ki It won't hurt. Ot It won't hurt, St So then, the dots should bs lined up (TOCHKA NA TOCHKU). Ki ther words, If he wishes to remove the film before taking all the pictures It's <rulte possible, providing that he operates the camera three times. Ht Three times? Kt To put the exposed film Inside the light-tight container. Ot Yon can unload It vhen the dots are not lined up. The difference lesay you ars onnd you want to take out the flla. You have to move the frames three tinea. St se, in order to tear lt off. Ol No, so that the unexposed film can be wound upark place. Then you can open it. St ee. ill work only, onlyecond andecauseentlmers Is the right dlstancs. Ks meters).

i,. St How tell me under what ci rcuastances there can be breakage? -What can get broken and under what conditions? Let him explain that. Ot (Translating above Ki It needs careful handlingGt You must handle It gently. What Is It thet night be forced, or bent, or hurt? Ki Well, the mechanism Is delicate, and it Is possible for lt to break any time. Oi Yes, but In whst manner, in particular? That's what hla point iswhat should be avoided? Rt There's nothing ha can avoidnothing. Xt will Just be mechanical falluro. Qt If it breaks. It can Just be because the mechanism la so delicate St annot repair It myself? Hi Ho, we'll giveeserve camera. Si Does it have to be oiled? Kt No, no, no, no. Oi Whether he has one or twoIt doesn't cake much difference what he carries. H: We can give him ons nov, and then later another. This one has been overhauled today, so there should be no trouble with It. We will give him the reserve

one at the end of th* month. Si Nowegin tom, workingalways Is lt necessary to lower thiso thls7 Ki If he doesn't click. It willlank, that's all. Gl If you don't click, you Just let the filn framety- S: his correct? Ot No, no. If you click than you open the shutter and let ln the light. Si CkayNowave taken ten photosavs to take oat the film quickly. o thisone, two, three, fourand Kt Take outa. Q: Minimum of three beyond your ten frames. Kt Don't use lt again, of course. That film Is finished. Gl Don't use that roll any more. Si No, no, no. That's correct. on't. ave to clear-up all the Nov, toavs taken ten pictures,av* taken them out; the Indicator shows this number. In order to reload,ave to make the clicks up tond line up the dots? Ki Right. Si Rightan't load 1U Ki No. St Point-to-point, Red and Blacknd Kt Begin. St an't load it the way lt Js now, why? G: Because It won't be even. He wants to know what will happen If he loads It like this,. Si What If I'murry, and don't have time to click It? Gt (to K) If you put it afterh franc? S: In such position? Kt Well, you rlsK getting overlapping pictures. Gt Overlapping? Ki . Insteadpace between each photograph, you may have an overlap. Gt This Is vhat you arc risking. The film may not be in proper position, and you will constantly be getting half of one and half of the other. Si Why? G: Because It Is not set up to center the film. S: ee. Whatave to make ten more picturesurry,ave tc take them out1 startero? Kt Yea, St But you can't start with this position? G: You might. Just b* chance, hit It rightby chance. Kt Well, George, If he's going to take ten francs of one and then ten of another, he may Just as well go on on the same film.. Gt This Isheoreticalractical one. He meant ten at once, andalf-hour ten again, something like .. Si I'll watch the frames, that's all.

5. Ki The frames exposed earlierI'd Just like someon themhow much light? Ht oment. You would like to know about the other film that was done ln daylight? Kt Yes. Gi This is about, those which we developed for you before. Kt That had about the maximum exposure. In other words, the light vas maximum. St And you could not read anything? Aak themhen Itright day, whatupposed to do, move the table back? G: Exactly. Si Now It will he summertime; It will be brighthov does he advise, as an cxaapla. If thereright sun? Gt He wants to knowf the sun Is too brighthov aany meters from the window? K: an only say that he must remember the light vith which he had the most success in the past. Gi It will be necessary for you to remember snd try to recreate the llght'vlth which you had

toa aost success before. It ia very difficult to deWrsin* tha saouot ot If the light la vary brightt Gi Thea, of ooursa, youfurther away, c; ball, vlll you bo abla to road lt aayeay? Qi itba vary goodsome, we'll be abla to read, aad eonr aat. Si Thatba good. 4ihink ho'a got tola in paneater* of vary brightthat's exnoilyn talking aboutthis veathar. Qi If he saysdarker side of light he'll he better off, aaybs la tha aiddi* of SiOr pertops, with his hack to the vlaaov. Si ho,bs ahndov. a: Shade* is not so laportant. Ki Hla oaaalright. fery aright day? Oiay vhen

sun is bright. If you stand with your beak to the windowhadow, yea, set thera vUl be sufficient reflected light. alyt Oi Tea, because th* sua is so bright. It vlll ooaa out enyeeyaad it's better thla way than to riskcoure. Si It's elver. Anyway, I'll try toappy aedlnn.

6. Oi Tou already bar* soa* ldaej you've been feelingTou already knov vhat to avoid, besides, aayou knov, th* bulb la sere dependable. o, I'll bare nocbaac* to work vith tha bulb. Vork ends'eloek. an't take the stuff bona tn* onlyan vork is In there behind locked door vith th* key la in- pocketonly la the daytla*In daylight. Oi You'll bar* to learn to gauge whether to eon* closer or stey furtbar beck. Anyway, It Is easier to bide tt tfilckly heoaaaa there is no light bulb burning, it's even nor* secureast "put-ewey"the lastruasot, under sunlight. Be doesn't have to bother to set things up or to aeesure. Sise tho bulbItad to vasts. Qi One-half to on* inter Is lOOj use-fourth to one-half Barter Bs Alright, lt la all clear. The photofiTsphs vlll be good. a leaving, rreryoa* goodbyes bin and thai bin.) Qi (to Bj Tou bar* tb* lltti*hich to night need: Siave lota of these things. an Just leaenliai where they are.

I bare aa Important mmixirat, very laportest. Today,going to aset his recruited egret as veil as otherthe Pakistan Knbaasy. Of course, to vlll talk to several people, butto vatcbed. Be told n* today that to to* oontaet vith, and vests toEnglish


Pccfciaoica baa bean rccneated froa tba Center, bat ao tar these laA Brltlah CcBBvnlBt. H: An EDgJlsbaan-Q: laaiiit it. ha prospect soys ba Just wants to work, in says ba doesn't seed aoosyhla oajeetlves are purely political, hut thoyittle. ara goiag to be here anotherays orould uncover too entire AOOSUBA. lready know about tvo yeople through BBUOOWTthe Binds oad the Yug' 1Cfsrsiuist. Slaply mi iiillla then and they aaa ho easilyeard that the Bnbessy was very gravely taprssssd, snd baa alrssdyoccv, about that smtenrn ofear*. TMsary severeeard today that thn wretch who received it laear* old. Bis sentenco laears, so be will beears sld aaaa ha gets hla fiaadni ary Btrong Impression! Ths order has cons dove to the center to work seriously and be very security conscious. Hi This la today's ordert Si las, they Informed than (nooccv) yesterday andeOegraa anient from there with the "security" business. Their mood right nov is. They say that this vill discourage people from vorklng with us. ou hove written doua the onto number bGfibis private car. Ba will be talking to his agentctively.

