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ublcet arrived0 boure et tbe lobby of tht Kldlaad Betelnd vaa taken to tha seetlng room. Aftar cresting ami sitting-Oi V* hav* bora thinking about yo-xr rsqusst to newt aa lrnjortaat ana. hov, toll oo vhat you yourself hava la nind, beeaaae to oesnlaerson lo ao prohloai for aa. Severer, yea know yourself that promleaat peeple vho glre corweane do not all understand ceereey ne ve Ao. Perhaps nothlag vlll happen aad nothlnc vill he aaid. Of coarse,an would not know anything -pcrronally shout yea, ao one right say. But you understandt sac/ eeeanail natter hot th* fewer people who know about yon the wore secure things are. But we ean do tt, nevertheless. ill try to explain to

.you end do your best to fulfill ry request}a very glad to eooflre that wc

Intelligence Officers ere working for the good of our Free Worldfoot that ve are nesting today for the seventh tin* or thattogether forhours la all,ave calculated. Tula*ongwhlah w* have set and not slept or eaten or gone out anywhere. Iwe are on* vev* length. ave also prepared an answer forave expected your Question. n gladnn think aboutend glad tbat youeeply examine nnd understand ne, and that Xsanh trustworthy hands. This la very pleasant, and lt

(e^avefficial oeelaratlonent to pass to yoST Thla will be st the saneeply to yeib* roe at ion. eek he* pessed in which we bar* worked directly snd ia vhieh ve bars hod ths good fortune to newt for tho solution of greet and lnportant natters. n, not Jaetofs year el tiara. n yowr_ soldieroldlsr la the any other, aa you like. id not ceavTEoTon to do little things. adands atapabilities, in SpXSS or ay hstred and contempt "for corrupted Lenlnlea, perhaps

rtH^'nee offiocr nnd as onelglijer education, would not have dared to presune to grasp at such questions, or cone vith such requests and such definite demandsbelieve no. onsiderave snehunusual and special capabilities end accessibilities for apart work,hall ba able to prove 1Mb-by belplr^ rjy Queen and ayine soldier; Ton oust understand en correctlyI heve talked shout this several timesI .CTgopcble ofsreot things. ant to prove this "aa coon asKngllehJ



fy) Sinter vith yon oa the agsaaJI half of ay stay la Ores* arltexa. Fee aa lea*a acre yea vlllna finally, to aylll par* froa yvo. aa yoe one* igafa ta hear ae evt ace to try to naoarstcad aa end te arrasae thle for the good ef oar aoteel esus*. o as* aak this for aaysenal lateraot ofoaa. a far froaeellstle person. er* re*lletl**llystsasll Itlea. Tha inrsrythl

aisfci Isetlaa yaat aaa llttls aralaiaat larger groan ay afltayaoaasas^ foo* tar wo*

ne*e4 ay strength efca^pcOsibill tiesoold IXaV'at the rery beginning to aak the* those people vho helped en beforeaad yon, vho are helping re end teeehlnaour free/neat pcoapilngnvaluable to ne.

*i After erery meeting vith yea nov, ny brains begin to vork fresh end to contrive nev thing*.n nov en inventor vltbla ta* frsnevork of the poealbilltiea opea ton*, with respecty desires yon her* nothing to say. n fas* to-fee* vith you sad yon ssn deelpber this for yourselves -vhether this la ay actual visa or vbathers artificial. VastoattEDt yra as noon sa powalble te test re agaloi to try a* out so. tnpertar* .aetteWj on eay_*aak vhleh Is vitMn igeducation, ay training sad everything elsecjacstut sadare ahovn you.ory anoh vent you to tost ne, asas possible, arus gtthjee* to keep his roles down.) ae* soy that you do ao* beUsr* rttyou vho are bare sod ere already ay After friends, ny songafles la battle.eject. Sot perhaps sosabedy vho does no* kaev no, vho cannot look into ny eyes like you, vill any, "Perhaps be copies ell this ebon*ut ofr scasrthlng like the*. so, you teas* woman aa but yon ana* understand a* cm reallyXnman being. a aatvrs. a golag tevords fifty as are yenasybe Mikhail and Joseph era younger, that is la age, but perhaps in socysrieno* they ere older than neI eanao* aay. J: Thank you.

5J Si Vhat elseent to say? ahvvaluate tbe situation? IfanffossBBBBsaow aerv*the high comnaadserve aadlll eontlun* toittle nore highly this effort of nine, vhloh vas done under condition* of exceptional denser, aad of definite self-oeorlflee, believeail, tbaaka to ay saall intellectfor Itaallto ay evtenatve experience and training aod study,artalaaapeeifie so* of olreusateuees for wyself sad everything. ^Sbeak nod,as sad* veil for aa. TM* lapproach tMs, andaAnet right in tMo respcot you aaa* correcttaea-rade-lltea vny sad Xsrslvnts tMngs differently.


ht* for nraair? if there li ml value la iMYam don* already, Ood snatj end Ifm la ay great rx^esdhtUties and wa to do things Jus*o to that Ito useful to thot*t aa ordinary run-of-tha adll person for too, for your (cur) ctcnaands aad forriaotatthan attention frca abora to aa would a* aa aypraelatloa of ay wort aad of ay oesirvs for tha fwturt. fast laa* it. If tha Asarloaas who helped aa did sonetMng woxtbwblla -rwward than. If thaysrtoriel aaaaagthia la aa IndlBtrtloa that you Talua aa. If yon do nothing for thanorlttlswell,a alsolttls ltan for yon bow and ia ths future. Xa thatinaOy soy thia toill nevertheless work, a alstaken.

(tJalked to yen of soon high level aatsrlalall this links ourork with poll ties. tudied ths lavs of ditleetls* ta^hla aonnwtloB, and sens lavs sre ehscdntsly right fron tba point ef view of not assessing things lnioolstLoa froa the alretaurtsnsao wadererson'o ability and esaabilitios snd desires are larolTed. Xa thiaMnk veryonsider, for our

ft cowlusloa

Si Xf you eonsidera Nas-soNfoo will resehsked yon to te surdeek has passed sad you hare sold nothing. sh you to eonsider hov ha ahould be rewardedto giro hla aeeny.hall soon ba solan awayo net yet knev if yon are going te rwward bla. Vill yon give Ma aoney csaott vTJBB needs tha aoaay] VTJBB baa dona everything to bring aa together, soea sosalsvaly fulfill nysdoslon (with yea). Xf yon consider ay

Itiea, wsaaa^nsii, abilities are saall, you ahould soy to no "Casp

epportuMtiss, waaka,labia, abilities am saall, yon should say to noilent, as Bar* aosset. Bo quia*. Ton kaow yonot efost of ay oaoortuaitlsshinkeaot. Of aysslf as aao not think vary ansa, believe aa.ill ban* ia oaough for a* together withill bars with your help.

Q Btent to do ansa great thingsft*ill b* yourirst of all for your earerunsats sad for your Mghaad for tb* bests seal, which is ths assas for fulfilling oar eounoa tasks la the battle against Coeauntss, This laanted to ssyj therefore, yen honoreel, you already lava m> ia yourriend, aa ften baltsva as. ant all tba other leaders ore not barsthose who direst things, bay God groat that yon osa eeerrsy to then all ay wishes sada rare the* ttdt will, ben sure that tine la osuiasaij for this.


But you ualerotanJ, ny rebellious nature. Tou knowm an oxtrrnrngnnt, lively, emrontle person. eel that yon ere vtUl talcing ny neesurs, ttlll studying na. ror ne, thlacawndwt drawn out ivjanmt. rerhsp* there iaocritroolotlon about no In your eyosj tf so, tell an. an elsar It up,olters In ay power and possibilities ond In tho trothapitalf allave told yen, end as telling you tad ofill do and ofars nlreody dons. In tho light ofsk you to svalufttens, to report ny word*. Brio la ear declaration ead ny request. sk that before ay departure on sithsr th* find or the 6thX vill know toaorrov vhieh dayyou vill hers vnlaeted as. sk that you vill say, "Ton knov vhat? rythlnsj vith you it aedlna. Ton do not nsed to eouevrn yourself shout suoh groat aatters because othsrs ar* thinking for you". ecided to eras* toid not think all this out lightly. sk you to loVtarstandto evaluate a* correctly, to believe In as, snd to give ae as quickly asevers elision soan fulfill lt. Perhaps then you vlll evaluate toe dlfrsrsnUy. ane you to no* a* only for big things. All ay deavada sad requests are subordinated to this.

ill cheek through ths thought*ave preparedsnd notedIave said everything* ill go on to sons question*ent to report to you and to listen to you. old to youo not vent to do only Basil things. rys to breaktill flnleh shortiy. Tor as, ths asBsnrs of your attitude vill be the vey in vhlch ths govsrusoat essehose tvoTBBK, and yourcelvss as veil. Ton can toy to na 'Vhat business Is lt of yours how th* govsraswrt reoarda nsT" Veil, alright. bare eon* together end have vorked together and vlll vork together. Tt Isnther of inUfforewj* to aa ho* the vork that yeu have put Into our collaboration, for th* good of the coaoon causa, vill be assessed, let us hope that all vlll ho veil. Pay ood grant noterlnlo, fortune, veil-being. Ton understandnly vent to vork on large principles, ssrions principles and let thea be dangerous ones. n sure thatera to perish, if err/thing should happen to an, you vould not forgot isy daughter, sry mother, sad ny vlfe. Ton knov ieyons about this snd you vouldsomething, and you vould not leave thenaterial lurch.

Si Tou know that In tb* Povint Tjrdon th* naterial side of life presses hard on everyone. dnlstsr vho reoo-tvse Ifi0onthif ha has at* saved sowrthlng and if thoy got soosthirsi oasad he is driven



oat of vork sua be noes it up or drinks It avey snd hen debts to perelseafter thin ho Just drags his life out. tne rdnlauaof1 en is nov established and vhat sort of vage Is ttt It isgray end hungryell ere re- ive in Cormml^-nrnelf trad nycolleaguesars slrasdy told yon. Bat one must think of ths peoplefoolish Russian people. The Pesetas people arehey are good- hot foolish. They alia* thesraelTss to he easily tied up. thencontinuouslypsrhsps there vill be scnsthing better tcoorrov,next day. Thank Ood that there Is breed and salt and that is all thsr*people ar* fools vho esnnothonselves. Boa if v* eanunder vhlah th* KDB cannot shoot than In th* hand fron behindpeople vill sey that they hav* mu^farod enough snd hare been deceived That is hov Lenin ean* forward vithonp7 when thesuch eonpletely yrong attitude* to loany of the peoples' questions. hador* olsvsr Tear, thars vould bar* seen no

0) Bton tell yonall kinds of things, with as in th* 7thvner* ths BOB Bits, there ars chsrhers where Ihatsianspruniwrntths point of view of Ptrtriotlar, viae peopleere exposed to rats. told thisan who knew*. This was said by ths ferner Adjutant ofa salons! under AFrW*KT. av* all his dstalla. Thar* is ens specialis eoss/hstaly glased, Anycos vho cannot be broken or who vlll not saywant hin to say, or vho vill not sign scenthlng, is put in th* niddl* of There ars pipes Landing into lt aad* up of clear plastic. Through theseIs na exit above orhey release dosses of rata which rannan. rlcrophon* they aay, "Veil, nov, vill you say vith vhonvorking". Tf the ran does not confess or says,ill not toll youvea working with or anything1', theyalve whichinglerat, vho bat* not eaten for several days, begins to run about and to bit* Then they lotor*. It is terrible! People her* gone outMinds. When they want to they turn on water under high pressure andar* chased away, bock to their cages. The Russian people bare beenehot. ryen* knows

13. Si BJimrarHRv can ne* that If In addition to thla gray, roOf-starring existence ta added the further (horror) of iB-prlsooasnt or executionIlk* It was inimeof course, frEM-Df had support all aroundthen th* people night really sey "The hell with it!" Thishy fa* Is making Uttls



inducements. Par Instance, bt asnogeneral inrty for those vbeup by rati, or heir famllillea, he gave pensions. Theynot rery largebat they ant soserthlng. Or befor lift, ao thnt tha son or daughter voold not here to pot dovnfather vas lauulsuued as on enemy of tat peoplt. TMs mouldtbaa froa tha rery

ou about oome people froa tht OPO, perhaps you Kncv^aSns of tben. Ve ana tola about thio soae other tine. ented to sake suns sort efeclaration, sou here reeved vith aa

LT'S^Jk^t' zv*m grateful ta yon if yea vill" trotrorytUagot en yon are oisdag for -

j^aoMngf^. rt's sort of aadlonre end ve roelly don't seat to one youithe rarious vrys yon hart suoravted. to asy. Tbe vhole thingoppeer to us in tba seen srsndloee light o. yon thS". Orn your -nrthe. nly ask

youto ktg things. m rsedy. a stilloacldarare resources for "biofkred (ay ideas) to

IS^T" ftZA "atafe*%baaXi sk ySTto develop

jibs plan) and giro ae support snd security soausaasuta it. Tall as.

