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{lj (Subject arrived3 hours,tTPfSunt Royal Hotel, London.) s: Good evening! 0: all take down QaahaaWjaaa^ address. s: And histelephone nunber

nderstand. (Copies) Hell, shall

work some more toceQebrate the 1st of May? (All laugh). In the Kremlin,ay, they Invite the cream of the crop. Ths name ones are Invited all the time, the Ministers and wlvsa, the Party, the Marshals, ono or two worksra from the plants (laughs).

0: Tou have not determined when your meeting with tho RESIDENT will take place tomorrow? s: Ho, it is ths day after tomorrow, on the 3rd. Tomorrow (at the Sovietay day celebration) ill attend the movie. There willew drlnka. It will endours.


S: aw WYNNE, after talking with you. He invtt'd me to aTTTghtclub tomorrow eveningwith your permission. (All laugh). He aald, "Veryut that is okay. 0: That is neceesary. s: ig nightclub! One abould go once. Ot Of courae. J: And you are not going to take us with you?! (All laugh) 01 If you like.

: Do you think you can come over tomorrow during the Tea, of course,o not know exaotly when. Oi Mint is your program? 8: Tomorrow we visit TERRANTI and another piece. WYNNE told me. This Is vsry Interesting. That takes place ln the morning0 hours. Hs will come6 hours. He will have had breakfast by that time. hink we will return0 hours. O: Well, sines you have to go shortly to the Embassy, maybe you can come earlier. our, if yoa can. S: And maybe we can do everything even0 hours. Ve will try. Wait for me0 hours,3 houra. 0: Of course. Don't worry if youour late; that ia okay. S: Okay,0 houra. Gt That la Tuesday0 hours, andour or an hour, because he must go. He needa to waah, shave, etc. in order to go there properly, s: an't go dirty, o: Okay, no longer. aximum of one hour. 3: That la the 2nd. Q: Okay. Then the 3rd, Wednesday? 8: The 3rd. On tho 3rd and 4th, my people will be at tho exhibit. The exhibit clowns on the 4th. on't hang aroundave nothing to do there. ill take them to breakfast and to tho oxhiMt. Then,ill direct them what to do. Later, after the exhibit, they will go to tho Embassy, whero they will workwrits,all the cataloging. So on the 3rd ws work "seriously"


according to tine. Gi Tee. 8: Too 4th*

ft. Gi Wait! Can you oono ovor on tho 3rd In tha availing at0 houra? Si Of count, Oi Let ae write ltoura. There willurprlae for you, tho Big Man. a: On Wedne-eday? Gt Wednesday. We need aanever regarding thle becauae lt would be awkward, to be honeat... 3: Of course, lt can't be otherviae. 0: That iaanted to clear it up. St Thla la all neat lnportaat for ne. Ot If lt la inconvenient far you, or you are not auralt la better to do lt right. Xt will be vary awkward otherviae^ Si There la no queetlon about it. There ia dothing to talkill be here. O: Exactly.

6. G: On Thuraday, can we alao plan to work? 8: Thursday aleo. 0: Flue. On Thuraday, fron the organtaational atandpolnt, we want toinal check of all eoavao arrangenente, find any unflniahod thinga that night ahow up la the conversation. Ve want to review everything carefully, and have yon take all the thlnge that we are giving youthe little tranalator, the little camera, the flln, etc. 8: Fapere. O: ,Tee, operationali Give ae lota of flln. 0: Tea, you will get lt. Tou will eeal then up Thuraday evening in youro aa to ellnlnate the rink thnt eonothlng night happen on Friday. Bo that you have it. On Friday, we will neet anyway. 8> Ve will neet dally, but will net the next tine every day. Xa tbat what we decided? G:

fai On Friday, we willriendly relaxed neeting wlthSr'xew drink-, we vlll talk over all tbe detalla and vlll clear up anything thnt night arlee. Ve will review with cnpbaala on what are to ua the naln thinga of internet. It Le notthnt everything be fulfilled, but if tbe opportunityt Thla vlll definitely be done. ittlelll invent! (laughe). ill aend it to you. 0= Tou vlll do everything yoa can, but within the 1InIta of your opportunity. 8i Okay. ill have personal lettera te pane to yon, about information, nllltary mattern, political nattera, pereonnl mattern, advice,nd you will let ne know ornlly, or In writingtypeduaaian typewriter. Pleaaa have lt In Ruealanon't have to burden myaelf with translations and to avoid neanlnga being confused. 0: That la clear. S: In the form of directional-lnatructlona. Or Of couree, that la clear.

fJBJ 3: Oa the 5th, wa hug and aay goodbye. Ot f To6 had lt lo ao! (All laugh), o: Fine, thla laould come to thia aide sooner. Maybe tbe trip to

Ciudi will work oat. It would bo very good, la obout th*ow months. H: Io throe months? 3: hink so, maybesked yoa oneshould plan to haws ay vacation. ill see now lt can be worked oat with my trip to Canada. If Canada works outill poatpone it until late Pall. ill go to the South, vhere it vill still be warn. Weil, inlll keep you Informed about ovarything ln writing.


Oi Regarding tba vacation, our advice ia not tooopportunities should dstsrnlna this. Si I'm tying thia up vith the arrival of WTRXK. G: Ws don't have anyates) vhsn you ahould take your vaoatlon. You ahould rest. It vould bo good for you. Si Row, let's say something happens to WYHFJt. He becomes ill; he is hitar. Pleaae think out by tbe 5th, who vill contact me than; vhere ve ahould moot, tbe tvo recognition words. What aro tha arrangensnte regarding thia girl vith tbe child? n: Toe, we vlll prwpara all thia. oi Okay. et rue Hons will be aant to you through the dead drop? Oi Of course. ha dead drop works vail? Ot Tea, floe.

10. 8: Wow to check tba altes. The algaal aite vlll remain ths aame? Ot Tea. s: Don't let It bother the person If tbe telephone ia not la tba booth, on the hoard. The board la aalled there. Ot Aad they are converting tbe machines/telephones to the nev coins. S: Correct, and then the boollgana cut them (the telephones) off. Ot Clarify thia. what do tho hoollgane do? hen ths hooligan cuts lt off, he taksa off the (telephone). Tho spparstus (telephone) Is there, but not ths receiver. Despite the fact that ths rsoslwsr cord la covsrsdotal sheath, lt la cut aayvayhooliganlam! 0: Bat later lt ia fitted vith another? 8: Tss, later, but thaCHIT) remalna thsrs, dssplts ths fact that tha (telephone) ia ripped off. The person ahould mark the linehin red pencil. In tvolll be at tha dead drop! (laughs).

. i Okay, fine, aov lot's atari froa thia. Weev (Junctions. Tho Hat Is getting shorter and shorter. The first question la about atoalos. The ouestlom Do you knowhrough vhlch demnrtmonteactually haa control ovsr the locations where ths stockpiles are? Who la ia chargo? I'm not aaklng vhere they aro located, but vho ia ln charge of thia? 8i Tbe finished atomlo weaponsvarheada? 0: Tea. 8> atomic material, that la not la earheads, Is under the oontrol of the Haln Atomic Conmlaalon, Jvat Ilka yours. Thsy control all fissionable aateflila, aad rav materials. The -vith rav aaterlal la bad. It la not occidental that sUch




esa shown In the Congo. Almost nil the high grndo oxen from Czechoslovakia have been removed. There were hopes that China would supply thenon't know. Too question le being settled with Chlnn now. Monnzlte snnds had beenna. Tne Ccechoelovnkla supplies vers meager. The basic supplier has been Cneohoslavakla, nnd also our own. There are Nonasite sands within the territory of Russia,arying percentage of content, also other radioactive eubetaneea.

Qt Where did you hear that the situation was bad? s: Tou wftttt the aource? How well do yon know thia? 8* eard thla froa several placea. Flret of all,ttended the courses. We asked the las true tore questions; we were told about the strategic raw material but ve were not told exactly how auch la producedbecause lt la none of our business. But froa the standpoint of what we have and what the People'a Democracies have, Czechoslovakia la la first place for production of aonanltea. Chlnn has Honaaltea and we have Monasltes as well as other flaslonsele materials. The Congoot. eelers vere seat there at once In order to got everything possible, tou know, an awful lot was thrown into the Congo. When KA3AVUDU ana still not In power and Patrice LUMUMBAery shaky position, LUMUMBA gave hla consent andlanes with generals, officersaw were aent via Egypt and Sudan to Congolese territory. aall airport In the Sudan, next to the Congolese boundary, waa mentioned as the refueling etatlon for our planes. Xt vas Impossible to fly by any other route because no one would permit uagrant permission to land or refuel our, planes. Twenty-eight planesXL-lVe and aeverala, no others, no flghtera, heavy planea,ostlye...

13. a: Major Alekaey OUR'TKV, who waa my Interpreter la Turkey, flev there with ahla group. howed him to you here (hla picture)fileTvlTe nnd children, Kolya nnd Zhenya. GUR'TBV la working in the Information Directorate now. He known Turkish very well, and French quite well. When the Miniater of Defense, receives the Turkish Military Attache orilar la apacow, he_ la invited. The Minliter and the Chief of tha General Staff invitoajordespite the fact that thereig scandal with hla wife. For things of this type, ve kick people oat of Intelligence. They try to get rid of the pereon as they consider that the family lo not stable. That means he hae no prospects. But because he la clever and known languages ha la keptnd this la what he does. He flev down to the Congo nnd ho told me everything about the Congo. He heard what attempta were aade byand further what tha ordera weretothemselves there and grab, flrat^oftbe_tleaionable raw materials that are located" thors. Thia was tho primary goal-

because ths flsslonabls materials there srsery_blghcontent. Thar* is no short agoater la la for ths aro-j_ duction of atonic energy In lhoU3SR. flsslonablspurselements. Butthey ara looking ahead aad know that the_reeervee ara aot loo largoj That is tba gansrul situationave heard, whereear thia? Froa GUR_'TKT aad the acadeay the Instructors toldpoke to Androv Tonanovich PASOLOV (Phonetic) about thiai ba aloo added something about thia. id aot speak te Sergey SKRGETKYICR about tba raw eaterlalet there vaa no need. id not uae ay initiative te dlacoas thle.

i'Hi Ct And vho controls the finished producta? Si All the elenentary production la controlled by the given cosnilssion. lroady explained thia. 0) .That la clear. Si Nov they aay ve have to produce ao many (var) heads for certain rocketa. old you about the Kllotonand equivalenta of TRT. Theae beginlloton, and higher.

fl3J S: Thia natter then goes to tho OAU, to ZHDAWOV. The gau' r* epeat, tha vhole soul of thetsoholcftl aspect, the stockpiling; of finished products for spoaratesave in nlnd. Rnpty varheada, and the contents that are to be put into tho var head, all that la for the Amy and for strategic purposes alao. Becaueo ZHDAHOY vorkrKAL1CN1LO, aa he vorked for tho late NKDEI.IN, he haa all thia. All tha baaea are centra lived and the security le centrallxed. ZHDANOV is proved vith security' battalions by our Army nsn, plusivision (DIVIZIIft'/iTALiiKNiTA) . In addition, there are KOB unlta. It Is considered thst all sites of national importance are alvaye guarded, aot by regular troopa (RTADOVOTBY)va have ouch guard battalions, guard companies, guard platooaa, depending on tba also of ths site. They must be guarded by ths kgb. They are attached to us.

16. 8: on't knov If you happened to gst tbe flla of vhen the soviet tested their first atonic bomb. Thsylla. It shovsd hov they shoeied7 the arnee! nicotic bomb. On the aIdee, there vers tvo officers bars and tvo officers here, vith pistols. Soldiers are there also, draving thalllya-type vehlele tovod it. Wo aentloned itight vehicle eopled fron youright Itider axle than the Wlllya. Ot Of the Jeep type? s: Exactlyof the Jsep type, sad sometimes thsy putruck body for carrying light loads. ehicleow cartual rubber wheels. It tows it slowly to the airplane. Thia film vas Secret, of course, and waa not ehovn to everyone. Thia vaa the vary flrat, vhen the atonic bomb vaa in ita




lUgM. They showed tb* wood* andbowwdcross that vas laid out (on tholrol* and atba circle, to eark ita bonb target. Tha error vaa The guidance vaa dual. Th* pllotpreaseder(the bonb)adio aignal via gTvenfron the groundcorreoTPHaT: The rjroaalng of the lerei^by the" pilotlir. The bonb did-not falM Onlv when th* oalcnTatlonaground ware exact, did tho boab fall fron the airplane. waareat height. The bonb fell oloss to thevarioue dlatancoa fron the epicenter of the explosion2 km, thsy had notor vehicles, alrplanoa, tanks, alsouphoress, doge, cows, sheep, etc. This waa allseveral rows, omplsls amy of structural buildla the genuine nannar. They atodled tha degree of Evsrythlng vas atodled scientifically in all respects,posslbls mot hods and equipment. Thia van done for thaup to tha points whsrs only radiation vaa pressat. Iaths parameters of daaags created by tbe explosionth* atonic action, and the power of deetruction. 0: you thla7 S: aw the film vith ny ovn eyes. Tlotor spoke explained everything. Everything vaa shown. There[was nosound. Thoy shoved


17. Oi Waa thia at Frunr.r gt Ho, at the General Staff. ne otlll working at the General Staff, vhen they dropped the first atomic bomb. That vast for Turkey. Qt That ia clear. S. There was thia filn. All ths other atomic testa were filmedav tvo mora films. otal of three films were mad*. Then ersrytbing vaa explained to ne. Her* there la death: hero if hastens ara veil protected they can survive. There ar* threellln**e. At thia distance, if you are poorly protected, you will have radiation llloesa of tb* lat categorythere, it will b* the 2nd category. It ia even posalble at this distance. If on* goes further underground end makes reinforced concrete fortification* for the full profllo, the radlstlon will inqlgnltlcant. They showed all ths devices and lndlcatora that are used. av thia training filn.

IS/ Ol But vho controls, not the equipment, but tho aotual veapon? S: ZHDANOV gets everything. It in ZHDANOVes-


ponaibllity to conceal everything according to strategicnow definitely. ersonally confirmed this. ill swear to thia.


_ XiVThere are .two asperate underground atomlo atockpllssnow thisike 2x7 4twotwo locations. on't know how many warheads there



In each bat, ot ooursa,ot on* or two. Thar aro held In reserve. Th- command will ba given from tho Presidium, from tha Commander in Chief. Thereurly-headedhirf,ngle hair on hla head, or anything In hla head, (laughs). From him to GDR and that's lt, Slailar Stockpiling exists on Soviet territory.

in charge of the warhoado andthe boaba. But they areea. GT So_ Bg^ontrdla'^Che bomba also) S: Of course. Thatthe^Hprtpslnt, hat exactly does ha control? a:

ing he arme is part


He* controls the axieheeplng, tho technical 'supervision, thethe technical-engineering control. How Is stockpiling conducted? lo there nny rndlntlon? Is there deterioration of material from the engineering standpoint? To use or to laeue to someonerigade, because ha waata to, la prohibited. Only Minister can do thle, Tbe Minister Is told by the .Central'

Committee. The Minister will act through KKBELIHKA-LBNKQ). What concerns the Ground Rocket Troopa will be through VARKNTOSOT. ZHDANOV stores. ZHDAKOV's dumps are controlled by the kgb. ZHDANOV had "neighbors" sitting all around him. The security of these Atonic installations Is maintained by divisions of. ARTBMTCT was in command of one of these Divisions.