CoJ Oi What else? ou, here srs the hills for tbe thingsave boEgrt so thnt you will knov vhat I'a buying. Hi Boat worry about that. Siant again to start with VXHSS. Ot Too don't need these! (hills) Gi SO, vhat fort ant to start with vote. Xsaw VXBDE today. Ho (VTJBB) Is getting certain receipts for us. fa la gattlag na ready far departurean conae vhat bin nocd Is. seem to lock at badass slaplynderetend everything. UTJBE feels right nowood dsal of xeney,ave boon rewarded. Be gives as glances sad hiata, uuieh soyhould "fix hln" you toalk with. aaodriendly talk. Expleia to bin that he will he paid vail sad booked by yon and that if he ooatinnes to vork veil vith as ka vill eXasya save enorqft of everything, even ia the future. j High*. Ton are absolutely right. G; Tou aboOd tall Ma like thistrus aaaa)eaarous fellow, hut you abould not take aoney froa Un.1 s ao ha won't thinks greedy.

Si Tqu knov vhaa hs vas in aoaoovriad to talk hlakUtg tho jsaaaaashl oat be vbs sfreldj hs ssid it was acas of MaOTE was my lootould ban gone to eitheraeay or to tho AiKrloana. ould hnre been "suraed" together with th* iVmianufon't knov vhethar yoa vould have flown no out orould bar* lived there.

fit "

I hod such Lsjpuloes mod intentions. VTJBB did sot mat to do it et first, ho vaa very auch against it. BS vas afraid. Oh, hov he va* afraid! egged him aad poxsuuded Ma. of course, he understood thatrt vithould sat hla sold nodala! After ell, he is a- you Dust realise this.

(loJ Oi Ve vlll take care of hla first rata. Tea saidyoureelf that he vas pjtnaed vfaas you sew Ma. ery plea sad! ats yea, please find tlas toaorrov to sail hla la sad talk to hla, before ay euyaitiueso that ba vill understand, cthervlas, ha will think, "Bah, that (subject's '" True Bane) he begoed sa so] ba aos so persuasive. * Sow bs eoaaa eur* of ay self anda spending lots ofhe pounds are Just flying here and there, fie thinks, "Why doesn't ba alvooo some? Vhat aa unscrupulous fellow, la aoaoov he talked ne into this aad aov ha doesn't vent to givehare. Be'a greedy, so good". Ibis feeling will lietone inside hin and that's tho vny he vlll foal when he eoass to eontaet as la the future. Znefiaael This should not be. Oi Zt win not be. Bo. Bi Be hca personal tendencies like that. Be israde caea. Bs feeXo,ave done aonethlng sad wont aonethLng la return". If there la sons gain froa hisay bin. Bsoor rxo. nat yon to understand thla delicateove of the situation. a not asking nyaelf dear.ou are vurrylag for nothing. This will not happen. Si Tbday vaonversation of this kind. ib's ln^ulsltlw? This Is none of his business. Bi Be Is InQUlsltlve and he feelsave nonoy. And ba will say, "Vhat kind of scoundrel are yon? Too begged aa ao over there and hero you don't want to give as anything. Tt la no natteret fron thenfroa the government. Vhy don't you chare what yon got?" This le Vittelt. a sure of It. Gi BO la satisfied. Bb le very well reizfcursod and feels quite happy. Si Ibrhape be understood aa to aaea. In kbscov, that If be would do thleould, "thank" hla perhaps, bo haa such aa impressionronlaed this to hlaas desperately trying everything. Ot Bb Is not offended. Don't worry at all. it.on't want Urn to have eny bitterness vhon ve say goodbye tonorrov st tha airport. "Aha, you grabbed vnat yon could. Tou got yours. Hov you don't need VTJOHf". Gt Bo, It voa't to Ilka that. Bo. id not tell you yesterdayelt lt. ery sensitive personelt lt. Gi There is no cause for it. ot wrong. hinkold hla la Moscow,ore lt good, you'll have It good". And nov ha is vonderlngnenged ay line. *ery Important matter, especially alnoo I'M going to neet bin et the end of May. sk yon to reassure Urn teenrrov, tell

him that (Subjoet's true ocrae)ind aan. Oi Ve vlll tell Mm that ve hare forbidden you to give himacney. S: That'a it. Tell hla that you have foroldi*-on ae! Hi Thin tt right. Si aaU hla, "Xou will gat everything, it more". And when you tell hla to work soma more, ba will get more etoau up) ba vlll neke nor* effort] he will he careful. Hi That's abanlntely right.

Si aero la another detailyou amah know everything. Vhen we vere at that night bar, haomrade and two girls, forad ny own (girl). ald to tin. It is sasavraaslag for ae to pay* Tou give her tho money." ave hlaounds, aad ha gave it to ths girl. Then they vere there for eons timerinking, eating, fooling around. That vas none of ay business. Be said to as,ave blownounds."had stopped In another restaurant before thla. Be vasroad hint. "All this vaa for yon,oor nan. Whypendounds onhla is the way be was hinting today. Gi These are all mare details. Don't worry: well fix it oil up with VTJOE. Si It's my duty to express nytu he working with this aan. Sals willig link.eceived this note today (telephone coll)ecided to talk to you right aaay. Tall himubject's true name) has aaked for sons noaay to "thank you" but ve have forbidden him. Ve vent to slve it to youell him, "You'll get vhat'a coating to yon. Work well, and yon will aatnd I, here and nov, promise youill work so hardlll do cccucdx for both VTHHE aad for sa. It la clear to you what Xmaan about VTBSB? Oi Tes, of course , hank yoa.

And Just in this connection, I'd like yon total! Mn thatnentlon to VX5SE thisof meeting withpset bin. COOffi BO! Si Baxter as etrcuaataneae. r. Harold, don't yoa Hi Tea,now.

ouldn'tard. ard of caatlon had to he repeated. Si tou ere rightead vXBBS doesn't aak anything.

SHBIVAtr coaes tononrow morning atQBZBALOTat all wall. By the way, OKEFJ&cY was in America bat he did not Be worked very badly In respect to Intellloanee. Are theretoday! Gi Too, later. as thinking vaadght work lt this waywith the photos because in aboutust call ay people vhoback from the Eabasay. they are all extremely buny Just nov. Eachwriting something for the Eabsasy.ave to spend 3tMM> alauteaet supper becausean sign the bill. Bow,sk you,

lie, Barold, vhen you ere talking to VISES, racial bin to give each one of the delegates, Including nyaalf, receiptsoaada, for aaah day, as as vere


