Created: 5/4/1961

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littleould probablyittle aero, andnt nabt Tone* that you have boon toat tbe eoftrassy, tha less yen go there for unnecessary resrora, fli They wrote np that the Maenlm here verkM rery wall,did not annoy tin embassy or make any darenda oa than, ondeereainff to plan. ound cut fron oonreraatloaa viththe oevuty HLVJMBt of the Km in

QQ St In ny opinion, einee you hnre elrenay exposed rm pereco* here, lt vooHood idea to push thle further, hut don't bother the GOT. Tou will knov all about then even nore In the future, but don't touch then. Of course, yeu nuct take protective rafeamrea, Thle la ao that no roperewrolons vill rail beck on ne thrcuxh any action. Butjjolnat the KT73.that the jw,irrff?_viUwred. Thle vill upvet their activitiesend baforo nev nec^eeas^rrlva here end become oriented, thmy vlllrea* deal. niarstend, and tba OTTO should ronatnavorable poeitlon. flt That'a riant, hut of couree keep then harmless.

- HTW am&AWf told an that

et the airport the British velgh our Dosssga end that Ve matt pay personally for all enoevfl velght over twenty klloorana, Ve don't have any money. Ot Bw ean thio he If tMsoviet ydane! Ht Th* mKffWt do aot have thetr ovn repreaerrtnttvee here end the Iwspvs? te vstahed. Xf therexecs* laeajoae veltfit, they vill oherne since theyo do this aoecrdlna to their rules. Ve vill ee* vhat ve eon do.

(Wrtetev minuteseturned vith Oir Plehard mrss vbo vas lntrodneed to everyone In the roon. Sir vKTffi then nddreasedV?llovB-)imTOi veil, Colonel, th*ave to Aallter to you io rron Lord MOWfTBATTPW, the chief of the hefenaeof Rvtland. VlU yon tTannlat* thia for ml First, he regrets vary math that heannally. a* naked ne to relay thi* masons* to you. ove beenw oath of slloxtme* vhleh you her- mad* for tha guroritwate of oreat aritolnthe TAiitoa mates. n filled vith odnf ration for thetsM that you hero anSe, onfl ve are nlndful of th* rick* that you ore runnina. ero eleo had reported tone th* inferr-ntton vhleh you have poesed on to us. an only tall yeu that it voold be of the highest value ando tho Free World.


APPROVED for release



(u/ysira aest grateful ts tbe lordyonrstlf for tMs attention that yoa or* certeodtwa; to tmt boo. TMotho pert of tho lord aad yourself lo to ns oa lndtseticB of pooran. lso* nyself ondar ymcr bcansT* la full sonsoieusnoss. irsthliong ttno now. id theould to prove nydevotion, aad ny readiness to fight under your barasrs vatll ths sodlife, boring ths ooorso of ths pest twoars had tba seedtha possibility to seastder neny lnpurtiuit anther* together withpresent ln this roon. attOTS varailitsrypallttealish to stats to you, boldly eat honestly thathare sufficient strength son health cad suffioient training ef boshand practical nature in order to ejtvato ny aav edaciousto exaevte then ia the best nanaar possible for our free

(Tpish te assure the lord eat yourself that very Utile tine ore yen viu. recognise no still further ssA even hove sn efftetloa *nrtlso bed the opportunity to discuss all of the alsstonv vhleh srs placed before at ana sad la tbe immediate future. ave also roeovaed all of ths possibilities (aeeesstbility)ave, as toldery veil tbosajht-cut nennsr, very correct end, scientlflcslly,rcnp of categories of aork both in sa intelligent* seass satolitl eel sense eonaerntng the arohlene before us. a sureill fulfill these aisslons qualitativelyoldier ahould.wear to yoo aa feproaanttWefl of-your guiensaatsUl aceonpUsh thts. ould alec lib* to add oad to express the great desiree serried ia ny seal onderry nowven thought short this lnnd thst is to swear af xoaloy to ny Onsennd to tho President ef the Tjaltedr. KKVJHVr,n serving ss their soldier, although wnfortuaatoly she tohis lo not posfltbioope that in th*ill he blessed hy this fortune personally hy the nwsen.

rnZSi Tee,ould like to reply to that. First, aov thatol. (Subject's true name) Is going beck toag thst ha psusud vith asntlon in view of the greet rink. ent Mb to knov thnt should ths tine eons vhen he nust leave Rossie and sake Ms hone iatern world, then the obi igotlons that ve undoubtedly her* towards Ma vUl he firmly end el-arty fulfilled, oi TM* la all clear to aehank yea.ould like to add tvo nor* wards, if you rill permit as. equest thst yeu vould eosvey ny grail teds to ths lord, ny gratitude for Ms atteatloaould like te thank yeaaantn for your attention, pleas* fulfill ny request that the lord at sob*onvenient noeant stats to her Kajeaty, the Guess, that her fnrews hav* been lncreeced hy oneMs colonel vho is located la Heooov in the Soviet Oeeeral Staff aad vho le fulfilling special eesi^nmente hut actuallyolonel in her Itsyewty's aorrle*. FujtUcrwoie (plesse wayUl serroas las true tad aad that I'a in very competent hands. VBTKi Ofeel sura. To noet you has been delightful. (Sotei winsoast.)


- tothi. eooaible.

lr1'* ** . health. hank you for ymrr

art thank you for baringhi. very good fortune.

ttu' do youtnov rigilah,aa in fttrkaylatent


id not hav. practice. roadae

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that thi. vlll he nooe.fary. hi tou vill alao have to learn',hKt tvtrm pUnty cr etaedna to vork ao intenalrely and ettll ha on your feet. Bi tea, ve havereet deallao had tme

lantil tvo o'eloek

in the nornlng. that', alright alnee ve had important aattera to consider,

anaatter, vere acre laportant thea vorryiog about one', health.

op ould like tbe lord and air vara and alao nyoftteera vho are concerned about ae and vho vill beo knevlu oerre to th* ^tbe end. tbat/

irL!r t " to do ao. vattbi that ia tbetlzftWrlnMfl st thank you. iyaw faith. VWTTftt hink that you hare conveyed your

^eaf*ve underatand thi. clearly and

wbtg, ffov thea, if you vul eaouaohink!T1 veryf luck to you in th* aeeonpu


a. n,vjverythiag properly* , you did vary evil.