81 This ia tbe atructure. Mo one can do anything lndeponoently. VARENTSOV can't demand to get one bonh for uae in maneuvera. No, it haa to originate In the Central Committee. G: What do theae letters mean? Why la lt OMSDON? Si Thla la diviziya OSOBOGO HA ZN acTA CMS ia Just added by them. ever aaked. ill find cat about gaeee three lettera. It la not read DOH-OMS, but OMSbOH. ill give yoa the exact fullever paid any attentionorgot lt. They gunrd the Kremlin, Lenin'a Mausoleum. Oi Tea, yea. Si There waa aschool in the Kremlin, la the Bane Of KALIHIH. It haa been removedaa infantry school. There are ao schools la the Kremlin now. onor Guard Reglneat of Artillery (SALTuTKIT POLK) wan atatloned there. It waa removed. During the war, It vaa there Tour obedient eoldior waa alnoet appointed Commander of thement, upon graduation from the FRUNZE Academy. It vaa atatloned In tho Kraalln. as in tha Artilleryoraer regimental commander, andood student at tha FRUNZE Academy. Then thoy began to out thinga downna assigned to the Ground forces.

viLOi To what extent does the responsibility of MUSKALBRKO




i. ) andgo Into the rocket program? For example, you eaid/ thai development and all scientific research groups are ed at GAU, Si The HIIs? Ot Yes, the Nils. Does the reapon-<0 albllity of MOSKAUENKO and VARENTSOV roach the plants? Si Tea, it reaches to this exteatthe Director pi tha Plant la respon-slble to MOSKALESKO, If he produces rockets for him, to account for the fulfTlIaent of the plan. But neither MOSKAUENKO,nor th* Minister, can order tho Director of the Plant to do anything without first contacting the civilian authority la the Central Committee that la concerned with thia. Their job lo to take delivery; the plant is ths supplier. That la, to fulfill functional responsibilities. Re doesn't have tbe right to come to the plant and aay, "Thioesa here; tho men are not working. Or, "Tou are not fulfilling the plan." Tou have to report to tbe Minister, and the Minister will report to KHRUSffCHEV or hla Deputy, whoever oversees thia plant. Thin ia the way menbera of the Presidium are placed in controlling positions, whan BXRIA wss alive, he was la charge of all the rubber industry, ln addition to his KGB functions. He was also ln charge of all plants that produced tanka, rubber and explosives. Other menbera ware in charg* of other heavy Industry plants. The Minister and everyone was aubordlnat* to him. Vhll* the Supreme Soviot of Ministers met, theae members of tbe Presidium, this head, waa ths highest Politburo. Now tho Politburo does not exist as such, but tba system la the same. They (Presidium members) alllnlatrleo la their hands. They can make the Ministers atand oa the carpet, remove them, alt them down, kill th*m, dothey want. The member is responsible to the Presidium forflniatsles; that la the functional breakdown. Gi That is clear,

S' BREZHNEV dooo svsn mora now. Re is responsible ulV j for marry of the defense enterprises. In this way, any big qucs-

'* tion ia first referred tb BRKZHNXV, not to KHRUSHCHEV, BREZHNEV reports on thia to KHRUSHCHEV. That ia the way the "heads" work. The "heada" are constantly in conference discuaaing eons cable from the agents. They decide where and hov. They are constantly in conference and by telephone they give orders through their aealatanta. Sometimes the Minlater site there for days on end; he haa hie ovn offlea. Ol nderstand.

: emember thie caae. ae Invited to the Kremlin to tW-Party Meeting (AKTIV) when ZHUKOV waa relieved. At th* Party Meeting ln tb* Bol'shoy Georgiyevakiy Rail of the Kremlin, theyilitary persona together. It la necessary to




cor* to an understanding with us so that va would applaudIt Is right ziioxov was relieved."' It has to be supported so that lt can be used In the newspapers and speeches later. At tho entrance to the central hall. In the corridor of the Bolfehojr Palace, they exhibited the large painting of ZHUKOV on horseback. Tou probably heard of thia. G: hite horse! 8: He Is sittinghite horse in fall naif on, and under the hooves of the horae are the fallen Faaclat colore with the Swastikaa. It la wery well done. When the war waaot to defeat Faaclat Ocrnanj; he did aa awful lot, Tho artist waa inspired by thla. Paintings of SOVOROT nnd KUTUZOV wore dlnplayedwhy not onah century cotnble by GRABAR' nnd another artiat! ery beautiful canvaa, higher than thlaeautiful frnaa, everything". Vhen they painted the picture, lt vaa aaid thnt it ana fitting and that ZHUKOV deserved lt. He got his fourth Hero's Star. He wan given everything. ,Why did KHRUSHCHEV pick on hla? If yoa rememberIS relieved ZHUKOV because he feared an army uprisingnot the whole amy, but lot's% for aura,. Sonsould have followed ZHUKOV. ill tell you now how thla took place. XfcSV -li.hoard_ VAREHTSOV aay thlalso heard lt at the Party aeetlngn. He (lomusncHftT) said, "By the painting, you will seeersonality cult he has. efore this he said lt waa right that the painting was made, and the painting vaa hung in the Central Building Of the Soviet Army. Everything waa aa though it was proper toainting, In colora national hero! And then the personality cult vaa brought ap. If hoodest person, he wouldn't allow the painting to be done. He said, "The painting coot0 (rubles)." So what? They could have written ball ads, poena, playa about ZHUKOV Just aa well. This waaut-up job reshuffled for this meetingfirst, to relieve the nan and put him to shame, and to undermine his nuthority. So, the Hlnieter, all the Heads of the Directorates, Chiefs, of Staffs, were at this meeting (ARTIV). The Hlnieter gave his report. He Just started to report, when someone came and whispered in his ear. He left and vas away for an hour. Then he returned nnd aathile. Thereuffetmineral vat era, fruit, Then the top nan the brainarrived, and the vhole matter vna discussed and the accusation aad> He aaid, "Pleaae excuse me, comradea,id not work with you all theaa called 'into the government' ft PRAVITEL'STVO),M The government, however, waa right there,In the Krenlin, next door to where they confer.


Si So that la their functional breakdown. There la no oae person vho can annotion tho naa of atoalo energy, the movementtookplle to somewhere. ery thing lonaoattared all over the countryOBI and there ara prepared warhead*. Thia haa to baated. hink that la Oernany lt can be done easily, Maybeool,hink that lt eaa be don*, g: dad the 9clentiflo Research Institutes, aa you explained, will be oau. 8: GAtf is ths brain of Scientlfic-Technlcal thinking. The Acsdewy (neaning Daarshinakiy) israin la its ovn aay, fa the OAU. Blghsat Scientific Councilstherecientific council at the Academy. It ia conpossd of ths doctors, candidates, profsesora la tha allltary aade Idaoptica, jelectronlca, eoulpntent, guidance, aupply,_eta. Oi Thia Is under ZHDANOV also? 8i Ho. a speaking about tbe Academy nov. Tba Academy le undsr ODINTSOV| but it la aubordlnate to morXALSNKO becauae it prepares eadree for bin. There ars no barriers or valla betreen aclentlfic thought; it all flow Into oae source,ay. And the Scientific Research Institutesnot aclentlfic rsasarch institutes ln general, but Scientificnt en for Vusla, Solent If la Research IrtatltuuV for Electronics, Hit, Nilll vork according to thelr__apec laity butfor one large purpose. 0: nderstand. That la tha vay youo" no.

Oi Rverythlng ln coordinated by the Committee whloh alts ln aV-OAU. who inharge of it? Si The Chief of tba OAO ia automatically tha head. Oi So lt la tinder ZHDANOV? Si Under ZHDANOV* a: That's clear. Thst'a fine If it's ZHDANOV. SI But, vhen necessary, TART NTS OV gets mixed up ln lt. G' Ton. Thnt'm clear, si He could any, "Tou varaertain aattar to work out snd you are dragging itr, on paper, "Too vorked lt out wall but ln practice lt doasn't vork, or itt with mistakes." Tou aaa, thoy all participate la all theae discussions, conferences, meetings when necessary. Bat to atart off. It'a the aolentlata. These Germans that are la ths suburbs of Moscow. Thsy work also; they are invited; thsy ara consulted, developed. Maybe thsy do nore and Just finish ap there, because they developedocket which la the prototype of all the rockets.

t How, going beyond the aclentlfic peoplevho buildsly ths launching pads but tha foundations, etc.? Si nderstandChief of tho Main Engineering Directorate. Ot Only ho? 3: Ha haa ths Kuibyshev Academy, which pre patroncadres snd fortlfieation specialists, who srs subordlnats


1 i


and available to comitruct everythingfor tha rocket command. Oi That'e alaar. a; Thoy alao prepare fortification speclallata for other underground defenae el tea and alaocadres for mining, mine clearing, for making passagestc. All types of engineers needed ia combat. All cadres are prepared there. The biggest department thera la thla one (for rocket base coonon)tho ooe vith all the nov requlremonta. Oi Correct.

01 Bo the Chief of tho Mala Engineering Directorate ia Coronal General of the Engineering Troopa TOftOY*TETI. don't re meer the initials. Under hla control he haa theil, hla ovn rangea (POLIOONY) outside Noscov. Like the Chief of the Chemical Directorate, ho haa hla ovalll toll you whore the chemical oneaa there twice. There tbeyabbit and other anlmaiaetal box for teote. G: In Moscow? Bt Outside Moscow, very close. Oi This will be TIBM? st Mo. Otthe All Union institute of Experimental Medlelne? 8: Mo, this Experimental Medicine la under Colonel General QRIZHOT, m talking about straight chemistrypurs bacteriology and pure chemletry. as at thla range twice. It is aboutm outeide Moscow. Theremall populated area in tbe woods. When you drive up, lt atlnka of IPRiT gaa. There are yellow apots oa the grans. Thera ia barbed wire along tho road, guarda, patrolaevon cattle cannot enter. Theyabbitlaaa cox and give lt one done (of gaa). The rabbit ahuddera and diea. They glva another type] the rabbit ehuddere and then diea. Wa vere shown all theae gaaea.

By Gi Do you know what gaaea tbey ere? Si Mo. Qi Merve we have all thia. But the evaluation of gaaea that yon askedha beat American gaa, which la ordorless and la vary highly regardedactical gas. 01 Tom are' thinking of Lewisite? Bt Mo. it Merve gaa? a: Serve, yea. Oi It la highly thought of? S: It la highly regarded but ve doa't know the eecret of (thlaut wo know its tactical properties. Maybe not all, bat eome of them. They aay that the Americanaremendous gaaeolorleae and odorleoe, excellent for tactical use. Thnt la the evaluation they give lt. Ol Too. Mi There ie one. gaaI won't answer aovave eome aaterlals about thia. By the way, they are not aecret. ill toil yoa what gaaea they are.

la there an latentlon to use gaaea la caae of var? The 7th Directorate of the Oenernl Staff, the Mala Cheaical Directorate, has the Aoademy of Chemical Protection la the name

HXLOV, Military-Chsalcal schools, Soientific Research InaTltutas, They prepare cadres, both chemical' end ba c: Thoy ere joined together? St Tee, one command nnd one management. Tho cadres aro alao one. Tha Institutes are separate. Oi Do you knov whore the Center is? 8t All the Centora are in aoacov, but the experimental Centers are... One laaall inlandwampy area of tho Volga, beyond Kalinin Ot Tonnov the name? St They aaid theremail ieland... Ot Oh, yea. When you vere at Kalinin, do yon roaember seeins the huge etocke of cheatedle. They vera there during Vorld Var XI. Are thoy atlll there? Bt aa Inhen the Academy of Rear Services ana there... Ot Across "the Volga from the Academy.

/ Here lalll toll you. There are Ceatera la general, all around Moscow, in Kalinin and especially Kaluga. Ot Kaluga, yea. Si Thereig base there "and the brother of Sergey Sergeyevlch TAPJBMTSOV la the Chief of the Baao la Kaluga Colonel Mlkolay Sergeyevlch VARBMTSOV. Two brethera. Sergey Sergeyovich Urea in Dmitror, and their old mother Uvea there,m from Moscow. o there often with him. Gi Where ia this? Bi Dmltror. Me la from Dmltrov, Hla mother Uvea thereouse, GO km from Moscow. Xt is in the direction of our atomic center where they take scientists openly, where the first etomic station (ATOMMIT BLCK) vaa created at Dubny. Dubny ia beyond Dmltrov. na at Dubny once. Onften drive out to (Dmltrov) with VARENTSOV to see his mother; he givesubles every month. Ve take produce out to her. Thereice garden there. Veood weal, tomatoes, etc. Thereuseum there.

St Hla brotherolonol like me,olonel la tbe engineers. He fought on tho First Ukrainian Front with ate all tbe time. Ot what base ia he Chief of aov? s: Chief of the Kaluzhekaya Base, subordinate touge base.

St But now to finishtartedbeyond Knlinln, therewaapy area. Ot Tea, yea. Si ea told thia by my late father-in-law, 0APAKOVICH. Ot That ia considered to be the Moscow water storage area? s: The water storage area ia la tbe direction of Dmltrov. n telling you about Kalinin, about tho chemistry. Tou are correct, the water aforage area la huge. There are all kinds of water overflows, sluices. anal passes through there. Now to finish, theremall The Volga flows around lt. Xt is Ilka ay living on an Island in the Moscow River; there lt is the Volga river. The (island) is covered

with woods snd therearbed wire fence. AH ths little houses,nd all ths containers with the bacilli, snd the various Inducers of plagueto... Gi Thailear.

1flm.lf.ll*<lbrother, Colonel Hlkolay

SergcyoTich VARENTSOV, so thnt yon will know everything. Reice, rudest fellow. Ha le olderm, about four yoare.

i J6 mi-tree, of VABEHTSOV.

VARENTSOVlatresa at tho front and one day, vhen he was sleeping with her, his wife arrived early in the morning and ;

!lih ivorce.

VARRNTSOV's brother liked the girl and married her. She waa

: pregnant at the time. She gave birthirl, who lo actually

! the daughter of Sergey Sergeyevloh. (laughs), st He had two

more. So there are three children now. Ott In general, he la veryas at his DACHA,thinga, venhoto, vhich

J? signed He likes ne very much. Qt But you don't need tohe photo! st ill send lt to you. (laughs). It won't take

-So.Blod*sJ Hikolay nrrlvea. He oaya he had anaolcTer got tangled up in nineaigh tension mine blm. onsequence, therelm out. ZHDAHOV does not like

VARRHTSOV and VARBNTSOV does not like hin. When ZHDAKOV hadtrouble VARENTSOV aaid, "The leant he could do laknow ZHDAHOV personally. at with blmn with youIt* ^casing everyone around on September 2ndR NT aovparty. eedlcrophone aoanA m* *liror*Dl" looking little colonel caneNA HEM (to report


ood source. Za Moahayak,

baaa. Thereaptain Yevgeniy *SKLYAROV who works there. You need the none and

KBt His wife, Valya,tana-

llA' trOKenbassy who helped ne. -tenographer-typi.t, but when .he was sick

sometinea and alao when she went to OSSR, Tanya PROMINA helped.

a lot of roon in our nail, (laughs). ill ssk you to study* an enlargementortrait, (laughs).



St Therehore ARDRIAHOYA there who le working for POOSEROT now. She le hla aletreee. DoBROV files someplace, to youlvaya goes Also aad alts thereonths. But thia la Tanya PRONIHA, alao. atenographer-typlat, who helped us. eturned from Turkey onanuary It was the nanesday of Tatyana and ahe invited ae over wuu ay vife. She Uvea clone to Puahklnakaya Ploehchad.

et the SJXYAROYs, husband aad wife. SKLYAROV laool. Re participated io tbo Hungarian affair and received the Order of tho Red Combat Banner CORDIS KRASROOO ERAMYA POFVOGO). Hsank crsv member, hut fron tbe eaglnaarlag sad, la -the armored forces. Bofpre this, bsfors Hungary, he vaa atatloned la the city of Yosh. Voah la la tho Turkeetae allltary district, on tba border of Afghanletan. when the var, tba svegts, onded in Hungary he vaa recalled. Thoy drowned everything ln blood and than removed the tanka. Hs vas-sent to Yoshe laice nodest Sallow. Be said be vaa atatloned there before, but he veat to Voxh anyway. Thia one (Tanya PROHIMA) atarted peetsring ms"Pleass help my girl frlead and the girl friend Is not bad." I'm also sorry for himelp. Good women ahould be helped! (laughs). oople of words and he vae tranaferred from Yoab to Hoxhayak.

Si There vera no vacanolea in Vomcowj it io hardndNe_/bb in Moscow. ars oo many friendaavs connectlona with VAHEHTSOV and others who work there. Often peopls askare had nany requests fron frienda because welnple relationship. elp then but denand the same attention for myself. If eomoons ln aot nlos to me, sn tear his hand off. There are ny morals and my personality. nm known for this, and people ara vary afraid of They respect ma.