Ih. O, you ess, hotel sad seals cost each onepounds per day, but tho companies pey ths dlffaxaaosounds par day which wo are allotted. Ot Ob, ao you est oo special orderal Si Vhat do youon special orders? Ot Bot eocordlng to ths Inclnnsd breakfast ami,a carta? S: So, wo oat brnttkfbat, and than we sat lunch. Ot Abo, sad luncbJ ad ue don't pay this money. Tbe specialists ore oo happy! Uoll, let then bo. Oi Veil, there will he nothing sbcarlngj it won't eppoer. St Some hotelsncluding Breckfpnt". Hi Xf they hero Special breakfast they will put it on the hill separately. St Special breakfast. Bad's right. And this auat nov show up on tbe bills. All that should ho shownar day and tha asaa of tha hotel. Gt Con thsy cot separate bills? Con they do that tor then? usLdon't know hov the hotels work. I'll base to find out. hink they con do lt. Xf you ash then to split lt upextra itnaa hero and tho aassa roon charges bare. S; VOTE knows all about this. Xf you toll him ho will take core of it. Tho bill should say "Bote! Mountays. Receivedays". xcuse as, hut suppose you paid more than your

allowance for braukfuot. Can't you say you paid for that hy cash? St They'll Buy, 'Tou paid cosh? That's inpoeaible. Tea eonjxary paid for your food! You onlyor everything Shea they'll start withholding again, Ob, tbey oxeclirrcr with naary there. epelkn thoy willan- This iaafe this. xplained all thia toou Just remind hla. fl: Separate accountsroom on one, all extras on another. Bt He don't need copies of tho food billa. Oi Tea. but for ths hotel thoy have to separate their bills acanhow. Hi What hepponad in the other totals, when they were at the HldOandm hat did you do whan you vers traveling? Si Us paUer day for ths hotel vhere ve lived!for fire days, andays hare. W obout the bills? St WZSEQC haa the hills. Be collected than. G: And they srs correct? St Correct, at Ah, thsy were correctly neon out. Hi Oh, thsy sra alright?ea, nly tbo nouns Royal? Ot Only the Mount Bxyal. Before departure fur tba country cad after arrivalor boar? St It ahould bo an it happened. Three nights ve spent here, theno that tha total would he IX days, aad thenays la the other cities will imke ranslating) Hi Tho hills

forays wore alright. Bow yoa went separate hUle for roan only for every man, and separate bill* for extras. Qt You see. he can't pick no the

has to be fciveMeuide for an.

Xt la important to make sure of ovary detail ae that Urn kookkeeplng department will heve no bonos to pick with ae. That'ssk you for this big

i Listen, yon havealf hour nov. VeeryX suggsBt tbe followingyou ean look at the pictures another

JiT OT ^SJff" iaUhant to ED over tbe Wlat are ve going to cover la ordert Cyaratlonclend bow things will be done. ill explain Brieflynd evendetailthe naln olsaioaa which yoa will be given. ut thempocket? ou can. Bbv about writing thea la fiaaslaa. Si Bias. IThirdly, there will be seme questions and the nbotogrenba also. antyou some Instructions vith ths one-tima pads. When yon eon* somethlpg else. This Is something different. The size Iswon't open them; tbey ere sealed on purpose. van one la notBo, they hove to be like this. nderstood all thla fron thanumerals are bigger, aren't they? es, auchot quite thlaalmost aa large. s: These are tbo first onesnd these thedecode). Qi you write with these (code). Biecode with Withrit*encode. Well, ve will write sons morsi

Gi Sinew ve have aboutadnata*il go ovor ths instructions. Then v* Mil review than when yon eome back. Stake any notes? Bt Ferfaapa, Ooares, Tdxm he returns'clock or so, wouldn't It be better to go through tela routine then? Hi Tou can only start on that aspect now. as proposing to reaC this and than review it when he coneso make sore he has lt cold! oaorrov wo vHTba' working very hard. Gt On theas trying to get as naoh done today aa possible to leave aore time for rest and for relaxed review toaorrov. St Beat! What's (so Important) about rest. Best can b* hat oa theat hone, Saturday and Sunday. f he's going to stay longer. Ufa get on the road with thla. St Thlaistoric rose. Someday there willemorial plaque here.


17. Qj Lei us begin vith this (radio ooda aad signal plaa). Why? I'll tell you. The radio non vlll be easing tocbeek things. So will case just as you leave. Be will salt. When yon return, hs vill save tonsdup sad all vill be set. Beforeaati Aad then I'll tabs ny instructions sheets. Hi Well, let's show bU hov to do it, houldit first, and you listen snd shock and sssnderstand lt. Can ve do it that vayl Oi us ean. Please go ahead. Bast's very Important.

t the predssignated tins, at tbe asseteoslve nyhloh vill he transmittederiodinutes.

of oil, vhat is that exact hour! hio vill he at the fojprdnted Oi what tine? Tou knov vhat tine. Si Tea, you told aa. Hi Midnight. Si Midnight (laughs). Ot Midnight, of vhat day?

S: On Saturday snd Sunday at aldnisbt. Oi for hov many Saturdays sad Sundays? hole north 1 At aidaigfat,holea Saturday and Sunday. Oi Proa the 1st tot inclusive. Iftaturday, end tha 1stunday, the sooth ends here (Saturday)av monthSunday). St Anyway, it's Saturday snd Sundayno setter where tbe couth ends. Gi It vill be repeated and repeated. So, if yoa listen justonth, forev ooooads, you will knov if it lent pours or ifoothing there. Listen for tha asters that eoao. The first ono if it's higher thea 5theacasty. ea, theauncry. If u? to "i, aad latlunJng. 5it is atne. Over J* up to 9aot atna. Then afteraassat aaaJMBB period, there will be along dash, whloh vill ooundeconds. How, la oae pine* iteeaeds, sad la anotber

Souestion. Bat dash which willceosda. Bow,anhliag to klnaolf going orar tha instructions) hers, tba next lasnjlii Bo, that's something else, fins io ths repeatvhaa itiee. Bow that's clear. Gl Because vhaa lt is repeating, you don't base to wait that long, She repeat is Just for ohscting purposes. hio long dashignal to no for attention because right after the long dash; ths mcsoaga (terBSBA) will begin. Tata Is thenchors. Sa first nashsr la tb* important oae for aa| ths second cos la sot important j

the Inst throe nosbero Indicate the amount of groups. There ean ha no

f these but the nuaber (willf the loot tvo aoshershen it will heroup*. Correct? Ox Bight! Absolutely correct. Si After tho first fiva-nnshors group, which is hy wsy of an indicator, to ahov ao that this will he "nlm" end to toll as hov snny grooms,hat I'll bo ready to take thenths message will begin. It will ha repeated vith certain intervalsa number, snail pause, number. nly ask that tha intervalstile longer. Afterr*aahloh

&5 .

vill De followedepetition of tbe asssoge. After tbe yepstltlon, duringan cheek and correctill again get tho gronpnyhlch indicates the end of the message. Tflair* tvohe first group ofnd tba oeoond gronp, end* of course, Thia Basher is not pert of tha group. Snap are separate* If it indicatedhould getroupa not counting the first groupad tho loot, a; Exactly. Si After thisat thea listeningas Mr. Joseph advisedche dots like this, and dsnhes like thia. Boaavs strainedegin to vrite down the nuabera, the insoningB, aciyH1 to ay control chart three dots, dashaot3etc.

afterave written down tha numerical Banning, and Xall tba preparations end have received the numerical message, egin to decode.

Si Alright, let us suppose you receivednd at tbo end you eoe thin. Tou have written it* She repetition doesn't natter. Bow, this is not portroup; yon hove heardjust a* anauseand you hare written It doaa. Those group oaporationo aaanthcre aref thea. Boa toll aa vhat all thle aeons.