*ffas-T. At

U.^'oloek la tht norning oa tbe ljtk,ill cease to eatst. Just glra

r- the means to do this sad there vill be no mm Kar I'm finished vithnnre to^

beeea osrtaln pointsiro you

J*first plate, vt trust yen. la ths second ^vhy you desire this. ?vaM you to be perfeetly

* VTWtt; *fter oil, ve ore going keek to London aad everything ^hSE^ all, I'll .Tsars you acwand I'll see Mm. ooderful amy. m very much taken vith Me. seller*

vMcb^ia'hi ef caslitlos vruen voula be of kelp la natters of our untval interest.

inner. After sitting

saeuaeTayaelf sad seddad to callhe -nfea,


st tbe Telegraph effiea. enteft soraom to toko ay piece -

a professor. old Mb to write up Us reports. Test ardor they were looking et tho entire laboratory. To&txy they wore looking et the Walter Aim Afterill not eall yon. amo to sleep. Is Ve get up at TiOO. They feed us well. Ve are all delighted with the hospitalityat the largess*and this yon here done all through vTJm. Vho does all theae thtngei You're not sitting there. WTJOB Is tho one. Fran though thisnail natterrain of sandit la pert Of the big thing we pre all doing. Oi Ve are aware of all this, hut while be is running bkek end forth between you and tho raproaculettves It's tear bin avuy, In any sonse of the wordareaoars. Vhen he cents to London, everything will be taken eare of properly.

fl! Vail,closing bp/with this paragraph. anttrust no oonpletoly, Tn ordar to gainant and deenndgiro ne an osnignraent vhieh will gucriuitee ne fall reeogoltlon. Ifyou trusthla Is not csaroflh for an. s not sneugh)looker nothingor kill na. Oi Uwkay. Okay, fitre correctly, because re don't here snath tine. Ve her* toflee tit use, or do you hare son*

ifl. e will meet again tancaerow. Ot V* here not the right not to neet ovary day. Ot Tou will let us knov whether you are leering en the 2nd or tbe 6th. If it's the 2nd, then we'll neet for the last tine on tb* 1st. If it's ths 6th, then we'll, snot on the 5th. But baslnnlns vith tonorrev, we will hare the full aOaedal* vorked out exactly.

19. r, Qoodl Bov,anted to tell yeuafteran't sayords at once instead of one word, orhoughts. aveist ofeople taking the first course in tbe ruOltery-rnplOBxitl* Aesdssryfuture officers of Etratogic Intemgeuos. Butid not sent ion is the fact that after these psonls var* eesapted into the course, they were assigned to various directorates, and theatres of war. Xn other words, our stixbrat from the very first day receives (training in) tba baric lsngasae with which ha will be vorklng. Be ic assigned the specific country for which he Is being prepared and he is given training la the specific theatre of war with whioh that country Is concerned. All th* Chiefs of th* rArcctorahes, have bean and will be neabers of the Board of Faaenners (IWTOTWATA KCecXHSITA). Each candidate Is seated. Thereong tablebout vhere Mr. Joseph lo sittingsad there sits General ETOUKDY. nan to hli is your relative, KHLOPCf, snd hex* all tbo


CM*fa of tb* Dlroetorrt*.. Bin, th* candidate altam Bittisafrsryeos la vrltlns thins* about hinvhat color eyes, vhat freight, his ar^oarans*docs he lookurk, for instance, or an Arsealan or an (opetTS) orlxcr? so oneordj they vrlt* quietly. Then theyv/HOT la accepted. old yonerson*0 ver* aifted out andere accepted. There vera various reasons for thisI voa't go Into all that nov.

SO. flj Vhen all ths stodante ar* accepted, by order of the Chieferal Staff, everyone Is entered oa the roll. Bach on* set* assigned to hishen they are dlsnlsssdacationrpt*ab*r. lo* all th* mrsetorst* chief* netns ther* too- aad the bargainingor lnstcnos, eon* blond ehareeter nightlred by both ths Flrorlsh end ths Kirropem (group), hb la entered, in tMe ease, in both arena*. Thar* ere mnny enene Ilk* thie. Then they bcrgnlnj the deal el on is based en seniority and usuallyust on*.

bi. Oi Bess It vork onystem rorore* IHreotorwt* bat no slotB openj there ere so snay slots eeeerdiag? Bi But ve are act preparing Uanr*storste. Wo are preparing then for overseas doty. Thos* thet arc left over vlllpot tTrrjporerlly even If It's net seecedlng to thoir dssignetion (rWiyiXDT). paras studying Jape*as In ths Aeedesy, vhenad nothing to do vithnov everything about It, iaeludlng the Tusuaiuaa lepra sslon sad it* depth ivr/nrs*o, they divide up the people. Theyort of plan -In perspectivein nrsabsrs. Ths CMef of th* First Pirsctorat* gets bop*n exeoes alaost of all the other dirsctcrateethat's bOTTJCWT.neteople, among the* yoorho vill bo trained for tvo years.

88. Si samrnBAKDY know* tvo laagonats vary veil anderl*ao* La agent vork. hb oasd te be sa Illegal. What's tb* purpose la training Ma for thro* years? Why giveanguage? They'll give Ma all the highest science, training vbaterer he needs. Oi Why no nor* than tvo years!b doesn't need anyaorvj that's seat sTOEWV aaid. Tf It's necessary, he can finish In onealf* other sards,nd he'll be (Hera,pis"'ve act tvo of than. Oi Justness- of

fatao. The one froa tb* Aesdcsr/ of Irons* says "Aeedeny7nott? Jurt UIw eassjj tho other on* has VARA (VOOTBAIA ArJUPTXTA' la th* TM (yrrfPTHAiA 1rrpLCWTtfBEaCA^^



/jtyway, the Hiatal dm grabbedeople. Vhy? h* cause than la street

Into llgr*naa actlvltl**. o took tha hoot peepl*. sonlel IT yov willopy of th*tartar. hall too. who la la th* first group aad vho Is la {Bbtei Buhjeet Hate*leesls la hla flrtt list hotthers till later.)

S3* av who la picked for Illegal Xatslllssea* work. Theya young and,ole, waaarrled. theresaerrLsd people la thlt eourt*. Oi Whetoung7 year* old- old, young and preforably unaarrled. Ohl Ala ia the first roeuiraarnt. 1

uaatrrladT rati lt Isn't always peraltted to tak* year At yon know, teeordlng to our lavs of soelolla* It doesn'tard-ly. Of oourea there ar* tarried Illssnlsf they gotheir vires.

Bh. Bi Bow, let's go through these quickly. X'r*snyalrandyl Too knovid not nark down before In th* listgave th* Aarrloan frisndtny 'InstructorsInterpreters"thatnot alphabetical, robs tb* last seas tad tha Initials} Xwrit* out th* entire anusid set Indlcst* vhere tha aon cansX had the rank, last none snd th* initials. Ji Fdo*ntlcn* 6: Oi Lasgnsgs and th* country? Bt That't rightlatnpaiac Th*erarlaasf ths foreign Itrajaattnd againaa arguneat. Afptln thsy say, "Vtist lsrejuaga shell v* glee toess)l* Baas say, "Let's 1st Ma stwfly Turkteh."' Others sey.1st Ma study English! h* won't ank* It In Turkish-. So you herslist! Oi Xt'a in lendoa. Oi Xn knrVaiT Let's do lt In loadoathat we'll hare then both together that way. If you want wc can go Oi lb. It Id better to be nor* eeauretc and


BJ. Ji Just one anestloa before we leero the subject. bed onenited States or Japan. Keybe b* ean explainnderstood yon. These ars all MUUAV'l people. Bfl toys I'll either send hin te thla scuatry, or to thet one". That'a shy. fli BTAJolUT aaid thlt? Ri WUMV-t. aid, "hb Is suitable for this en* or for tbat country." *lready knoveard tMe)ut Mm down forhat hs't betecau two. Jaennss a* edght not be aaned for one country and then suddenly bs cent to seas other country later f


Warn,eybout ttout of Unn

to people, the oaee to peee ell the teete, ehecka, end neat ell0od willing, there any be 3 out ef ell Thleproportion, end the relationship of the eheff end the wheet. Thego end work for anew other directorate!. Tola Is inportent towe're deelded to work on thle ever there later tee sues tbe lletand we will do It

*T* were caking ee yesterday ebout our group la

orgot to giro tbe aaaa of tbe Ceptala. It le Captain fVTn.lW. ae waa getting read? to go to Spain, ae aaaa eVnfuaedrtet the restitute of foreignut la working In the roreign Departaent of TOTF*Kn*T. Veilitary Publishing (anise) of the General ataffaad there wereet deal orIn foreign languages. There are naay lnatruotora there froa ourend othera. Thia la eertecondary eehelonthey let people work there who are not eoepletelr trusted. Maybe tola will be thehere they will send the aaa who should bare been shot In the United States recently but wee letKUTJI.

ror"1ea leaguagea le sow beingwith the Military Dlploaatle Aeedeenr aad lt will bedirection of your routet'a act rJttOFvT oat of there, thlehis la reryow things haagand reallatleelly. ThisimxmfmT will> fort ore. It will be under the Aeadesy, but the Chief of thelba training euessuid (rXRUTDA) vlllInto eera end goUfortoTo district, Terkoryy Preyesd, souse fkt

right next to the BFOBpUffOTAYA AJGUaWITA tnenl STALTJU (Araored Tank Aesoeay aaast of stalln).

89. Bi Vhat'a aore there lo already la that Bbuae fe oa trone-Tankoroypecial Oectloaorgot to tell you ebout. eswadwred ection of tbe Second Chief Directorate. Tbe Chief Is

all ths latereeptednarterial -

all tee-padX^ntercepts, aad all otherobtained by Radio Iutelltaold you orlsts la each country. All these aatcrlsls flow Into the bends of Colonel LKBEDRT, oa Teakeryy rrcyead, Don fa. Ol And It's celled UfOrtoroi Bi Bo, the district Is UfOrtoro. There Is the Blrerdg hospital there? Si Tec, it used to best aov lt le tba ftbspltal, aaaa of lreuKKD.

ory hospital, wader rvL-rcv, Ceaorsl-Colonel, ChiefPlreetorate sna It is located la_thF second

30. Si Pemeeher the red-head? ertain connection with ulbk1kvaa on the ana dash.old yon ebout the agent who gave Information on the cket-HESBATUam,'Hire tjstrotstwb (confuting devices) fromheae materiale wound up la hla heads, as bad tw specialists therethey were deeodlag experts. Be asked aa to ask the agent with vhat speed the dises turned, the fra^pstney of aoober rspetltion, etc. ontacted the razitRBTsad the wcuaaa, through the cperetional officer, asked the sgeat (when we ere going to hang soonbut onlyoneJoke) Tans,tKY, Colonel,ub-sect ion. He vorks oa intercepts, deeodlag, putting together intelligence reports (GOSTAVLrariYH lnfornatsil) froa Intercepts, ate. Ot To vhoa is he responsible? Bt Directly to General of the Aray, 6RA0T. Directly. Bat be coordinates his nativities with your aseuaiataneetba Colonel who Is vith our Radio IntelligenceXIABOT. Their inaedlate svpervisor Is Lieutenant General (nmWuVLsrrPMOT) TBOSOY. This nana Is faaillar to ycu? nov ia Oerasny, tbe chief. St That's right, that's TBOSOV.

ent to ask yony nexto advise naj help ae) to point out to saand what you direct will ba ay order -the listing end the priority sequence of all ny oswlgansats. ore is ay idea of wbst_ I'njnaxjoacd to doet to Hosoov. be out end the details ofjalaajr. This la vhat oo discussed beXr* in eonaeetioa with ftrateglo targets. I'll nek* you sa outline vith dinensions, on eeeh separate sheet of paper I'll repeat again data about tbe Oeneral Staff bee&use the other datana Matt abbreviated and possibly there nayev Insceureoles. At thatas working at high speed! this tin* I'll be doing it thoroughly, ddition to the basis areaill giro tbe logical places, nest suitable,hink of forarge TOT equivalent, for tba purpose of bloving up the targets vbea lt la naeoeaary to do so. This Is the first thinghould eoapletely vork out As longn talking so trash about such bigust, fron ny end of lt. give you sortcoansatsry plan. ill take lt upon myself "TSUI MOSCTU TTTOLirXT" to put the entire thing into net ion. If you oey that this is too Buch for you to de, please give as another order.

Stoatlane? Secondly'll be workingnd si 'withnderstand it even betterto collect all ersdlablc nateriale la Illegal Intelligence (Operations) beginning with the theoryt tbe lectures) specific situations (eases). The soT-SEKkKTiB (Top Secret) will gopecial category, perhaps ln this theoretical pert we will find son* keys in order for us to apply prophylactic aeasuzec. This la how X

see lt. Ofo not pronloo ranlll got ran thoAOraPfURA. Oi This vlUlov process and vlllot Si Tea, scrutiny as tohatT nov, fornov exactly. ie (or healthy) eon. nov this- they nay let hla go out la onealf years. He's herntrained before. Theyaa likea is prepared lalll study this Batter froa all sides. ool that thisvery laportant snd big pert of ths vork, bee ease ths basic threaternes fron the direction of tho

lso vast to repeat that there Is eas teak vhlch confront* the Illegals especially, end all of us. Including nyself. Generally, ths eat Ire Strategic Intelligence has the basico vam ths Duprean Consaadhe Central Coaalttes cad the presidium about Bthe jrtsrt of an sttack on the part of tWjTooJterld. This la the basic xdesionto vera the CccrwM of the beginningar, evenew sdnotes beforehand. For this purpose treaeaAouo rsBourses ere bslag developed. This eentieaeB to etress the laporteacs of the'as askingold yon ths maning Of Radio Intelligence, It Is carried on here,In thsnd vvsryvbar*. Mb Is their breed, because the AOFJTHJHAparsethere are not sany valuable assnts. Of course, there are bobs here (In Radioowever, it's very cuuereteactually whatever Is picked up can bo recorded Just aa it Is. For this reason nathods heve been developed so that vith the help of these stations, duplicate radio intercept stations, th* rest of ths radio statioaa vhich are norasl-working, eshl* trsnaaltting stations. Signals can be scat to RPs, since they ars closertba BArv^ruWCrT ars also equipped vitb radio. There is sash an alara signal already vorked out as soon as this signal is received, EnvelopDTJl) is opened. There is oas at ths r: for tbe duty offiosr, and ths signalncov. It is relayed by all possible duplicate aeaneFCR (Highther radio stations -ete. eel that ay be-to task ot ere cent la tc alert "ny"y" ecasaad. Zn otheronsider th* above as ay nlssion Inaacly, to provide yon with Early wgrnlna. Th* other airs looson't vent to break down specificallyrtnode of vork) categoriesos) various channels through vhieh things ar* don*vhrtbrr it is Radiog-nec, Illegal or Lesal RKIICEtTJBA. peck of lt as Legal bessas* it is operating under sons kind of cover bat not unier the AFFARAT of the Military Attache, Thistress sad unSerllne again. All these things sea te considered as supporting sad eavelonssatel data..