X aald two words to ths psraonnsl nan and hs wss out ofnd ln tho placo where he is nov. He ia bored vith being there. Ho has been vorklng thersthan two yeara. He vaata to be transferred to Moscow, his nother died andnrgs roon on Armyanskly Psrsulak wblch he wante to gat fron his stepfatber hla father la not alivewho wanta to grab it and gat aarrlsd. But he is registered (PROPISAR) la Hozfaaysk and Valya la registered in Moscow. Valya, hla wife, la ths daughteretired artillery

colonel who vorkod In tho Artillery Academy end loot hie Job recently. Hennll apartment on Oorkiy Street opposite the telegraph office. This Is an interesting thingwhyentioning this? This oaptaln tells ne everything.

/t an getting ready to go toet him AH*ubject's true name) will yon transfer me some-placer aid, "There is nothing in Moscow now, my dear fellow. Sit and emit, there is nothlngr It is not eaey to get him into the Academy. ffered him the slot of chauffeur In Turkeyriver in Xstnnbulaa bead driver and instructor. Tbepeople upheld me. Be passed the Central committee and KOB (security) checks. Heerfect. Everything was okay regarding the relatives and all that. Then they looked nnd could not send him abroad. Ha does notother or father and eight years ago, herease of drunkeneae. Thoy are keeping him in mind but nre holding up his processing for an (exit) vlsn to go to Istanbulhauffeur for our Strategic RKZIDEHTUBA, tell him, "Touool! Touo everything for you, butesponsible that you don'tother or father? So alt and wait. ave aaill transfer


t (Note: Subject is quotingubject's first name and" patronymic)! ecently had an unpleasantness." Thereire." "Why?" boil exploded." It killed tvo civilian*. They were cleaning with brushes and itpark. Apparently thoy vere steel brushesa regular shell, not aa one" * hilled aad four wounded, mall fire occurred. The system is aa follows: The cells (rooms) vhere work is done with aamunitloa) are isolated from each other by thick valla, soire or shock will not spread. This oocured in Mozhayak where our Captain SKLTAROV vorka. O: Thia am very Interesting aource. fit sn describe many more. ill write them up for you later. an aimply aak hov la everything? What is nev? They knownow more about work than they. They feel very lucky if they can tell ne something alao, and then tbeyoubt. Captainice fellow.

_ 0: oo the General Haadquartore Reserve (REZERV QLAVNOGO

KWtATOOVjMTAt still exist? Si The XtOKs are unite thai are

ereateoVln vartine. But now they have the following subordination. They are centrally subordinate. Everything thnt ve consider to be centrally aubordlnate la In the hands of the Hiniater and Chief of the General Staff. This ia actually the baala of ROK. But they are not called RGK now.

What la tha General Headquartera Resere*? There la nb^reesrvoi everythingrom tba General Headquarter*. Whan there vllleployment to front*, for operational purpoaee, then the flat of PGK haa to be held directly. Bat la tha eaa* of battle readlneaa theae candidate* will renala la the reserve vhlch vlll be oaed to strengthen one or another atrateglcront or aray. SO there are installation* and unite that hare special aalta (SPET8 CHASXT) vlthln tbalr organisation. Thia exists and la la tha hands of the General Command, bat they ar* not Hated aa such. It la not said that yoa are serrlag ln RQK. Tou eerve la tha Army but your saalgnneat la anoh ln caae of battle readlneaa.

/4flTj Q: Tea, who are tbey anbordlnate to now? Si They are auborJ>nate: To the OKRUGs? 8t Ho, by territories. Thatary good question, what ia located ln thef ths OKRUG,arrison atandpolnt, ia aubordlaats to tbs Commander of the OKRUG. H* is responsible for the supply of food, uniforms, fuel, ate. to the garrison. But directive* regarding battle training, the closing down or reduction In *lao of the unite, came from the General Staff ln Moscow. (The Commander of ths Military District (OKRUO)) is re* pons lbor discipline, parades,nd tho garrlaon commander has to obey his orders.

UeJ fl: Bat the ooeundir (of tho Military Dlrtrlct)rderx battalion transferred or relieved, nor can h* criticize or anpsrviss training. Ho does not have th* right. He ia (la charge of) general adnlnlatratlre supervision, and concretely lt la ths Oensral Staff. These units exlet all over the Soviet Union, thoy ealet ln all Military Dlatrieto hut they era not Military Distrlot (units). They are centrally (aubordlnate). Military District commanders are given several brigade* for their division. They have to train then and be reaponslble for everything. The commander la reaponslble for order in tho ROK units but cannot comnand than. G: That's clear. Fin*.

Ol When did you flrat hear that ell aatellitse vould rockets? When waa ths decision made and by whoa? hia tea times. The decisionrte by tha_ Pre eaid turn of the Csntral Comnlttee of theogether with the politicalho often cone aeoretly without anything appearing la th* pre**BHXVKOT, KADOR orJIABOR. They fly in, are net and seen off, andnothing Tn th* press. when necessary thsy announcehe peed*-loving Warsaw Pact net!"


: Tbay, first of nil, have tolophons comnonications and ttJJRUSHCIirV can talk to than tonny. Representatives lit in the General Staff for coordination. If there is thechange In tbo situation, tho agent net reports politicalmerican or English troop novemente, etc. All thia ia reported at once. It la plotted on maps, aad chases are made. Intelligence information la fully coordinated. Intelligence operations are not run against theae countries but tbey teach them hov to ran operations against ths opposition. There are constant political consultations, etc. Thereeetlng and it vaa decided to give rocket veapona. So it is this way. here are roeketa, then there are bases vhere any kind of varhead can be attached. Ite aeparatedi it vaa decided thla way.

S: eard this about ten times. 0: At the courses? St NOT Today it la tvo yearsanpleted tbe course. aintain contact elth the courses. riendship with riLIPOVXCH, ha lives in the same house aa Valya. Ra is the chiefourse. He ie in chargeAK which la enbordlnnte to the general staff. The subordination exists because he receives orders to traineneral Staff offlcera. He aacepta them. But all this la coordinated throughormerlynov MOSKALENKO.

St VARENTSOV tells me this:ubject's firstm overworked." "Whnt'o the matter?" "New nntters!" Really, all the time, heayo In Moscow and then leaves by air in either one direction or the other. He draga BUZiNOVOV, where are you going?" "There! Sergey Sergeyevlch lo taking ne to Polandnov matters. We have to help our brothers who can do us dirtto teach then aad give then some things. It is an order fron our government!" ew fragmeata fron VARENTSOV,,and this one tells ne inubject's firata leaving for Hungary for two weeke". why? ev something or othor. Gt So in other words be vaa there already? St Yea. Thla year.

they forecast that by the eadSorry,

X heart! thla1 in the beginning, the preparation, Of course, began0 but not for all countries. ave this* J" eoneplace Germanythe GOB got thea first y the endollovihg Germany's-example, aet thea up in all tha other Peoples' Democracies. lear, s: We are giving roeketa to China alao, but they are making their own now, nccordlng to our specifications.



S: PinoDMl bn being trained nil thn tin*. Thnrn hadaculty for foreign at adorn ta at the thiornblaahly Act dewy. How it baa been ranored bee suae there are many secret things, aad there have been casee of arreata of th* offloor students inow aoaa Gorman* war* arrested, sows Hungarians,oov on* Pols vas arrested. The faculty vaa noved te tha Higher Toron-esh School at Toroaesh. Thia la in connection with artillery. Tha Combined Arms part at Trunxo Academy baa remained there. Offlcera from all type* "of, artillery, eto.all. 0: Ofchool for allf the' military, st Ton, they arrlv* aadonditions than' our offlcera. Th* governmant glvee them aa allowance, and here la tha Soviet Onion theyubsidy. They Hr* it ap. They go to restaurantaf they have glrla and havs money left over. Thia la Juat information. Thisary important matter, vhat elaeant to tall you? Everyone la promised (rocketa).


53. s: VARKHTROT visited all theDemonracleaKBrOA. He ohowed no photographa. There la' oae of him la field uniform, walking along fortIflostIons In Korea. Re baa theseav them. an steal one photograph from th* album and aend it to yeu, aa proof. VAJURTSOV was ln China aevaral times. Wheneverome her* they immediately giro hla tvo or three bigf tea. H* loves tea! Ha brews freah tea every time ha drinks lt and uses SO grama of tea esoh time. He driaka only


real tea. Ot Where did you put his up at homo? e vhen he vorked in Tbilisi aad Lvov. He dlept with ne. onderful double bed. Hy vife, nother and daughter alept la th* other roon. Tou knov,aveq. netera of area. nough for ne under th* present circumstances. Re ate at ny house, and KARZATILX visited n* at ny hon* vhsa he vas there. Hovaint to celsbrate eon*nvite hla vith his vife aad children.

: My daughter ataye vith them all tha time, edther at th* DACHA in Babushkino or at tbalr separate apartneat sex*to tb* PVO or the country,tho oae we will blov up. 0: (laughs), s: Because hla youngest daughter, Natasha, la th* aame age as Oalya. Ot Tee. Bi loun* for Natasha today, vbea hs cones from Chechoslovakia or someplace he brings eons thing for Oalya, ahoes or sonethlag. 0: That ia th* way it should be. Bt Thst is vhat our relations ars llks.

(SSJov to finishay be repeating myselflTLeonfIrm it. Xt won't do may barm. Thiairm order that the rockets behs end of this

all countries. Thia docs not mean that thare will ba large numbers, thst'a my feeling,an't aay how many. hink' that, of course, they won't ba given everything. To atart off thsy will definitely be givenl_definltely beoauae we have very large numbera of them and lt is proven. Whan ons knows ths H ocket then it is essy to go over to ths otbsrs, both larger and smallsr. The free rockets will dsfinltsly by given. Insnt to correct fiyself. Tba free rockets vill be given first, then ths guided ones.

fooy B: Personnel ia being trained veil and very Intensively ln the-rjountriee of the Pvoplee* Demooraclaa. Xn other words, 'the officers whom ve trained vlll tvach there vith the help of our Instructors and teachers vho go there3 years ss consultants. This la bslng dons vsry quickly.

Thereuestionsked and nevereplyARKNTSQV did not go to Albania,svs not heard that any of his artillery officers sent to Albania. Because Saver HOXHA turned sway fron us in ths prsssncs of KHRUSHCHEV, when ths whole clique nst, they said that aftsr TITO the next traitor, anand (subject can't remember word)oneh God, what's the matter! Ol Tou mean* lndepsndent communism? 81 Well one vho preachesoctrine ln hla ovn vsyMarxian, leninism. efornlat, no. 0: One vho apllta away? 8: Ho, ve are all around it but thereord for It. Oi evisionist, no? S: No. Dolores XBARRURI said that he la the aecond declared rightist scoundrel ln thiseviatlonlato. And he, HOKHa, behaved vary Independently there and he departod flrat. He left hla flratbort name, four lettera... Oi Why did he stay? Si Because Bnver wanted to leave. KHRUSHCHEV made the following decision so aa not to vreck relatione vith Bnver completely, because this would do harm. Q: Of course.

: He was told svsrything they wantsd to tell hla. Envarown and departed. They kept quiet, because the others support, snd ars ln ths Soviet Bloc. But Albania is only hangingair. Xtwants to proceed independently. Also It dose not want to Joint our bloc nor does it want to bs dictatad to by the Soviet Union. ow Bnver vanta to break avay. Despite ths fact thst Envsr is on bad terms with TITO, he has bad personal relatione; he hss taken his own path. Re Marxists, like KHRUSHCHEV think that parsons who take their own patha are rsvlslonlsts and are play ing into the hand of the Capitalist Bloc.

6gy GI ave several questions about Can they-be used on ships? Si awe not hoard. Why do you have lt used there? Gt on't know. Is It possible? 8: Why? Wo have coastal armament and we have coast defense troops as part of tho navy. They have there. Gt Of oourse,ifferent matter. St We don't have large units that have to bo protected.

Gi The headquarters will have or already have themertain extent? Bi For what? G: Whsrs there ard Urge etc. Si 0: Tes. 8! Be are in the hands of the commander of the PVO of the country and coramaridere ot the roar arena. In case of war it ie different; There are aeparate PVO unlta that have theae roeketa} they are oeparate unite. They can be aaalgned to the Milltnry Dlatrict vhere there la no PVO noneVO zona vill not be created. The military xone needs anti-nircraft protection. It vill be given,.forivision or two reglmente. G: nderatand.

tl.l Ot How about in Oermnnydo they have them to protectopa? 8: Oermany waa the firet country to get roeketa. G: For their own Tor their own use, for thet hey have then. S: on't know, can't be that. ave oard that the Germane of tho GDR are.anti-Sovlot and cannot be eaaily penetrated. Ie it really that hard to find out thinga? hought that you know about tha rockets throughong time ago, through your agent net. Ot To oome degree only.

: Tou ehould pose thia questionthere are..four , o$ rocketbrigadea, two stockpiles (of nuclear warheads). Two of tho rocket brlgadea are to receive atomic warheads when> They are trained for thla. 0: nderatand. St That'ahe 6th ADD Brigade le there under Colonelt Areound aroundt They are deployed there, yea. Moseov ia vary veil protected. It's the Moscow zone. Ol Bare they standard artillery and roeketa all tied in with fighter Interceptor aircraft? 8: fee, thay are all tied In together.

How thla la lntereatlng. When VAREWTSOV aald thnt there,hortage of electronic equipment... 81 And that the electronic equipment la bad. He said ao directly. G: Did he ever complain that thereack of aoourate geodetic mapa? This is from tbe standpoint that extremely accurate maps aro neceaaary. Si We mentioned thla. He never aald that tbeie are no maps. There are mapaany scale. The geodetic tle-ln at aeparate Installations (DZLAKH) is not .dona on mapa butiven plane table (DANNOM PLAN3HETE), There are apecial geodetic

units (CHABTI) which make ready the goedctlo properatlone in threadayaoeketa. 0: Ten. a: t nlao aald how long it tokenft bout tbe sue. This ia considered to be extremely bad!

8: But tbe natter ie not in the maps, tha natter ia in the^tralnlng of the cadree who could do it feat, and the aatter la in the branching out of tbo trlangulatlon not. Trlingulntlon has to be tighter, ndre polnta that hare been calculated down to the laet secondhould be created. Thle trlangulatlon! as Too. 81 In eome directions there aro many trlangulatlonolnta, and In others thors ars none. Where there aro trlangulatlon points lt Is wary snsy to tie up the plane table (PLAKSRST) and tho location of tho rocket, to aim it at the target. Here where there is no trlangulatlon we don't have any order and they check, and reeheck, (CHERUTUT8TA). They establish an agreed upon trlangulatlon net, check it and reeheck (CHEKUTUTSYA) for dayo, day and night Vlthout aleeplng. 01 nderstand.

a: There waaase, llaten to thla, almostconcerning thla. Last year,here were big maneuvers In the Transcaucaalan Military District, aext to the Turkishhe training was under tbo supervision of "the" Minister (of Defense). KHRUSHCHEV cane there (to observe). In connection with the visit they had traialng. They fired roeketaTurkoetan Impact area (PRIEMRATA) likeKapustin Tar. CHUlKOT, who waa appointed already, waa in charge of everything and had to report to the Mlnlater vhen everything waa ready. The Mlnioter waa to report to the Commander-in-Chief, Marshal KHRUSHCHEV (laughs). MALIHOTBEIT says, "Comrades, narwhals, generals, and offloors! ressnt to you the Commander-ln-Chlef of tho Armed Forces ofR, Comrade KHRUSHCHEV." l0Dii(.KjR All laugh), at He (KHRUSHCHEV) nods his head nnd steps forward^

It la awful, all the Rusaian peopls duffer from this. Whenfljook atay thoy are lied to, auppreseedj they have not aeen anything good and de not oee anything. They wait all the tine. That'e tha Waiting Doctrine thnt haa beea developed nov. It'a great! Walt! (Laugh) Die and othera will wait. WellVAFERTBOV told ne thla la detail. Please remember thief ltery characterlatic noment. VARENTSOV became very niffod at CHUIKOV, He called hin an impolite scoundrel vbo need abualre language, the SY4LOCR!