This, the first group after tola, indicates which pad Xend vhleh lias to begin vith. Os Xn vhat Instance is this? Si Xf Xvorked vith It before. Oi Jnot tbo oppositeonly if it istiao. It is only given once. If this is the first ntuuegstaken it down for the first tineand this group nppenrsonlyis tha first tine you aro receiving it. Of course, if. to tell you vhere to leakbore, than or elsewhere...

St Thoy ell have different ambers. Ot And they aredeeodlag pads)you receive oa ths 2'o. St Aad oa theead. Oi Ths, you send. Either SU or radio. Ue ore not using any radio right nov.kis is for un for tho SWT Ot At the accent. It applies to the radio also. Xa it clear?

clear. Ot So, this ia the first aesaage hy radioliveThis flrat group is to tell ae which pod to use. Ot She flratsecond tseaaagetelegramwon't havo this! And there'll notsuch mafiber until you switch to another pad.

Bow vill tho second tologroa be then? Vhnt will thisthe one after this one, represent? Oi This vill be tba firstwhat is this group? (line indicator) Si Aha! This group thento no vhlohtart with, Ot Baaetly. Xn the firstgot the nunher of the book. Si Xa the very flrat neaaage| tbeKABCCHBT) rasaage. Ot This, vill bo the flrat line. Thea itand oa and on cad ends with the pod raasber. Heroook at it.

Si Analnderstand it aov. It auat aot hs touched any wore} it is only given far control purposes. Oi So, you begin with this nanbexths


first actually real message amber. o la tba first tolagraa, tbe real group vUl be the -third one, and la the second message, tha real group vill be the second cos. After, this ons voa't appear.

sh you, please show asas though thia nagsthere. Qj Surely. ere Is the first page, the first line; andthe first page which I'll opsa here, aov yoa open Itl Ot With aovins Subject hov tone-tine pod.) on'totbar onest Suy ere secret, ao It's betteroaft aee thea.

Ol She* Ist la so you vlll not lose thea. hen you figure lt out. Xou van false subtraction. Vhen you figure it all cat, you start to vrlte ths nuchers yon vorked out, after this first one. sr'Aad. then, gccording to theotubtractI'll bo (subtracting) all the timeI'll atart to decode tha letters, figure out the meantag.

(Explains to Subject boa to transcribe the apmbers ofinto thoare! text.) aaanpaa won't he standing In front af me to guide ao. Ton will prepareae? That's fine.ill asanasneetvod them andmall suggestion. Send as two aessagen, one willfirst"theill finally understand It all. OtIB vary fcajortant. Once you do thla, it vill alvaya be easy.tick In ny mind. Gi Agreed. Tou're leaving aov? 'll haveocao bask. Ve have another five atanteo anyway. TOu'll give memessageend Give aa the atasbero asaught" then. encilood tains; to have forarge piece of paper. lll take ay notes and thanewill leave bora* Gi Ve'll prepare snaetaing ovlekly. woZ'U do vhat I'm supposed to dosubtract, eta. I'll go aov. Gitouch your book eaenuse I'a using the coding hook foray asssagssanding yoa. Tou voa't sea anything there la your book hut tba nly bo sure tbat there Is acne aanae to theot aoI oxanarbo it from the pad I'llogical result, fli Of course.

St Z'U try to he aa quickan. Gt Do everything yon here to. no one Is going to run sway. St Those things Z'U leave hare. onder If thay have returned from the Bahesny. Zt Is probably lanuuroaleat to anil from -cUt this room. Oi BO, batter froa your room.

Sk. (Subject left for his appointed sapper cns*eWTirmt0 hours. Subject rotnraBd0old ay delegationa going to sleep and abet ay phone la dlmvviaeetad. j: Baza are year wwngapBa. Gi 3hte la your new pad. ave received ay eel! ejesbao* androups. (Subject examines tvo coded messages prepared by George and Irani.) (Subject

decodes tbe aeoangea. Subject say* be understands it all soft doesn't went to waste tine solas over all tba details baft be aade several sdaor errors vhleb were called to fats attention. Bsaa tba eeeond anaaaas aod works oa thet with Dears*, again he la told sboot lMmbmr caa aad Eoaber too podswhich to use whore. Encode on v'i, deecde oaalso which frequencies are for Souae. end vatca for Winter.) Ot Higher ones ore for Suaoari the lover ones for Winter. Bi Sow again, let ao tins tba froencnelea on tho transistor. (Subject experiments.) Silll always lis tou oa the abort wave, not on this caa. Gi Go that one yen esa beer the aaas of tbo day. It Is tbe standard broadcast bond.

Paul; ant you to do le to mogalaaove written (bun here. Just follow It with your eye. Gi Con you recognise what tbat ls7 BO la ropoatlng so you can reaogalEo lt. ave one question, lot bin show ae hov tho ooltiple dots soundtbe dots tbat oono after ny call. Gt (Srnnalatlag to Paul) Ve vdll do It all again's giving. Gi Bight. S: Xbsee ere the mltlpls dots, than the long deeb. Oj Sow long Is the dash? Poult About thatoennds.

Vorklng cm practice tape) Paul: Vrlta then devn. If youeaa. I'll go alow -I'll give you time. Later you'll forgot shout this. It will be so simple! (subject practicing reading signals) Paul: Bow lot's try tbe broadcast.xplains to subject that the hoops von't sound la abacov Ilka they do bare since theae ere alow speed.) Si That Is too fasti Oi ay saar man, he's making lt foot right nov because he's Just- Uasa he begins to sand the menage he will slow dova. (Subject practicing soon more.)

hort break In practicing reading algaels, theendcttbxr*.) Oiolar samplesleft ne basefew of each, end my pliyalciea la charge will ahooae. It will behave than aspmsasa In daylight. (This la In reference tofor which be la bo las supplied tho ra he rial froa whichvllleeth to replace Babysat'ealaoBbv Bony altogntbar do you needT Si five in all. Giound iteither this one or that one. (matching colors) Hi It's Gt iF5 Is probably the closest, (still ergulng about the abadas- Subjecti that's whiteaby's. S: ift aunt be hard to gat. (Finally he Is ooavinccdhattoko, aadive of

Hov Subject returno to practicing reading radioo you want to deaoaatrote thUhat will fitfah the radio Paul 1 When you gat thislll eee that you gat instructions


vith lt. OiflPranalaUng to subject)i You'll cat eoaaleto Instructionswritten lahotograph lllaaasaaBUsJ tba aat* (Paul cxplalna datalls of tbe Subject la aada ta go through tba tuning la proossa, and la shown tba differences ia tba toaa aad tba background nolaesand is told to aat need to tba one vhlch la batter for hla.) Paxil aba shall no va rerlev the battery charger once aorat (subject ie visas tba proosduro for rvcaarglng hla battery.) tile aaerat book where yoa oaa put dova eoaa lafornatloat es. (Subject la novanoow telephone aasber to call after hla return to aigjalfy his secure arrival.) Oi tritehone'eloek la tha owning, Moscoway, raaduy, and tben the 9th of aay, at tho eaaa tins. Ai nt. Dot AH,0 bourn? H: That's right, fli Call the- Three rings, one adnata later another three rings. Hi This aaaas everything Is alright.f anything la vroag, then call tha aaae way eato beepeat fire rings.