(w ov,ent toonsider It very laportant for you to knovll tha aotnod* used Officer In hla vork. ill collect all their "




Batters, taeeuse thm ere sob*iiwwrted ia between the ooetriaee. They am tha (troop) density calculated for each rdlcoater of tho front, aba nock of each type of weaponsRow aeny peopla? Vhat typo of nraipmnt. All theseill set for you also. *rw,J^rjrUUIgeaeawithn eormocted airectly at the present tinen^ getuitcase of this ante lal. vhatet for your ha firstola ycu, theretrbslUsanee items listed. Si Therentelligence rrMjulrenant lteaa. Tor lo-U, theee vara sent aa (TJWTTCHFacon;K) (saoulrenent rdeslone) to thatates and duplicated to all eoontrlee.

also enlBt for each country -reeulreBBots speotfleelly for netheds for asking ertlflelal fur oa fabrle eoraethlng on non-ferrous sartnla. scientists assign then end then they ore all OWTJC. Tor the united states therendustry, neanfOewiriBg, agriculture, ererythlac. Ist does not seen to

hoe to grow vegetables not in the ground] sot is artificial sell lias end ohradoals. rt's cons sort ofThs rcculrvnsnt Is to deternlas what theere. Tou ace, sren these aaslgnnents are perfumed aynd vo think that vs can divorce Polities for Intelligence-Itov can re do this? Ve can't I

nil (

now,epeat this because this question nay cons up again, why art all these copies ofecrements sent to all the other capitalistic countries? Because there la anon of the British end /ssorleaa (vclenea) in other countries of the world. If you can't get into. end you can't get Intohen clear up this Question la (fernery -that'a aUI That Is the fourth point.


Si TheaU oa the wbols aad generally apeehlnglc td^lert yon tteoogh all ntwaaatls acailsbls to as If, aod forbid, they deeids oone-ss weans. Tyou) Bt Aa far aa oenatsr aassl to tees-pie luugoH, this wlU Ve for theand ths 't bar* enough brslas for thotft

ould Ilka to addhis is aside froa the AOTWRA sad tBs Aeedeny, where you rsselrcd training oa rockets, fast's ell well end good, but when you hare your UMHMHH fan (WUtery Ceruoumt Training)

you get Into the HPAKtffatt TOSS end gat copies not only of lectures, but of acne special Narejalatb* Istast /lsld Porvico Beeglatlong, for exanple. They rill show ua not only the philoeophy, but ony change In tho] doctrine regarding tho am of etcela weapons. Gt Concretet Conerotohlfl oust bo givenart of tbo tredntng because the amy is being developed end trained. Bt Tne smy lo being prepared. Oton't know whether yon are avaro of this or notI hod beard that you are doing sway completely with tho Corps ctructure within tbo amy. Bi aTSOTJSHATAW? Oi That's right. Ths Mrisions ars directly under Amlec. Bt Tbat Is exactly right or they will bo KviaJons of theYK. (GBq units) Bfcwaver, rone eray corps still assist J

they ere"aolngnrsn> with it slowly but nony have bees already sllnlnatsd.

That la correct.

30. Oi Secondly, the Rifle Division no longer exists on roahj It Is now called the rtrtorirsd Division. St Tou ura already behindj it Is colled mchtcrlcednot lartorired. It isD (rCTOlftKTZIrgVASATA STKKEeTJTATA IirTIZm)theRifle Pivlfllon. There isingle horseivision, and thera is notHTreginentattalion that will go any long distance on root. Trunks ar* provided,uto-battallon, which is errjlcyed per Mvewnt plan. They lead thea on trunks, aad ens Rntc-bottalion

follows another, ate.

39. nd siailarly, your former lfoehanlred Dirlsion the rfcrtor-KochsnlBcd Divisionoes not exist nayut lo called singly Tank Division. oei Is this right? St Rot quite correct. TherereaterTtok^Wvleioas, but there are still sons McTuuiised Divisions which erei Itfantry sri^des. Ot This sort o? thing Is very inpertent tond It la possible that there night be seen new use of atonic weapons. nows what sins there will be!nt sure that there will be new soraauba Socket units end where there are Rocket unite, there vill alaebs nuclear wcsnorX X? there ar* no Rocket units,ave you already, there say4 tsrrtarseason, which fires atonic shells. Ot This will explain nary iaportorrfc"things to us about rockets: that Is, the subordination of tb* unite, the allocations, rcsponsibllltlet, etc. Bow they plan to crnanlso the new sdlitnry divisions, what the present status is. wbsaTables-of regulations, this willnew oilltary theory. We nay findtlenl doctrinesill not call this thelsaioo, but It is fcdgh on the priority list of things which ere of interest to us, especially, sine* ell thi* is available to you. St Absolutely. TMe Isave already written thla, Sere,

I'll baov yon tMs plaas again -on Inteln Oeerniiconl-Tootieol natters, ete. Oi Tou'ye written It down!. en writing thin In ny roomcpereUone!-tactical mattersJust ss you

lass) well, hem's to your health! Si Thank yon. ifte veil! Zt vlll be Ml for us to pert, hut ve will think of each other every Any. Let there be no day In vhieh you vill not think of ne,ill net think of you, ovenot only when yon roes ire ths sartorial fron ne, hot enytiaB. Oi Of course,

hi. Si aura's abet r've uieuaiod. Ol That'sist! Si Tes, It'sist,o Can sring out oil these other subjects Inter on, end refine It. Oi rurjlaneritally, all thi* is finsasis)V will work crer ell these Questions very eerefully sad aake then even sore


1 specific. anted to ash yon whether you Bight vent to add soaething oorn to these. Oi We'll sad sobs save. Si Or, perhaps you'llubject's truentelll^-noe, ownare it ebwa as point t it stay that way. But tha Lectures en cpernticml-Tsatleel Batters, yon hed better put over hero

Oi Wo will do Just that. Wow, haremall coast Ion. What Is the setusl period Vhen you were et tba Socket Aeadsmy. Si mutory rrsjlreeringTThlaeSriy. Tha eouracs ars called VAXVT^BZTS

eourses were given by ordererrtor? What Bcnth -

nder thiLWlitarj Artillery

FngireoTlng Aenderrr, anas of uuuv..uh.mi.

what sooth did you

as preparing for india fsr jaif ajnrrsny

I theweio7 Whan did yea yourself enter! Vhat nnd In what month did yen graduate!, Tba

ebrasfyTXwssr bsngjag srouad In the reserves, Oi Bat you vers stillchool at that tt-o Siot then. ed finished th* sourses then.cetas of th* St Thay figure tMshey are cjale esllsd yearlyources. Bbvwrsr, tb* politicalit of

that thenth* Mstoryot tho Civililitary science (rVWmJIK lOOPWDO). All tMs vnaor naad two dlplcteas. nly studied th* technical equipnent ecurse, roekst firing. There waa no poUtlcel work for no, absolutely. Bat the rest, they bad ths full

cycle. Oi So you actually graduated la Jarjoaryt Si Bo,eceived thehe ocrtlfieats* JO April, oa the oreby. opy of aa attestation (AfflSPtrbilA) for tMs period indicating with whatntered, how ayent, srslustlon snd osseoBrerrt. ill ssnA It to you.

ll thi tlae that you vera inere still going to school? it,aa relieved of all tho Liberal Arts (ciKAHlTARfViMi RAUJC) end vas studying only the. ouulpsent and rocket firing, go, concretely, ay stndlss are8 through 30

hat'sc Zswhat-vas effusing be,lear. ave the certificate vith theith CUOTBCT'a siarature aa proof. Tou eight think sonething asfis with ae, but you harV aade the mistakeear, id act think it possible that you could he la the reserves at the Aesdesy and setting reedy forverything at ones.old you about the Reserves. as still studying and working, but .it vas not according to schedule. This vns hy ay ova desire. Revac offths order Just cane through to prepare ac for ths Indian area. Beginning vithac sittingonthsup to the Revanstudied9 and at the endreeted ths Rev Tear. On the 5th of Januaryas celled In toaths inhen onh ofcceas chief offiesr for those three countriesare sectioneduntil June. Then tbe exanlnlng eosnittee (KABTjAtRTA KWX53ITA) began screening eaadldatse. Thisns

... as throw out as the Chief of the course (HACRAL'BTX BURSA) to speak roughly. Andas la ths Ccnsdttee. ell rcu before? tarted school) thereas going to school

nt (to oft8T') -reiy^ day,-andPolitico! Officer (BTAKSSIHA MRTOROARA). s had figured out that all

y*fr lBtwp-no,as sitting on the area desk aad took part in the examiningay have aocldently Motioned ens year instead of ths other. eg your pardon. Ol Bow lt Is clear.

epeathe order vea already Issued about ay enrollment In ths course and school started In Septenber. As far aa datesavedj aonths. Oh!another thingthoy

loa la That language vhieh (ths student) bed studiedut very little, perhapseak for an hour, sonatinas two, but this very aeldon. as relieved fron this also evenon't knev Bngllah very veil, but It Is atines better_than the mat who ware going to school there.

Oi Shall ve finish your notes now? Si We'll finish right away. X

o^UsHrt to Work en the Bombers atnyo*legstleH-IiC7

an ssent Oif coursender

SlOoAthere that could be used, but better you don't. Oi of course

o* (readinga regard io thae lean*

The aeejbere of aa* delegation^ vhen they ore travelingOa the outskirts of that town vhere Ivith ay stoaaeh, they pheteeraxted rockets vhleh were standingright of tha highway. Then farther oa than sre airports. dof then la for tha elviliaa Mr fore* of Oreat Britain. Than thereI don't say lt ia,nderstand that lt la for Aneriesndon'tnov. Then there la oa* nore airport, all oa tba tightconing fron

(kSAov, yeeterdeyiopped ia eae of their (sals-gates) roonano, It vas asy before yeeterdey st Leeds? Bo viadove looked out oa the railroadtbe train station st Leeds. There is aotbiag there but roofe, but you sen sea the trseke sad obeerre tb* feet that itailvayeralaal. That'a about all. sksdeere the* or not? They leere their cesnras la thoirhould take then (delegates) outnd then aoneons eoeld go to their roon* and take then? Oi no, that'a alright. Stlright? Veil, It was ay business to tell you about ltj lt won't bother aa et all. Of course,as doing th* photographing, they vould sayhnue oa yooi" Oi BO, It is Better to leereet then go beak with eonethlng to boost ebout -lt vlll t* Better for yon.

H?. St We'll talk obout this son* acre. There ere still bobsent to osk in regard to ny Intelligence Assignscat. DO you think you can help as? Oi Tes, yes. ittlend also ve bare to decide obout theooa workort hla. ea Introduce Ma end leersba cavil take Ma. It doesn't natter to ns whet roes on after th* Introduction, tbnt'a all that concerns aa. bow bare laequest.eet with the KL&llPJTf, ia Lcadoa. ar* to report to Ma th* results of tba trip,ov,bsthsr tan* vere any preveeetlecat,t*. ented to confer with yon on this wetter. My task ia to pass aay infornation of the slightest interest,ay eotaia through acquaintances, or as* as-self, or steal, or Stick ia ay pocket or ny brief-case. Thio anat be sent through the BTZinrjPf, addressed te tbe aaaa ef ny Colossi, tbe chief of the Bastion, BDOOT. Oi The Colonel? ea, tbe Coloeol. AH tM* vill go on to ATABASIRT. Ot Do ycu here tb* ass* cad patroayaia ef the Colonel? One can go ereay vith all tb* BOOOTS. Ton're set two of thsa. St Testily Hakilaxnleh. Ot TM*estily Kakeinevieh. o, ths earelop must be addreesed as followstbi* would go via dlplonatloourote it dova ROOOTBKIT. uet give to ths* nothing for hla,are not fulfilled ay Inforoadtlccna AsslgDaent. sk you to giveittle sonetMng wMcb will not be


to our Nan. Oi Toa vill km hla not only tosorrov hot tha day after as vallT Bi According to thaa ouppoccd ta go and #c* hla toaoivov,an arntflrr not to go taaorrov If that la better. Oi That vlll ho better. an go tha day after toaorrov. Oi That vlll he better. By thet tine ve vill receive tone aaterlale. Toa vlll look at hla end yon vlll he eble to aay to hla vith oonflceuc* that yon here obtained roeh and such informationnd reelly knov aboutnd act be epenklag about vhat yoa night gen end hov, ete. It will be difficult for you to explain froa vhere or froa whoa you ehtelaed It. It la better to gat It first sad study lt. 81 on't go toaorrov. Oi Tonorrov, whan we snot, we vill slseady know sore ebout It all. lright.