OTarta Tith -T 5WuTtoU didn't

knov vhat iapre*.leaa

honaaTfT.^a^B'rleflabout you. bi thi* obligates a* area nor* to vork hard

.!TrJL Si 5ttmlt^but they ver. irrtar-


M'l arandnothar vaa a


Si Wou, shell we get down to vcrkT Giare seme question* her* whloh you nor or nay net knev the ensver* to. first of all, do you happen to knov ot the nllitary number system for Soviet allltary to hii flrat of all, all nUitery vehleleo vith the exception of eemaaad va hi el eg are ellhekl oolor. au aiUtary vehleleaatter designation vhleh Is keyed to citlee, or garrison* If they aro notity. Thia la to permit tha Chief Directorate of Highway Control, nenely the militia, to ascertain ata trance to what military unit the vehicle belongs. o not knov vhat the opeeiries ore for each unit. On the right hand side of the cab, easy from the driver,ed star also signifying that thiollltary vehicle.

18. Si The nunberenrrioon are leaned In aequeooe and traffic control officers vhoee business It Is to knov can tell at once hy the number vhleh specifie unit the vehicle belongs to. With respect to civilian vehlelea used for intelligenceave already told you hov the nuBhers run. Ol What vould the letter "IT designate? Bt That lo on alphabet leal latter onlyumerical sequence. But others like "M" vould ba for Koscov, T" for Tula, ete. EOT* end MTO vehiclesero sonavhere In the nonerieal seeueneeJ either before of after. SEWF hoe tvo soros, sad then tvo more digits. HowverJ our operational ears would be entirely normal. These are onlynd GRU official purposes. Tne FTO also have their ova auaaTieal sco^ianeos. i

o VAIWaTSOT, HOOTuVBTfKO, sad ZBABOV have their canassigned toi Tos, they do. tAOTrhTSOV also has his Tvo conductors service it mad scnetlnes he takes tha wifein order to sere carfare. Gi vhat kind of planes sre theyThey get lb-lbs, ond KHTOSFEHSV has cn IL-lS equipped vith an of flee. Oithey stationed usually! Si Either at the airport offgradakiythe vnukovo Airport, are not a* the Bharabetevo Airport, althoughfive monsters avay thereivilian airport for internalVho services these aircraft7 Si It Is under tbe comma of the chief

aviation and specifically under his deputy for technical BOintenanee services. This io of course under the overall control ef tha Soviet Air Toree. for the aircraft given to civilian chiefs of the Praesidlum thereeneral mayor vho la in charge. ull colonel is the peTsenal pilot for CTWBWgahT. illion flying hours. (Jokingly) Tereat number of hours. Va sell them milUcnoires.

30. Gi Did you ever hear of aa organisation celled the Interdepartmental Committee for Interplanetary Commmleatlons? Si There ia nothing by that name,aven't heard of it. Ossibly this has something to do vith your

rt vould be sbsurd to say photography to control.

j i

Ot mm about tke Ministry ef tttddle hSebiBa/Construetioad Btesaetly vhat It is ealled. oT"fioe* it notonnsetlon vith Bi Tea, it does. Talets sever naae for civilian purposes international purposes. But actually they are building roeketa. Oi Vho in charge of this eosadttee? St This Is under the Council of Ministers ofUSSR. Oi Vhar* is it located? St It la In one of tho buildings on thePereulok going tovard ths hsersMnskly Academy aad their polyellBleoast door to ay

P2. Ot neraenher youriend of yours vhon you had helped quiteoung officer vho oncednor fire at an artillery dwnpr St Tee, that vaa Captainear tVoshayak. Oi Is thla about IM klloaeters vest of feseo*: ould sayittle nearer, there ishere. Hla nana is Tevgealy Mlkhaylovich. Ot Is it closer than Borodino? St So, it's further froa Hoscov. Ot Sesevher* south of tha highvny, not far froa Borodino thereuge nllltary Installation. Do you knov start It isi Or could it possibly be this aHlllery baa*} Bt Th* art tilery, base. Is enorscu* and lt islass One baea. there is er*arailroad that services lt. TMs Captaintationed thsr* ot*. Haransportationsank offleer. Otbelieve it has baea there Bt Tt Isldbae* vhieh has been expanded. Tt isa*.U,TOAHrJV,

83. Ot ny cnance are yeu rraroetlon to obtain first^erder survey datat Bt Thatary *peoiallBed serviee. Although it im large and alao has certain civilian coau>onanta, the aatarlal ia very closely held. In ay studies of rocketry, *hstreet figures vere used. All basic triangulation data Is tightly held. Tbey are partially under th* Ministry of Oeology and Protection of Pasourees of the USSR. This sdLntstryocated on polshsgmtreet aeros* froa the Xoologleal Oardeaa. Tbsy alsoopographical sorting section, ni With respect to thla vork vho is responsible


tor data needed by. WGJWl^hTOT. Bi MOSKALEKCD hat hla ova unit for tola,ministryith then. They provideithmueheven though he haa hit ova unit. ibey also provide venther chart aand an responsible for all eueh data throughout the interior





Vhnt did KHBOshchtv infer vhen h* aald In0 that aov fantastic weapons had bean developed Vhleh sr* more dangerous thenthe

St Be hnd la mind that he" bed" gi van instruction* toarsrcckeVfucl baaed on the fission of atonic energy for its propulsion. Thsy are vorHng on this nov, hut in addition to the atonic energy fuel thoy are also working to develop en extremely high calorifTe fuel, of thoseere already given you, you vill notice that osron Id one of tha lngredlanta. But they-era vorklng intensively vith huge luouotaiy allocations to develop an atonic energy fuel.

(fig) Oi Bare yon ever heard thnt in rjc^-ftgaat net orgrot last thfft nr* highly valuable Arsa-Jcan, British ornow definitely the^in-the^hsno^of the soviet Btratagie tnteUiaenee agent net they hare American, English, French and Oarnen events. nov thlanov tvo and two la four. It lo another natter to estimate the value. Tor example, In Turkey even though soma agentad very little operational eapah tilt lea, etill the order vaa for thea to he reerulted. Hb oneop-ranking general to be recruited. Ot Thia ta all OH0T be. bv about the KGB? f eours* they have (thea). Hot onlyuro,lll put ny head on tMe because the KOB borrowed sswey fron ne fron ay ope funds to pay their agents. The illegals alao hove thoir own net vork. They don't uee the people native to that country necessarily but alao uao people brought in froa third countries.

ill giveomplete list of operatingIn Ceylon. Oi Ve are not going to touch then. Btdon't eome over to you for tvo years? Qj If taking action against themany vayeur security duringeriod of tvo years, then Ive vould not take action until you earns out. nderstand. After Iyou can roll then all up. Ot And you ean help ua. f youeouldagent and under the proper legend pick hin up, even though his reeordeacme tlebaek toould still get by vith thia. But If tvo orpicked upould really have had it. Ot In general, vheneverto act ve vould only do no after consultation with you, and youua the proper

st Let me giveuick resume. Do not touch tar/one in India now. Tbay are not ootlve. They ere on conservation. They should simply be noted and curvellled. They are ell being pedd. They receive periodic Instruction and they hero equipment such as radio eats, from time to tins their radios are cheeked technically, akistan the agent net Is insignificant. But there is one agent vho ha* been giving Information about calculating nachines. Ceylon, hovever, te an active area. It should be shut off. Otaid before, ve vill take no action vithout prior consultation vith you.