)a: So the Mlnlater and KHRUSHCHEV are about to arrive. Everything la readyj the troopa are deployed. Everything is ready except theae polnta (trlangulatlon) don't exlet. It can't be said



everything la ready to tlx* at any tla*. Thar* la aa Inspection commission to check this. It la not the object Just to fire. The object Is to train the troops. They aald to hla. "Are you going to lnpreee?* CTUIKOV la nervous. Aa long aa they are auch monkeya, they can't aanage to do lt. Why drag It out for ao long? They tle_lt in too long and when they, (team of Ground Toroe Artillery) report th* coordinates, CHUXKOV check* them through hla people. Are they accurate? Who will take the responsibility for Inaccurate coordinates? Tha aame thing will happen la wartime? They would be court mar tla led and dlsmiaaed from the Party.aughs).

s: Everyone ia sitting and waiting. The Generalethey waltksjtd'csmaBd. CHUXKOV call* KARIAVILI, VARKRTSOV* Chief of

Staff. "Well, Colonel general! Are the coordinatesNo, Comrade marshal. Thia and that la etlllare ln yourould bare provided VARENTSOV than entered. "But anybe.arshal,us if the coordinate* ars ready or not?" VARENTSOVknow, Maf tha Soviet Union, coordinates are not pro- (aa fast) as

that he was nervous. ut aomething on ths table, turned around and left without requesting permission to leave. Onearshal of the USSR, thearshalranch of the armed forces. CHUXKOV la the important person. KHRUSHCHEV might call him hie right-hand man. CHUIKOV la the closer to KHRUSHCHEV, can approach him easier, and circulates oloser to him than VARENTSOV vho la called up only when he la needed. And VARENTSOV said,eplied to him! Comrade Marshal of the Soviet Union! Coordinates are not produced aa faat aa you make pancakes". He fixed him with thia and left, (all laugh)

a: ot of effort ia going into this now. What la theear and rabbit can be taught to playrum and strike matches, but that isn't the matter. The fact la that the matter with trlangulatlon is bad, aad therefore they mustot of time. So, as farnderstand it, an adoptednet la formed. It Is accurate, but requires more time for complete readiness and complete calculations. More than one point has to be tied lo. Many launching platforms have to b* tied in. This ia-th* vhole trouble.

Is: Lot me again repeat my analysis of rocketsfree rockets^/There are large lateral deviation* at long ranges. They atill can't reduce thisinimum. In wartime they want to compen*ate for thiahe use of atomic warheads,reater destructive srea will result dueore extensive

detonation. Oaodatlo preparation for thaa* rookata la mill tba obstacle. They aro preparing cadres, Improving elnlng devicesave you, eallaators, rarlooai compasses (BUBSOLT) etc. They are trying to perfect this geodetic work. This historic erent did take plaee"One does not do thle like you make pancakes" and ho left.

flij ateery eplteful person. He probably will not be/awarded (tb* Order of Lonln). He wants to get it wsry badly, not because hethers already. Ha also has tha Hero of tb* Soviet Union; h* has aaay orders. But (He wants it for) the aa ath birthday celebrationa top artillery nan but he haa poor relations withyon*. Iveryone crltlclzs* hla] they did aot giro hla an Order. Inetead he waatedatch engraved with hie nans, but this la not the What doe* he need th* watch for? Ha ban ton already. But to gst an Orderthat la what would have been significant.






Oi How tell n* hov are th* rocketa transported? Xa air uaed or is lt all over read*7 si It In aa follows. old you how nany axles per recast load. That'a vorkod out using these tralloroleo the number of rocketa per railroad OB-r. Railroad loading has bean worksd out. There ara separate sub-nssembllea la crates whloh cone to the assembly center. Then thsy are noun ted. They hare transported fro* rocketa_by air during trala-IngX knov thiarockets' Ilk*BUH, in unaaaenbladhere la aoystem (by airo not think thisroblem. If necessary they oan b* transported by air. If it la possible to transport tanks by air it shoold be possible to transport rocketa. Light tanks ara transported easily.

01 Tou knov thU place, Mytishchi? Ia ths Central Artillery Deelgn Roroau located thsre?S: fto, efinitely know vhere th* Central Artillery Design (RA3CHETA) la locatedad arrangedortion to ba employed there. It vas la th* baad of VARBRTSOVi aov lt ia ln tba haade ot acskalenko. It la oa Kboroahowakoye Bhosse opposite th* Agaaderaherakogo Cemetery. laced tha eon of your frlsnd BKRDRNRIKOV, who was ny direction chief (KACHALRIK HAP-RAYLRHITA) there. rranged things for so aaay people. Maybe that lan still la then. It bslpsi

puts Igri supporting brick. This BKREeTKHIKOV came to no...

01 Is VORONOV in chargo of this? 81 What Chief| heonsultant to tbe Minister, srning thla7 Si eneral consultant. Chief Marshal

Of Artillery VOROJfOT. Bat YOROROY lu not rede the COnUndfrstrategic or ground rocket troop*. HeonsultantMlnloter. O: TOROHOV. 8: YORONUV, Chief Merehe1owmaadOr of artillery at Stalingrad. Oi o leto... 8: MALINOVSKIY and/the Consultative Group.

Tour friend SHALIN is in this group also. All important retired Oonerala are ln tho Consaltatlre Group. But SHALIH is aging ill. but heeaber of tbe group.

01 Waseneral BRDXHKO In GRU? S: Ofeneral lieutenant. Qt le he atlll there? 81 FEDTKko ie aa old intelligence aaa. He to one of the ohl*fa of strategic He ran deputy chief of tbe Directorate hut be wan never the chief. He was la Germanyhile. Oi le be la Moscow now? Si DRHKO la in Moscow bat not in our Directorate (Strstsglc). Gi It's atrange that he Is not In yours. Si He la aomewhereconcerned with aclentlfic nattera. ill find out for you. He "ia not on the higher ataff of the GRU.

Si There are two deputies, MAHSUROV and ROGOY. Ol Of course. Iaeneral FRDOROV there? 81 Tee, he works forMajor General FKDOROV. Q: With whoa la he connected? In vhloh directorate? 81 hink he la doing eon*thing lah Directorate. O: Too aeaa tb* Directorate of oountrlee ofemocracies? Si Yea.

S: General of the Army TOLBHBV la alire, the former Commander of tbe Military District of Moscow. He la aleo connected vithh Directorate. G: He is not ln retirement yet? Ri Ho. He still works. ee him at the barber shop which aerven generale and us. He does not hare to wait In line aa ve do.

(All laugh)

Gi Do the troopa have meana by which they will be able to determine when they are attacked by chemical,esas? S: Thatood question. Bore la the answer. All

ill .send yoa the any organization of theVlyPhOPes.ill sendist of the Oeasral Staff. There^nWthe names are lasted alphabstioaTly with tvo telephone numb*rn. Thar* ar* tvo avitchboardath*igit on* (troy-CHATKA) and th* four digit one. ill glr* you this llatj it la printed. Th* ranks and positions are not included. Kxanplet room ofKOHEV, It is very easy to get



to i

rT6 1

haa tha taak of finding out about tho enemy'a ioten-tlona tohemical or Bacteriological attack. The teak la given to everyone otartlng froa military intelllgenoe, and we have tha taak froa tbo operational atrategic atandpoint. Tbe flrat, priority la rooketojernia try and bacteriology. Gt Ike tho troopa nave anyone attached to thorn for thia purpome? 8t The troopa have cadre* that are trained. epeatat the aeadevice, lnetltutea and military achooia tbey have the taak of teaching tba troopa the typee of attack, protection procedures, and hov tochemical intelligence. Ot Tea, tbat la clear. St TbeaH ta part of the Chemical cor pa? St Too, eaaotly.

t What are theae aoorot military addroenee? Cxaaplai tc. What do thoy mean? St Thla number la not naalgaod to any one unit. Itllltary RATON. The addreaa will first readnd then thereoetnl box number (POCHTOTIT TA3CBK)ormer Field unit number (POLS-TATA POCRTA). Field Unit Ranterartime ternj aov lt la ealled poetal box number or Military Unit numberOYS kqv ATAoa the RAYON, in vhieh noma alx units may be Included. They knov thnt lt should bo aent to thia aector,arrison. Itery general, or prearranged numerical indicator. There thoy hareh. aad for aeeret civilian lnatallatloaa which are nllltary material producers lt la called Post Box (P. Ta,FOCimrTITo military unit even. fa. oet Box la aa indicatorefenseecret solentifioivilian aviation pleat, eta. P, Ta.! h.ilitary unit. BYAYA POCRTAern need on the frontthe war. Xt la no longer used.


J 0t Do yen know what the oxaot numbers are vhich ere assigned to specific defense installations? Si Toptics, physics, etc? 0: Exactly. 81 leave, available to no, very nany post boxes. Specialleta fron aoorot enterprlaee come to ua at tba 0MTK, and whenrite np their personnel files aa write poet box so.and no. Wo don't write tha name of tbo enterprise. 01 In the Committee? St Iu the Commit tea. ill give It to you. O: We will thank you for that. St Theae apeclallata who come to you, tboecata... There are many secret enterprises connected with else eonice, exact nechanleal thinga. ave the name froa peat box ao and oo, address so and eo. lll send yoa sons with nomee and addressesof the ones coning to you,

Are the Field Poet Numbers In special blocks of nuaheW? Are they all five digit numbera'ertain

thing, etc.? s: All military unit numbers srs five digit. Thsy

la blocks. For example, ths Military Diplomatic Academy That's tbo way thoy writs. goes to your relative, Mr. Georgiy, to. They are not grouped in any way. Military units are groupedarrlaon and every unit haa its block. Bi For example,ho rooket troops' military unita

8! KHLOPOVif ve take him aa an exampleia vlthln the Oity limits, but on ths outskirts. There are not other battalions or divisions nearby that vould be under KHLOPOV'e command. They are all subordinate to the commandant of Moscow, vho Just got promotedieutenant general ig, tall foolarge forehead. He vaa a* division commander at Roatov-on-the-Don. His first deputy in VEKE8HCHKNK0 who waa the deputy chief of my course (class) at the Military Diplomatic Academy. General KHLKBOV was the Chief of the course. Colonel VERE8HCHENK0 was the deputy and had me running around for four years. Later somsthing happened. He waa kicked out of Strategic Intelligence completely and he vas able to get the position of Deputy Commandant of the city of Koecov. Ho still has this position. ee him often. His vifo died from cancer recently. He has two children.

Gt Have you ever seen or heard radio sets named BERYUZA or KRjyjHYY? Do you know anythinghem? St Ho. ThereREMNYY,ave not heard about the first one you mentioned.

: Are there numbere like, let'so mean artillery,lll bo the engineers, etc? SI Yes. Gt What is the relationship? St on't knov. These group numbere are always given in this way. The numbers mean something. That's the way it vas developed. Here isan do. lll take several units of the artillerythe (VOYENNAYA CHAST) the field poet number and ve can find the key. There ioey in the number. Here pleaseln Intelligence we alwaya. There is an institute (fii.i) of yourY AN. There areon't remember. The zero indlcatea that it la an inatltutlonto the Second Chief Directorate, GRU. Gi Ahso therepeclflc ayatom. St Government cars alwayaero ln their number. eroour-digit number isovernment oar. There are not too many government cars. They are changing to Chaika cars now. All KGB, Ministers, various chiefstheir oara allero. SEROVwo zeros! But they ara four-digit nurabei

Ot The first on* Is BBRTITZA. 81 niro not hoard. It is BEATOZAn stoss. KREiMIType of quartz. O. So both nro stonos. Hon? Do you hjoe about it? It isot of soao kind. 8t ave not hoard. leit used in sanation? Ot It la used in general for radio tranaalsslon. Bt are not heard.


In Rrrrml,ete are need foranage* or aa Ara there any special nones which are need ee eorer ranee? wanted to transmit something and rather thenertain amber,nana like "on the *trlng*7onTon ewe these prearranged

irdleetore are always used, vet there Is no oyoten for thwlr use. Thej are alwaya used as cover nsnssMARS, tTJHA. STVfnBJl, etc. Thsy sr* always used, nothing can be celled by Its reel nsne. Vhere there Is, It neons rockets. rush for the rocket will haref iteparate piece.ghs)he air heater, vhlehctal hootentrifuge, sn eleetrle ventilator the wreber starts with. ccad nsny of the numbers storting with. Tou ean't say IwrnehlBg platfernl Ton eea't say thenir vareer for the rocket. They vlll take your Party card et once.augh*.)

Olheu we spoke about the eteade weapons you nentlonnil that there are BUUVllh PAOTOAKTIV8IIH VI-WWHKFrVA (combat radioactive eUbfltaneee). Are they need in she lie or in sons other ndssilei Are such mlenllos operational! e did not so into this because ve were act tenant thle. BVveTeT, they exist for use in battle. Thsy srs products of the deeonpoeltlen of ateade aubeteaces. Ct The, exactly. Bi It is ths effect after the explosiononb. This is all considered. V* consider thst the destruction ef an etonle bonb eoasieta of heat veree, shock vaves, flash wares, radiation, end then all the radiation by prodnoteradioactive dust that is cerr leda depending on the vlnd. If it is Carried in the direction of our troopa, they will he given the eorrvtad to put on the protective elotMog, etc. Oi The* isn't the question. That is nerval.

l[ Are there aubetanoes of thle type that ore deliveredi Thoy exist! Oi Then they eet tohole area. Ii it considered toeparate method! S: Ths. It is taken into eonslaerstioncreated sad planned. It Is sot eoasidered to be very effective, but ltujx>le*eratal nethod te poison on area, water, eta. s it ccnstdared to he very Important: id not mention this In ny notesnow about it.le put into special varheadaX mentioned two types of verheede yesterdayorenoons. Ttenre ore stockpilesmissiles (ehell or other) filled vith the subotonee. It con also be spreadpecial apparatus carried by planes, not only by warheads fired frwn tbe ground to eoateetlnate aa area. Tea, definitely there are BRV'o. (feiort break while tapes ere changed.)

egarding the signal hy phone, do this on Hoeday ret her than PurveyVhereo on Sunday! OhJ flo thet'o what yoa hers lahought you were doing this lo general. O, lt isay Later.


Bt Bb, oo! lll arrive In Mneeow oa Saturday9 houra. lllNO Minutes for fornelltlee, paesport, asying farewell to the delegation, ete. ave athere statingenber of the flelegation. Oi wouldn't lt be better If you did lt after you visited your office and rede euro thet everything van In order? ill go hone. Then, an hourlll leave end will call. Oi If thla ia convenient for you. Si Thia la oonrenlent fame,on't vent to go against your decisions. Ot But wouldn't lt be better if yououple of days in noeeov, vent to tha office end deterrdned that all vas in order? St So that la the vayyou vent it; Oi what do you thinkT Tou knov, fron tbe offlolal standpoint, lt is also nore reaamuring to know that all is veil. hould nail Iknvtay. Ci tBaat'ehought. aturday and Hondayaren't you interested to knovrr lied bene on Batttrday and that eery things have been properly concealed? (Laughs)f course. But reueuber that ve also want to knov hov everything le et -your office and that no one there hasany suspicions. Si Okay. Let ne call on Monday after vork. Ot That laeomiee If the signal ie received on MonELay that all is well lt la clear that everything vns in order on Saturday. ill not say anything on the pborn. iU Jurfc ring. Ot Tviee. Two aeries. ee, tvo eerlea. That'e all. If there are nany eerlee then eavthlng le vrong end you ehould look for en explanation. Oi Just so ve don'tin-up. If everything la okay on Monday, it nnons that everything vna okay on Saturday. Si Tha, that'e right. G: Thia vsy you vlll have the opportunity to visit the office. Si What dote la thts? Saturday la the 6th, ao it vlU he tha Oth. Oi Po on tbe 8th. Bi Cany. Gi At vhat tine vill it ba oonrenlent? Tn ths evening? B: TO call?ours? an call et any tine. Oi But you have to leave hone.

