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AJ Subject arrived5 hours1 to tbo notei ^tnJisfto In Leeds. Opening Oreotinge. oday representatives from th* Ministryrsems Trade (Board of Trade) earns. They oared what we wore going to buy and aaid that ve must buy more it wee all about buying, whatell then?It'sin Engllah). Oi Tou met he heck'clock! you ean leave here at ": 81 are one request) at the moment we are very well arranged in our hotelvery compact. nve the frmda and lt is ny job to look after their norole end so forth, but perhaps aoaeouo may be checking onet doing. n not at ell afraid of thla. ay thia soberly end definitely. An far aa they can guess aboutnpecialist or engineer. aid, let then try and guessm here. Thia la goodere beenask end if they any to me,et heck, vere vetehtng yon ond you were wonderingould soy, "Who vill fulfill (tho allotted task)? ns walking eround, ettxtying the environment,ood look at everything." Thet Is good,ent to aak yon to help ne. (Ha explains hov he vould like rooms to he allotted In tho hotel on tha return of the delegation to London. The whole delegation le to be on the 5th floor, but not together. Hlas before, vns to be on the staircase leading down to the room used for meetings. The "professor"vea also to have his former room. The rest of the delegation vere to bo on the other aide of tho 5th floor, together, but nil on the snaet Tou see this would remove any grounds for nratbern of the tologntlen to report later about eny unusual room enelgrnenta. H: Very veil, ve shall oen what wo eon do.

i ave another snail que et ion. WYTNF vents to take his wife vith himIn Hny. flssa ie absolutely unnecessary. It vould be an unneccsonry vnete of nonoy end she vlll Just interfero. equest that she he left in London. Oi Very soil.

it th respect to tho noln military objectives In Moscow vhieh BhouthTne destroyed, you ean logieolly ask noid not include ths rocket Academy since rocketno vital. o mean to Include lt end 'will describe hov this'ean be done. (The bXovrv-up nop of the center of Wioeov vna ehown to Dubjeet. He vna asked to mark every main object Ira on the Tou sketch in the buildings end describe themill mribeT thea on the rap and take notes at the some tine In reference to the numbers. (Subject went on to locateap the objectives in Ftoscov, which he suggests should be destroyed vith email nuclear nebotace weapons. All these points ere smrked In red nnd nnmed on the nap eeeoraperoTinr; those tranecripte.)





(Among subjects touchedduring this dlscusoion vere the ng. See Hep and scoonqserrying Identification list.)

/V/ G: The conrwndera of tba Moscow military district, beginning with MTJKWIy, vere as follovai EUDTTCTf, TUT^iTVvho nov works In the General Staffj after hla, ARTEMD3Vvho vas replacedarshal who commanded In the Murmansk crec; MtflU'l'sKOVafter KRRFTfiTOV van removed again came In ARTPMDW. Bis waa commander of the MVO twice. Daring the war

was with the KDBj hie forenarws are Pavel Artmlevich. At the tinexecution, AHTJH1KV, whoriend of BKRIAa, was In command of the CMSDOS Division" (special duties). Ihen cmne MCSKATKNKp end then KITYLcy crano nfter KEPELIir was killedKAIJ?HKO Replaced PBDRUH.

WjJpposite the Frunze Street entrance to the General Staff Is the de^artoent of Foreign Affairs, heeded by Major General SOKOLOVonence officer, who is both head of the departjoentember of the General Staff. as studying nt tho Academy, he vas the director of one of tho couroeanot of nine, which waa heeded by Major GeneralT0Vnow retired but still alive.

m S: Off AKnPDWnKXT PKRFULCKarage where Colonelarge building there ia the^ Bo of tha Qround Toroeo. It has wide curved stntrcoseo. lie lo the head of the motorpcol ofof the floeond Director etc end la in charge of the operational vehicles used by the Directorate. Recently, KHROEHCHKV hos token swny the big official ears and replaced them by CRATJWS, which ere regarded as more up-to-date end better thonSa which they had. However, KEWOV, who lost his WS, onlyIM In return. BMURIH ist. Col. in the Supply section end in the deputy to Col. CRISTOV, who is the chief. He isuued me civilianuits ond en overcoat. He get new issues every five yeore. Those who ore sent abroad aro issued civilian clothing butork with foreignere in Mooas also entitled to civilian clothing Issue. BHEtia/vROV is in choree of the lot OTWL vhich ia Radio Intelligence and your friend HYABOV, io elso there in charge of radio agent training and radio development.