Hi Tn thiaould like toalid point ao ha vill understand. Earlier he immtloned thnt someone vas given twenty-five years for espionage. ent to emphasise vith blm that ve have known about thle esseong time, but did not take action deliberately because ve wanted to protest soemena. It was only after It was no longer neeeneary toproteet scneune that v* took action against that spy. Oi That's an exoeLlent point. lll explain that to hin. Stold me about thle case. Be also aald that It va

difficult to vork In London and thnt there la no demonstrative typothat there la very good covert surveillance. Theythe inn vho la meeting vith onr people and then they try tohack against *

let ns flnlah reg>rdlng Ceylon. The agent produceson mUttery data. orporal. Fronote tho corporal,suggestion, but transfer Ma to another Job. let him have aposition and nore noney as If this Is an ackncvledgement of Ms good

the same tine cut off Mo aaoosolbllity to important anteriala. TMs rarlatlon eeuld vorkora of isolation. Bt TMs vould presuppose thatould deal directly vith the irovertnnnt of Ceylon In ordc^ tofraet tMs end thia ve vould not do. St Snerrer, valuable American Information la looking out. Ot Brierthelese ve cannot trust tbe Ceylon anvarnnantstta of tMs kind. There are too nanyunreliable elcnamts there. St Tee, there oreev leftists there. But st Inst ycu cen stop sending valuable American publications and data to Ceylon, let bin alt there. To hell vith Mm. but don't give him any nev data.

let me oak you scsmthlag obout codes and ciphers. may not knov the answers to these question*. First of all, vho

responsibility snd distribution? Bt First of ell, codes sre prepared by cryptographic units Vhleh ere Top Secret. Highly trained scientista, that is-rathenetieisns sit there, gthoa is this subordinate! Bt TMs Is snjorrdlnat* to the Aeademy of Sciences. First of all tha Academy of Seleneee ha* the moat intensive intelligence research, but la addition to tMs theypaelal service eonaietlng of mothematiolana vho use eleetronic naehinaa. TMo le don* to avoid aay possibls repetition of cycles of numbers.

. wth reapoet to military usaga, those codes are under the direct

^of Defense sad the General staff. pecific deputy of the oen*rol Btoff is peroonelly reaponsibl* for tMs. Be Is concerned *ltbcodes and he is th* Wdlate cMef of tha We^mroetorat* of th* General staff. Beeneralt.


alto bar*

npexotu* of all kinds, end under it

K*8hth Otrectorate auh-oeotiens vhleh deal vith codas like lnat** Colonelof eorno lntalligenc*

TRlBhl* computes the codes has absolutely nodesignating vho Is going to use It. TMs is all assigned in the


Bi They even hrr* short-cut eode* for our ova eryptos. lorry asm OIOTBV, and nana* like KAKPCV, KAKLCV, can all ho oodad la firs nuabers.ust remembered that BiflPTHKO'b cryptoTTV7IR.

36. Oi Vho does this for ths KOB? Si The KOB alsoryptographic service snd they also got the basic sartorial from thle brain trust of mathematicians in thej-emdeny of Eelenees. Of eonrse, thay ean take this material end vork it over to suit their ovn eryptographle purposes. Ot Who provides tho security iseasureB, and protects these mathematicians? St The some oncB vho protecttba engineers aad soientistB vho vork on rockets, -


cialJCGB unttseoeh as the OnBlWH. rio ons can enter their area at the Academy, the past they vere even paid for doing secret vork but nov all pay for secret vork has been eliminated.

37- Ot Bo you knov anything about the methods or principlesov tbey prepare cipherer Ston't. Ot Of course they also have cods.

rtBht- SEW* kss Ms ova code sad directorate

ehiefs hove their ovn codes, rneiflentsllr, the KOB also ho* an Eighth Section. Thet number is tho indicator for all eode and cipher vork.

36. Ot Where la your OHO* radio station located! Is it on the premises vhere the offices arsT St It's like this, be have our ovn OHO stations Just outside of Moeeov. These are the OSHWT. Some ere fixed) there are buildingsermanent nature, ete. Ve also bars mobile stations vith the equipment sweatedontrucks, egular courier Berries goes to OHO lmadqusrters from these stations.

he station that handles traffic from Illegal,ontinuing basis, hovevex, ia located right on the fifth floor of the OHO headquarters. This reoa le located just near vhere SOKILOT has his office. ven reaenber seeing the radio stationas the duty offleer. Ihe duty officer usually checks safes in epea areas to bs sure they are locked aad also ebeek. asaled doors vhieh aro supposed to h* locked.

tO. ho is in charge of normal eeeenmications betveen yoursde^iarters end your HEXDFHTURas abroad? Bi These comsusi cat Ions are handled by the OGKAET vhich sre exclusively subordinated to OHO. These are all out of tenra. Ot Bbv about tho KOB? S: They have their ovn OTHfiZT, also out ofbut they any alsopecial station atths BrereMnflkaya flotHchM' as ve do for illegals.



*ho handleo tha neehaalca foreoeeget Tor

ZnHi/TFZl !at tow CoIMZ for Bmnw.

Jtow vould It get to htaT ha OfflCtt vould notify tho Eighth Section la

elephone Um which goat directly to tho

Sthat It, monitored.

directly to the Eighth flection hy teletype la^ohlnoa. lhan Eighth Deetion penonml decode tho cable ond deliver it. Lov-level information typo eebleo are decoded at th. wolrlng opbat, etatlen. rvnenaber then la no aot pattern ondthgao ara dnpUoate aothoda of trenavloslon. Both cathode on ccneidered . f eonrnmletTtloao. Tho Geeoded eabla at ORU, la hmhurtri aay, to fflmof.

ta. Oi Tho KSB yreoumably opontaa ln alallar feehicoT f eouree


aotlTltyT Si Too, thoy do, Juet aa ne do. Oi Do yea race whereiuert*n Sio aot. Bet they operate on tht aoea prioeiele that ee do ond then la an Interchange of information.