1 All la clear. Bow 1st na go to tbe next Uea. Qi According to seianbnbS, USDS vill be in Moscow by tba end of aay or tba beginning of Jane. be beginning of Jans is net good because tba exhibition oleosa the fath of Jens. Gi Probably It vlll he la late Key or paxaape It vlll be on tan 1st af June. Anyway, yon will aaet hla at the airportj abash to aaae sure tbat bis bananas has cleared Cnstose vith no trouble. Then yea will take bin to bis hotel. Tbo suitcase which is for yon will be loft in ths ear and you will go off with it, after you drop VTHK3 off at bis hotel. There is ao need for bin to take it Into the hotel. o, any carry it around?bv let ua repeat this again, ton don't have to vrlta anything dova.'ll he mating VTBBBill be carrying ay brtafcaas, where everything of nine will bo vrepped up aad ready. Hi Tas, yea, this point le also Included In our plan. Oi Tou wtass to VYJUDt the notarial which yen here gathered for us. This will Include docusnata you yd ewe* up, undeveloped flln, and thoes accusants vhieh you aaae already. St Top Secret aad Taryat easeand thoselready baea oa tba Acsdeay, ate. Qi If you ooasidar it aaceaaary for eons raaaoa to vrltaetter In SW fold it up four tlass aad attach lt to tba saUrioi. This la only If lt is necessary. If yon went toatter la plain text, the sans thing goes. After VZBBB receives tbe material froa yon la the ear, ba will go into tho hotel, wash up, settle dova, and than he'll go dova to tba Babsssy ea soon sa ha can aad will rid Massif of the notarial. Si Tba aaa (la the Bobassy) oust be alerted es to the tine of VZHSE's arrival. Si Tos, this vill be done.


( ant to repast this. lll giro the notorial to vTJOE Ineen leave ths car. Where vlll wTJDB pot ths oaterlalf Wo bar* to think this through. VXBBE ahouldriefcase or sag, Oi VXBBS vlll carry ooa of those saall traveling hags vhers one kssps the shsriag eqtdpaent, tha kind one takes alonglane. ah vlll eona off the plane with It. It villerfectly Imrxymt Itcn. Than he vlll take lt la the car end vUl pat year aatsrial la It. s auat hung oa to it* Qt Be vill take lt by hand Into the hotelthea, quickhot, be vill go oa to the rabessy at his earliest opportunity. Ba sill as STpectsd there. Bo vlll deliver tho docussnts, which la turn, vill as sealed end seat bare. Xf by any chance you have aay largo oooaasaaaj vhloh vill not fit late WTHXZ's anall traveling bag, then voile in ths ear there is no reason vhy hs can't open one of his soltcassa and above the stuff la there. ea, ha vlU have his shirts and things In there and it voa't be notleed. ea villriefcaseaall suitssas. St Briefcase. Ot Xt dependshs size af shot's Inside.

X haveould like to ask. on't like tba Idea

of TOSS walking orouad the streets, etc. The nan who Is tolas to be erpeotlng bin, should hs earache rs nearby, even if ba baa ta be veltiagong tlae. It nay tokoails to set through Custona, to gat the passport cheeked. Perhaps bo should be waiting for bin ia the hotel. After all, X'a Just going to drop hla off near ths hotel and leave. I'a aot even going to saa anyone, not swan tba clerk on duty. This aaa aast aea VTSSB ae soon as hs gets la. y way of looking at it. ferhsps yoa fool differently,EBE should not bs left holdiag ay aatsrial for say length of ties.eaa to aast hla. Bt The aaa abould be waiting for bin at the hotel. Bi This vill he dangerous. St Xt will draw Ot wTHHE haa legal sad peraoaal rsoaons to go to-the British Ewbsssyto report, toetter. S: Tss, this la realistic enough, e will go with his suitcase to the hotel. Bsoon la the hotel. Then he win slaply go to tba onbassy.ell, I'll leer* ths security details for you to wo* work, oat.

But bar* is another laportont cottar, vbiio ha la viththa car, yon Boot orrsage with hla ths tins sad place of your neathla. or this, I'll go to bis hotel the cart day. Hi But youbin whan- Oi Xaactly vhaavary exactly. Xt is lasnrtoat that theexact, beeauae thea UXSHB vlll know hov to arrange bis tlae at tb*the aaa to vhoa he will give your notarial. Be will then bs ablewith this aaa vbea be (VTJQg) ahould pick up ths shlpaeat of Itsaoto ba joaaal to you by UTasE. If you aay to VXBBB, "I'll ate yoa toaorrow

&5 -

at6 o'clock la tba evening" thea abea VBOS aaeta aad talka to the ran at

ba mil aako errangnasats so tbat be vill baxetteWTJOEtt

va. wui ipao that

vlll not ba balding tba stuffth* varlooa pirn ha acefor too or throe days. After all. lt aay he aangorOTs. Tbay aay search hla thing*- aeoreigner aad thoaa thinga are dona vhen he la oat of hla room. aflerstaad vary clear. Thla vay ba vlll get the thing* for na aad I'll take then right avey. vlll not keep thea overnight. Oi Tou bare to let air knov when yoa vill neet kU ao tbat orerything eaa be prepared aad readied at tha Eekaaay and bald under aeal for you. Si Coapletely elaar. lll vork thi* out. ! What sort of things night be there! lorcne mom cassettes, perbape another receiver, ease aore lnstnarUco*in addition to your purchases.

- enes mmsue. I'M aai

giving you oa explanation vhy VTJBffi should not hold the stuff too long, zfyeu, he can go to tha^aJTa^hour

32. St Incidentally, let us think shoot this special receiver. on't think yon abonld seat it to ae just yet. till have toiding (TATBTJC) place for It. Thle anstte vorked out first. Don't send it Just yet. dt Ten, it le setter not to send too aany things at one tine. Z'a only

-ji Mili-now

before, pick up the stuff, and than see you aad give It to yoa. flt This Is ell very elaar.

33- Oi Bow bare Is anotherent to tell you. If, for any reason, VTHHB .can't go to Moaoov, then ve vlll leersote In your dead drop, vith instructions on hov to deliver the notarial, ml* Bote vith tb* instruction* prepared vill be planed Just prior to the Sunday vhan you vlllell exactly at'eloek on your bone telephonehone booth. S:unday? Qi Te*. Cihen aaata take pines after the expected tine of VOTE'a arrival? as. B: This vlll be la June, et the and of June, not before. Oi Vhen tbe naa telephone* you, tba ts>laphnne vlll ring three tinea. St Exactly at'clock lathe norniagf Oi At'clock. (Asidehall the sail be repeated or not? Bi Tea, It vlll be repeated exactly the sane a* hla (Subject's) call. Bo, ao, the sail voa't be .spooled thi* tine because after all hla fondly vill be there aad It vould lookB: But anyway, thle vill aiaplyigaal for aa to go to tba dead drop. Oi Exactly. HJ Exactly. on't need tba red signal than do ZTo to tbo deed drop aa soonat th* signal? Qt Tea. et late ths oar and goat IO1I5 Z'U ba there. Oi tt Is *nay enough to sake tba cellxactly. lll gat te tba Centerlautas.ould be done after the dropoaded, fin? note aay bo placed theralnutes before tba phone call so that everything sill be la order. t caa stayalf houralf day If tba children are net playingave reliance in thla dead drop, but actually it should not stay there long, no longer than an hour.