90. he nextould like yea to srivnge for nerxdsiloa for ut (the delegation) toery superficial, qui ok look at either tba rmRAHTZ or the PXBBST rirasj this Is because the Coaslttee has received en official telegram that both the TOaVJnz sad the FLESST vould bs svallabl* to ths delegation. TMe helped a*t st th* tint. It vas VTSTO vhoths tslsgrea sked Ma to vhea ho vas In koswoweeying thatonflrn tbat both TTPPMm sad FUESbT visits ars svellahls". It Is sot Bcceecery (to see) both of theaeither one or the other, and ihov thatittle hit(laev. Don'tig deal eat of It. Don't sake up any rtorle*Just soa* little thing, otherwise, thsr* vlll bs nothing In ny report, or ay specialist's report about either JBBRABTX or VUtSSI and both vers promised as available, as VTIW* confirmed. Just toeneral fballlarlvatloa vith one sf th* firm beeeuse lt vas proaited. Bare ve were at ISO's ead tbat is alright. ave not mentioned to yoa or bar* ot had ties toas basing the chat with ths FSSlDRrT, heX vara you, the Britlth CI has mtlgatd youranslator, Aadrvy KABLOTICB. abTCT-CCK,anand ho seat- on to tell asangerous person he isbe careful not to talk la front ofell you all this for tMs reasonas an Intelligence offleer heery good nan. Ht knov* the Baalish Isenroag* very well eadery pis east man generally, an exceptional nan. Of course, this Is ay owny feeling toward Ma although It is well Basked. ell you tMs because yonset ever use bin again la the open. Ton 1st tha* "act onto Ma" right sway. They all knov hla and are afraid of hla. f yon ever assign Ma te ioaiuus again, they vill say st oaee, "sere is the plast again". 1st Ma work In the posit loshird senbet they knov Ma. Thlt isaated to tell you.


?1. tfw vhy thereonfusion ovar the data*. hought gave it right But you hod ityeas* later. uspected as auehj this Just for the purpose of getting it box* exactly. hink that you have put everything flown correctly. old you everything as it vas. Tha courses ere raroincistro fron yesr to year. They always start on the 1st of Septenberthe basie aad th* supplenentary one* a* vail. The course* are heldirect ire of the general Staff, ths anncuneonsnt regarding thenad* the beginning of July end they start screening people. tuck ay nose in there too, bead beard that th* situation was such that thle would bolready hod snail plans for the futurenore eoaorets, butent toorthsad up to

vffi it


Ot Thnt Is olcsr sow. Barenall question. As you see, we don't hers too BBSdt work right now. Ton reedndod us ebout son* things yesterday end we her* son* nor* photographsou probably reeogniee these. (Subject looking st BbotosareqOjSj) Btill seeHo, this is act oa Red Square -this is ths MARRKHj tbi*he Krenlinj this Is the Wdrarsity; this is the

MAKSEH. This right hers is. and this la the soonows ofolunasow. Ho, this Is tba aol'shoy Theatre ae, no, it's the KAHSZH. ince wo are oa the soy cat? fives, there sre nore photographs here. There will he soon nore likeure. Can theeeapted for ntosde use when neeeorary? St Ho, these are only forircraft use. why use atosao weapons against olrernftT are nerer beard of sad bar* not sees say such instructions.

he second stags.itselfhere is tho pilot tube sticking

(looking et Second

fool sad barsth*

93. ere Is tba

up. Oi That'a clear, aov, how la lt guided after ths ground oontrol guidance STStesi la out off? irst. It goes up fron the around. jstisa for guiding end then, after Ituided to tha trajectory oa vhleh the target is expected, tb* rocket goes by Itself aad tba rocket satoaates upon arrivingethal radius of destruction of tb* target. Ot At what dlstsness thio controlledadio inpulse or what? 81 the distance Is tb* oossartod one atct*rUc* would destrce/ tho aircraft sod thisatesatisallr arte rocket, of eouree, it would also detcasto on contact but thio la not relied wpca. Oi Xa other words, it catenate*rss of otaaxinitT fvs*. Bi The**Qoaaidarcd te be reliablehey hare been proven end they ere being produced In quantity snd are being given to PTO units. These sre the fired at Powers. They ere considered toood sad reliable rocket.

5*- Ot Wart did vna am ubsa yeaaaa.

le the

oa ths further

Of oowa, tjfaUto. X* toll vhatnit of flnt * *IQTmtaTjV fartyat af reseat, la

fortaflBiW. ftart-la aantar arc cat ia^rt thefrc aaca

55. Vhat te^At-Mrta^yrm mmt flaJrWr srlatloal It Bbv aa rW essa tuT-Th,

in*h* feovoVshlch IB to be mrot. oldat leant oa*sttalio* to srrUst th*forwwofij

- cr far ayari^oalsrscaitloat ot-all,tion Bach kb the *lty of BTBuXOfat. s act yet sttslsaal* far th** that ther* ere as yet notofac*n% tlamaUBally, the defens*arget 1c

. aiva an*

a chart sail* sefoxs


A rlfl*^rlalcji tola dlrl-^frpnt. TtdBnreararthl*

alloartere of th*


lll he flaxthle

-Menargs, there ean oaly tao th* battalionvo and bad onlyc*


Of eeuree, froa the Tiavjpodat ofndvillunher af rushoder

eooarol to allocate tyoi am fit.

nsofar a* the PfQ of th* land 1* _irea to hta to th* best cafeaalT* tee vital tsrAtsTn hi. ere* to th*hat hs unit* aree anet do the Vest h* can vita vhat h* hattoiloa var tea, tat tea* fan- v* afaaiy kffTin yet do not taaa enough unitB.



S/bSOTt 8l

hy cut1-alrsraft

that *an IsAsrcasrt a

aen rooksts. Bach vlnaes vlll ta

,v* to th* Unit es? their ocilisgs) aad


by rocket-carrying fighter planes of thoold yea ebout. Since tbe HTGe oen fire four to five kilonotcrs above thepgelvOB with these rockets, you nay consider that they eon defend up to on altitude ofkllcxseters.


Oi Btlll on thisere Istheoretical question, plenec ere et tacked fron different dlrectlona. How does the uoeaaader of tho battalion decide which target "toOngageT"hatifficult question. Today the PVO aspects attacks against najor object tree such as Moscow and Leningrad to sons fron whet we coll "star fornstlons" or plsnes attacking fron BWTgTol directions at one tins. TO defend agaiast this, rocket fires srs assigned approach sectors to defend in, and they will engage the nearest plane whloh enters their sector. Of course, if stanltsnoeus sttaeks ore node fron ell directions they sbeuld be enceged by all unite, bet this is lspoesibla saaaaac we do act aaaa) that estent of eaTeaaee yet.

60. Ot Of all thaequlanest that you hare listed forhere certainly nest be epeeiel radar oontrol write epeeifleslly designed to serrica5 battalion, yon did not gfre cay details on tho rpeoifto radar nrdt. St In the orgnalsatlon of the PVO ef tbe Land there ere all kinds of early warning and radar stations vhleh are integrated with each other sad srs used to controlircraft fire, eta. These sre, of course, integrated as curlllary kelp far the rocket battalion. are you ln ny description was the specific electronic controls" cad units Indispensable to aid and fire Wat rocket. To hnre

thleintegrated with the _PYQ radar syetem is what we ore _dcsperately woeklng on. Thio Is one of our areataet defielenblee, particularly where electronics are coooea-nsd". fhot is why such great snphnsls aov is being placed on ths developneat of cleotrontes.



n addition to this there is onether greet deficiencythatof peroorctol. enreloned that we hare added the 5th depertawattoacadeny end rrentudentswe aay that it will still take tvo to three year* in order topersonnel la all breachesla Radars- and war heads, et*. oy, RJBWM'fJHKV needs at IsastLlWthree rear* la order to be reedy la all th* area*. All thee*r*(njrpATOTGTA) ia th* faetcrles, sinply because they ereaaay of th*fa,end which sr* stored under around end in otherrequire to swrriee and nalntala then fron ellt present tbarafew people like this. Proa the strategic viewpoint, the tla* toear ego would bar* been even better. Every day he strengthens bib

war* Isn't anonof th*ar, ilong*_to these, thethnt it Ta *oiLll. ot ree^^y* were glvoa only the principles

6S. ot There isn't nneh description of th**nl he Ion

the radar pad that'* tu. Btwe

ovr acwroo. ee, yon von net siren details, bi too see,ayingof attcntionton* nore eononrned with th* tcehnlsaliuc^ ofn It* possibilities sad cofartnwtioa. till think thnt in ths so courses, there were nor* professional engtaners. technicians -and of coore* there were son* Un* off leer*. Tht*ot now -thi* rodar cialng confutation for tho rooket. ould get It but In th*ook ve vex* siren the technical**iipn*nt,

63. (Anothert 9M*ates* rooket. tm. top port esa be tekan off, sad there srs sob* Bssuntiled wltheutthie sorsr. bMiwrt * really. Ife en thi* rotating swivel (TTPTUrrj) snd lt actually holds this roskst. Mnk during the first person two of tbss* wereet'swo, four, sir of then.

6*. Bt This Is not. Ot Hot7 ot thstudy this reeket oueroti coolly (axtTtHo). his waspoor photograph. Thi* lauided rooket, thi*ree rooket,rocket (PORCCfTtATA RAKETA). that'* right. This swivel eonss off. r% isn'tguided rooket. This, by tha wsy, is th* bos* fort*h* Imaathlng Installation (rOSrJTTATA

the hull of theh* eepMbioue tank (PUVAOTOCJOTThat's

Ot Arefi tanks heerier than your Si Ho, this Is This is why they are eWdered so. sspepfleile. The turrets ere

Tee, this isteak. They ere considered to a* la tba sdddle eetegory lntheir trraksbUltyt*. TM*ro* rooket. IIt out st first) seulda't ao* the hood becsus* the shedow of ths kunsstthe wsy. There ere no nore of theee. Lettell yon- theyXbim cowering atstftyod barring (TBT HA TlXSK' mTiwn) as Iunder those covers {wMll) aaaocuTft' not be able to sew thetypes ef corrections, unions sad all th*crlpaent. TheytM* ens aay nore and wo did not study thi*



n other words, vbata

66. Bi (locking at pbctp, fo)hai* tvohlitoo Oi TM*h* guided rocket? < Thish* carrier vhleh transports lt froa the atoreg* station to tbo acssindy pcdnt vhen It i* already on tb* technical poaition. Tn* carrier*pecie! lifting neehenisB- and by thia th* rocket lo lifted to the larmaMng pad. How to go further,ttached In tvorote abouthere *r* Bronx* bushings (TTutKX) vhleh held tha guying rope* until th* srsscvt of release vhen the rocket is given free flight (BVOBOTBTf KBOD). This stuff shown her* le, evens* tba egression. Junk, trash,as far a* guided rockets are eeaeeraod. Their idea vaa to show

s cow thing rery large. Thia thing ia very long, eoloesel thing ve bare! Thli la th*.




6 if-

fit (Locking further at picture) Bar* vaa the /nerieenhan the Hotel aatloaala. over bar* era all fire* rocket* and her* la tha Antl-Airoreft 6ua (WHGrKA). Hare' ver* the fanous KATTpSHI (rockets inescribed then beforefree rocketstvo rows of than. bat "Hnd of pnrode la this? These ere! This wo bar* alreadyer* 1st rae have tha mgalfying glass. Anyway, thoy. st tha

tary SOP this shouldn't bo Ilka ere fomed later alongside up to tb*o the so vaa not shorn in any of tho


*! t St Aooerdinghs colons* are forced thlend the order is fron the costliest,nusages. vary typiael la the fact that

r the Hawk (KDRSSDR) . aven't seen th* free-rocket with liquid fule. aw only one parade with roekets, it's tree. aa aloneew the preperuttens for tba psrsd* en the airfield on the Ieoingredear Sokol Airport. Throe or four tines they aarahed past bediming vith th* drunraers, the bend, end finishing with then* things.


60. Kt (lahink/we'll go on nt this stage of these questions here about various other ones of,Internet. Ot Tea,antionad that there aret notkofa^ase"^. rote ln onel Za there Ht Bp,nd 5t a: The B? Is there. nphesiredecause they are Identical ia construction and oU ere large la sdse (SUHA) end la reno*. Sat tba RT aad Eg rockets are not yet ln sarisl produttlon. Iktny ere being and* but notystea, but of course aoehlasry sad rocketo end teebaicel equlprent can be aade in erect quantitiesot boss production. All the roekets arc identical and hare Wgentlonod then because, they ovist out ve did not study then. Hot vithaw it ond opened tbe severnd looked into thet Is formidable. Ot But it Is not ia serial production. St Ho. Ot How oboutM nly referred toH but it is act" la serial rreduetioa. They nentlonod it. The range is greater conbnstlon chamber It no problemthecombustion chambers has progressed well- the defjelency. Isnets! does not yet meet our requirements. They ars working resistant steelt. They have developed some that dosurrTclently to the de-rand smadt of_ then. dT? "Ananumbers which are not completedwhat were these? Ther7 St Yet, experimental. Theynumbers. "Theyxisted. "They go fn_6rdtr. They workthere la some modification or addlUon"and perhapsbe If there IsU,_thtre Is an Thert Is already? Si But they have not mentionedid not mention Itid not hear of !tnot once,id not tes

(?5 01 when KWUSHCHFV said that thsre sre alresdy rocketsIlometsrs and that they are evenlarger.onen^jlha coflosal range, was he right or not? Or have there been experiments In which they were fired accuratelyuch large questions of strategic rockets and

attacks with strategic weapons,s "and puts out what hea, Hs if'believe me. "Yon cam check this as you I'ke

throuon'oWTr channels and you will hear the same. There are rocket, like those-vhlch launched_the_Sputnlk; there arerockets with which one can fire Trom oneother arh^ao^ano^rtsfcarTTer". he lieswear tb'you thst




Jt Excuse mt (In English)

You know you

, how do you know this? Is this No, It Ib the opinion of Marshal

oj^noygV Inh).

rendwere absolutely por a

sre puttTng^ queatlone^oT^

manua la covering theYLLAB leader, took oneeedeoTTt. The dataaccurate for_that time. There are now working to decrease

o^elsewfiere there are complete failures. But IIInew_DSj^ agreeing designed, built,


d* tralnjdg^iy-aBd InuxnbTrs end" Mr mi 9tllC?oTshortcoml ngs. And whennd Mr. NixonespecTany-RrT Nixonsaid that, "We know that you have been unsuccessful ln developing this sndf

they were absolutely correctand it would have been funny ifbeen asked, "How did NEDEL1N