(tan stay Late nt vork. Cksdng (hone) fron vork, to the right rrm the office,huroho to pray. Opposite the ehurehublic hath (BAMTA)top to drink beer. hi public bath? Si In the publlo hath. Thereounter there. The puhlie bath ia opposite the ehureh, and thereuhlie phone right next to tba entranee. Further to the right la tha kiosk with beer end there aro the nana' and uoaen'e roona. (All laugh) Si To the rightead-end street (TOWX). There le never anyone there. pot fronan check surrelllance (KOtrrPOL'WATA VJCHKA). ike this street tbat leads fron tha public bath and ehureh. It la better to orient onneelf fron the ehnreh. tonkevicha leads directly to the Bwlkevskiy Mcexrwnt, the conservatory on Ul. Oertsaxa. There are eons very nice houses therenaadeiana/artlrte Lived there and bare el nee been buried. There ore plaques on these buildings, about four of thera. Therearden (rXJLTJSAlwrnr) in front and ths entranee is very dark.

if 12

tt Ib very easy to go that vey, atop ln the entrance, kles thle girl, end give her the mterlal. (All laugh) fit Maybe she won't he ehle ton tak. (AUlongh) ould do thle eo eh* vould not worry. (All laugh) Oi Oo aha would,not cell for helpf

f 9XT>e should think thle other thing over. Itery good Idea(the nsterlBl) over tbe fence Into the Anerlean Souse ground Ot That le,peelflo tine. St Definitely. Therearden. The dog can be taken out for walks there. It la easy. nce had the Idea of jumping over the fence. Ot It Is high. t's high, but It's possible .to cllnb over. Ot About four neters. St There i* one piece where it cen be ellrhed. Thereittle house there; one cen get on lt end Jump over.hy cllnb there? Bt It is territory where diplomatic Innunlty can ba claimed, fl: ThstimgeToue idea. Why? anted to. ented to climb there with nyad the material in my pocket, ott RHHlftlftlHKV woe going to the OK. hould hav* boon exposed and the rocket information that ves needed should not have been delayed in lying around for so long. Some sections of the material are tvo years old, from the beginning of the course. This vaa not written in one day, but during the whole course, tfe'll here to study herd. It's Hey 1st today. (All laugh) St Ve need vodka. To tho fame of RussiaI

Ot Vhat do you know about the latest tanks! Tor example, is thersnevhe beery tank? St It's good that you asked thisot of attention is paid to tanks. They ore built ia large numbere. VAWHtDOT Is eusslngj he doesn't believe in then eorapietaiy because although theyhnv* their advantages tacy arc clumsy. It is eery to knock then out. And this vhole armada of tanks een bacons scrap. BO la very unhappy that KHFVJS8EHE7 sad the Government administrators have been convinced by tbe Hint star, the Commander of the Armored Troope end th*_Bgh*et vdlitarr.ob she Scientific ono but the Military compound of ell the commanders of the various types of troops. Tanks srs built la large nunherai some jtonks. cat as carriers of launching platforms. Ot That io clear. St Ho. Hot only the launchingentioned, hut free roekets as veil. ot of KATTOaro, rockete are gmhrtod on tanks. ot of work Is being done on the tanks regarding theirreduction la weight and the^strengthening of the srmcr. This is the causeight vhleh is going on through our Ccrndtteegetting Information on tbe strength of nev Steele, etc*

i Tne nain deficiency of Soviet tanka ia eoneldered to bo tbaof tho armor. Tho wwmrf ability end spaed could ba improved by Just reducing the velsht. ot of noney la spent for tanks. There era no absolutely rodleal aov tanka. Thereonstant improvement of thjGfi and tanks yon mentioned front the standpoint of reducing tha velght of the armor end increasing the strength. Also lisp roving the engine and fuel quality. Formerly henry fuelsheavy, tmtreflned. ear they are devolopiag nev fuels. They era vorklng on thissn't giro you anydetalls.o there la nothing nevT Si There la nothing nev; ve studied them. Oi So the last one is the 5h. Si And alao the Js are also being improved.'. Oi And the floating mi, Bt TSS. Tou knov that they shoved an amphibious tank in the parade today. Ot There vestot Bt Tes, an amphibious one. Thoy vere ehovn in ths last parade alao. aa at the FmbsBsy today. Ot Tea, and that la all there 1st a- There aro no ahcolute aov light, medlua, or heavy tanks. There are no nev aodels or nev types of construction. They are improving the existing ones and produce large queatitlee of then. Oo thoy ere operational and are highly mobile. Theylg advantage fron the standpoint of flrepover and i'mvewpnt for the striking force.

Ot Are there large tracked vehieVea for personnel, fer', ete.t St They have everything. lll tell you. Ot Iters you heard of the self-rraelled unit,? l is the normal, small one. St Maybe. nov thla number) It does not neon anything to me. Self-propelled unlta using the tank ehaseta exist. There are special eocmaai tanka, mobile Enervation points. They have light protective veapona, short range venpone for close range combat, no ennnon or enythlng. It is equipped ea an CbnerTatlon Point; it has manyots of equipment, and la

useable in all directions,

o they have TV oa mailt Si rnfra-red teehnlquee are videlyanka. So they can operate et night? St they ean sea at night. Oi Do they hare ayrqeeople equipmentaval ahipl nderatand. For the.asaaaent in any mobile situation. It exists/ Ot This existe. tfierahlnskiy Aeedamyery large faculty vorklng en thle matter. The position of the gun Is stabilised, no matter vhat position the tnnk is in. This la very veil developed. Tha problem haa been solved. Oi Is It in all tha tanks? Bi Theent? Oi Infra-red. Bi Mo. It laped ally la these tnnk a, the ecemmnd points. These tanka are used as scouts. At night, they are sent far out and use tho infra-red rays. Ot And all the tanks have it? hera tanka tbat are to be used as eorsssnd potnta, epeclal tanka. ! S; But they don't have much fire pover.



In return, thsy ere covered by the fire power of ths other tanks. The Ti*-t eonnoixTers ait in theee tanks. Ot Do the combat tnnko here infra-red thst

vould enable then to operate at night also? ou see the infra-red equlpaent Is portable. If It la needed, it will be Installedank. Pot theee special tonka already hers it. ut in general they don't hare it. Tou ene^mred that eUarty. hink they don't here It and there is no reason to here lt.

tore yon heard worthing about the new acbilB dtfj^n: Tee. ew one,nwith the Gt Thisun. un? ae n'number ofs component. a; it prists. ew one? Si Onelroaared twenty-tvo mm Otnew improred type, ill tela, yeu what Is ljenrored. isited that tank park It Is outside Iteacow I'm trying to remenber" vhere that, chemical thing Isan't



renwmber. at Vhnt direction? t lem away. Ot Could lt be near FolMehnogorsk? o. nov flolneehnofeyrek. Gi Could it be Seneehno? 4 St Thereesh. Oi Tea, that's right. There Is en ialand there eleo. ea, there" is en island there. St Ths forcer range (Kxyrjow) la there end the highest combined arms courses ore givent Kraetly, combined eras with tsnka, ertlllery, etc. hey hare everything. on't know your terftodron location. Tou tellon't know any otheran't reeve*rr tho ehenleal center. ill find out. ill renmnoer. Ay t Do you want the nap? It will help. St Bars is lOibinkn. Ash ne questionsook. How about the tarns, new onesand the gun.

ov to finloh abouta_gun. ev turret (BaQHHTA)

1 haa anUc^ The turret is high in front and slopes down in back,1 cpehing where the barrel conest isenewhercd. Thejnwoil

this type are constantly going on. ooking at nap.

rreehaniao has been redesigned. It Isouble neehaalsmone above and one below. They were able to reduce the length of tbe recoil mechanism because of this. The recoil is now taken up hy the double aacheassa. IMprovsnents of


t The MlXItary-Cheedoal Aendmny la on TUtea Radio, Tats is theTnefc of VtflOdttUJV In Hoaeovi it remains as It was. It is vary large itot af ec^rXpnent. They here tanks there vith flame throvers. aw then In operation there. Ot Who ia la charge of fleam throwers, the anglneere? Ot Bo. The heed of the ehenleal troops is ia charge. The er^neers, ofrovide the eenlpment; there are special plants for thia. They worky elosnly. ragtanars are from Kuybyahev Academy In Hoecov. It la located

elcee to ths DserzMnakly Academy. ill ruiwidtui> this written down. uiik oil this information on our rqulpnont- Of comtoo there ore many ivnr Peerst ones then. It Is In ny workbook,ere nLlitary notes written down.

t Where is year workbook" in OhVT n ny seek. Oi Tbsy werei Ho. TMe to ny workbook on nllttery natters, strategic directlone, ete. There ere many Seoret things there for no. If it should he found it vould bs bed for ne. 0i Hi It la in ny desk. It is lookedere the key here vith ne, in Iondon. fit Don't lose it. Si Jnet oneidn't even leers lt at hone. Oi Ton would have te break even your desk'. r: The lockpecial onead installed like the ones usedleno. ook the other one out. The key laan shov It.

(looking at theon knov it la scan where to tbekn, but here details are not ahovn. Ot Hot PuahklnoT St HO. Oi It Is

to the northeast also. Oi Ho. Correct, here la rusbkino. Ithort word. One can go there liket By eleetrie train? St Too van go by eleetrie train, bat It does art go that far. ent there by ear. here the Main Veterinary Institute, snd there theyUltary-TateTlnery Faculty, even nov though we hardly have any heroes left In ths amy. They only use then for trensport la internal IKHOhS. If you go past this Veterinary Institute, to the left, la the Strategic TnteOUgeuee Institute vhere your /randan friend vartattyatj was the chief (ml). And this road goes straightarge mansion, and then gems Into the woodsj the range begins there. ill write this up. let's not waste thee. en't lwasiaber nov.

What eohools or eendenlee heve been closed these past At First, the Dear Serrloee Aeodeny vas elosed at Its baset wna transed?o. The faculties were scattered. Onegiven to the Leningrad Academy, othersthe Fruaxe Aeadsny. Avas created (PVO in Kalinin) and has been in operation for tvo yearsbeginning to prcducc cadre a. To start off, higher academic correal forvera established. Two cleasee graduated from the higher aemdenlethe FTO Academy Is subordinate to SrPTOLOV. The General Btaff Academy

in ths anna of VOROSKTJrK/ waa elosed. Theyaculty and placed it In the Frunze Academy. They consider thnt st oorablmsd arms center, tha Frttra* Academy, It la possible to tench an even higher level Qenerele end Division Cormnndnri. Thla formerly vaa done atcademy. HILCY Academy does not exist any nor*.


In Moving fart. When

J the Aegeananrd vith ny ovn ear.


ald here ve plan toao neny nor.. Thi.

1 fto trnmSm ot^on.


von lee^ITon ere arpporting,hen

^.Tv^v^our spin, there F" Thin ecu bnery anytkcrnelvev vlthcnt

he i.TXto over the radio. Be hee the .one cover etory en^hcrcM. Atom tine he eld nerve In theerorlS^Sr*he

W Sielled the Turk..

- ra* thle or notT If not, they ereI called directly

rl a*e too ooeythle reepeet, the'*wnhcv iuv*frieially. n. Put vhy drev

in eWvny, rerybe

Oi If by eheace then, oeh eelle orer thelBftear, a* had vre/leeeartnee. vith nrjVjV deepitend par. the ceereAlcnal fund. Later

BAraTJ nerved lntherjaeMhelelnthelOB Before he ve. appointed ProreeW, nnd nfter hie removal fron Turkey.

vaueH.' PmrW'" nfriend ofWne end Alao the one vhorv. picture? ^ it dovn, that

Sw^TL Turkey, and alao hie number, n, Thle la not lnportant. nd ao tmUTto OO and raid he needed nrmey uravntlyereon they had bought.

Tr* gave no ell his keys end hie eornunl eat loos channel,about th* dee*It of the (Vraerel end all the.

affaire. as right ln doing thiol it raised nyot. cted from the etnndpolnt of tin Party, end honesty. It was absolutely right end proper, evennteredonflict vith the General, poke to hln he said, 'Get out of here you hehe in ems". Re often set ln ny office on the flrat floor vith ns and drank Vodka.

^lOflp 8: had trouble* vith STTlOV beeene* of failures in Turkey, and tVStatswis neklng trouble for him. noor In Syria endthe nf foreiepi carolga. Thio vas dene so os not to attract too much attention byoreign car. Foreign and Arwriesn earshole erovd (in rjpsR). it la eenee th* people evsy elairdag that they bov down to aaWwSWWJ acoogmdIahnente.ghe) Whenever therear at the Metropolentourirb, er an "nbeaeadcr,here lerowd. This is beole* the point. et bin (TER7IW) end he offered to giroide is the nev cor oad said. "Iheed nood. Bcv are your af fairer" aid nine vere not good either. Re said,are thleTOOV to deale dee* not vent to listen. Toueport to bin oad he is probably thinking ebowtH>V'a djnigMer". Re (SPflCV)nerrledelative,aughter,lee* er oonrthlng. In any ease,e related to KWRMKHRV In some vay, th- eesw a* the Chief MiterJV, /nv.iajrn. Gi That'* olear.

( lOftY/ Ri /rp.nDBBT visited yon end heomplete fool. The voTld of Jceinafctlats bate* hln becenre he emptied endook of all ofrJKCfspeeches la the USA apeeehec the* vere vrlttea by the central Coretltte*. For this he received th* UTCT5 prlno and vadal. Tt isHUG (vork). (Imgh) Ac soon os KKTfV.'nrmV Is crittcieed then the book can b* throvn out. (AlUoagh) Ss It vac printed In large numbers. It is so thick! It contained oil his apeeehec atts,hat he reed fron notes. All this Arr.RORpT ecenlled. Ton see. It pay* toould like to berelative

hla a> worked for TSARBTi he vaa

li no yeniUtvj naps? Si Tm. erw then ln ny possessionlga Tor them. nter the situation or they give ne situation nope thnt

are all printed shoving the Tront nllitary cperirtlcna. nter ear ovn notes, fl* Can yon jrrt one of theeeT an only photograph it. Every sheet Is eeeomrtcd Tor. have (roi. fli ould he eepeelally ntee If you could photograph one. 8i re very good. They show Moscow end everything. Ot Arri all the regions of hoceow that sr* needed. Bi The nepa are new and all that. Oi Wo ore interested in then not heeeuse they are map* of the Soviet Union, hut baenuee of neeiffeayh* seale ond particularly new geodetic calculationsHi They have very strict weeoieitln* of all eheets. They ore countediers, when they ere Issued end returned. ersonheet one*. It was really not loot out destroyed, like theold you eboutth* one that vae destroyed by an Internal enemy'. Thereribunal| there was an order from the Amy. ft lo very difficult with theee nape, now about photographing with th* Minor? Pill It con* out well* St Ro, thst won't do too veil because there ere scale* thr* n* ro lt has to be en thexns. Oi Ton can't help thct beeense the rllnoxery snail frane after allj it has to be enlarged.

/ w Ht ent to oak you this, tt Is very Important. etails ore all written in leneytnnd. The paper is rolled upub-. (All laughing) ill type It upot of Infciwuitlon about then In ny hand. f couree. Si Thenive thia pnpar as It is orhotograph it with the WnoxTold It up Ilk* this? hink it's not neeeeoery to photograph It.

Tost Oi If you em gtva tt to WTHKr... pi it will bo in VTRRR'e package with oil the dociTiente. There villeperat* package with Top Peers! dceunente, end the other with rntarlala that are fornly. It B* will go directly to the Irflsnsoy. Pi That will be fine. on't pantograph lt. fl; Ho, don't, ni it crma to the em* thing. He should only use the eremrn when he cen't write. he Rlnax should only bo used when you can'tiI see. Oi Tor enythirw else, aaaajaanl or typedhichever is eairlerine.

ny. How, this tftakere to flnlth worries no end inter*sta ne. TfiTS Information is ln the field of thingsn oiuyooed to know about. Row,ive ell thio dots to yeu, it vlll heasy that yeu sen find then tomorrow. Yon won't touch then? Oi BO, ve won't touch then. Absolutely! Pi now ebout tho en* in Ceylon' fli Va will walk until you er* ia complete safety and you tell ue to rot. Pi If cnythlng happen* It will lmtdlately be


reported . lie is In direct content with OJoXiWD. Tou know Colomli Thi. Let's put It unito won't do nnytMng without your agracFent. St But nyIs to make hin Tbat In ny debt, fli Ths, of oourno. Gt Bat lt will beOP STCTBT end TOPenniseien wLU be created to Investigate who had access ta aba agent, Hy signature lo there, erery place! Qt We won't do anytMng tsattl you tell ua. f you ean do It ia eono way to neutralise htau hehildren, fli v, we will welt. It doesn't pay. Let Ma stay. Si But ne provide* epeelal lnforretion. fli Fo let hin. Ton ere valuable alao. Vhy should ve endnntfer your life. TTr Tbat la not neeeeeery. nd hov about killing hla] run hin ovorarl fli Ow cm overdo it vith this natter. Why Mil hla? fli Wry not! Por the cause! Ot There ere humanitarian considerations, fit Tkantirdtnrlnn fa^eliags should be put aside. rJBWiUClOT does net take this into oonrlAeTRtlon. Oi Of coorwenow. Sto ny request le that if you do lt, then do lt inaaner thnt it appears to be ra accident, flivoa't do anything-. m> won't do anything like Mast beoauae it le ennanrous. Si Anyway, keep this La adrrl.

etecently, who ie turned fron Ceylon. retinaxrdered yesterday for kidney storesahed na to aat lt for PTAOTT. nJirwrw. stalled with aaj ha finished thevith ne and vas the Military Atteeha in Syria. How, ha Is Beadaroetlon In thelarectorate. ave tho order for the bottle of Rovatinix throimh ALTkwstrcy. ked Mn, "WeU, hov is everything'"? He said, "Tim, this one (Ceylon agent) le giving us IrrtanmrUon all ths tine and It ia being evmbnated very highly". Oi Let hin stay there.

hen your attaches go ehroed, vho toaches then tha nev things (tradecraft) thet thoy heve to knov for work? Forarson is abroad for tvoho keeps Mn lnfesTed on ths nev developments about which be needs to krvnrr Pi Through Letter* of laotreetlnB (nLA'JflTsIlJthey ell get instruetlooo. Ths Letters of instruction are written on separate Items, vith direction* thet after reeding, the letter should be flaetiiyed end tMe (destruction) input ladoewwnt. Thia is done. It Is sent on undeveloped film. Gi Tba.