3* Oi How, bar* ia another aeaaa of srrsninlrotlnB to yon, when you Bat thia receiver. for the Una being you will ba practising on tb* radio. When you get the good receiver then possibly ono assaega abould ocas each montheachmm. Ofive nessogc may only come onceort ho. tba signal vill always be thi re, either live or duaey. Si That is clear. Oi saw, aa are still talking bypotlieticallysay VfHHX is not thers. If ever you go anywhere la an earnto sons official aast Inge, receptions, vhere there sill be western diploasta sad soaaoaa approaches yon, ooapletely ay hlaself, aad soya, -Qreetinga frcai And also ths bit shout the tlaclaap. Ot Yea, I'll show it to hlaomeat. Oi This' will bs tba men who will he ready toaaoaga froa you. Ki Bs will either give you errmrthiag, Siill give hla mwrtMag. Oi Bos, as onotber recognition signal, bareittle gift for you. It Is of oo oouctary value out tbe sea will wear one like thia. B:ave oca like It. OaSi Ton don't hove to veer it. Ot Xs it sloe or blank! Hs 9Us oae is block) tho do tvo ore blue. Sr Lot's take the blue ones. Bi Bo, because this aea might he either British or American, xplains that va don'tvant the earn identical tleclasps to jarred* up and down all over aa officialca'twaar it.

IA Bo, so,yeu keep this blue one Just to hs sale ta recogalse theepeeta ths reoogaltloBGreeting* from Charles VtSXt, and his wife.- Ks But the main thing is the asseZ. has far ewwur/tgiag is vary clear cad fine. Os Boa, la cose ell aetboda of soatast fail, you cannot reccivo by trunslstor yet and both asy end June baa pecoodonly thsa should ycu think oboutscksgs orar tbe wall to tba American Uouoo at exactly'clock ia tha eveningG0OO boor*on the first Saturday of eay month, beginning with July. Sat olterneto tlae vill ba oa tba next day, the Sunday following the first Saturday of the aoath. Si At the ansa: Tea, tbo same tine. 'clock la the evening, Moscow time.

0 explains thst ths recipient of the package vill ba waiting around for some time and that la case seasons is in ths area who con observe (Subject, eoverel minutes before or0 hours sayor* comenJsnt tlae to throw ths package. Ths recipient vUl beoodinutes before and after the hour.) herehrow it" Oi The exeat placeover Um well, of courseis vhere ths wall Joiass the building. Tou saa't alas is. 8t This is behind, sot on ths aide? s off turnksalaovo. Bare is thet Bait, let as afcstoh it. now ths plocsj I've beeniass. Bos, here'snd-.rstjnd It. (Subject sketches surrounding area

Tourof Jwt^STZ,VSl"' SL

of our caclttceour technical


Ut'. nnto it J

uovn. ot Don'tove Vxobtn



COOT. eaaro ta eaothcr

ot la Chin* or In tha Soviet Sloe, batiiiilnii mhm yeTtZTai Thle la ia aaaa ve had not UanrdVr itou can lotknov vhere yuu by tba rc^vL^Sd SSena"

adores* ia labcrlcbl, loadoa. s.naaa^a* knov vhat text tonne 0, are ttu*. Who Sn^Seat^fSe 9mmSlab, they von't accept it. Giare tSiag of the Ceatera


toy, "IlHttjlis ta yimmm,artel Srlxtol. foren- bm^/ITi

suatgg asmstmr

ot aar thaf aspra on the

a, Tou ^ aaTia to the tLa ^t^ depend on

worked oat. o,you aajaajj for tba person to atroll by tba ahana^

bin that with regard to tha lady ia tbo park, liu

f" to arrange la to deolde vbioh la thn beat plaoefor her UheavThm* dona that, ve villar and thew^t

pren, and the place tTthTpcrfencrust

vlll be playing. S: Very good. Fa Can you tall ua vhat vlll ba tta hlrta^ fta-youf S, Pur this opereUoeT Suaaayfnin^^

43* Si Sow, ln tba nest astraaa aaaa, If for aoaa zsaaon sa eaa't uae any of tba other neonsa-t1 -Sa Oeanlttaa ia frequently visited, by English reoranentatlvea. Anerleaos ooas la also, bat nor* frequently tha Ingliah. MBtBRaad sone othereoaaher ens) froa tba flra of IEZCA or nans optical flraaayvay, here la another variant. Those representative* often eons to tba Cuaaittee. Xtry to oone out to talkertain nan. It won't nutter if there arc other penpl* tbsrs. I'll try to arrengw itan go out to talk, tou (o) sill arnaage vith one person and yoa (s) vltb one of yoursandoas out> va ean axohanga ereetlnas and nanea. Bo will oak for ny nnas. ite his ny trae nana, ho ahould oak ne, "Were you not la Lcndon at suob oadna? (Ths tlaea haret asans to ae that Isov youa* there at our British at thsas la Uadeej everyone knowssienal. Sa* is tbe saatU acxaxpsay to tbe

a year later.

to not It up to ^entrance zurww

downtba center one.

hh. Si If all also has broken off, you ooa give Instructions to your (o) aaa or to your (b) aaa to go to tbelll be looking for bin. Uoort of registry. oss to see ta it very nconing to keep track of vho is pdns to bs present. Xt is QiUUnn to ass that tbsrs Is Saltan- sad sweet water sad algarettes ready far tba British. a irexi already waking sa Deputy Sectionaa alvsys aaa) ay iadtlstive. As soon sa he hearsay none, hs'll knov, but we vill snsflnae talkingtautaa. Thea be ahould start an thaee yoadooT" bit. This, for as, vill nanasee this saa out) ass bia out to his ear. ill toko what ba has foratter of aonothiag ausll. Thereift (elevator) froa tbo first to tba sixth floor. Touatten to got lt up to tba sixth floor when yoa soe foreigners out. Santrant: r, the chiefs and thea rest use tb* entrance further

eons by whlc

I racy to reached. They all give tbalr nann,tin fomalo Interpreters, end tne foreigner* always write their* downhnt they will knev later with when theyalk.