0n2 TUsay you had Look' you (KHRUSHCHEV) aerlously want to conedisarmament, etc./but howwnandthe Central

'wisely stated to ua and to the

world afoutELINdUd. wnat difference doss it make how he. il let us say In general, but how ou when you lie aboutreat man?'. What

?ron?inn IV ^Hv " "pIy? hi-) by COn-

U Pro^My beat on the table



J?:aboutt the beolnnln; What Is the significanceftlcl


thes-ased for stti

V 1oarllarnVen the heater,

d'wIthnumberince It Is

?* St No,S has several varla-

otnnr: ilThey Wfty do theythis. wnTi*

others In the Garrisons of the OKRUG YUZOV and his

staff But for study purposes How did thesearias? ine orlglntlly fron thethe director there la ODIrfTSEV. They could tell relative In the tcademy, "refer to thlt- ust yon this as an example. Whenever camouflage designations are 1 give you bothnow what they are. Qt Hat It beenproduction for IcngT St ttlmate like this astil the instructorsthat thlt rocket was6 Oi Probably there were1 menttTlllill repent my thoughts, though 1your professor. Every year^hey perfect It snd theyto perfect It. But there will not be anyfrom the basic model whlchtthey have. 0: Thlt tnswsrt

76- St ill ash yonon engineering subjectsdo not put big questions to me. tld thlt from the very beginning. To present the_materiel^ In theid waajry. Idea1 thought It best. anted to put .everythingochet on oneength- constructionail "details,hought this must bs taibwh. nought perhaps thls-vay would glvs "ray"ean, Amerlcsn snd Englisha helping hand. Perhaps they think that the Russians are doing this Incorrectly, or perhaps It le progress. Tor thatid It altogether and possibly 1 I*-np. Thisroper question you asked, to the point r W that the data on5 guidance system Is very general. ave, not had tHOT_ye_t,hall bo able to bet IhesVIn detjllj, WeII,"Th"ere Is not much new, Jt When he copied these documents, f wasomplete copy or did he extract what he considered significant? St ill tell you. The Information_ opied completely, but tons of the sccijons on the ici fully and"opied asscmcd to m* "the_ainIn English). rote to muchom as My as thlt, on my.opied It out. ad tho Idee of typing,ould still be typing. Androte II out twice, since you would never have deciphered my abbreviations,

fry St Whenummoned ne shout the unpleasantness aboutrvfy father, aboutad worried soat quiteas quite glad when they put me In en ops section

because It showed that they trusted me. They gsve me agent contacts operationaleal, the red bookeverything. Well, during thiseciphered ell the material and copied It out. lreadyeeling of mistrust tewardt them, my Intuition which hat not deceived me. Sometime afterent to the telsc-tlon commission for the HDA course and sfter that ent to the ONTK,ried to give you this material as quickly at




m thinkingI had wy fI

two nonXhs before this everything was typed and

el1that there it nothingle particularly new on these rockets. EverythingPeconea _knownI JI get to you In detail". Thatiswanted to sayou on this

7U. Oi How quickly can5 ba conbat ready? S! All rockets are normally kepts It ts calledyou know the expressions dry rocket". The fueling equipment end machines, booster, of course, the chargesr ^rT^ofreKTY" (candles) as they sre. There are anall nXNTEKTY and large ones forockets. Theae are all stored In hermetically-storedrote down the sires of the wooden crates for'the rockets, and for dry fuel. There are large metal ones, air-tight. Ths fuelingot badly worked out. Under pressure, the fuel Is loaded quickly Into the rocket compartmentsow many seconds ito not want to guess. All this already exists, 5 Interests you, doesn't itust for preparation to fire?

E nfand begin. The rocket Is brought up on Its carrier to the launching pad. The sequence of command Is like?JS w* cornwnder has given the alarm, already from a

0 Kilometers, the radara transmit ffom oneUD1NA) to another po'nt closer to the position showing that thetilla SfSfJ The command IsL"* They already atarting to prepare rockets. rote all about this prefin


76. Oi And do you think China is getting rockets? Si are givinge_China. Ot Already? Which type? St

are giving then all the types that production. TheyWo_Tse

That's what it cams to. That Is what

wantedUIks about progress onubJecrirTFeimig. ua to follow his road.

aeveral people have told me.


7J'. kgtave special insignia? Si None at


They cross.

" If an overcoat ia worn, the national

on th* caP" No special Insignia have taken away the symbol which thenar,tf-tank troops faff"




One cantell parachute troops,

tag to show how many

There was no need for It.

Theyarachute designationetalan has madeten, twelve, one,

Do rpckfti_men not wear special insignia even St Of course noT* a_manero of Soviet Labor fourocketand there have been many people who Haveero ofthrejtUmes In radio or. electronic equipment. They giveand soforth secretly, but this Is not_puhlI shed In ths Awards sre constantly being given in secret. Under Stalin, awards war* given to excess.

Ho, there la no_djstingulshlno inslgnlsin order to camouflage them and not to distinguish them differently In the Army. You could photograph the rochet people quite easilythose who live in the dormitory buildings. Count them up and note Into which entrance of ours they go. The others live on ths Academy premises. But there Is no special uniform.

The soldiersthe signal troops, the_ena|neers,they use their own service Inslgnlaf Si Tney are considered

auxiliary troopsthe signals, chemical engineering.troops are presently considered Important" branches of theTrTespectivs services. Of Have they taken away their Insignia? ACHKI). Si They have left them their emblemshere la no change. There Is nothing nev about the uniforms as regards the Insignia. There Is one sort of uniform which has been developed for officerssnd is now being issuedacket,pllt In the back. Both the parade and the dally uniforms are khaki. The parade uniform Is worn with


id shoulderbosrds, snd cap with gold braid andrall that Junk,est Is khskl. now uniforms "exactly".

*Qo) Oi And How did you hear ebout that? Whosource? Si eardexactly that our patrol forcea anddetachments, which were In that sector, detected anlocated It, and put up our aircraft, one of which came closeand shot It down over neutral waters. We know this verywe could notsm sorry. Excusem

to blame1 destroyedt tne wrong place, lie hadn't -crossed the frontier,agged him".SVCLOCH. as Hold thla by Serficy SEROEYEV1CH and by Vladimir FEDCROV who has now been In Oermany ror two" years.

8l. Oi What la FEDCflOV? Si FEDGROV nowrigade and vas formerly the Aids d? Camp to^Sergey Sergeyevich. f theae same rocket forces? St Yea, of course.


62. S: m exaggerating our possibilities but it seems to ne that it should bs easy for us to know everything that Is going on in Germany exactly. Therefore, we can Immediately aet ourselves this tnsk. We know that there are these four brigades becauae (Subject's own name) told ustwp_brlg8des erfulppciTtb fire atomlc^mlsjjlles. Where are these briyadesTerman to locate them for vou. There are storage areas under ground. as told this by ORIXlOV. Nevertheless, he said to me, RWs have not enough tfol-ictlvedevices to protect the personnel who work with' these jatomic weaponstheir hair falls out because of thaana the radiation to which they are exposed. People are afraid to go In. They are paid; they ore told that everything la normal ana fine and safe, but they are afraid. hort time

year oronthsthey become Til. Something la lacking. There may be safety measures under laboratory control hut this has not been yet done ror ccmbatsituatlons;

83. Or You also told ua that there were earlier caaes in

which people like NEDELXN Was this known definitely? Si

Definitely. Mr. NIXON could have spat infacesked whether there had been cases of unsuccessful launchlngs and KHRUSHCHEV said, "Ho, there were none. Youlever chap, you _have figured everythinghere are disastrous- cases to'thlslva you my word of honor. At rirst they didn't sendan but living matter, plants, biological specimens,etc. Then they sentobot which began to workinutes, with the help of signal impulses sent from the earth: and which waa the modelanan automatic man. There are many volunteers who are keenot


. Si Do you know about th* snulnljc.which vas_Jost? Well you know that they launched It at cosmic speedyou understand cosmic speed; there la no need to talk about It7 It Is generally known. Well, it was launched and then they lost control of It. Gi Did VARENTSOVou that? Si No,openly In general discussionepeat thls-as rumors strung together. Everyone knows about themFEDORpy,oUVerillist if you

Oi Are the ftoscoy defenses around tha town all completed?

anti-aircraft guns, the rockets,ill tell you. We, the Genera^ Staff, believe thai"you see Moscow as targetist of Stargets In order of significanceLeningrad, and ainhe oi Idl strlcts like.Baku, whichpecial jfone.enterention this to you so you wiilknow In general of the number of auch defenses. These are excellently defended. There is emphasis on'the Urals, where hesvy Industry is


There are defense* in front^of theUrals and behind een sent there because your aircraft havedetected there. ive you my word of honor that whenfllgnVcame over in the direction of Kiev-Kharkovthere one flight there that we knew about, where' Tfitsovlat air spaceviolated but there was nothing to shoot with. Now that thshave appeared, KHRUSHCHEV has given the order to fire,shot at POWERS on the lat of. May. There were (defenses)not in quantity and they were not able to go Into actionas they can now. They existed, but not In the right BIRVUZCV was reprimanded because he had not correctly

estimated the probable direction of the flights from theof Importance of_the targets. That Is to saythey wouldwhen this aircraft Trom Turkey flew over Kiev, but thereto fire withthe aircraftOWERS wouldIf he hadr If kilometers to', the right of his

Ji To your knovledge, how manylights were there that you heard of? rsnslatea). Si now of_fJve such flights1 knew exactlyas told by someone who would not mltlead me. ould work with him "In ths dark" (unwittingly). He Is -Major General Andrcy Romanoylch PGZCVMY, head of theirectorate of BlRYUZOV'sdeputy to VARENTSOV In the Political section on the 1st Ukrainian Front. VARENTSOV had hlra promoted to Major General.

67. St Immediately after the war, VARENTSOV beganeries^ of Jobsill try to explain. Hrf^onmandYd (the Artillery) of the Central Oroup of Forces, the artillery in Lvov In ths Transcarpathlan Military District, then the Artillery in the Trans-caucaslan Military District, Tbilisi, and then, when^AKOVLEV was Jailed, and the late NEDEIINwho was the ccmmander of the" artillery after VpROJf^V called him from Tbilisi nnd put him In charge of OAU, while ZHTJANOVolonel General. VARENTSOV Immediately modified the guii whichooling device, for whicholonel Oeneral, was Jailed. PGZCVNIY lost touch with VARENTSOV at that timethey respect each" other} go to each other's homes.

08. St POZOVNIY lives near SOKOL. Helat and Is married with two grown-up sons, ent to work In the PVO withYUZOVn political work. Then he quarreledRYUZCV and it la interestingig. chief canesser one% YUZOVero of the Soviet Union. In Lyubertsy, weort of engineering base, In the hands of BIRYUZOV. H* ordered them to make him ten duplicate Hero of the Soviet Union medale. Ths

^ iwar*at ox torntaaaaiooa. Bt ataaatdkrt orijgj tho raolon*. hetat rOWTDCTT

To this ornt eort of ill Th* Ms* Ish* KTemlla .art la What


to aaTaaaLPJLSP look feolUh.

r* jw thi*wm aaa* ataatU

ow sort of reward!- Tola la notorarrr

ST pcftomTIarlacresent frcat Or*ati'?la th* PTO. ft Is fort boo* fro*

tUftla Moaoow.

2ot*1, arova ap. BI* wlf* bo* aerwd Into tha fiat, at ha* Jaat arrired analaavlf apw. ft win work la tha FTO^again *oa*vbare. ftraat QQ'ara* for aw. tkaraped aoay people


araat powwrt Si Tba. tnay or* sreperfag than froasirereft. Theyaredo not kaow aaythlaaaayTha

. . vifl niuaii ax Tnojr arcc*MaipUnloslU oa Its trajectory. Thar plot

rS-rlajj*cat Lepeatertain point, aa thor try to5 ond an al

oaothia. on


Tbi*working oa than

roarf^^f*raw ^1

rour^eaMan to it. It isc?neatoal of th* highest posolbLs


th* roeare with^his fuel. If Thoy do this, it will b* "acenthlngJ* s Inatalled in-oundlia has**,


oraaaleally. Th* PTO has than, aa wall as the orlatioa.

93- Oit enedlsanchlag flatforaooaflatloatoundation latlfflnniM. Ba* laary and no forth. H't*to ralaforoe th* aroond. All leanchtng pletforne or* also ralnforood hy Man* of any vlree. By thedort of th* rocks*.av* on*ut In ey pocket vtth"narHnf* of f$ en It- plat*. plat* li pot in aay forftlon en th* roekst In order to level itf Itd to lerel th* latontMngjpad.


site* for aeee* fnr

prMatarnlaed alrsotieos In orderiring plYtfora *ni all eenlnnvnt for rockets ean he quickly *ot op. Whether thla vlll he rally used, or whether lt vlll ho aheadoned, thatuestionnot th* usaaU sullenjla*throughout tba fjiltuij of the Boris* oaten. Vhar* th* siting in exactly fleteroinsd, *oa**ructioneaplatad (SXRTAaa rWUUIWlLW).

93. (Meeueslon ha teegenda ead on th* next question to het We ar* trying to nan *nr ontntlon* la order. rotalasa yon, In th* very near futvra yen vill bef the address where th* Captain 1st least, vitae* oa Ivor* In Rfthost, vork* andbin,of aU th* nerta (atLoT)"sHeSfron'all dfrwHonoa central sontrolso**. Alld*liT*riea are sheeted her* and fa*onocrned vith thisou're*hT theof ta* captain 1st Rank aad the tows vlll h* given oe hare already nentioned the teen vhereely takes place. old yen tba on* la th* Rest, hot not ths on* to> that ltert*. gear* ar* cocks that do this. nov thi*. "Beastly". rosrloeill vork out this vhole question completely. Ot Ike? town in ta* Teat Is rtntsaliaekt Bid yoa flee th* exact location? Xt iskns eaat of Rasas. Bi So, BO. Ot Hrr* ie, see for yourself. of looatlon of laraciTiasat. Xt eventually transpired thatova vhieh be had visited trie* and in vhieh He had eteyed overnight.) St During tba. sale* (rjmi) vere eseeahled there, at that tin* near Adalral WPiWVltUtIT, nov need, vaa etatiaaed there. The Araeniea saglnsar Oensrnl VWWjrfA* live*ubject

that he mat hare motioned fknrselinck in eonoeettoa vith the hoaadarle* of the vartla* Moceov nUltarr district and aafcns*hieh evbeeabd froo Khiinta to rtnuelisah. Biscwssion then turned to tba location ofvhere Subject sado sc.)