CuSV* rt"wt thntesting, of mtcleer veegcnw? The (rVndetbf-ere ehontlngeen th effect'iince Borerberhat do theyarranrnot mjeperwlon, or are they net inc. vith deceit? Si Of course they ere acting to deceive, in order to gain tine, ao that you will not BBrxy on enrmrimsnts and davelnp nev, nor* mraaneed, teehnteal theories and check then out. It's to their rrftrmntage. It's all deceit. Of enuresf


They cover vp with etrstegle rockets, sputniks. Oi So they themselves act but wnt to atop others. St Too, end la thia way slow flown the develepen-nt ofour^eonnel, eaperinente, conclusions, and eereloaoemta of these weapons, (pan**) r>ns thinking of this. Too will cot sorw roporto about his (rJW&lgjgTV'a) eeeelt. Cheeh then. Tou will beliereeported. Ta thes shouts, drinks anaot of noise. If you could say, "Bow shout this YJ3GXB? Vho Is ymxr Vho Is this? And this om? Sow did you discharge this one? Sbw ere you cutting flown the rnramta of funds fer this, thle end thtsl" Tou know everything! His mouth, will drop open! ^dvwe do tho fundo ro for the baby nurseries? If you care all this to the children, they would be covered with goldl"

Tou know howill on* ar* collected? The Army Is hug* and tKey-wA ntlovwrtees of the cadre* by one-half and nore. ubles for oeeorniloAaj all Colonels received this. They don't i pay forew. Begarfllngecrecy-ow they den'tentfor Oeerecy, *ren If you work with code*. Before penMonc were normallyofnd in sane eases W# for special servicea rendered. Row the ceiling0ew rubleo. Theyot of money, erson whoery dirty role Innd le hated by the rdlitcry,ORTSFVA. Che is the one who proposed this nnfl ZTFjRgY oupportefl her In this. Then srvEnsv became sick ond he we* ousted.

f Knarn*. Tb* officers were ready to kill ZTBHCT and TTOT3EVA or impale them on a

Fifty framesiln. Thnt'a

Ot Rmre you hetvrd of any nev thoughts regarding new otomic or ties? For *xoaple, laev deotria*? Ot Tactically, ths conventional roekets er* for sterdnrd ealeVaatlone. Tn using atonic ones, the effect cf the explosion le eomrerbert vith respect to the densities {Tumvynrrr) of attack, the parameter* of tbe ccnhet ores, th* vithdrevel of friendly troops, th* protection of eo^drennt, aentrallration of aa area. Theae era aU eoMbat eemelderntlea*. ea. hia ia all la the

e vill photograph it nov. good! That vill b*ages.

t Are there any npeclal new dereloprvrnto regarding tactical Oi Tcay-there are. here are,elao. TMs is veryf yon ean find Ittho nev battle tactics, the changes due to employment ef atomic veapona. ill get all thle for you, ta four days we will port. n only telling you that you will be getting all these ideas, their derelcwnts aad conclusions, photographed on filn. It's impossible in any other form.



Of course, vn >mder stand. rordae that tMs will be ene of the first tacks. TMs is readily srsilaVle to ne. ere to do is go inj take it) photograph it) return It, saying, 'Bus* you. en to loos;ouple of pages there." onalf-hour on tMe endsn photograph the whole book. The flln von't be developed. Ot Pine.

|Gt Tou mentioned tMs beforehat were the main polnta inletter fron the Central Ctvsxtttea concerning relations withThe rwiintnaln points Of conflicting views withheoreticaleven separate points. The letter wasand thi ok. The first was dleegreenent concerning the possibility of Ths Chinees, of course, nnVsneed tMs idea snd these 7interconnected dialectieally. Thoy ore not separetej you esn't saypoint can be changed but not another. If they would operate sa theywould not connect their stand to theother questions they would be Aad the Chinese ere clearly not fools! Bet tM* way the CMhave woae very souad ideas, like TTTO, vho haa Us own goodtho question of peeeefnl eo-eodstenee, the Chinese elain that it Peoeeful eo-extrtenea cen't last long, srding tMs,nd the Central Committee of the CP/OSSI are notnatter ef war. mevletleadernMp claims that war is notCMnaae sny that this does not mobilise the vorklng masses, thepeoples, not only in our eewntrlea but alao ia tbe eoratrles that aroua some day. On the contrary, tMs lanves them cold. That Is the If youan get this letter, in the form oftheVdgr but separate points, becmwe it la very long.eirs. There are so many theorieseople


o not tMnk he should spend nnoh time on that. Mnk this le mrted olreedy. It is raieh more inportant to get tho nllltary materials, the manuals,tc. Bi Alrlmht, you give ma the priorities. Tou can't grab everything vith one hand. Ot Ofnot. St So the CMneee seid that Vhenants to prove that war oen be completely Braided, ha lo eonpletely wrong. TMe cannot be dene because the Capitalist aystan exists with it* own Interests, pevaTful amy, neen* of at task, ete. Therefore, what enWsVns* says he dues not believe himself. If tMs vould only bear en ths Interests of KHRlFnTTCT? end Ms snail group, it would be en* thing. Patheoretical statementoundation only cool* the noseee and the peoples vho should be infliwfnoefl oppositely. They should ba mobilisedar vith Cepitollsn. Thet is ths point that they made. Ae you see, these Idea* eovor sono of the seven ostcgorlcw whoa thoy are seporated, but they ere all presented tonmther. TMe is in mrnvrrnlsn photoareph thee* separnto


points; they ere printed In larjpi type, r you eon write, copy then. St It will tefce too lone to write. o* Juot the mln themes. on take the letter iron the Party Ccrrdtteaign forl But don't give too such deteil on thlt. Be spoke for hours there. There It n

Brest mass (of mterinl). hole volume. hole voluns.

Brat the Chinese spoke uphe oondeernation of the cult of CTVLTJf. This it in tho letter. Pirst, thoy dloeuteed It In ffcneml term, end then lo Act ail. They snld thet when speaking stent deeeaeed persons yeu should eny nice thinga or keep quiet. That't the Chinese attitude. The Chimes admit thet PTAJJB ted faults, but tbay any thet every political lender has then and despite ell ef his faults STsLTJf vas working toward victory in the end. Be mobilised ths messes) he put then under his command through the use of force, through the KOB,iece of bread, through fear. Beyrant. RJDMUtwy criticised (OTALTJl) for his neelove to point our directions. Bsuge globe in his off lee in ths Kremlin. Be spun lt sround end pointed out direct loos to his eommnndera. Ho pointed out directions but BTALTf? also vorked with map* thnt were prepared for blm by tbe 1st Operational Directorate ofnral Staff. JUPlUHHiW'T brought this up. KBtftBRTSKT said, "lb nsnegnd operationsou knov, thla wan Just ehildlsh! Ot Of

(HaSTy Si The Chinese listened and studied all this, then thoytfth JOSuJTBTJHrrv. flB TWW baa not gone to the Soviet Italon for several yeors now. KHHIR1EHKV vent (to Chine) only once. The Chinese sent to tha own sere all et the level of 2nd or 3rd ranking men in the QovesvjRsBJI even ttvjngh wpnr^nj?nrv is tnvtsidered to be the 1st enn, not only inFI but alao the other jple'a Denoerneles. Ba is considered to be the top nan,srnder-in-Chief. Bow OITECITO has been appointed, bin! still thle is vnder rjunrsiTTnn/'b control.

i Bow about tha personality cult end tha harmful effects vhieh theyto ths idea that the rank and file Crwtastlrtt, whe '< are not deeply IndoetrtnaUd with the (Conmsnist) theory, lost their faith In the Comcenlot rnrty whan they heard this matter about OTM.TH. Another person vho can think this out deeply and enn separate ene item fron snother without nixing then up willarty anuber la his views. But the rent-sad-fileforegro vhohotoeprnph of flTAIJHymbol (ef Conmmlma)when they found out about this, they tore everything up and he in this way destroyed their faith in the Communist Party. This Is the Chirmse analysis. It is ell aald very correctlyarty viewpoint. Listen, at ons timeanted to take the casket (STAIltl'a)

and bury It la er erst to the Kremlin well. Betalked out of It. old you this before, that vhen the Chlneri spoke et tbo last eeeelon (KHFOSFCWT) said, "Take hieogether vith the box". Theaetart eelhletorleal ln euoto*words. Sergey Ocigejeilch told aoald, -Take hla, together with th* box."

urther, the Chinaa* are rery eggrea*lr* la their pollalas eoneerrdrar tMs natteruture rer. In otherheir whole political theory hollo down to th* fact that aneeee hare to be eobllited. Soiree of the enemy shouldre loped to prepare then for war. KMWlKXEV'a peace-loving policy, lna caleulated to cloud orer tbe nluda of the peoplee of Anerloo^rngleaa aad other eountrlea. of course, the gcrereneati doa't heller*oad he know* this. Talc is tba battle forth* world. The Chinee* eee two sides to this. One old* is good, to wia tine to build up era*. Pot the other side is that the people* are cooling off aad tba rerolrtlooary type of hatred end spirit does not exist towards the Capltallstls countries. They analyse this rery deeply for theneelv**. mnajfCRKT end the Central Conalttee answer In th* latter.

a 1ltmtcwa taught ond what w* sr* told. That at th* present-stage, it's not necessary to analyse so flceply. Ta other words, JCHRunncgFT is exposing th* foot that he is righting for peace now ln order to win tine so es to lull Copttal Ion, Its goreranante aaa peoples to sleep through all nethods aad then dictate his own terns, gere It Is In rery general teres. Thereot of iBtereetlne: conclusions and*ot of interesting ideee. Thereepereteirection*sad thsy sr* all tied together and support ono another. Oi That's clear.

Bi Tbat'e the substance of the letter. There lcetut theee parte that coweroints of tba present Interpretation, war end the evaluation of war, ere lvpcrtant. The Chinese eay there haa toar. rornvsiCHEV ears there night notar, or there mightar at eons distant future tine. They (Chinese) cay war eon start ot any nonaot but Ifdmits tMs, what will happen to Mo peeee-lories Policy, it will go right under the cat's tal 11 fUM, Tee. hat's why he (rjrnreirffPTr) la backing out. Be says, "Why ars yoa exposing mT In foxglng up the bTBlns end you are beginning to remove it". That's the way it lo. TMs le tbe crux of tho matter.

i Bar* you seen eay Instance* where good latalllgenee material waa ebtaleed froa radio lntercepto or deciphering of coded assesses' Btav* eeen lt. There are such cases. Oi lbs. e do not peseeis your ecdeo. We don't knov all the keys but thor* srelike LkaTDET'e

if 12

at Tankwrer Proetd fa, which li BKBOV'e (QTRf). Oi Tee. Bt Hi la the ooa who trlea to decipher eveiytMng. Thar* aro amthesntlclans sitting th*r* aadneraer, repasts iteelf than theybunting tor th* key. hink they aooatlaee find th* key. Tea, of ecurse, tbey do. Ve don't got anything that la eenplate or thorough or exact through agenti, but radio laxereeptoot. Oi Iron vhieh countries do you find lt aaalaat to got thla laforaattonT vhat roeulta doevsT fli Radioro made la all eountrle*la England, Turkey, America, ate.wtmrerer ther* ar* radioo Intercept. Ton eaa't eomtrol It In any waypecial radio reoordiag atatloa la located la each Ffceaary. Oi Ofot. Si Th* channels ar* aondtered. Tact leal material lahat la data that la transmitted for official us*. Thi* tactleal material often la concealed by us* of cod* words, etc. IV* varyo decipher this.

ii when ciphers vera broken, vhich countries were they froa? Do you knowT fli Those Intelligence Points located la OKAUOS which er* adjacent to other eountrle* eonatantly Intercept aeeeeges. Tbay hare *pcclalyeelal radio gear. It la celledAT system. (Subject Been*SOBOOO. Ccemmnti There ar* two eueb Pmglamnta in the DDR under the darn.) Oi Vhat doe* it meant Bt TMssocial unitliatenleg eqolpment. Intercept equipment, by radio. They alao tap wire commorient lens whenever possible. Thla la allAT (OSHAS) Bysten. And our eipher/eode clerks that returnour abroad go to vork for There they don't loo* their Qualification or specialty and when necessary they eant abroad again. Qt Do you knov if tha Turkish code vas brokwnT Vhieh ones war* broken? St The only tactical material we had about Turkey cams through Interception of channels of tcamunlcation. Vs actually knew all the divisions and sM pea nt of rupplles to speclfle places. V* knov everythingi nonbere ere repeated, ltd*rightful thing. TMs la th* first aecurste tactical aource which la reliable aad tbts* ivport* go all th* way up to theaeyernment. Oi Tbat'* aleer.

. /Si Tn every country, la every HFP.irwrrcVRA, therere*eatstive ofachnleal Intelllmance. if tb* eeulpnent goes out or order then under the pitaseehMelan will be dlepstched from noreov at* vlll arrive, bringing parte. B* vill repair and turn up everything. They ar* Colon* la, Ccaaaml eat lorn* earlneera, and they really knov their business. ana*.fiii thl*I Thisrightful thing! But vhat can be done? Janmlng possibly, er acre logically, Invoke strict eomauMeatloaa sveurlty saesuresa directive to thi* effect under penaltyrial. Bring up this matter! FOialnat* tMe *oure* for tha Soviet Technical Intelvnee eerviee! Tbayot of test leal aateriel without agents. Don't give then anything. Too

ahould establish thn following AM Helpline. Regardings* codes, epeelol trenoaloolon mono ond oboro all when it lo not neeeteery, maintain cormo silence. Rend written reporte instead. TMoo fright ful_ tttt should be weakened.

What is tbo Control Bureau of Polltleal Inforowtlonl Ei The Central Bureau of Folltleal reformation exists bat Itirectorate,ureauDireotorete of Political information. It lo rtfenrdlaat*t The BTB7 o. AH theee fnreotorates that hare their own representatives abroad are mhordlnete to the Central Coonittee of tb* Party. They eolleet information, and thenpeelol bulletin, son* ballettssed claaelf lest Ion Indleetorj eoae ore blank. The red Indicator lo Top Ceeret. All Infarentloo on you fron Intereepte, ioferantion obtained ebout your pollelet clandestinely, ore all under red indleetor*. Of Speciallack Indicators also ctrror Secret setters but of leaoer Importance. They puBinm tble Trallettn of their own. The politicians study Ittbe Ideas, the views, etc. This Is the center where all political events ore evaluated. Rot economica, only political. Military matters ar* separate, nflerrtend.

ilo in charge of the Committee dealing with (persons) goirgSdnfbad? Is it KOI or the Central COnmittoaT Si ROB. Ot Set th* Central CcenlttceT Si One moment, ln the Oontrol Ceondtte* there lo Ccendeoion for Departures. Th* Coredaslon for Departureattached to th* Central Ccrralttee, but It Is staffed by the KTJB. They have the posit lone of Inst motors, and th* Instructor* ara snshsrs of the CSJCCtl of the Party. Colonels and Ocnerals alt there. Thn execution of orders fron this Caartlssloa for Departures falls oa th* Administrative trlmst and fron the Administrative to th* Rllitary Depertnent. Did you knew that th* Adninlstratlre Department is tbeejt*ent? Os Tee, yes. hey are oshened to soy thst thereilitary Deportment In the central Committee so It lo called thsortmnt ee though they were busy with paper, pane oad Inkadmiai strati rely -but lt Is actually military.