Ss Can ve just go back to th* lady la the perk, rtm Idea is that ha le not to talk to the lady. Ba mil ant receive eaytfelat area her. Bha mil obtBTTThin- She'll bt cxpectlag Ma,. ill drop hi* aaaarial la tbe pmamtabla noaoat and go oa hi* way. Aa aooa aa ana's aotioad that, aba mil collect her children tcantharthe juuopaat one will bare to ba put in tba prenand go quietly bone. (Subjecttbat bp aaoald nake scan kind of conaent either about tho baby or shout tbe eerrlaga as ba deposits bis nutcrial, to iseko tb* pause acre natural looking. Everyone sgrees.)

t rum ta Just on* thing that te aat quite aeUafaetory to aa. That is thnt tbe lady will have nothing for na. Ot BxLe wight bei If ve hare thing* for hla,ill gtve hla lastructicna vhere thay are.

tilASa Jrcn tbu dead ip-*. d| ffcy^i

carry dangerous itara vhieh night eoopruaiao you? here aill yon put bulky things; rt-.nstgood to put too aaaah Into ny deedaall box Is all It vill hold. Hi then, there vill he lastruotlon* where tbe root of tba

things are.

ky. ow, you should anke seas notes butlfforaat Banner. Tneco are the things whloh are of most Interest to us (ESZ). Yeu ean burn the notes, but aake euro they are veined to your nanary. Za tha first place,n going over theent fuel hurt. Secondly, the details are only given ao tbat yon hare an Idea vhat It's all aaoat. You aroint going tohole Tolaae. ill read tt slowly, preetsely, aad you will gat the crux of it. (Subject writes note* la ink.) Ot first: TnfttrewUrn vhlch mil help us dstaratne vho tbe magsii are la tba bestprimarily tboaa la. and In. Seeoadi TafOTwatt-ti, If you oca obtain It, as to wbethor or act the British and tha lassies*ane baea brckanby tbe Soviet intelligence. Beat point: togardlog the strategic rocket*there are and when tbey nay be ready for deployaantj vbothex they are in tha pianolas stages or era already deployed. oaantloaesired oa rookats of all0 ka and above. Yind out. If you can, the saaeral areas of

tbo bones for rocket lambdas of ell xanpsai If yon aan pet than, detail* on tha target eccuracy and tb* radios af error (TmWBTTE) fan the various roeketa. Whet degree of accuracy do your people aspect to reach with the aid of the

geodetic data which tbey my have nov? feat l* tba theory of tarpst location? which targeta are considered to be of strategi*bv aany aJssdlaa do tbay allot to these tergets. Si Fleasa repeat that froa tha beginning?


v oa* /vii) What1Tii mlcrhent otniteg1sallyourSang, rtoge aviation bases, whither thor an In England or Aaerloa? In this of prlaary tnportoneo to tornto out off our atonic capnhlUtlos? Or vhnt are tbalr estimates? Hov nuch la allotted to taint Barthere are the strategic rocketa being soda and la vhat quantity? fill It all on the rocket*. I'n Just rapeoting that tou Should sat all details asd aav lsforaatloa you oanoa rockata. n underlining those point* because thsy sra aot Just general, hut bora boon thought out. gree that these ar* snoolfi* and ccraa-trte eaaatlans. Gj Hav, vhat point bos development been rsusbed in anti-rockettbe dafauaivs Xa other words, the sdssUsss used against car rocketa. aov. Gi Also, ta vhat atags of cunjalopaent sra ths ZORB, tba imtl-aircraft euldod almr'lca for low or high altitude aircraft? aa* beyond tho colling of ^do thsy havs propallad hp slthsr chemical or atosd* foaladius of oparstloa3 Bo thsy bare stoaioarbaadsT Are alaalle* with such warheads? whateaks (trJXSasSXS ZA1MBXXA) aver Vhat is their opoclfls aaoienoenit

Bow regarding atonic Batterswhat are tha atoala yields at

.strategic nisei Is ranflssl Bow are the ftsstanaala saterlala

allocated to the various farcesstrategic, tactical and flcfeaclvu: shot lo the status of production of fissionable materials? Do thoy hsrs difficulties in their developanat, set-backs, and where is the center of the production! The easiest for you probably will bo tbe GB3S. If yoabanoe, Ond out shout tbe yearly or the long-range plane, tbe aooanto for ftnannlng spoclfla aeicntifio dovuZopmoBta, aaa the priorities of your scientific interests ia your ccoaittee. Hov ta it distributed between the clTUisa oad ths war Industries? If possible, find out saaathiss oa allocations for nuolear physics, rocket technology, electronics, cboalatry. Boa sod into what categories or cubdivisions It Is hroksa doss.

Xssid. Any aav field regulations which hnre any atonic-

i^Jr^'w ty ia^TaWt,

opsrational or illegals natters. Xf you eonood detailed ptfm-rt una of0botcgraphit. m^tT

1. St If you can get aay Secret or other type asps, please do.

ad this is the lostif possible, pbotogrwpbf any docuaeass'vhlch. are important, asseal hrrftvj aay asssaaaaaaaa or description of strategic stsntlso. Also, ths latest atonic tertloa and asy regulations which nay exist ia respect to bacteriological sad ohesileal ssssape, Bt Ton willev field service regulation (froa as)ary short viae. hot's vhat

t mm* A

Ol Bov, tbrea oar* llttlanriimu im

told usto

Ccneral Storf. Before It vu*SzS T JT?- b> to tbe Chief of tbe Oceexel Staff, not th* GH?T n, Th-tcataally la CPJJ. but tbo em^'luVhlZ noredl* doesn't trust SEBOV. Ton ooe. tbat'. ellcli*?

our prloxltl**. Uc do not exznet you to lear* tb. other tbia^^heri^

be nnount of rubles on tbat niece


tort"on" Wfim. flrSu^pfoS^


S3 ve doloturae aov? Oi Too. Tamoamoa through seala. quickly. Bi As far aa tha aasjara la aceeeaM, wo ar. oil

today. ast to find that oodo olark. ItSoflain. T you tats downereyou take than io^loo, i-r

^ <B WhiS, tbeos ar* tho coos ba saw barbs*. Bb aaked to moo th**

Oi Bar*he ahiaf bootkaapar of tb*

57. mt don't want to skip ovor tb* oodo alert. Bar*ne tbat looks Tory snob Ilka tJEHSBALOV, butary bad

) aa ia th* HEEIBEBX bore -

lav BergeytrrleB,

Si Here Is on* fron XCB. Bs baa JustJS'eJi 'Maal raaantly arrlvad. TMs


, - *^ sptaln 3rd Bank, ba eradiated froa tbe

Aoadoegr with ae. BeBrrled to GOBCT'rda^nV^^

Si Bare la the duty officer, vho laourier anard

(DSCBDBByf DnriXEB OKBR&BT). Bs cunrdaifi end flo bouaaaV^^O

62- Ci Bareho Bsbaasy phyolalaa.auan, tba only on*.

Bare i. another duty officer and courier)

aw?" bo%it

CTESALCV. Barehethe one who ii coedas out to see MS5HMA5 toDorrov. Is the o^ pfcxfcothe saaoon*. Tbey do lock elika, don't thay? rbey are

i Fare is ay friend: Sara la another Ccurlar Ouard.

laas'l tba ^ OaUs, baa kissedBar* is oa* JraTra.


I ssvo you hi* oar aanhor. Ss la tha ooa vho1*


7?' founa MTLOV. eel that theaeresh

batch. AwhcJa regta- Bare le Igor HTLCVTOT. Ss left on the QMS. ellhisoa latellUuor?