,*Jl3:, m oth8rradio atctlon wtnarrk throughout the URSH since dlatctnoaa an cceMdenhlirT Hi Too. Frary Rp haa lte radio etetion, hut of eouree their eeulnwnt la novhen aaar the oosaolty of thoAZ atatlona near Hmco*. Cfhan thoy aot aa nlay etaticoe and vhen they

rtt" dlreetlcn of Iran, the entire coded aiajaai l,oov. They do not decode It et the EE. Of courve if the neaeaqairected locally, aay to tbe chiefiliary dlatrial. It vould

J^JSJf'* ?fe*watlcaanlltary diatrlctTf rtlog intelligence ageinet the eountry to which tha

j"ave high apeed radio tnnaadtteratea, they here and they aleo uae teletype.

t to your technleal davalcanaato fornMoa and trndaerfift lt*oa aueh aa eoneealawnt devieea and BP, doaa the OTO

lte own, but they do hove an Interchange of data beUeeu then. Theopmeatc nay ba pc^eedfroa oneto the other depending on vho developed

^! th*T* awBaahBllilTl laboratory which may aloo aerviee th. mm Bi Bo, the OHO haa lte own ehep and the KCT alao twa

operational detaUa an not given ao to vho need whatla thle arrangeeernt inpoaod by ord-rr or have they done*voluntarily. Tht coordination haa

effeoted aa the neult of agraenante by hlgh-ntetlag offieiele.


*5. Ol Vhere 1th*abors tor j? oll ere that they ten thttT lohoratory where they bars their TAX, off the raalaaradskly Phossc. Ot Do they here anything lo rnehlno? ft: Tes, thoy here, hot exactly vhat they hareon't knov. They alto here thoir Usher school aear the Bclorusskiy Teasel. Ot Do yoa have aay idea of the type of activity they herenof lls* technical radio aenter. Of course thay are under different cover.

Ot Do yon hare any very advanced eelentlfle technology vhieh is electronic end vhlch Measures certain iranOeee all over th* vorld? n eleotrontea our greatest development has been In computers such as tba BTRHLAailers tbey here already developed tb* 8TRFXA *. The earlier aodele vere Intermediate derelopsantal aedala. Wo also have developed devices vhieh operate as vibrating imstu'SBBg aa* asm reflect eooed irmulseshei this for tbsir Interception vork. The CHO does not. Vs not used thee oureerree but ve have been told shout tome, we have alao told that such derlees ere pussesssd by both tba Americans sad tbe British.

Vr. Ot Here you ever heard that in other countries, aay in Hngland, an electronic emvteeoat had been eoneealed eonevhera? Thia device receives eome sort of Impulses and continuously transmits then back to you. Bt Tea, there are such devices. They vork inrlcewftlcally. on't knov tha principles,ave beard than referred to aa beacons (kataki ).

(hjy Jt Ifce he ever heard of any technical devices that amy hare been used against foreign smbassles in Idsscov? Hot onlyeard of them,ar* seen then. Many of tbe types hare been copied fron yourequipment. They hare thin raenbrane*alf cent teeter thick vhieh neticrophone end vhieh ean be plasteredeil. Vires lead out to seas tranamltter vhieh Is ssxfttored. In aenaral, theae are copies of iastrnaenta which you here Installed that here baea discovered. Oi But tbsy bars vires. Hov about those vitbont wires? eveaot esse any limn thaton't knov about them, although tbey are prcbmbly vorklng on such thinga. Oi However, thay definitely plant these derlees in foreign embassies In hVsccv? Si Tea, absolutely, tn every embassyotential enemy isay vhlsh

This Bringsointent to emphasise. Of thsrlet employees at ths American, rnglish and Canadian embassies, all of then report to. per essnple, ny ovn aunt, Taiena Takovlema BHlVfUUIA had vorkedong tins la tha Afghan jcmbaeey and she vss an informant of


the Kna. > te the slater ef ny Bother end hue recently heen pensioned. Oho never vented te do tMe. She ven working theretevejdatenreo. She hated to do thle bat ihe vaa ordered to tinder threat end one of her fuielanwots vna*f the safe. Ber eon, Igor, vee IU and they gave Ma nadleel attention thereby exerting more control orer her. Sheentle vesaa vho hated tMt. She had vorked at tMe embassy prior to tha varong tins, and later aha vaa transferred to the Italian emteaay. She vaa alvaya terrified ead confided In my mother. Ve vere very concerned bcosuea any rdahep she might have vith tha KOB vould reflect on no. Ua vera vary pleaaod vhen aha vaa pensioned tvo year* ago.

(yQ Bt Ta TOrkay ve nerer uaed local toetailclsae or eleardng personnel, only Ruaeian. Bat hrr* in rfeeeov you have large noMbers of eorrant peraonnel. rvory oneOB edaalea to fulfill and must eornrtoatly report, vhy can't you eut out theae peopls and have your ovn cleaning veama do tha vorkf It la no disgrace to clean up floors for your ova people to protect security. But no, you alvaya ham to bring In so many peraonnel and everyone lerm* of infoinet lon for VMeh tbey ere paid. Unfortunately, Boric* people aoedruble tbay esa get. there sre absolutely no assert leas, often your kindnsBaea to esTtein individual*ery bad purpose. nor auree about tMsell yoa ay ova aunt was forced to vork for tbo KGBoreign oraboaeyT

51> Ot Vith respaet to vhat you hareouldaall clarification. Imaaataa vhen you said that oorjcgv flew to the Congo? Vho vas tho eouree of the information which stated that the USSRoesthl* dcflMeney in uranism and other fisBlonablo naSerialel fit Th* one who told ns about 1Mb vea rTJTORCV vho larigade waauuidei ia Oerneny. V* were alao told et the general Btaff that the Congo ia rich ia uranism or* aad that oo* of our flrat irt setose with rsspect to the Congo vas to mmkm arrangemeats for obtaining uranium ore. Vhen OURTET returned ha told ma about tMa for two Trwnire while we were drinking vine. He said tbat KABAYUBU sakad than to leare end not to interfere. Rvon Boriet doetora were pulied out of tbe Congo, end later ths embassy vna closed.