/ S: rjararar le In charge of the rmportmantj KTROBCV was there Before him. Re**he Is Deputy Chief ofikoley Waheylcrrien HTPOROT ins formerly the Chief of Ih* Directorate of tb* Hosee* Military District. orked for Mm as senior Instructor. Row he le Deputy Chief of the Aeadeoy. H* Uvea close to ma. Ha laood source. hrlstenad his eon. fli Ot So you soldered the KOB to the OenVraY ComrXtte* of th* CP/uSSR! St My God! It's kept eeerct thnt thor*omolBalan for Deportureo. ad to goould leave for Turkeyas eailed therees to lesrs for Pakletan, vtien they were ebeekflng on me. s* ready to go toold you

BUBSOvTB got the riea. nter dlaehersed. He me th- Bead instructor of the tvajertment of Military Mplewttc Service at the KOA. Bcv It has bean ineorpornted Into the Bcpm taant of Special TrniMngfhe heed ma General LliUTHls. tou know Mb. Of Tee. Si Tte Una

i Bo tMs Conrdsslon est at s. Tou ere eelled before it endI BlTen^fOraa'to fill oat. The ferns here the classification Top Secret vhen filled in. The first page readsiltlian of the Sovieton't betray ay trust,tc.," (Ml laugh) he second one (fern) *

ToT information. Ton complet* than and they are taken to the Instructor. The Instructor reads then and calls you up. "Well, Comrade (Subject's truee have greet hopes for you,varything to make the person feel be is is the highest organ of the Central Committee. An ordinary person briefs you. Of course, net TOROSHIIOVI (All laugh.) Si BVcrrune is given Instructions to reed.

t Vhat do the Instructions contain? They ere very Interesting Top Werenr^natrwrtlons. To uphold the honor, etc. TMs even is mentionedif you are travelingrain abroad, you should sitompartment vith others of th* tman rlthorna vith women, soan vould not sitomenapitalist country. (All laugh) St remand tMe fromenduetor. Order no circumstances should one travelompartment vith both scree, it continues tMs vsyt Don't drink too ranch)alk too much. Report any ease of provocation to the Ambassador, Counsellor or3enfling oa vho Is arellabi*. Don't take any Secret raterlnle with you! (All laugh) St Don't make eay notes, if notes sre made, than carry them with you all th* tlmei don't leer* them any place.

IjS^St Hereood case. It oca be written up in th* press. ive you ny pernlseien. let then think how ycu got it. Two month* ago weWrK Delegation to tbe Oerman Federal rnmaRtlle. An engineerngrod va* rent along, g* vas allghtly sick mentally. Re nede notes in an agent notebook like mine, g* vas not en Intelligence man| ha was aa engineer. Possibly be waseiver found out. We did not eeept Mm, possibly the WTB flid. ifc put th* notebook in th* pocket of Ms oseicout and forgot it in the car whan he got out. Sa got the overset* back but the notchook ve* mlanlng. PA became ao upeet that vfcen hla eomredea vent shopping he hanged himself. Be used tho cord of en electric Iron wMeh be attached to th* electric firture hook oa the ceiling. They hodortable iron to save money on preaalng. Ha used the eord fron thle iron. The body vas flown to teningred.

Oi He Wm Mtirat Si Tee. Re hanged hiaaalf. Reood wife and tw children, thoy aald tint ho voo nentolly unbalanced, ho took It too hard. Beool, of course. But ha did hang htneelf. Tho othera returned and found hln dead. It vaa tvo norths ago. Va vara all ealled tc<wtheri ltig affair.

Oi Thoy Aidant vaat to let TXWWB eoaa Baatvian fron Riga. TMb Is tho 2nd tine ha has ecno hero. Ba la aot snrrlsdi that's whyot vaat to let hla eons. But sloe* ba bed bean la England before, they did let hln go. id aot vaat say eheagea la th* delegation. It eould oheng* my vhole life. ald that heother sadoulderacofO. reepnnalhl llty. aa ln Ragland before sad did not defeat, why were they afraid this tins? atvian defeated son* plae* recently. St Do you knowatrlan defeated? idn't knov. Bt Wall aheekl atvian defected recently! Re waselegation end did not retina.

oandtte* or person who lo banning our defeetore IWRTTB and lU'IVW'IX? Are you familiar with this? Bi OfV faadllar. They era handled by th* FJTB. They ar* under their eoatrol, their protection, end they prorld* for then. ereoomlly reel that they want to return very nuch. (Lnughe) Oi Did you as* enythlngtheir questioning, ete? Bt Bo. Bl Bbv did they get there? What vaa the travel route? ney vere vetted IRAZRABOTARRT) beforehand. That'seard. Ot Tou Been here in th* USA? St Tea. fli Then they were given the cwrortunltyt Thoy war* Riven the opportunity, but they were vetted (nr developed)definitely, a; By whan? Do yoa know? on't know. Rot our*. Rot the Strategic Intelligence. Th* nelahboreeenree. St Tea. Definitely. m ve had nothing to do vltb this. tAfORIH toldubject's truee have nothing to do vith this natter, unfortunately. It wouldig plus. The nelghbore (grpj) eriauged it.

C"L) q'- ^we^ttat'on takes oil tm and your (ORU) reports and collnteV-tnem for final use by KfTmnrnrr or soneone else? fli The eyrten le simple and clear, very easily defined. All inportont telegrams go

opand than the Hlniatar reads then. All

tel-Erams fron the rjp| and fron our Chief Intelligencete ean go via thntop . Th* Reads of th* mreetornto* sign off if they go to ths top or If they should be held at son* level to the vorked on for Incorporation into further reporte. Pomealy go te tho Information Directorate. They route then. The signing off for u* Is don* by tVPCf on the inpcrtaat on**.

they then go to th* Mini iter. It may happen that th* RFZilAJfT, the KOB or our (TTO sen) will write i To COmrade STALIM, to Conrad* JQBTOSHCHETT, Cosvsde WLLWOTBOX, Coro-eda SCXfXJTTSXrr, th* Chief of the General Btaff. He write* to th* top, going over the heed of hla supervisor, we writ* everything to gPTKJV, but ve can addreaa lt directly to IPJJW7TSKTT. In that ease. It vlll definitely go to 8RRCY first.

ht Vho prepares everything so thnt it will beo the nlnisterlh* TeTegram is reed ln its originallso the signature(say fron ne). There were such telegrams) nry teJegrems were read, etc.such es information (telegrams). The original is reed. Then ell the materialulled together in th* Central Committeeay regarding Angle-Soviet relatione, for example. Then lt is given to the KID. if there are nany questionsote, an announcement is prepared- IB other words, everything ia pulled together at the top, ln tbe Central Oxualtt**. Th* Central Committee gives lt to the HID or to some other Ministry, depending on th* typo of information. There are some telefpraa* the* never go to the top. They are stopped at EKRfJV'a office or at the desks of the Heads of rdreetorotes. They give then to the notion party. ou neon administrative telegrams or those vhleh are sent if there ar* nev summaries, or additional data, vhleh lo to ha collatedew report! nderstand. The Military Atteeheearly report on the eomhat readiness of, let's say, the FngXlah oray. What new units exist, deployment, new technological developments, training If v* aav it or if our neighbors (KGB) gave ns this type of materiel. Ml these reports, sommrxleo, ere collated and given to the Minister in the ferneport. The reforest!on Directorate prepares tM*. Ot AndT hat's for the Minister of in-fees*. The Kg* does the same thlogthere. The rng also has an Information (Directorate). They also receive information and have to think it out and decide where it has to be sent. Ot That's clear.hat has to be incorporated into the general information? epeat, the Information cones In aa eehle* end then a* reports.

I'i3- Ht how that the questions are finished, let us show hln some photos. Ot Tou ertawered rery well. Tou ens we red an avful lot. ongratulate youl Beeeuse the questions ware not simple. It was difficult to enover them.n not prepared ofad preparedight hare been able to give nor* theoretical Information. Ot What wa are interested in finding out is what your general knowledge covers. One can't know everything that is happening In life. Hi It lo the dirty of an officer of th* general Staff toot. (All laugh) Maybe son* answers were not exact. Oi But you did

very well. Thu said when you did not knov something. This la natural. Tou're not en ooeyeLopsdL*. lll tell you thla. nly knev the ARBAT or the rkevdttee.nly rlsltsd the ARBAT or theould probably knov only about Otrwtegie Intellljenvw. TMe le nyes taught tMe. Oileer. Siide oirele of frienda. ant to find out sceetMngivenlways eaneither In snnrral or In detail. Oi That's why ve are trying to find out your field* of tawvledgeaMllty.

let. (Tba packets of phetoe were nov prepared for Subject to Bt Be la an offleer of the Strategic Intelligence, bb vorked La tbe Infornatioo Directorate. That's all. Ton didn't bring PAVLOV's photo? Oi Be is not in this set.

i TMs ons Is Strategle IntelUgenoe. It qloo. Ri Boow-rankingadio operator (RABIST) or something. Be has hopes for BooethinR higher.

lM. Me ons Is th* semenvrj. lgh-reaking one. Hi S: whet's Ms nanei nov Mn. Be Is stocky. Isas Mn running sround. Be is operational, not sa Lnforwntlon Directorate officer, write Bad Directorate, that'* undor KOBOTALOT.

Si Bo friends,ill find aoneene. eve not seen SoTOY yet. fOTOV in not here. Ot It's possible thet ho Is not there. hought that he would be there, but If you did not see it. Bt What *erie* ist Ji Italy. Oi Here V* net Mn. Baa offleer of the Strategic Intelligence. oung one. entered the Acananyaaon't renumber the year.

Rtadioode clerk> miqht be under eorer of courier-guard. Ve nerer state in th* passporter senod*e aay courier, guard, administrative vorker, ete.

fli TMs oneeighboring worker (roB). Ri

Bi TMe om is one ef ear Strategle IrdmLLlgene* officers. Rt Rh2.

Si TMs is one ofaval om. nov Mn. cO.

1 Rt TUB. hauffeur of the Otretegie Intelligence. Be was st the school/base undergoing treining.


orks for Colonel XTPMVmo, him wrv-r, aa officer. Ht TOjd. OiOftha Bam type aa tax other? St Ho. Aasaa officer, aa epemieusl vorker.

Si Sara yoa notedold youthat Lt. Col. rrEOSCY should ba raaarad. Tha miliary Attache In Iran shoald ba roerjvsd and bis frightening assistantery good nature*Jot. Ha is nndor eoraradhink. on't monaster.

Oi Hare yon heard of 'jRUttlUUTt oloael? oa't rseeaher. TATTUR' shouldeowed fron lateakml. sh has may eounectlons' there, len'kaice fallow. Ha should be reeored. eighborshould be renored beeense be operates well tn Istanbul. Bo haa lots of eonoectlona, awny friends, an omrrtlcoel worker, ease officer. Checkhis yourself. Don't forget to establish direct surveillance.

15o. fficer of Strategle Irriielligenoe. Hi BO. St I* thio is Sweden, there has toolonel baretbe one who gsre ae tha ereiunatloo after the 1st course. He le working with tbetudents now. Heilitary Attache. Hi Ta Swedes! a Sweden. Oi heyee yoa will find kin.e examined ae.. Re is ln cessans of thstudents bow. Thsy weresorryeft. My typist told ne. She sold, "They liked you so muoh . ode then um their brains well,as hueaa.

orgot to mat Ion about apai taenia. rangledpartaents for the stuAents fron RRJXJFOT. Bis wife diedas graduated. He is Redancrar. (All lough) Ot I'nssovar. Bt Bo, I'a aotont you. Tec areealthy person. Ton bare lots of bloodlike bronso. (Alle Is driven Be is rery stoekyj you srs hatter looking! anghs) ut lt la sot worthwhilehotographortrait.

aa across the street froa tha nala gate of thenssy: Thereouse vhlchlothing store and heim-dashery. ot of soap end underwear there. ould lock out the window. nabessy) so see If the polleeemn ealuted. When benew Itiplomat. new, almost from tbeaw htn. ould walk parallel te bin end think te myselfwhen he gets Into theill get in aim. ould tell syself, "Bo. Doa'tool. Hs nightoUeema." (All laugh) Si At enseer girlyellow eoekaellow hot. (All laugh) If you would clear thioould be easy heppy. (All laugh) She bad te report this, that there waa surmlllanee on her. Sheood-looking American girl, tall, good-looking'


Si Hl6. ercenturs (OBO). Tom roc, he mint have en mtelllg-uee connection,on't fence hie hy eight. Of ecuree, It'e the miitnry Attache's office (TOEaaTT APTARAT) bo he la an officer. on't remeeiher whet he looks like.

aw* anotherCB3TO. Be wont toolonel. Be hen always workedeporter, hot hetrategle Intelligence offleer. enior offleerthe waren. Bt worked at the Aendenyao in eorerorlouree. Beice, good-natnred fellow. Be waa very nice ta ne. ve drank end wont to partlcB together eererel tlntB. Be wa* ceiled out urgent ly, eat he went outASS eorrespemnent. t usedover. Everyone has eorer. They place either KMX or our officers, in the Blot a. Ve have people under eorer of. (CivilAGS, etc. TAhTRyRKD'a wife esse hone for an operation. She coiled ny wife and said, "Heod poet. There le nothing to est. It's frightening". Be is with Sekourw Towre. g, Thet't Oulnea.

lfil. fli Do you renenherthe none ErrrntflWT 81 Of ecuree. BA. Oi Be esne fron Oeretanyj ha wne In ratamganee. emember. Ot Be waa with you, then he left and wns Deputy Commander of tha city of Berlin, under the Gxrayrfrjrtboffieo. St Beenuiae offleer of the Strstegia rnteUleenee. hink he never left end la atlU working for na. eramter the name and hie free slightly. Ot Be vns fatj he liked torink. Bi That'e hin *OT-<tj_ba. xeetly.

l&h Pi Thla eneode elerkadio operator. Bi Hh9-Si Probablyode elerk,adio operator. Thlt one baa aoanthing to do vith OOBAR. Bs la st the Center studying radio teehMouee.

n not identifying meny people today, nowherecan an old Intelligence officer.

16k. nov BOCWCAHKT. Oi Do you knov hint Si Bv etudied vith tn at the eourse, In ths Pall Bov he is working for TOItTYALCT. Ba goes to fKrnnny, eheeks deed drupe, eta. Ba helps eatebllBh dead drops, earrleo money, etc. Write thiaBOOrjVJWV. Ba ith (of Subjeet'a HDA elass. Bt wears glnsaes.

St Cheek about Colonel PAHAJsWJRU. hb is acme kind of relative of TKRMOT's stepfather, the ear who defected in Oermany, or the one vho was ercptm-ed before he fled, SAUHWT. The ene who narrled the not hear of this. Si BAUWftTf, they say, waa esught before he oould flefect ant they shot hie. riend of CTTCT. The relatives don't know ttwwmwlves what happened.

worfcer.. idn't point then cut

LhL The little on* who ve^^see*:

e^^ Jff.'TliT augh.) St When ran sTi Bl

tWWfanyHfl*. ot ill cheek ssrereToiwi

ran iJL2'iaJS0^Ufprmtrumt Ms wmm^ only knev how rowTbssV7ts^

ts g, FapesiaUy sinee he^

to ins eon.ju. rnss is wry rsbs, vhen be^orksrenlsnoSjl M, lyx susses. Oi Tou see if. %ks .ene,SW, when you worn first brief-fl lRLE1BS nohought tbat you vere krlopot in disguis*.

ny ehsnee? St Write tMs flora. n>

h, Aeedwny.

rsiioved fee*. Tee, yes. St Re bsd sen* kind of trouble at

75V a 31 Be srWhvdmd in

gl11wnsnnw* They rant to tretTh^for"

duty .one piers .brood. Be vork*axob'. 2nd ia>eetorst*.

St oVt ressse^f0 ^ eUow' MW3Bugs fellow.