Gi Oa baa been eccytod hy tbo

hat is the BZZMHT's naiarr now It is Im

Sergayavloh, hut you auat haw Ms last boot! Oi Us Just don't have it handr

didn't vest to ask, ote to ftni out th* naas

l Sa dent have coaalcttlr

AWr,"ths lorai The tepaty ES^TJSSrf. 81

. till bare aot found that sod* clerk. Oi Tw,"r-n^.OTso vith SZ3SDUJ. S, SverythlaTviil baf^ you told hla everthlag? a couldn't osderrtand you at all onte fa^ vA>*hla aaarstaadT Oi Bh understood vho vaa sallies: aad ho asaaBBBsssI the

^ bia. everyS^cniTphcU

old you.on't understand bin at

noJWbird I

Hodsoodes, traaaalts. Be asver soes out alone, (ceorso eXBlalns that itthe photos are exouped hy

-are It. Col. VCaYATa, the sons nase as tb* others is tha Cbiofof the 3rd UnxrUm (EaaOsad) la am

yS: Bore Is Col. CSOTftaTXBCV, Ana tolly KUkaaUovich. Sof*i* aaartac to oat aal thu

om to tha) Bt aorta at tha BS Aeedaey, Chlsf Instructor, aa

i toia you.

* osior Officer la tb* 3rd


*oder General OOTJXOt. alces*!.

7&V) S: TAla oneHD officer aad warko ta tbe 3rd Directorate. '

BernSB7 afftar vho nov vork* vith roar BESKHEV.

ave to lookgain. ave to Ond thnt ecde clerk. UnO-yO^exrlvml veryon't know vhen he arrived. Are tbece all tbo photo-clbuna? Hi Bo, not all. Si Baaanber there voaoon ve sow In Operational, In too 1st Section. la before, rcseeberZ fihathoved yon aevoral KOBnlk'e,on't *te than. Bi Bo, those were la th* other volar**. Ton *eer* different


yjSg uOBD. An offlear who vork* aroswtly la ny

i^upder BOCOV. Hot la QBSE, bat la OBJ.

raanik'. ore not harearrMnnai before. Are the**

all thai Bo, Just for the last threeast tim. Boa he's filled lithe last three ycarsT

a. anna. Qt Bee*here or nott S: Bo, she doc* not vork there. Sho yastaby girl- Ihe lives here.

St. till aeat find thahe cod. Si That's no prohlea. Jj Let's pour another drink. Hi Alright. It'* aat too bad,-ig bawtooaaadxl^tforthank Oadl^erTsre

ouple of qu**tlone. That', all. S: So, this tutorial I'a leaving here.Alright. fti Thisllll ny notes It's allill tonorrow. ares sot fc^lhe^cd*^dsrkT anVthat vee alright for today? *ere w. ore,ant to express aoaetblasa clear toaaabaan^b^

fiUClta Sergcyevieh. lll s* 3SxU Is for

f t Ubet tin do as seat tMrrev? ? o*. He vUl workaur ror. hour foroars for faner do yououra? Si mm anon* too following ewmrlngT ktp oner to aay goodbye? Hi Por0 rdnatos, oar*. Si Mr. Sarold will cone also? Ki Of course. Oi Z'U ta* there also. ill not be leering rot. low do youbave to be at tbe airport? At Ul Si So, V* aro loaning bar*at you to ploaoe call VXBSB tasnrrow in th* Barnlng, to diner thi*ot neklng thla up, I'a notealist. Tonao thla ell the tba. Oi Ua will toll bin thnt It una forbidden. That'* all. That's final! S: let, tall hla that (Oabjoct'o true Bans) wanted to give hla ajBptldjBj on hla can, but yoa would nott. Tallhnt you will take core of ererytatngfor hla and that he will get evorythlas that'* aondng to hla. If be works well. Shis vlll to stlnuln* for Ua. Zt will giv* Ma incentive. Alao toll hla about the receipt* fron the hotel, aireat on tb* bach for orseaixing thinga ao veil. Bt did, yoa knov. Thoy ere feeding ua far nothing. Of* are careful. Va don't order anynderatand Tory veil vhy tola la done and they (tba dalogrloe) axe veryaa able to "bay* thea thiahrough your help. Even tb* highly-paid profeosorubjecttrue nana and patronesjlo) how veil you organized everything." Oi Bare yon bnaght evsxytblng yoa nacdodl B: Bot yet. till bjn/onho left. ave toav nore pre pest* and sons odd* end'll bare tine to do this Uosorow. Oi Ton got the one for YAnBBSSOfTas. tood one? Sj Ins, very very fin*, at Zt will bs fron nr. *od Mrs. (QDbJeot'a true neee)l as, froa nr. sad are. Ot And fron us! I Giave tlm* to rial ah ahopplng tonorrow. Zt won't hurt toew extra tMiyje for presents

Right. veil, (clicking glasses) aov veNe fiaitbad. We'll *ey eoodbyo day after tcnarrov. teattrov we'll atart working again to finish. Wall, all tha beat! Si Tou will think shout tbaove aaatloned. Everything la right. Iho aencyoth for operational end personal purposes. After ell, tb*re tbey not operational expenses? Bi Tea, of course. Siasv* ay briefcase here until tosnrrov. on't think

aUSbt- a tired w_


I'll telephone baran't rescue or tbe nam.

fell for ne. Cbe vae quiteraiipt Inicillj ao. abort. She vaait aurprlscdeft

experienced gal. aked her, "Why don't you sat She coaeaood fnolly and Uvea pretty veil. She baa thia eaaitjBBaeX don't haveice one' Tbe icons axe anall hot all the iiuanulnani ara there. ToBorrcv will yon be herethe any. Inallt ahantte tell. If lt Isn't convenient'clock, no oen aake It 9. 'clock Is corrwwfrfant for ae. Oafix If yon ara not bsxs ate'll wait far sou. Et lat'a sake'clock. Share's no use your gstttna here and salting. Qt'clockt (And all) Gocdnlghtf (Subject left50


knocked at door0 houraayKoyal dotal,. resent* visit was promptedote left In Subject'swhioa tie could not understand.) Si an bare for ato mention two tnln&a. Flrit ofpoke tothe aabassy this morning. 'clock, aa he explained towilleception st theoassy. be there, lit ear number. Hi ? Si Tea.of tho numbershat makes lt easier to reaeaber.

He sill bo alone, without his wife* Proa what could be made out of too conversation, his friend will be there.

How'clock,as picking upote addressed to as. (Opening latter) "MountMr.rang and would like to contact you." That must be tha number, who la ttilsf ndto figure out tae name) KORDIV, XO-DZEV, KOKIHV? KOffr.VT KONF.Vthat's right! Si That's Marshal KOXaVM

J and li: ossible.

9* Si aa ln the Aabassy today and no one told ae any-taing. id not call tola number. as at the labassy today, all Jay, snd no oae told ae anything. sk you to please clear up tale aatter. ill be here this evening0 hours. H: Hall, all right. S: Who con that be? id not call on tola paono. (telephoneoes to answer It).

i Too letter was with, the key andantt it'olock tbe letter was with It* Thoy didn't say anything about this to ae at the ambaasy. Hi on't know who lt is. Si Is it this hotel? Do they have four digit numbers? Hi Tolaelephone nuuber* Ho can find this out.

6. 3t Hall, I'll bs here at B. m going to RaWGo My people are working at the babassy. as running aroundad lunch there. aa everyone thor* and SHAPOVALOV brought me here by carours ego. epeat iiie auto number. hs drives itn the Poklstan imbessy. So, I'll be hero'clock tonight. Hi All right. S: I'll be hereado will have tu moke an interruption. Toewill be comingill have go moot tosm end ss sill have to sat together. H: Alright"*

6. (Subject loft5 hours, bavinsinutes.)

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