??. Bi By the way, are your convinced aboutold you rsgardlng Sovieto your enbessles? Oi Of eourea v* are. St All you need to doompare th* number of Soviet employeeB In your embaasle* and the number of your people in Soviet enbaaslso. Ot V* will report all tMe ant how our auvaiisBsnte will act ie their business. ave told you facts ef life, incidentally, my aunt's name bad been RIOCTEft at first sines bar first husband was an Ossetian vhoee nsms vasWR. Tba name is Oerman. Be divorced



ny rant, remarried, ana ta nev living la Rostov. My cousin, Igor, was hla eon and ba died after hla lUneaa when ana earns to Roeeov and vnaood housekeeper aba vna recommendedob at tbe Afghan Rnbassy on Vcexrrsfcogo street. She vaa good-looking at that tine. She vorked there for twelve yearn and abe vea the girlfriend ofa Afghan offlelal fron th* Afghanistan court. later sh* aarrledrominent physician.

53. Oi leneenber you mentioned that possibly you could get uranlua froa China? What la the Chinees xeaetlon to this? nov tbat at first vs had givennil klmle ofMlprn-nt for atomic research^ raricui Tweeters, ete. Possibly they do supply us vith eome urardunon't imov, InhV it nay have been thay want to keep all this for thenaelvea. Xa addition, their ores ere not so rich, xt vould not s* eeonenlesl te haulre such 'a_saeat distance. Our best supplies are la Cmnrivnu^rrafcia and in the DOR.

5*. Oi Do you knov vhere In noseov the pentral Artillery Design Bureau is located? Sio. It la en FJra^>wrskoye Shoeae, opposite the Hippodrcma end th*pltal. Thereriangle there,hle office vas previously YARRBBTT'e. Bbv It is under IBSPlLBBbTj. Th* Chief IfXM>f oouree. la not en olonel ^rnsvoBrA/ (phonetic) is ehicf of pereonaal there. BKRF7.IHlated to be retired shortly, rhereunbar of nev buildtnga there vhieh are fenced in. tat m* show you this oa the Hoseov me mark this ee numbern the map nnd then ve ean record it.

55. Oi With respect to field port nunbera, son* of the numbers, ve noticed, have four digiton't knov vhat they are or vhat they signify.

lBJaTJaCBSTbragging, as usual, and told JournaJXtts ha Tlfactory Vhere gyp roeketa came off, the asscmblyline In ens year. Do you knov vfiLeh fsetcry this vaa* f thea* rockets vere of the types LDBA ovJf/^S^ thea it, is poealbla. but thi* voald act b* true for_ dnfl nlsslle*. rosslbly only tv halls vara produced, but thi* could earner ooapXajodgnlded aJnsllco.

Vi. Ot Tou mentleBad that vith gOBLXJTs aeath thsr* vas aourniag In tho eityjrf_lmnpTopatroTBk. his is teoaaa*nsher ef prominent eflentlstsot of the personnel of ths testing crews bad sons froa IkmrnTopetroTBhr When the accident occurred end these people vere killed that did hot mesa that the whole city vent into aourning, but Just that there vere many individuals from rawprepetrovsk who bed perished in the explosion, fli This




Indicate thnt there oust ee sens sort of Inatstlctlon for ecnufceturlng rockets In rvvipropatrovsk.

y"8. Oi Vith respect to roll transportation of rwhets, you seldhas all hem vorkedfov Is it done* Si They un standardhuto_ different sices. Tt cen be tvo, three,ears. They pre not specially equipped, but exe sorelybauT^h* various sires "of rocketa Ci rrocrdama vlthtbo_loedlng datatrshsportstlbn vhtcVI^gnre you. '

Aroa tba amy. Labtraa rehabilitated and Ma too vaa

reecndtted to tba amy, but tha vlfe did not aat vail. irr vas esMgned aa the deputy to BIHXWCT, tha eoneauder of the PYO of the country, and ha vlU ebortly retire. VtWffflflHBM> vaa also rehabilitated and he vea appointed aa the iiubsbsjAu- of the Higher Artillery School at Torcneth. RHHL WaaBWf ahlef of CAD and naead Maaelf aa the ehlef of the Boriet Amy OrooadArtillery. As aoea es the Java* lnpetua for rocket HKBEUl vent aa chief of the roetat eeaaaad aad VARrvrooY vna aaAe the

rart i

Ground Poreee. the OATJ support* the rocket tu^lery as veil na tha conrentioanl artillery. Hach eomeader vnnts to* .auhordlnet* OAtr to Mreeelf. But thnt la impossible. Otherwise tvo flA.Oe vould have to be forned.

rhe death of RBXnije; should be exploited by you in confronting


ORaBnm particularlyine of political expediency beeaua* be strsssss hcv truthful ho is. It vould ba very enbarrasslng for Ma. All you need to eay la, tf you vent us to believe yeu, vhy did you say BHirnaH died in aa aircraft eeclrtent instead ofocket explosion? Vhat dlffBTsnee dees It uske7 Ve are sorry to see rHghly ra spouted aarahel die, bat vhy do yen, la nene of the gorerenaat sad tbe rrsesldiun, Ua to tha vorld as sell as

to your ovn peeler Meilerly, you ean expose tho Peonies' mendsMp Unrrersity hy citing that Tn^prcraetor there Is TERZIH vhon you know torealnent

T.y.ll colonel

ROB officer, vhynown tm KW.iaemi who bad been In India end la Turkey assigned ee the Ifvoreetor of this uMvereityT


t Bar* you ever bearden. Pol, the nene lanov all amy aamarele an all lieutenant generals.



Oi Do you knov Mag. Oen. GAYracuY? fl, OATOKOTt o. about VASXUrHKDT ofnow hin. Oi What ere thoy doing nov?on't know vhat QATonyja/ te doing but VABI1ZBS0riend of nineoMefaculty, st tbe Daerrhinakiy Artillery Aeensny. Bs vas fornerly under TARrwrflOV as en artillery cousnudei in the Hirst Tftralnlnu rront. BS le the one vho helped rn gettransferred. He la thera aovave hie pbonu Banter. It le Vol.* Write down the acaden Indexnd then Ma extension is Hoi. nelative of your friend Oen.ajcc^eeneral, la the eMef of the Hear Berriees Tknsartnest of the Dscrshlnakly Artillery Academy end beero of the Soviet Talon.


63- Oi By the way, do yeu know en eualneer eoloael by tbe rem of GCWWCBHY who wrote aa article en ballistic rocket8 in KRArWTA KYBZMt eard the nene, but that lo all.