11 nt.lllesne* cffloer. T-1 ftonknow vhot Ms Jobhere. B> wight he stableon't know.

Bb. uJLt ms OTJOffIDlT 8.

so. is tfwri me eon eel nenecknoasT Qt on't knov.

Si Writeew nore of nrssss*i tdtt

BShlswlnA^l the 1st Wreetorstere-ennsred Mn.

Ri of lha

nth to


ea| thta on- ia rary in-

He la of tha tana gracing ela..

Thar* are alao illegal awnKBTWAo, that our legalot contact. Thay only provide eocey, radioppteg-intercept ecuipawntall that la mcdedthrough teed drops. The HB7.IDEHT of this network lo also illegal aad does aot oontset the legal network, lie hes hla own eenmunlcntlons eheanel to Moscow) or antation, nslng the radio given to hin. rorew Tort has direct cqrauni cation. Into ths offloe raort to ths ons oeeupled byDI/W. howed yon who worked there. Hov to rake absolutely clearhe IllegalIs eejaajaai, of either Aserlesn agent* or person, that w> sent la. But we ham not let then nak* contact. Ot These ars ths ones you ere talklne about whan you sey there are two In Now Turk and one in Washington? St Bo. tn Hew York there ere two. One Is the network using the OB as eoeerwhere KEUIKH was. Tbey here their agent* for eontaot. The other, oonplctely unknown, TTO11PJWKA la osrer eontaeted. They only get nonay fron us through deed drops. Fren the liners night not know eneh other. Oi nderstand. 81 The agent. In the Illegal meitwomjRA not only spy theaeelree but they aay bare their own deep oarer agent n. They only bsre eoiwsanl eat Ions with Hbeeter. That's ths kind of lt la. rote tbe otpachkorayanaj It neons the one which Is cut-off. Ot That's dear. There Is Just one or noraf It Just one.

Tp Oi There la no such TTOIOEBTUnA in Washington? Bi There ie none Thar*ery weak agent network in Vashlngton. They hare Halted cypoi tunitles. It is asdeup ef old agent.leftorerstrash. They are handled by our Case Officers fron the Strategicin the Office of tbe Military Attache in Washington, aad by 1st sat 2nd Secretaries, Attaches of the Pwbessy, ete.. Aa rabasey Attache sennR0 officer. Oi Tes. Bt Bow we hare settledouldn't, sleep quietlyI will start writing letter, about thia. Oi It le nil el ear. Bt So there is one in Washington! there are two in Sew Turk. Tbe Soviet Strategic tuteUlgenee has three HKUJRjrsjtfAs la Ansriea.

p St One of thea haa no eonaoetlons ia any way. Bo one sees thenon* will see than. There are no met lags, no control, assails, or anything. Honey is sent over and putead drop. IB eon* cases, it doesn't area go through thepl*. It is putead drop by *em treveller andr en illegal agent will pick it up. hink, personally, thnt the nstwork ia nade up ef illegals .eat in fron other countriesfron South Aneriea, Owraaay, any place. It le organized. All the agent* hare Veen pulled together. Tbay eontaet *ech other. They hare neons of radiooney aad otbar notarial* and valuables, needed to worknd they work. On* nayarber) another nayalderj th* 3rd la nllltary service. Oi That's clear.

t Do you knew what tha JQTB has there? Ot Ten see the Hm alsoMlSTHWAa. on't know what they here in Aneriea. Tbay alao bar* Ulagal nW.ILBJfPUHA* that are in eontaet With than and fulfill


(sorer) W'J.UBjrfUKAe,

but they ar* rtlreeted by una (neighbor) q. risers vho ere Inala, the Co.tnMUor, theil* Secretary, eone Trrerredstvo artployee, etc. Like HKLUC9. whetj,rrTT. title? rnployee of tbe Unitednef 0: That', clear.

bothers rn, end all of us. The

nprOFWTOW^hea direct rodlo conanMeatloM slth Hoocov. tbey herepowerfulpecialranced Ion tine-tabic. To Intercept thedatendm the location, esteh, snd shootThera ishink Itormoeod of Brrrv-Anarlean*. Is my opinion. an giro nyust glTS lt. the reasoning, la because enslcaxnisly there la nothing in Turkey, please listen to this again, oars fully. JI le going there. n-

nto an orsmnlxnUon.

ARRrarr sill be appointed, ab mil be financed and he vlll vork. tbey rill

. KilwmjhA lnare no raluable agents vbo'

ars Tursish, eto.. why le ffUDrg ^lrrj there? because the raphestfl Is on llleaslfl. rn placeshard to recruit rgants, thoy vlll send la agents and vlll operate using tbe illegal re an* to carry on their Intelligence vork. fli that'* elenr. 81 Let SODTR go there. Ton night uncover eonetMng. n> is going to Turkeylot vas obtnlned frcm KID (penes.)

rightful thing, tbe flexibility of the Tntelllgence ojgrau aat lorn Pnport tMs and sake your cm eonelusion*. affair with mm barkened on tho 1st of Kay. On th* 5th of May, there vaa an order to

^SJ?^. ^tST-icJ1Tlty- Itomy thntAnd drops vaa not

pleked up, tba hall vithf ra Ice* all of the .gents, if they getor stray evsy fron us, er if they are vithont noney or feel sbandorndTsuggested thet ve eontaet th* ons* that vere needed, but no.' TMsntelllssnee, hut the heU vith itl

mterglTsn. Again they started rsorgsnlslng

end carryln^on Intelligence. Nov the eupheaia is for Illegalefforts are expended to this end. any ancauit of aoney forMre, for radio Intelligence. Tbey ar* preparingtMmvtSrr* lm raon enythlng thet

ered. Drop by drop It, ofInfor-etion Tou knov tMs youraclrea. ftaapon thatdeveloped nod one wMeh ve should cut down. V* earn Walls* ant cutalmost rero the n> after of redio-eomwmleetions ohannal*. I'm surel^ discipline, etc.. w. ean acMere ouryou don't heuere that v*ot from tMs source, hovrove it nieaalet PleaseI can gireaeture. nasd personnel,existsrittngton and Nev

Thl"fV-mwjmleh haa ts> confused. Where ta Ma

photo? Ht lll find Mai. Si He la Cotras-Uor In rmiht now. Row aur CoiiriaeUora arm there hetwo, three? Give ne the nanslll reeowrlae It. Itood Hursisa -

ell oalenei. g, S| An experiencedirmjwted fron tbe Academy before en. Releon OTO nan. aot ROB. Re lo either en Artillery or Tank erfleer, not Infantry.

.pgoft ee many from Fekletan. now all the ingle eae of then. on give yon their eltaseo end pseudoa, and yon don't give their photos to no. Either you

* w know alreadygood! (AU lnugh.) Bt Offleer of the Strategic rnteUlgenee. Ht b.

. 1 BJrre he le.' Ht Bt Bore ia Colonel rracRCT. Ba -

cradturted with ne from the Academy "Jo wifelrat hus-haM) he lo her eaeond hnebend. she bed cancer ln her left breaet and it waai nhefolate". They here two Children. Sa worked In OAS forTAKOTIJCV. e came to va at the Aeademy fron OAU. no vaa In wagon*, ft VM not too successful here (in Knglnnd). He did not reemlt rnyone when ha had operational requirements. Row he la Kllltary Attache lncountry la that? Hi Ifallnnd. Rt In HollandMilitary Attache. Bb la not tM rcs.irrrrreoueultaat. Vrite tMs. Renadlaat* for Technical rcleneesi he got lt at OAU. Baoal, crafty fellow. Ba

*i!, s aot tho RraDFRTt by lav, he Is deflMtely notnrf. SO natter what. If ha Is Kllltarye Is not the FrruffTTP Ba is eonenltaat to the RRZItnnn- because he Is smarter than the otters. Penore Mm fron there.

together vjs^ /ealot'Qrt- H* . St Tou aee how they are

. 5 Ultery pry.innmrRA

foUovlng teak. lU give you thehere la aagent net le en corwmrrvatton. Thereadio operator with everythingare two brotJwrra In tha agent network. What contaet do they ham withOfficers? They get money? we feed end support thent we cheek tbalrto peration. Mr. RRTTO

^ Everythingeehed In sine boxea

that ere soldered and are air tight.

. JW; * e^ronklng worker. Bt s: Technical, ^er^ rergyry went with then la aboutReyev leh who was In my claee, ave not found htm yet.

JJ*' S' .Chm5^fr- H. Bt TMe la my code elerk. >he roe In Turkey vith neode

clerk until tha beginning Re was formerly in rjfjajn. Veg

orrwz Inug* carter In CM in, Baikal. At the center,ns Buying froodbre and asking TAPCPOThould bringable arrived in vhleh BvZOffOT asked the* he heron ladle. Bis older eon bee to attend school, or he none not like it there. nov Ma end Ma vife. aeery ealn felloe, vho doe* Ms vork 0t What is Me rsnkt 0, Captain, Re na Seniorov heaptain. as there,coded telegram arrivedthat ha he transferred. The net tar la being looked Into nov. Ss vlll be replaced. RTTZCIwTy, code alerk, experienced, aa old band.

Si Senior Asrtatent of ths Kllltary Attache, Ri n. Si Re grednated fron the Acedeny with an. Lt. Col. ia tho Technical Tronpa. Re voa abroad before. Soanior Aaaietaat to the Ocaeral. Re vent to Xhdla, elrea Septeanhrr. What ia tba first letter of Ma anoaf Ji Alekanodr. Si RO. The last nam. Hsy colleaguetbe flratetter! Jt St. Bt ond7 on't rcnesber. Ji 61 aTJRTAKDTl RO, no. St hink. St KOTT'Xi'VaaTJ Thst'a right) he graduated vith ne R* ves abroad before. TMs lc Ms seeeod tour abroad. Be vas as Senior Assistant to the Kllltary Attache. R* vorked ln the Information Directorate before Ma departure. Rslean officer of tho Strategic Tntelligaeieo. RlTSWaTSCIT.

Si orker of the Strategic Intel Horace. Ri lh.

ly?. 81 It vould he aloe If Cerarral of the Amy, SeTROY. vould com la nov. By the vey, SSVjvot vhen he vas apmlntedositionover rank. Relntater of SOS and nov hehief In th* Oenerol staff. R* isn't even the Chiefj he la CMef of Tn-teUlgenoc,

81 Her* is flergeyl It did not com out veil. Jh . Si What is tho firs* letter In hla nam! ent to recall it nyself. It lc very bed pictography. eeognlied Mn by Ms good-looking vife next to hla. Re vaa la Avarleaong tlan, eboutears. What's the firs* letter? Ji VkSROnreyr. jt Thst'a right. St Bold lt here. Sheood-looking voma. Re le bar 2nd hueftmad) she divorced the 1st me. ill find the cm vben ha mplaeed novj he le vcrkiag vith aa In nyX.

Ot tBARETT 81 Ro. TRARTVhe KUttary Atteeh* In Afghanistan...

aoo. Si on'tr OARTCRRV here, vho is the Senior Of fleer in the nthvnMng India. Be replaced ne. Itoor Rn vu In Amrlee yenre as 1st Secretory.

Si rftrotegic Offleer. Hi MS.

Si ntiefcetlO In^LUeenee. njer. Rt .

Si WhereARICbRT, the ere vho replaced ra anrr nfrleerT Sarami or Assistant te FrVLOV, the leJiurr /ttaeba. Do you here any rora photographs froa India? Ji Ho. a, iad the Counsellor vhon he replaced. 1Mb onelrat Secretary but he vae siren the Counsellor's position. Ha vaselonsl. Si TMsn*rr*1'Hilitary Attache. RTTOWTTSKIT lehla Chief /eeletrait. Oi Isn't be anoffleerT fli fte's

fron to troops Be'a aa each an Tnt-lllganee offleerog's 5th lag. (laughe) if* Incomplete, petr aVRTCTRY, vho vnael at ant. In missing. . not here, tha miitary Attache vho vae replaced by to General. Tbn aee hov Ineonplote it lo. Three StrategleOfficera ere atBeing. Hi We flo not hare every card. 81 Pleaae vrlte this dovn PAVLOV, Military Attaehe, India, Strategle Officer working in the Information Directorateong tine. Boolonel.

20h. Oi Then the 2nd one missing, Darda POLTAgrn/. He l. the one whose vife Uvod vith the Cotnvaellorj he graduated fron the Acitdeny vith ne.

8* The Colonel, vho vaa Counsellor, le earning. nrfoer his ne-e. Be wee replaced by VRSKaBBnW. WbtVBJmjl la ndsrlnc.

, lorB> a not here you will aayrue Hear) doe. not reanstmr. If youill look through it again. Four ntrategie Oftteere are ntealng fron thia grow. ood nmrtrynow then ell well. ColonelTCBFTalso Biasing, as transferred beeeuse healignant tinor. He waa

1b workiag an Senior Officer

recturate la charge of the India area. Rs replaced an. Another one inssistant HUitnry-Alr Attache of PAVLOV, the one who

8of Delhi. Hb broke Mb spine and ribs and

wen trkcn to Honoov byon't rerncmer Ms nam,vmenber what he looks like, rive officers rdsslng. Do you rseognlae thle om vho was la VcBhlngtonl Ji Tee. Si That's not bad.

OJttite expenKln?.

Ht Tbe Ktlltary-Hhral Attache had om of these eanerna. Tou eay this Bineero le expenaira? fli Tea, it Is. St aa told that it la quite exnen.lwe.

J.JI "hat BkaU ve do? Oi Oo to bed. raeorrov ve vUl neet atM^LJarrre as ncroed. it willhort neetlng to clear upse don't fwriyt to esU abaaaaai tn the renting. Si ill cell Ma end vUl go hin, msybetomorrov. Gt Tbu hare to set tMe.

Bt ill go to th* ?Vtf>aeoyjill so to th* nightclub.

The day aftert th* TTTTH'iep officially. ill give

him the mtarlols ebout theunasile end electronics. Ot At whet tl**T

Ot ill he told taanrrow. Hi j- "i ight he abl*

to find oat froa 8HAP07ATCT ebout themessgc. Ot Vhen do you expect to

fter Urrrrr^t. ill settle everything, eoneernlag

*saaeaBae/ith th* KraiDTPT. BavHas> if he enlle. ill

cell hla nyeelf tonow car. Hi mist ring np toaorrovl at Tec. Be will

do thst. Bhv* yoa setentstlv* tin* when yon vill sect him? Oi The

Counsellor (m'-TJJFJTT) will tell ss who* he pleas to appoint as the contact

for SBSBsss*B> ill report everything to hla. ill ehow hla tha rwrter-

lsln you Kara given to ne, Si Tart vivn yon talk to OgBJsaaWch*

telephone, won't you arrangeetingT Bi BO. Tonorrow,alk

to aasssaBB> over theont tnaajea>hen arrsnge it

peraonslly. Bt Be onat ring np to arrange thle. Ot now. Ht

Other-rise, you see, owaosaasjKney not ba available. Va eaa't keep tha chap

here yon so*. Bt ill call, fli Re will do lt. B- Vhnt tine teaorrow?

Ot O houra. ery short one, just before ha goes beck to the rabeeey.

Ht ours. Ot Ton sold0es? St 0 hears.

Ot Okay, u* won't keep yon long beams* you here to wash and get reedy

to go with than, fli Yes. Tonerill donee. Oi Uep hla

too lcr*> Ho has to met his group.

(: ill spoil Mr. Ten-old's need. as tola thatto goightclub. as told it costs UO to doneegirls, end that tbe tablesot. Heoldsowould pay for hln also. aw hlnile of sand fron theMs yard. He paid fcO. He. laona*. Gi Ths. Bt the suit to Ms wife today end she danced with Joy, Justgoat. (All lough.) S: as very glnd that she wo* pleased. SheTory pleasant arenj sh* is Mm to m. She really helped ne. Vas as I Oi Tea, of course. 81 ind

person, H: Ve ere not criticising tMs. St But Itact. Oi But you are taking gifts,hat's also Important. Ht Of course, la in order with tMs. St as only thinking what your Buparvisors will say aboutpent ln tha nightelub. Ot Bo, ul Bt TouSrJO. ill sit for another five nlnutes. Bowodby* to all of ycu on pridey. Xt will be Herd and only tbe feet that ve will be vorklng together vlllnrslly. Ot V* vill met again aeon. Si hink it's tlrve to go nov. (Parevclls ere sold. leftour*


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