NnAiwtwi there? jaJaeUXy? St Xtig haed^nrtcr* aer-rfeally, vet hov eany roons ere there? About. ror seenhereeoeet If ltnall one,ooM If It le eon*. They era etill holloinghere. (Farther disenssion of exaetleeetton of Fexkushkovo. Looking at lvey* took the eleetrie train fron the ttRLoHDKSOT TOKSAL. There ere several private house* there. It ve*mmtiy estate. This van always tho eenter vhere th* TOLrfSOBTAV (polttleel pereeantl) carried out ita retraining. Tvon fOgCWli ntooled here at on* tine. Oi Bov neny nan would you any ere there?? o. More. There learge eedr* directorate. They have everything, ednialotrativ* people an veil, sad they are etill balding large Tillae for therey granite ana grey roof*. as there. Ji Hov neny kilometer* from Hoseor? est think ahont thla wore exactly. Thu nuet gonateevo In th* vood*. There la

rallrond station, end yeu oust go fron the nearest station byby ear, or at might by oar froa Koeeov. Oiaid theren roeehly,ill sot guess. lll find out exactly, because thi*

a taale iwadqtarteTS. lll tall you the eaoset nuaher of kilonrter* end vlll ti* It la to there otherlll eoesiaer tM* essential and 1st task, previously, ay driver took as aad he knev the read.

81 Can vs nov think about the questionentioned too day before yesterday? oiveeall recorder, soon pot th* questions vhieh ve need ensiened end roeord eonversatlona vithnd vith ether friends. Jkn thsr*nd question to think about. Should you giveistol in the mar future? av* no gun at the noaent,eed toery good aernaa officer'* pistol hut they took lt sway fron sis. Cosot slloved to here area. ernsa on*ALTfRB. ere nothing. X* there anything to prevent a* froa hsving something like thet? Oi There is nothing to provt at you. Vet isn't it dangerous

for you* Why should yon area It! nt Bo. lll:iresssk

you to think Shout lt. hould tell yon* thinkiaq

OO. fli Csn yon give u* aay Avtalls about this anral roekettba Bi Bp, Fverythtng that they told as ve* reported. Oi D? you. knov hov "It (Launehap? vertically or st an engle? rite that lt seat* fired Inclined? Ot Pren vndsr voter? t is fired at en lncllnod angle by land troop*. Ot But oa* ean Issnwhusdarvater rockets either at en angle or vertically. Si Absolutelynov is this dona, vest ar* they Vhen this natter vaaut the question, "What sort of laimeh (mirr) does It have?" Jfe (tha Inatruetor) said, "InsUnod4. aid.

aWTI this seivoO?" Technically,as In the course they taught ne


the* for an laallaadlaunch the lsansMag Installationinss leaser than the rocket. In other words,ocket0 asters, the lsuochsr nest ben* eouW construct thle, tat It voold rsuuiT* bag* supporto to keep ererytMng rigid. SeubJeeVe trueere solved thi* an**tloaet bow It vaa solved he did not asy. oi "Oa ruWvtrines? Si Ho, for lende not knov hov they Ao It oa vuBearlne*.

99. Oi Vbea ka told row ebout tM* hov did ba tall yon? lUd"imldentally, therer how? * ebout Ilk*- VI* vifehinjeet'e tm*nolentlflem doing secretarial vorkandidate neper ef Yolodyn TMXKKFltKD, ashe heed of tba Staff". sked, "Vhat le tba*eid Tai abet force*". Well, vhat to Cot B*aator ina trueet the Military Polltlcelo/ ea the Bol'eheye Badovsye. Ma end he said, "We era beginning to iastrncttaaaata Ina". aid, Nhat roefc*te7 on't leaacasr eneawdid act etedythe course". i> knevaa la tbaWell, ae oa cad so forthaoon a* h*rot* lt down, but It ves ay roortlon, "Vhat sort ofut the euastlon to Ma. Be r* nonets ne and he told ne,"Hov can It be Inclined? aa told by *nglneer* that aats used for guided rocket*. tMs la elnply don* for snailbut It east go progreaslrelythe lsagthtba lmeaeMagfor Large rocket*reet weight*'. el a, "Itonger than tb* rocket ao thate launched". ha* ll he sol". hat ere bis foreaeeasf Ylsdindrr>doroT. Is rladlndr iTsnorieh the nan vho vas la Oeraasy, ths

Qi Did tM* PAIwyKKKaro tell yon that there sre aboutor vas Itecture? eard, in general, thai therevltb this rooket, but they did not tell us Snout at orIt. 'X heere" this froa others in tba Ckevxni Staff. KBM*nV} nersrthe Oeneral

as detail about hln which you can cheekafter ha bad finished atsr*hlDskty Aosdeny, heirl celled RUa. She has two deughters. This wife's stepfather vas celledolsasl la ta* EOB vho vorked la oeraeny. fhera, he had aa sfftdr vltb th* dsughtert. neasral sad shehild by Ma. esult, ba set aboutiverse fron nia's nother. File's father is deed) heot bar fether, ruga Fetrorna, the nother, vorked In tbe consrsl oeetloa of tho eng. Gasaaaber of th*unior lieutenant, she Vasand dlsnlcscd) thoy wanted to expel her froa tho Forty. Why? They sold that her husband. Col. aTfiTMaW)

TOBa*atof XUo, tho

T ftTaer Chtof of Staff intcm. tbanUn front. T thsseOOO alvnyanaeLped Mn (rnaOPCgKP) tort IntohlnklT

ecaa*ation.htM to TOargyjr.

, , FU* ond cot to knov thi.

thi* Inferaetlen cm of thee* oar*. t* not

cea mctt* cov* oaaatly the yw Chen orerjthing

S^l" e* ooeretLes, eeavaauea

Iff oaut lamftrrtrnate,

g toVet *h* vould net plre

hta oa* . Thoy had ao children. Bi Wall, vhy le thta lataTevtlngl BttXMAWf leot back, gam WJtfUMWfpUJ erne to aa eadnted Qlflc ratroma to err* hla at* things", atentally, ssiw-wrrriend of anaW

- ari yoathat Let a*oaent offarch, b>e

rltteai*fflleJnTI mUA aaid thet be waalTorc* aad deaanead th* thing..

^ MfM*lrorcc. aid, =xnhall

th* tear, their grsadnother died rsecntly aad VD10TO le

0*nsolla*ttng talensu?KTr lived vith Die* Ivtrovs*Oheiwjsskayo OL. next to thara rtatloa. Hi noved IntoIn the DoLsxhaihakh em end want* toIt Intothe aothcr of Olaa mrorna

left her,

tea* the yonng deaqhtcY of th* Lt.hink alreadyeby sjtrl,

cat ffTg aonflrnatlen of^

tk* arrest. hinked, ve bar* to check thla.


01 Ul'lUNK*). Qi Aa Interesting ood friend of thoCALC7 end TJV-^eT. a* ss else* to SSWTTot to TAJBBrWr. Ot vbOTO did bo flew? est? Si To toooho voo notified thnt ho non mooted. Thorn ran, however, no offlrlel notlo* rtoolvod.

Fetroriw) VOrkod forT^itrpveka, h* vorountfora. She vorked forhe looked on year to getpension, set peneion* nfterjeers. Bev ah*su Job because she maanded Mcag the ivorby line for herbeeans* her husband happened to be ena- ef the Soviet Union ond Means* she did not discover eat report his terreliability*. o enslna* her fron tho party. Her hair turned grey. Skaery petrlotlosf th* Partya Ccrenvrlst,hing. They left her In the Party but seretrong repri-eosd. Rotvord was uttered obout ffnjjsrsnr.

Bi There Is one Inter*etinc detailaflKBAMHUj Is in sloss context vith no ande* planning to leere to eons to England, be *elled endr Olsft Vlndlr-irovieh, let's no look st apertneots". Bs- pu'ujiussa boeeni sssaTtssnss aad oeoupy twoo shars th* epertrjsnt. It is hard to get opartBwnts there, yon knov. but this is beside the point, nelos* friend of nine, he wouldn't U*Tbnd beard about th* existence ofooket in theJawy,id not know7 details shown. It, he gors n* the detailsust gar* youj they ere hi* dotnils.

Oi MA tb* instructor tell you obout the serial production of up tosibnorlncs? as new told this ry instruetore. ave friends la the general Staff. ill list the*ont to write this down, it lo

lipji tent thing to clarify tho osnet source, (gj Ton ass, If this eaidrarth's ego, lt would be alright, but If It was said seal

*rw, two yearshat Is wrea nore laportaat. SiGKCnnr*about this, nh wee subordinate to noae theretie Act lagla rurkey. ah waso the ataff ofold you. ah laIn hlawlcpnont, eta. Let's see, who *laa told ne? rankingea't swaasssal who It was nowon't want Ot Don't. on't bare th* right to. fcny, don't. TMs laimportant article that It was neeasiwrry to ask. nderstood.

si Ul soon giro you the nam of the city where tho Captain 1st Rank, withas on vocation sad. the cca> vho works on tMsold you that there are cocks for th* ecoortbllng of (subrsrrlnea) la the far East.

I mil tell you about tha north. Oinaute. Tou don't reswsber if ha told ycu atera ha vaa located? are it written sons place, a?old you about tbe elty nana, vould you recognise It? liare fXatpAlauon't aaat to gnaae. So, pleas* aon't eteer a* avay fronnew) there sightoeend place that you know about, ot fins.

old yon ar biography In roch detail that It vaa unpleasant for ne. any did It happen thataa act accounted for? Oi Probably because during our flrot aeetlng you told va BrsrytMng ao feat that It aaa msoed. old yen, I've had the aeterlala forear. eil, now It1ear. Si That toried to contact you, but did not get aa aarver. riad to contactnd all thle la the trunk. Oi okay, all thia is now clear.

% Me*.

'Oluestion that interests usthis region of Borthern Ieningrad lanot oeaneoted vltb ths boats? Si fiawaaak Oblast? Oi Tea, Wnwanok cfclaat, but not ouiuoeted with the boats? "li'ab, absolutely sot. it IS connected with the launching pads, sada froa reinforced concrete, with rocketc deployed there sol aiaedat England, not at trscaws. Oi Pine, gnat typo of rockets are these, typo Bi- hey arom range? Bt Tea, they hare to oo beerore the fflstsnos Is so ancfa. rhey are of thia caries of rocketc. The cossatndar of theae rocketc ts clearly a. They vara eoaasaded by the deocosed iDTOaTLTfl, end now by Hxzjjxxkd, vho Inherited this coacaorl. Wmnat has nothing to do with those.

Oi Do you know the areas Where1rs deployed? Bi By rooket de signet Ion, nothlag Is known to aa. Meratand. St Xa ay under standing, they sre deployed against allra of threat, all arwavl in tho lar ssst, against Iran saT Tartar, sere againstoucdorie* closer than feglandspecially egalnat Turkey. Vhen ths Anerican troops loaded inrrnyjescfffflCrf was snpolntedhis vas all task for poap ss well aa propaganda. At this tlss TAfQBRBOT wag there all the ttao. TARRRTSCfr was tbsrs in the Traaa Caaoosion miitsry rdcrriet, oaof tha Artillery. K*ratJT vaa la that area all ths tins/In thill si and traveling in theeoausc fiffflBftOHEV' order*flrerytMBg to be la battle reedlncss.

'rursagjhont the POBah's flight. Thsy espseted another flight and would hers flredos it, out not with oa atonic warhead. Thsy ranted to hare sase of penetration of" (soviet air apace y. They wanted to say, 'Took here,




nucn!' fta ifraw,to rtnt t

w*re reedy. * bsttlsat, istmrtrtns,ays* tbastandingeedy. allenrty,ia toaaara (inau eeaoeflsasjd. im tie mltaaaa taplte* that whanry thaha tat up aad loededj there la no fmtllm vhsrenyoses* resdy to fire, are ready to at fired

I here been told that ia



told you hov tai 1

klsslle* eaanot otrad

heraatleally aonlta.