66. Oi Do youfW? BbauauUij describing roeketa dining0 Roreeber pared-. ofnow oen. nsyor Rb Urea la ay house under aa. In Bb bra been retired and he Live*ACHA where haow. Re has three rena* In his epartarnt,are only two.

ould Ilk* to show hinphotograph)again to see If that iWhnt ho had previously In rindon't went to hint that that Is th* on* so think It Is. (Bctet et of seven atjabnaj mpm of rockets takes at the Moscow parade.) Oi Ton see, theae were re-pbotogrenbedT presentation of tba pared* yesterday. n tMe first uhstoareph they again shoved old junk. _Thsse ars old free rockets with the elA-fsaMooed orsdle. All of theee ere old types of free rooknts. (Looking athi.esl* guidedotice hov ths angle of photography la ejected by the daUberate pleeing ofrlpnent during the parade

a aharj detailed picture vas not possible, (rooking st phntcgrephare all free roeketa. (Referring to both photographsnd ft) , (Looking et TMe reaenblesl senevhst, but

not tMnk lt is. ould say that tMs la an intermediate eaperlaontal type wMch has nerer been adopted, even though lt resemblesxscing at pboti^raph ifT) IMb la thoreeo Hi would you like to ahov Mn your pictures or should ve cent lane with curst

I'll bring ours tonorrow.

68. Bi let tn ace.ove slreedy told you about tho WUliWIP la Japan vho la therealse nans. Per the timeouldn't touchave Just spoken to Mn. Oi Don't worry, ve won't.

60. OiBbw is your new ObTBC organ! sotlon tied la with the OCOPIAH, tbat le, what eover la need to permit fonda wMch pass through your ecsadttee to ba need for tba covert purposes intended? 3iHb particular eever is atedad. onalttee la unter th* Ccanwrll of RLnletere. Our eMefeputy to ARHUinpjfJFT. We are very eLosely tied In withH.AH. The reeosnendntiens of tha eonaltteerya plnnning of Individual ministries. nj"*Jwn>nerdiatdJns body. Thea the heart of tha whole overall pattern. Oi th other words, you would leciasaand whatseeasnry for the euuntry, say la arsallnrgleal derclopoanST Bt Tes, of course. Oi And


CtrA -y

locwiinul vhnt la needed for ttlUtary purposes ao vail os otvlllan puygooeol Ci d?ine* bivliian faotorlee oust execute all nllitary re^pjireraonte.

TO. Oi Did yon tear fron any eonree how tha cevelepnent of atcnlo energy fron fiaeioneble netsrtal* la progressing? nderstand vhat you mean, and they are preparing each neterlala. Oi There have been rneora that there ere greet derielonelea la tbe program end thnt it le felting far behind vhat haa been pLumed. elieve those runors are absolutely eorreet.annot give you opneifie luetaneea but there srehet there bare been aaay nlshaps and test fail urea.

71. Oi Can yoorough evttiarte of the preoertton of stonie energy reveereh that la going for var purposes es ctctrasted tn oJrillaa purposes? Si Atonle ensrgy laseamh for aateatlfle purposes ta of7sa Insignificant poreantege. Thereev eivlllan efforta enoh as the leebTwaker, Isntn, end eertain reenters that have been produced, but alaost evorythlng la going fer var purposes.

T2. ere one last (rogation. TMs deals vith the aim ef atomic veepons, for example,tloteo aTMrelents. or reafcete, the alao of the rochet nialaa tha saneifferent aim vorhead is fastened on. o what degree haa tMf been deiolupedl TW example, what is the largest ehara*? now that va have been firing rooiats with akllotoneteede shergs.

i How about ntcattc (nloniln^ carried by elreraftl Tarre you heard bow Isanja they ean ha? flihave heard, let no so*on th* Isssaj seel* there ere fir* snd ten klloton ehargs* up to tvnatyt-flT* klloton used by ertlllery, that is, roekets. An aircraft has sa unlimited aire bonb. It ean carry whatever ia ennufeciured. ave heardvi aircraft bomb but tMs is thsomb, aot the bjatugeii Vsb,ombreater ecuivaieot,nov vbst it is. are heardhat by artillery, Including roekets, upi? klloton equivalent con he fired and> klloton vnutraieut boa* la need hy aircraft. Hi 1st usreak nov and va willtaps.

Bi flhow me again how to vrite down thnill get by radiotha groups of five auehars. Oi It is simple, hut io order not to get confused, we'll vrite It tMs waytwo dotsthen go like this. See? There la nothing te it. The ean* thing with the next group*like this


five groups, ell In ths group, then en along the entire peper. It rill ha on for fire ainutee, ao tf you make fivefir*firehloeks of eroupe per Una, it will be etttlar for you. noveep sigh). When are ve going to vork tononrovT

o Bi Vail, ve here the option of hearing nore questions here) let me finish this sheet. ave covered all the asterisked ones la tha first betehj tha only'aven't covered ere theones that are not asterisked in tha first batch, fhwre vereueber ef then, hut they vere the least lnportent. Hi Let's finish thee* up. ea, ve vill. St Too, let's go.

Oi De you her* any idea of vhrtnethods they ue* to fasten ths atomic warhead on the rocket sr St This is oaUedT the process of STfSUVKI (lockihg-ih) vsrheedVtb ihe rocket. This process hoe various rethods for different roekets. one of the ssthods la to eerov it ln slightly, hut not ail th* viy around. Oi XJilemorted screw. Si Vara, also, it ean ha ettsehed hy bolts(bolted) the bolts pass through the body of the seeing (WW HUBASTKX). Then when the entire process of tmHUTfU is finished, ths entire joint le coveredteel bend. This is to prevent any turbulence (XAVXKlCfflllTR) tomooth enrfeen. Then it is eorsrsd by special oil paint a. First it isrim* (gravid) coat (WfOTOTfffrsiA}. TMs is ell done very quickly. TMsery dependable solid method. There have been no eaees vhere thn warhead would fly off. TMs is BTUUVKAthe warhead Is brought upoisting wechenism raises lt, aad the Joining laTXrffDT).