0. (irl ecus sing the headouartere of OAU commnndod by Colonel General ZRiVkrTOV) R: There ore discussions on the transfer of VAP^rrSOV's outfit (KHCfcYAISTTO) uniting it with CAU. In general,oe wontedong time to hare the corraisjider of OAU completely under his subordination.eported to you, the commander.of .OAU. ax present works for both VARRKTSOVKATJ3TO). Gs What is VAjffiimJOV's title? Innrshnl?

Si Tto, hearshal of Artillery (Marshal of the Borlet Union la quite different, of eourao). (Cement; Hershal VAKKWrBOV vae promoted to Chief HABSKALL of ARTILLERY, in1 according to announcerent ine eotennnds the Rocket Forceo? Jibe ground Forces. (TOWTCXTfuShChlY RAKFTNTMIl^PuTnTKh VOTSK) That is hie function. Previously he vea Coar*errlor of tbe Artillery of the Land Forces, vhleh oapprised both conventional artillery end the rocket unite. It vas notionsn facthnt be reeeived thia nev title. Although he has beenongHe says,ave earnede knov that he has earnedhey do not give hlra tho rank of Chief Marshal of Artillery.

9. Oi And vhat about HOSivUEHKD? 8: Ss Isof the Rocket Forcea of the lendverythingallatratogio rocketB vith atomic, hydrogen voopons. He comnonds all this destructive powerhe aviation and fleet are also included. The Black Coo fleet Is also divided in Its subordination, Oi Bo VAREITTSOV Is subordinate to the overall commander of ground forces? es. OHEChKO* used to caanand tbe ground foroes. Hov heinister. TAFFirrsOV got on badly vith MtEChKO and still does) GHEShKO is not intelligent; ho vns young for cacnandhe is the youngest of then oil.

10. he intelligent narohal endingXY, vho comnsnded the PolishSOT, has gone too, for health roasona. eported this). ell you openly it ves not for health reasons that KOHTV, TIMOEhFWCD orIY have gone but because of their disagreement vith nev military doetrines vhleh DsVBHXstf is propounding end forcing on the other marshals.

U. 8: They ore covardBthose vho agree vith KEKUBHC1EV ond soy "Tea -you ere right, Hlkolaihis "rocket!tatIon"true, lthreat, in its ovn right endhe could ebover*you vith rockotovery easily but novortholoso vnr is decided by the united effort of ell military forces end categories. Thisirmly eefcobllehed military varj offensive operations, occupation and then mopping up, etc. What ere rockets by themselves? Tou could smaoh up almost everytlilngthen vhat?

12. 0: Tho officer connandlns QAU nov leimaBpVT BiarshalColonel Cenernl. Ife droems ofarshal, but Wiey hnve not promoted him Just yet. Earlier, the former ccmraendor ves Marohal of Artillery YnKd'LHV, utKxa ETALIH Jailed becauae he said thnt there vae no




they Aid have AA artillery, but the rMog BprTivprvouJd conetontly breeh end the barrels would overheat. Row they're ccrerM the bnrrelater Jacket to cool theoM ne. Or what Is the relation between OAU nnd VAWOTB077

comes under the

Mtmeter of Defense. But VAKSTfpyv vnato to mftorcUnate it tothet ceoe, they swy thet it will bo rsseessery to set up an Irtfrepsofient it Is necegswy to set op tcghaiaalcnenlr-edyirectorate

vUb^otronlcs andoo*venfor all the ccmplew-Bthe artillery eorrpotv-rrts consists ell tho separate ports. tMa--e^ elTUion, not rdlitory, hut they enthey wrh for KhTOBW. The fnetorles In the rhrolo vhieh

on ill man. Rot long ago

. ho resumed working. TOSWPJOV

vith VAJPOTP07. EhTTATOV used to eoter to

r^ee tanks are tortcr tte etsnscnfl of the tnsft fbroes, Hersfisil^rrflmoV. They deliver when they receive ortorssoy for POO"


was gl&d.