.hra yea vrite your report* to an, ean yon axre na th* of the tventy atodent* that vera toxin* tint sourse vith yea inho vent to aTJEnuXBSCn stra a* tht*.

i '




gadfjdl fcwg? ntXKJnOLaiany;. y

cm on vlttaa enrtnas, beedaoahter vho

opposite tho telegraph *ffi*e. ialtod bio home. v. jgfj| aft* took the ewwiaetloaa to enter the (avttaal) instituteot *eeepted. taksrwtfetter and helped her get into sretdng sehool at the nnitor*lty# vhieh ahe attend* nov, ah* vork* during tbe dayospital. heood friend. ton vlll as* hla aignator* an the copy of th*(ppkalbcjiltftlla) that he gav* a* *poaf yaka,t la typed and ha*l of tk* C: w* hav* tm*. akv* it

f esaaspls, HCGXAIXIKB, chiefp theirlB^topuutmt^jjrnmHntov in chief,

vhon is TaaTAipOfj a*n sf the sytillery,li th* *oanrnvarr of ths qyosadbotof. fli osflyf x* it eonawsred toeparata staff? , th* orsuiat lores* staff. ot and undor this staff, t* it *uv*rdls*ts to ths 0A0T, ort aapsntet oi the staff of ths aroundugemwr vith th* bsaasmaas sad his staff,gather vith th*iiiumr* of tba mainad th*of tsrions aras of oreend rbsve*they ar* alloths osarrsl staff end then to th* htnlbter. aderstond. bi an asm of troop*mm3k0 has en. jj* of troops sad so doe*j defined ny tba reap^eaihlutlee aad acadltlob*.

b* general

lt. osnetsl-. wa iNnmiaiUf. twhipwb*

rookst troop* of th* around yexwe* aad is auaiuidlnat* to CbVDQJVj the chief ofdotforasrly satddfand thatb* ehnla ef sonaend. uiwm you ask hovimiiihoyoad that itaay yoa watt bar* in aiad th* chlsf of btaff, hla deputy, sad tho wnister ofaibotbovnhappy that h* has dovhl* suhordlsatloa. bs is responslal* to th* chlsf of

th* oanerai staff, hi* ttgsjfe sari th*ai



Hi But'j, hi* eannaadert of the areua*nd hen the sra* level ee otherocdi ee teek aranafl Poreee exaetlyl ee. Oi YAEHffsoT vouldet they vee't glv* lt te Mb eeeetaee who* jBGXLXB died, the highest sdlttary florist part vith your Re Isn vreteh, tM* impudent permoi vho seined poeer right out froa torlerfh was upheld hy the noeretarlea of tho fWMtfi. h> voo MMeter oforaysppointed hynd WIPMCT. There wi thlt nllitary Soviet to deals* whoa to appoint (to replaced. The flret eendldete aewaloosd ves VAJTCTTWf. They wonted to appoint YWOOerarjr. mo her aeay cneedee. ery eeverv wJBSIX, veryery booost end. good tea, pe pate Mo oonl Into Ue norh. Bet TARS1TKT doe* not hereeducation, eepealolly highly theoretical) he hen sotingleidn't gr*du*t*rsMa*fcoso, yrunee or Voroehtlov* oenerol Etsff Aendeny. Ht only attended eourneeror *on*ploe* at the Oenerol atoff 'oedesy like the Oenerol Staffook at the ihsenMnakly Artillery Aesdeay. Bat he otudlad at the TAB of the Toroehtiev Oenerol Stafftej The rbroshllor Aoadasy baa bees transferred teere your friend le nov iwcrultlng Begree* ond la eatekdlsMng en agent network ln order to let our Sorleta establish their dondnotlon there.

U7. Mb should bo aliMnated through oU possible arena,on't think there vlll be sny threat to no If ve say that ve knov shout tMs ond explain to tbe rtegroeo not to so. 9am the Thdrerslty vlll he closed. (people's friendship Tfajrerdty) Ton think they vlll go to study there! ST Bo, onlylll so to study there. TAREKPBOV vaa namedendldate. In the pest, he vaa elvayo supported ay Msarmer CMef of the Oeosrnl Ptoff SoMlnrafcly. Then they left, they bersaa Ulbut they aro healthier than neny. But OARBBTOOV did not get support hers tMe tine. VAnTBTOT was on rery good tern* vith KHHOTBCfflCV sine* the tine vhen KfimraiCfirresier of the Millrsry" Soviet of Vatutln en tb* 1st lltrelnUn Proat vhere TWWTTfWT vas Orr^ttrlar of ths Artillery. hotographeepeakw that shoes TOktta flersjeyvvleh, fKCn^YTKIT, TATDTTB aad VABTWBC* standing tossther. Ot YATOtTH ves kUlad near nar, vas ha not! g| Tes, ba vas killed vhen he vas la etaasurl of tha first Varralntan Proat. Ct Dsur^rejef woe very veil disposedKeTTWV. urbulent person by nature,ot fronegarding tMs.

Ci ifcatter to asWQaVBKf1 sarins that thereeee <BA*BAK) la tbt miaBUBmai of thsertainJrogEWi WW sal*eeds vers hot elves, suppott was not given, etc.eries of top secret astorlal lalatter to XUmMKnTf. ab mots it because lt Is iapeeeihle to cat sato ass MPgBja*f. as eeetnstsd aa layer teat person who has directo aaWMWW and asked hba to give lt to nWWaWlBY, tut st thatrWLfcrsly, rsjajHBCHTf Isft Kfcseov sad ths letter went to 9DA0V, sassWr of tha rlHWirrrw, ead the gecjctary oftml Coaalttee. SDSLOT rsad tbe letterj it did art neea sartalng to Ma. Re called la'.rtrTTXT sad told Ma, "Tear oweVw of Jhsatot Troopc brings epl Matters aad protlcac loa waned laansr end ens really'*. Ins existence ef tuts letter waa leuuled to tmJSCBZT aoeh lster hut tha letter was net gtree te Ua. Tbe Kim tier ef Tefenee, wAT.nrjVHCTT, eafced TAIffPTOCT, "Vhet srs you doing? "hy ar* you reporting about re behind ey beak! vky didn't yen eons directly to sa with these ideas and queetlomT" The Conssnder of ths around forces also wonted to know why he went sround the Chals of Cceeaand, beoausc they were eveettoaod regnrAlog these letters in ths letter, sine* they are rnspooxlbl* for then. VAHKbTOCVsry good corker, sad to bit* at hla directly, tbey could break their teethbut thsy knife hla constantly. When SSOTT.TJ died, TAHCTrBCT wc* sot appointed to sis position. On Artilleryr5dv to be svarded the title of Chief Marshal af Artillery, asut h* did sot racsiT* it. Very were holding cevrythlsg back froa hla. let's sec what Happens en the Sad of Septeaber. will they gire Ma tb* Order of Lswrg ar an. (fSrtei ev title ef Chief Marshal of Artillery vas eoneuaeed In WATT* In May

Oi Vho is la charge of,aple, th* adoption af rev rockets! whore ere they developed, escesnoed, etc? Tb* understand, sot *nly the quartermaster port but the engineering, nev ftevelopaenta, etc. nderstand. The first aclsstlfitf *atsr, the brain of socket technology, la cenaldsred to be the AesAeay la ths saaa of rershinsfcly. Major OstvotIs of the mginsors, th* /rtlllery Engineers and Taohnleal serrloee ere eoneentrnted there. Also Major Generals" ars department (rz-rr-re) kondej tvo of thentrong theorstlelans vho develop designs ss leMi of the faeultina. old yoa evlWthn thor*eneralselansl In tb* hth faculty.

Oi rpTBETKOyou ssevoaaber neaes, and yoatart nixing everytMag up st Mdnlght. Oi Ieeneral* olonel, th* only oa*. The rest ar* general*. There they plan and erect*laboratories andoetrinse vhieh ere later rsported. Bssldea thle, ttw* is the relent me florist of th* OAUt la celled Military Soientific Soviet of th* Main ArtilleryuiyJ7cnoniy Boyvt prl Olsrnon Artllieriyahoa Ofrevlaniya). The nein artillery edninirtration sad ths head, Colonel Generalold yoa before, haa concentrated In Ms hands allprediction, all the ucm^rdlltnryof the country that vork foray, ifc" alsooierrtifia ConstrvwtIon Directorsts, very lorn* end powerful, where all the tbeor*tielens sit.

ootjrtjrtthe Aeea*^without reiss.Or ther.Iwann. Alree^oaly with oa* lte- roekwte. At GAP* eeelparatj rarloua other *sulpsest, on fusls, ea^Ttt, ete.

* mmMmJSL^ sow,also la the bandshere sre the btt aaleatlfl* Researeh Zastltutes. There Is neryihaa one. fas. of tba Inetlttrtee le Iceeted on the prealaes of the f/ sBSefemSB^IkerrsMnnkly, IteparaU heMend earrles oat hlwsnss*r' AD and transfer Ith* esw process boss to the slant for produatloa of the prototype, for testing, ete.

1 Then theree*oad center, tha_ Rocket Aeedeny. la

afl| Si The eeeoad HU la at [kutolci.u, not fur froa tba Anrrleaa,

. - British. faMbtt. It Is beyond the IxxctHTKl Carte,ilesaterrs froa

OLKZS1 Metro atatloa. Si who dlrwets this and which ere subordinate to TARTTTT5CY? Bi Bo. tt Is WXkXfJXSKD now. The AccdosulB bo XsfejBT BBbordtmte (otobbia) to YARrhTooT. TAREwWoV hlasilf Is loes*ei aVlbe jfafaaj new, ant ts to be transferred to frunseefcay* Hah, to QAO. There the aetsatifle reseereb idess sre being"esrelopia rery actively end eoneretely.

12V. gi further, there are naayschools where ths lo*er_renkiinj officer* or*hey study up to firs years. This is because the Artillery schools sra nov also ens^neering^eheols where they hare scientific Researeh depsrtnente. In other words, the oosaaad pashas all csdrec, no natter where they work or study, to think, Invent, and ereete asthey ars ln this field (rocketry). Then all these (ideas and thlnklag} funnel Into the Aeedeny, to OAU and to the Mils. roposal froa the Arttilery-Technical fohool In Rostov-oa-the-Don would go along theseon't re-ee&erold you that there ischool there and also ia Odeesa_snd Riga. Then they analyse vhat has been producedos* anything else bo done, or not? POrhapo yon gosw field, with thia unified effort ay all tbe scientists froa all sources, everything is collected endTaluable ideas ere derwloped, cad tested, first sa peper snd then oa Metal. This is the structure of tbo Oeientlfie Reeesreh werkf there is as seieatlflc research In one place.

Who coordinates all thJai Si OAD. Thle to the highest coordination,

J but OAU also gets this fro* the BUS ond the schools. nder stead. ose to Koecov sre th* towns with tbe Osrnansold youhey test things and sonetlnea get *onethlng froa then. This Is


eeerdiBaked by mm* acisrrtlfls luiirili fitr**tcret*. Z% is Ilk* tbm highest Boeiet, whieh ltw put alas all ib* scientists from mil tb* sMsatlfla roseereh insMtutss,and eehccls. It Is tat SOQTClBatlaa organ.

Ol Vhat van tba ireastlen vhen it aa* iMB mil la tho DGSfl that Anorls* haa solidrcefcat* which eonld b* launchedf*oa BBi Vaall lafoewetlon .bout rooket* la tba Anerleea, arlUsk end Oataaa asanas andg to collect lnforsetloa oa tba French rocketc. W* wultof ceeccdary lup arthoy aa* yourea, aa beard of vhat yon renUoped. Oi It is ssllsd ta* Wsntensa. Bt am ksr* board. It aaa asatleaader lt.srao tiasrsk aatUl abotoarsah it, so yo* Vill know thaStaff know* about year nefcsts. thsy know alaoet all th* aaass. Then there

blankcan of vhloh sre filled la with flpn-a*attern slallar to checkers* technical data.

Bt Vs bars aaa* fibs* ahoat yoor rocket sad* ay tha Strategic allltsry Intel! Ismail.a am yon didn't prwsewthssi to sayea*. rarllaa aa sedates* eat Corporal alssllesaov they are fired!rl*tng

X armstarbpbrt of ther classes. tMs vaa oil

knov vhar* it come front X

. Bha, on't knov vharo lt saa*es sorerbar* heard ahoat tba (mnutvaan) ad sell* that la fireda aaaa math fires, which aakag It iaposalbXe to MtkyIt Is anas.eard this st efflslal lector*Vhar* did yontMsl St Oh yss, frsn vfaonfs^cacstral ofTroops VluVBUUX, sa latallinenaa officer, works ss Chief of Os Oh) Another old friend, ftalas oa the

Kanrtat* frsarteelon hy ths ray. Ot Bs ras ia the old Barseaechnology, gBOTOT vaa theret TfOTCCTTf aaa there; OSOCT vas there. St oafjfra vaa tb* fore MUtsry attaeh* te that negro BSSOB at Addis Ababa. sot fired. Ot Aad vhatOV$ aaa* and pstronynioTon'tinnov hla vail,

lag* Gt X* it Still called ths Bureau of Bear Technology! T8OTBKXf nov vork* on OrltMvots Bt. ia the Xafoavartlea Xdrsetornte, as bead of on* of tba information KAPBATXCnTR. Ito looser palled the Chief Information Mr**toT*t* or the second Inforaattisa Directorate as before. Itust ssllsd th* Xafersatlaa Mrectorat* of th* Pad ORO.h. (Ttereye Qleraay* IbMrcodetet'eey* CbrarleaJye, oacsrralneao shtasa). ns Jobo atUlss new tcebaical sdrcam. Be laatvrod ta ts sad told asthis racket that fires frost platforms sad ts nerabl* and neneurersbla. skwnrtly, ba bad ao easy Msgrtsa* hecanunjand saeh Junk, netMag seaerete. therenly vary spars* Information. 1 get tM* InfOTawtlonnaploasat, in order to airsoexplet* end sound eagtaserlag *nd*rstaadlag of what v* know shout your rockets.


X&9. Ot Where did he lecture to youi St At the -th entrant* (poDTJOn) en the 2nd floor. Oi Too see vhat lasortast Lectures are given there. Thisot| we did sottMs. od this thin*erson* attend theould switeh it oaocket snd vould listen. It voold be easyoeld not hers te writ* or taint and res would bar* It all. eerstandad ir>.ti clashed th* wholebsrs wouldn't beeny question* nov. oll yeu directly tbat It la bard ror a* te grasp fsliy all ta* things dealing vith cnglnssrlncsee* though tM* la* written. a est aaest writ*a aeohenieaUy. Oi Tea ars coaplctvly right. Ve vill keep evey froa sueh -ota-atlon* and only ask isueral questloas. Si And yea vlll get gesersl careers. Oi Pine, but here, na yon hers heard, vat bar* oa srpleantlcnlarlfloatloe. This la also lnportsat. hi* about th* ray*here, th* parawsUra,an't do this. ndsrstead. bst* vlll only Ve

uestion for yov. ea. Oi Vhen ana ve plan toesting ston take all th* antsrlale, look than over, aad give yon additional eoaasnstst Ot for nextet's proper* ta* following in order of lsportasa*. tnen you can luiaual year additional ecaaont* andaa rssall neny thingsh* sntsrial.