Qry Oi Are there any limitations ss to tsnueiutuj* do* to Dappoae scnetMng hes to be aseembled In theth, erewMeh limit tMs work! bsolutely. Traps ratur*igbosdnos HotMscientific eataflurj vhloh hasvery ersotly. Thor* sre cllmetlc eondltlcna vhen ports oustQt Are there such climatic conditions vhere It Is impossible topartssay if it is minus* ufjghXA) Si Tee, there srein the far Perth where It Is either very difficult or Impossible toreahatg. There, they have to as* solid fh*lJ< Ton can't heatvhar*eaa't heat thoa throughand if yoo nae^gnaseader it


Qi Vhen tho Inspectionstake place of these roekst* vith atomic imrVnAn, AO ihey bnvoA-firlto methodical inspectionon/ one, tvo, tin to Inspections of thle, inspection of thet, etc.? Do thoy lneotet then often? eve described ell the technics! Inspection* at nil tbehy te thle different? There, lino "ntantgi-iynBpst'*,a* There are ardtnery roekete vithttb atomis warheads. The rocket body invhn?enee" nil thee* inspections through ntTlhe bestingi Then there er* en extra Inspections* St Thereerie* of rocket* thet ere nlready InspectedVny art ereiiehl* In eeae of mod and here pneeefl ell th* inspection, ant eftar tha vcrhead Is ettaehsd, there definitely vlll be enother inspection. Thnt'a beecus* there are eerteln entesanUent Bbv often areerbeefls inepeeted? here vaa thla sen vho knov* atonic vnrheods very well. n sorry that he vent to Ocrnmnyt he should hare been assigned to vork either Inbnmj er the PVO. Anyway, that's beside the point, rbase atonic vwr*mads are uirTer oenetsnt check nil the tine. The tenperetur* le constantly controlled. They er* eonotently cheeking, vith thi help of indicators, for tho amount of (radio-activity) mil at Ion to ba certain it does not exceed th* safe level. As aeon as anything exceeds the nom, It lsreported.



Bbv er* theyn any special vny? Br They areave already told you ebont that. All vsrhend ports er* transported separately in opeolal Thay bar* thoir ovn re^aaletlonSv^Oipecial! Hov about the relationship, numerically apseklng, botwwtn the power of the varheefl and Ita veightT Thnt le,aight vlllllotoss,eight vill bellotono, ete. here lefible.oro given you ths ranges, capacities. Por each type of taarbssd therailometers with various types of warheads...

00. ov about In relation to the^nishtt e here not been given thla relationship. hink It has not beenfloae. Tou nee, there are Units sad this also limits tbo range. Oi Ton see,n getting ntaybeeorxstrleal relationship. TorUctone may weigh 1COO kllogramsj ten kllotoa may St oh! This they did not give vs. Ot So*ertn! Hot doubling it, out tripling tt, b, theydld not give us this.

Ot Otnerally, hov many Ptomic emplosion tests (OTTTOV) vere there nnTT vhnt vns the proportion of graces sow and failures? St Thisood question. Ton did not detect all the teats. The_smal^_expleslons are dons In deepen rany hare picked them up sa en lnfllcntion

ofearthquake, oat tho be Bee* mm thnt there vere Bqulralent chargee. After theee theMS, for nenticn of then. eyser. All this is done in to the Southern Republics. All emptyust bluff, tasting. And why is thle still

ne verenot eelnle nrorlfestetlons. esteut with very aasll teste, we would watch vhnt voold appear la sad, vith very few erreptlens, there was no ork here Is shooting forth like pert of the Soviet vhtea, acsrer this shout stopping the nuclear tests is just

Vill ehese thea sU out If thsy Stop going on? Because there sr* still easy Bat lt Is donsully,nail scale.

gi Shell va show Ma sons picture*Jtuick run-through te see If than sr* any who he can reeonjors. Ot Tee,hole aass of them, tt Anyway, hare Isast you to knov nsiy of the Questions vMch you her* askedav* put down as pert of ny easigwwmit for ths future. Thea* questions here givenood orientation as to vhat yon vaat to knov. Oilhatxactly right. That is why we asked you, in tb* hope that you would resenber end (jet the

b% St Is tMs the AlWWBTry vho Is sitting in the Saglish sector? Oithis ooa hod sonetMag to do with Faenenie Intelligence. Jfc'a been fired. But it's tha seas sen, APMRSISV. h! Bar* la ay friendNr.olonel.) Ot Ubat does he do? e's the rapwty to the CMef of the 3rd Directorate, BBdsr Oeasral Knjor BOKftXTf. a> but* ae ay orientationdag here, s tho en* who will band in ay BA VODKA (Iknjort on Dubjeet) so thst in th*ill Bp for training to go oversees (JWtCTOYK").

y the way, vhnt do you advise! eek being sent obrend orontlan* to vork Ilk* tMs? Because actually ithile, first, there Is the aasMI| then the nstter of thsou can take quit* along vMl* before yon lssnelsa. cas for twoto rnglaadta Anerleato Canada Oi You'll be velocnedl Bt Bare vill be no benefit to oar vork. Oi Of course there will he benefits. en give you eodee only. I'll bring yon ths eodes and for sn hour you vlll havshotographers vorklng ond they will photograph everything. Ot listen, yoa will her* military coarse*. Tou vill knew everybody stationed with you ell the peopl* fron Pneeevyou'll know who Is arriving. Tou'll he going ca leer* ond you ean find out reach ln rknveov. Aad v* eanur*ly. o, you sdviss ne to cone? Oi Of sours*. S;lll think along those lines. If thsy

decld* on thin,then they will #ve tw some kind of "eOTer". I'll be discharged froa the army nctlcmelly. x'll probably not ecsn a* nllitary but vlll eose ee an edvisor. But you think thle vlll be goodone? Qi Of eeuroar Hi that voaia be vary veil. Si Ofra oit ycu the cedes,tbo vhole book und you can reed all the eables.

65. here do you think they will sand youT ither England, /nerlee, or Ccnadc but only there. Oi Tou'll be able to tell us vho dose vhat at the plana you are atatloned. Bt Veil, of course, but maybe that Is not enough. hinkare none good poeeibllUtaa In Mweov. Ot But you vlll be In touch with hbeeow all the tine and will be able to tell us who Is coning and going and also you vill have your cossaanars' days. all, thenhere no objection If they send nef trusted by ths Fsrty and Ccienuuia. an doit during sy training periodandould like to get sway frca there*'. Thoy ean only send an to Fnglaad, America, orn finiabed ae regard the far East.

hisery fhntlinr parson.) let lt stayit. astrategic tnteUlaenee officer.

Hi aov thle one. ertn though he put on glosses, thia is OKKUr.t CflOKnrt The em vho is la tha Bureau of nev TeelaicaogyT Si Tto has bee laid off. Be locksKTJ rery nosh hut pleaseback. culdn't vant ycu to eaySubject's true nean)ed inni end only knov how to visit nightclubs and oxter ell, photos sre sometimes nisleodlng. Oi Tto soys he looks like OOORXH. Ji This- (Photo cheeked out to be Peter asCKTfl.)