* vlll aest toaorrov. At what tine? Ton knev vhere. let's decide first when, tou said* not tooaetlsg. ve vtU talkee aiBotss no* snd vlll decide en toaorrov. Tea riaautir. nov this. Oi Vhat tin*est for your on't knov vbea VTagS vill driveover. Touit Beat to VTWSlj heender fnl driver. Tea have to give hla credit far driving aa around carefully sad taking good care of ne da spit* th* traffic. Ol Tes. Biear you don't want to giv* hla anything. Ot Quit* tb* opposite, v* pronloed to take ear* of thi*. f you evaluate anythingare a* Insignificant, then ther* la as need to neks suchi Definitely not. Ri Than tell a*lll vadarstsad all thisifferent light. Oi Tale vlll all be don* correctly.

St Another question nust ba ennaiderwd ia viev of arc siraeaeiaaeia. Xt iseelephone Booker, inav* to *ak* ecntaetarry. Xaora soa* unpleaseatses*threat orslaa. Anything oould happen. sk that you giv*elephoneon't eere vhieh oas. Ot He vill give yon tale. ins,ieaflslt*. This vorrlee bs. (the ounber) ehovldrat don't giv*Laughs) Ot fine.



t Bow, we here to fiMsh with tbat TMa It planned* woholo eelssdul* worked oat. Bi Plae.ones-row plan to com* at 21 boon. Ifate, wo viXX wait for poo.

i 1st aolooking at hlawhathlnhdo* Vhat la tha prugrwrT Tuaarow wo Ttatt two ftraa. Ot It iathan adrir* froa London. Stre refrigerationOvUPTCTO. Oi Opto in MiwdiwdwwT Bti Xa thi* in tb* norniag TStmen so tht* eitherhle first. Otact ash* any difference whlvb way yon do lt. St Bow long doss lt taketo London froa heref Aliiears. Ot thrss hoars In henryAlright, ws will oount oa threeon't allow Ma to go rest. Iaecarefol. Ot Ithoot UO kllorartere. ot! OtOhl rdloanters. hought It was alls*. olonel WCXAT. te rat's *ey nine o'clock toaorro*. Otdeelde on trine, flionld hers ton* ever at eight thirty anduntil nine. Ot Thatnfortunate. ot and

Hi Tunuiiu* this won't happen. Too bar* to golsoes toaorro* aad, la sedition, arte* te London.

Oi(Zn Baglisa) Bow ohout rooming wrunjaiuantsl la that? Kt Too. Ot Boreaall Vat Important natter. It has barn arrangedou will oil he staying oa the 6th floor. St I, alsof Ot1 Z* lt eoarealent for ae to go dowostalrst Ot Yes, rery eum-enlent.on't hare to walk along ths corridor* Ot Bo. ill h* la th* sen* wing as yon? , rery close. la Is rery Important. Ht that's right. B* lo going to ha la room 6ht. Ton's* tmnd that's the ssss sorrldor. Bt will ho quite neer the beck sbsSrs, to eons sown. All tb* ether pecol* vlll h* In another scsrldor. on't want to ores* Uweorrider where wy people might stlak out their heads, or go re drink boor. ant to step out of ny roon end dire here. Ot Bar*oursubject le shown the location of Mshe Stairs, the aloratcro,loor plan ef th*i ah furtherwill take place thereiatown-row. Bay oft or tortorrow, ete. ton will neet the proMnant parson. TrerytMBg will be don*. Ere* WTBBB will be taken ears of, but Barer discuss operational matter* The most li^ortent thingyo* will go to kktseowi be will bring yen things, thatlm* ss far as yon *r* concerned. ill gtreittle sot* Ilk* this. Ton nil! giro Mm sons/thingonaplre*orlalwill develop. ssohlttl*. Oi Of oourwe, hut yo* b* rery careful. If he talks too much or becomesanger will he created for yen.


boot thtof MKBftTJttart .yfrttstayio^ht inttii salva*lawrt h*wli

eftoht, ttrtoot eosl* thST*. w


bohalf ofatl*n- hotsaywj8 it eola. mftl.ll tn. Si bet ht. fat kacara. bt oh,*

VOMt tO th* BOVi**

old *qrfbdny th* eutlary aaanfsatm-utIbbst. mof *utlsTy -ef the tart steel-

presented. ah th* washer* of th*


veHd,su%hiBg.eao,tbeugh nedMngt should bs. oloral nagr!

oi*t*er*sbb joke, vet _

I *hould ye* nek* any bl*takB* la Mu**ov. Torayseared sada mm tiiausieas little tmag tbat ahould art have happened. s: ah should t* warned! ot bo* esa yoa sarb mat Si it esarovoeattoa. oisnua ilk* that vaa t* tad* t* great, yoastsa* b*d.hoeld satssir ao aa not to bring tms oa. ta atat saa atea't so vast ahaald set h* Warm yoa esa ron wend (lug*ean, toy thing*rwt (each other) st*. tm*a* thing, ra ho*eov,will as tb*

off tfltal eetertalaleg b*etters,*a naah t* tsaght la firs sdsete*. feu, taaaksr* bad saperlsas* ellllf*. aasyassad. n: tm*jitjii'in thing.o* etil barn sad prepare ma.

t will yea hateab* art ast tea tlredt at so,

xeat. let'* work sob* bobs. ersBebsrlsl

4 bb ao* sirsa jti. tmm-m _

rsadyaate yen laberry. bag*ilitary tbowght (rbsbbsys mysl)*aa of theery wall eaas, isierestisg artule by tamlbulu!. tb* fallotrtagritten om it, "fnly ror, osasrsl* sad aaadrals". ot ubat stsa are tbsyt bi lib* %m* (aboutsasasa ht* tmsta* afrsla ta tata it) lt is large. st tea.

t lat aa tall ysa sbe-rt SODtb., bslsg anigsnt to tbrtsyeunselor tat sill really sstabllab aa fl'raal buligjfuaa there. Bt ia swellasraa srsstlsslly bald, aad ma fee dark hairs sr* greylag BS has goldedida aouth cad hajasaky. bt gtasnbtsd froa tha mda1 Bb ws* always friendly at on* ma* befor* ms being bant to turkey vea firs, be see* far aa. Bblat fallow) treat*y sell) eas tall* a* easyeally bar* asnowing. In other vords, ta*

lAO.hen bt food cut snoutewld get too*ly, fro* WtywraHiXrial <BA8eSEXI)alth Aprvlerk* BBS also lrt>it)*tjMa.t* the Oder of th*orsi* cad tharo aaa tbef mOM. ThereeUtba fifth fleerbare lt TA90KZ*hare vaa (aehJeeVa true atat)'t offlo*. SOOT said toarer, apera Iftlagate of broctheaatt". tjiaj te tba Chiefliceli* ale eert ae haa as vfcea* ta loettit aalla em. Tbsro'o really ae poety of putt1 ag aaa laeither th* llatt aro tmltafltl thee* or they bare act been ram va to tba at* have**, ah Uro* la aa eldight eeroaa tb* rtrvot froa aa ia Oaaeral aajar rjrALTPCT'a tpnatlM. olitical vaster la JTO, aorvd to tho martaraer apertatnt. uhrn they firethey'll tall Mm tha lantaial ia to*or Ma. That's the eyrie*?

lU. Ot vhat dees wpatjo* fli The Oast* si is imtlred. Bt aaaa nothingdrink* vodka sal play* cards, tha tall aaaalink tog bms, tergel (Beriotha) martk la the eoaaeU of BCjthrhrr*. Thereroup there before, lami ha aactnd thai* esaUI-Uag seek aettera ea Trebtllltreae vhlah vara of irmaawtf tafntU ah va* actvotlOB] th* *hlef af tha section vas cmeavral, sad h* aorb* taDlraaturaU mm Ilk* VldaVTbJlll, tha CMeflrvetloa,

lhft. Oi ekdi It BO, notib. Ol tWOST* van CMefirection. ur* h* vaa) to vere other Oessnwla. Oi thn ovarii tak* theal They tbnngt the* as often. Si Bt onlyaiaml ristaOyi haoleeal. ookdm.

Ot VAsr.'rf: a,eere itMl*aaaa* th* aaa* vill eeae to as. WJMUQW,orked la SoLOUrxg's groom. Then they llroldebsd VJUVMtK and tlsyrtod tb* creep and WJMlXtM vas thrown cat, vOgather vith tM* Oeaeral mat ooa other aaa. Thar* vtr* three frca qro. aTBMXjrni vas given th* yoat of CMefhroehlem, vltb year ffiaal bftj^kt. Than he had oavith wmmr. ary dlrrieai*tly UsMsced Coleaal ITMKTf, th* on* *heaKDaW la isteaaolas thor*be one vho vaat tex&WliWXa&m.ta Iterlagvralag over tha teens, nHJMXM vaa aallad hy uiOBBMUf. *ov ba verka la tad* tabs si for Illegal*. TMsvas vnderh* aaa vhos* th* Mlttarra tha at, en* Bee I

vithad all that hnaaht gtight. a vife need

to war Mr hair riled up high on bar head. Ot aaa* lt Ma brother aosmgf TiBdiniTjxtji). eally aon't* tvlaaye.


(LhhJ Hi Let no toll youstory. tohkt's oca etudied with no -Celiy. M. firlher ta Ivbb, no ba lo Oaliy Zrnncrrlcb. Bb van tall, libraood dani, wan an arid Botereyeltst and bat on Bb wan really living it up. o graduated fren tb* Znatltut* oi* MereignThisn*titur* wbteb iseearlaed vith tb* Tbatntered the Aeedeay and he entered it. Bare wtoing to school ton*th*rf (Tape net cleareoaethlog about hla hrring meldest en hla BOtorvyBle, nodocanera that aoeeone hed beento RBJBdor, the Chief of ths Bourse, "Tjpptebavinsooligan'" Ot When vaa thla! Vhen you vara attending TWJBXX Si bb, lb bbs at the Oi no hat, Osliy) vent te tbe hd Aaaassa-t Sigraduatedho ha* tbe buttonbut be la aevar alloved abroad baoeuos b* is tbe eonarshal. Xa the qpah, all tb* aevs of Marshals have graduated froa tbe AaeaoepEmSGSBfOSFffnrr graduated, wa^WJOS^twct**

soa graduated. They ell find sen* sort of Job but thoy are net allowed

r* trying to ho sent abroad. Oi What year van thla, about fDTEVTas the senior studwnt InjfftflA). hb graduatedow asaptain. Be entered the Aesdwny aa a e graduatedeniorew haoptala. re'* alveys veiling arounduffy faosi visit* th* restsarsat* sally, ab'a really living it up.

i Bad pen hasrd tbat KKnmtSKt'b soa has been asnlaauod toaersr at Bbl ang of th*c* aoaa sad deegbters of tbe Karsbal* got togetherBawsr eotdnonrndoung girl vho *aa*rent Ion froa lanlngrad to Moscow. Sheba nieee of ore Mnietar. on't laasuhui1 either tbo Ministry or tha nans nov. Vhen eh* vns trying to fight thea off la the eartbay vera taking her bob* pises through the Bslorusskly Station aad ware all drvnkths ear vns veering this say end that wayolisanan noticed it aad stopped tha traffic. Can ef thanevolver andlankbecause he vac drunk, asrerthslces, ths car vaa detained aad tbsy vera triad. 8TALTB as id (thi* was still la gfALTS'*rotting osida all ranksseenere great rvspset for SOtOTLOTSCXXwc willrial". And tbay wore tried. Of eeurse be vea arrested and worked hie tin*. Then he went to the tjniverslty in th* LeeLn Bills. Altogether, t* vea lnnriscued shoutxs. Thea be developed sleers and vaa aulekly sat free. This soa of KC*TW Is la ths cms type of crowd.

IV. aw ha Is working la the Directorate of liferent Ion. tb works in the Aasrlsaa fleet Ion- by tha way, snd ka?vs Poglish wry veil, that'* CeliaCelly rVnnorlch. Bt* father, the Marshal, vea tbe flagSal rim -la- Chief of tha first Ukrainian Trent. After the war vea over, he left Deity'* not her



(hla first win- vhe bad Vera* hla Osllyauuhtor Trans). daughter,s aor aarrlal sad has children. Aayvay, ba laft tbsa sad aarrlad tba annegeTesa/e'ireeirets of tba eafeterl* (stoayaya) af tba KUitsry ccunoll of tba first Wo-eintan froat. Ba la otlll llrtag vltb bar aod warlttls child froa this aasvajM fe ss/alrootros* of tba rTfowTfATA.

OljobAsXL'XT at the Accsaso/f er Aaadenyr Oi Tea. Tastily ra^leyerlcblalsaaJL a> la bald. lis alias (raiCHSA) vas RTflOT* Si fher*Ann.'r?. Ton aaac is passing trn-ough ny braia. I've told yea ay alias, haven't H OLWttll Ji it is after one o'slock, ft Alright, tutwaiuv a* asct'clock, risht? (subjectist of purchssss ha la te ask* for hlaBMt.with Alt* rattens. Shay tike asrsatag* She

season cost, red vith vhtte buttons. They take asrsntaga of ae. * drove veil sad, ofpoil her. oira tov*nlthy country Vhatoing to aa, hrlagittle hlavsoi I'a going to bare to scurry around and look. rogroo is've given yoa all the papers. WghM Go, tonsure* at 9 no esrlierT J: It can to* earlier. Oi let'si You'll be there hyT Ot Ye*! St well, alright then.1 vork sen* acre. ntilSohjoet left5 hours oa BO)


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