60. Bi ikfre ia on officer of Strategic intelllgene*. Tou'to got then Uned upow today. l)

69- Bi Oh! Thia one graduated fron the Aendera- now herafsmdja HUltery Attache ln Austria. Oi Tou ore thinking of SSAMOT. Thle locko Ilka tBHtft Twry nueh, but it Isn't. o, no, it doesn't Justin. it ia 8WW3T. oll yon where youistake. SHAWV finished the Aeademy earlier. 1 1ut not xhat'a lnpossihlo. ut it does look like himtould hovs Identified him as 8HAM0T. m renenboring,hink I'll shalleuB* you on the*. Ho did finish the Academyinishednd heon't even vant to think about tha ran* and potronynie. hink Ma name is Oevrtl ihllipovieh 6HAM7T. on't knowan't renenber. Oi (Talking quietly) at playsittle.

drink., si Tw,new it Ot You're right shoutthing. Bi flid go recently to AustriaMilitary Attache. on't km]oon tho thing. 'll tall yen eomthlng, thlienble*o nueh thatean aay thnt lt ll 8BNVTI

o you know DOTOVT It fanlllar,on't

Bc'e another friend of SWW7T. he

eho works for KB. BO has only recently^ b) ss is In England sow. RAOIB, tsr

BHAOIH. bsolutely rightsot too bad with the Anglian language, pete on airs sonewhat, rery aetlTe worker. omplaining to ne about hln today. BRAOTB has eons to Join this Twchnleel (gfJtfUCBy.aiUItU ORUW) Croup ant he Isn't doing snytblng.

h. heUoi KAPAIXm. he graduated fron the /cedeny. TMs is the one who was ths Chief of the Directlouj bo's tho one who Is working now at the WUtery-Walonetie Aeaoeny at the BJSJOH fehool for XUogala Viktor Trslllerieh. Ba was the Chief of ths Direetion, was eanned end now works ot tho Academya ladies' nan.

93" *' la thaonersl Valor) his onst St Be looks so young. Will you eheek it plaesef Is it OTrxiSKJTT gi tic's Chiefirectorate: hs bth PlraeUunts. fomerly the Deputy there.

ft (looking at photos) Oh, Oh, here la Colonel igTIH. th* Kns

KT2HJCTT In th* ttmx Btate cunslttes of Oelenoe and Technology.J) OiWth your Bi Tea, here's hit men enderganly Il'yieh. eputy to uViaaiABT. Ba was in Austria, or ln Oernany. hink In Is this list Oerneayl I'll esk you to show sn this stsek tcewrrowresh nlnd. There er* so neny fanlllar facessesns to belock ofene* Officers. Bore la *aother eery familiar ono. Please put It ever there.

Ms one is definitely on Officer of Btrstegie Intelligence! on don't reanwher who ht 1st t'song tionaw hln at ths Infornetlco Directorate. Perhaps be has sons scswnAers.

h, bsrs's uviafuABT. Khsrnen Klkhailorieh. He's serried to

KOSTOUi't daughter, ny chief. Thisuet look at againi tMsawortent stack. oss is freshill look at then first thing.

97- Bi ifc.niGChVAJTB.b knows FagllBh vary bb ,i bB here visiting too on *ny ?th,oisting Equipment/ AHTTE) Delegationpl*. Ot OTOT Si IBB, OHTX (state( of Belene* aad it Und aov. Lot tba photo* wait ago threngh thoa all tomorrow.

Oi Ton kaow whatyou ar* tired aov. Why aoa't yeu leer*reah atart. o ve bar* toaorrov, tb* Vth and5th. Oa theeatr* here. on't ba going to tbe Embassy. 'clock. I'll eon* to say goodby* to you ShoutM. Oihov thinga vork out. Perhaps v* won't be here either. We'll decidefliday. toaorrov we vill atart'clock. Si Can aahan va voa't work a* late. Si Why? Ve hareit. V* austthing* nor* thoroughly, eons' lees, but v* should go through ths Oi Xba voa't have aay nLw-op vith your delegation tonorrow night, Bi No. no, they're Just like ny little bunniesott the Fnbassy yesterday. Tbsy vara so happy th*yna. ot theahillings each' They are afraid thatad revert of any of then, they'll get lt when thaya not worriedurity la front of themj they don't asaa atixnorrown going to call aaajjansht. nstruct

hla, according to ny request, how he should sot. Ths day afterill take hla to meet 0EHKRALOTJ I'll Introduce hla. Ba Is not to show any active Interest. CEHVRALQV will cell Mn Mmself and will inrlt* hla. forsk you to bring th* picture* of all those la England. lllyou OTOTVnALOT, and all thee*. There are aeny nor* familiar feces. I'll find then. At least I'll b* able to aay whether they ar* la England or not. Oi veil, it's ap to you. vhat tin* do yoa van*? Por na It's fin* 'eloek or 9. as making about 6. Otekay. Fight after dinner. St Let aa think shout tMs. all yenC St Veil, you knov yourself we all BBurt gatherin*etter. If you have aay possible difficulties, let's sake lt 6. on't bare dlffleultl**vhat difficulties* Ot wall, you'll nave dinner aad you night sit down to talk to sosaoaa. on't knov hov thinga are organised vith yea. et aat. Ot If you eoaa'eloek, v*ours for weaving,oursry. Si Certainly. Ot Bight o'eloekood tine. Tou vill have tine to dlae and do things meoothly. Si Alright, ve all meat then; yon vill set up all th* ArEARATOHA. Oi Of oourea, ve vlll prayer* aad wrap ererytMng for yoa to take vith yon. Ve sill check everything. TMs wbole operation villours,ew questionsnot her one half to one hour. Then right *vay va vlll show you tha photos th* English ones and the others. Many of than ar* not Important. Tou ean shuffle through thea in about one half hour. fit dependb what'a la tha sat. Today'* set haa held ne up because there vers neny "friends"

of acta* there. Oi Than oa frlsay, ve ean take it easyeay earev drinksJokaeat eleaa up odds and ends. hanaturdayon't need to atop In to aeo you. ot Ton ean, of eoureeto aay goodbye in eaae you've forgotten aoaethiag. We'll shake beada. Ton vill only be able to stay abouttantea. St well, of eouree, probably aothanrlautee. Cany, aovo to tired. eesloaTOv<UTT. Alright, seodnlsht. Allt Ooodaight! id not toes piaaauee af Bind la freat of Ma, didold Ma sverytMng thst voa inaeraost, but toll aa as frienda for ay ova future refereneeo elrlaht? Ht On ny vord of honorI spoke to Ma aftervardaoa ny vord of honor! Bt Aa regard* th* fonttb* osteal presentation of everythingvas lt eorrert? Ot *kart eorreet. Ht Tory proper, veil dons. Ji Tha lasxnrtant thing is that It ease fron tbe heart. St Wall, eoedrdght! We'll aevt toaorrov'slock. Ot Tou dlda't forgeths pen? St Bo. (Svhjeot left9 hours)

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