i'iuTABOVon to tlw'Tftghnx

Aj^3V)olonel General, Willi with concer. After having recovered,

fin ho vents to produce nrpanentt for

joordtog to plrm only to deliver then end thet Is nU. Tberostruggle, rseh ee*rwnderho* be needs as such technicrdpossible end theto rroay ft-thconlng for this. So theyeooh othor end the matter goes to tho highest nllltary council hoodedCcwnrnderTn Chief, Hlklte

mxr/fan vea there end TATirOTPOV told mo hov the re-rUns vent. Oleg,ord ebowt this". I'U toll you oneAt the lost neqtlm which took plneo nftor tho eonrocation of tho plonos ofo^TTVTT they talked snout everyone's troublesAdture. After this, tomrwirntrjv txevelod oU ovor the eo^ry" dealing with his opponents at the confercuue Inwith the deoietowi of them arrived

* you thfln VBB* to the Past, to tho virgin lends talking about the greet nev territories ond towns. All thrrt tlavt tho nilitary Cornell laire working .on theirnd rarotaHlnlfrtew mndo reporte. ade his reporting on the mwotlona of how they need_nore wwy and hov roeketa must bo tested. There vere nunerouo cnee* where the mTosloris vers not fulKlleoT much nev testing vaVneeessary, end the problems rmurt be looked Into. VARSrTTSOV sold, "Do yon knov "that there vns no om there vhothle! stAUS would Jwrt hers brewed on tho table end that would hers been that." Ton onsM to give me amll recorder

f boen tops what Sergey Scrgeich tells ns. Tou ehould think about thia. We havennll machines it works on wire, not tape. on talk to hln at tlie IViCltt or Anywhereask questions of hln. Be talisbout all sorts ofbout no anions, conferences.

15- hen tbe heads of the Contra! Comlttoee of the satellite countries crew to Ifeecou with their covTOindcrg in Chief, for"fter tbe political talkspeople lofthe Coratonders etnyed on ond conducted mUltery_oxareloeg. Thorn worn offensive and do fono Ire problens and we alwnyp won. ran extensivewing mnny brigades. There were calculationsajdralsntB Xtrtoraie) against targets which are known to us. In foot, the game was not abstract. It went on a'long tire. The ccmnndero stayed forosk in Moscow. Details were not published. What was in the papers was the arrival of tlie Secretary of eons Party or of ouch nnd auoh ajaonberovernment, for example, ZHTVKO end his ecrrjnnder, Ceorgly DESH,

16. (Subject wont on to discuss tho mop of Moscow further.) Diocueslng Havel Forcno HO). Bt Bpeaklng of the Wavyitood thing that you prewptea me. evo rera-nbered the Coptein let rank withas on holidey

CoWMI. ere hla rddroos in ny notebook, rfc told no thnt tho deck whore the submarinesorjft of teningrad. I'll give you hio addreso. Ho via with his wife, ando I. Ue got to know each other. Wc lived in tho House of Heat tho Tomer navel Bonltarlxra. Thereentral oonltnrltra in SUKhuKt, but thioeparate building in the town by the railway station.

1?- 8: Hellill measure every objective by pacing itromise to do this by the time WTflH" errivea. onsider thio my flrot tank. I'll give you not only the Uet of Soviet agentsave but also the First Secretory of the Afghan iMbnnoy in Itooeov. o not rcraarabor hie name) ho io already recruited and lo working in Moscow. Incidentally, many diplomats from these countries here been recruited"the black skinned countries" ns thoy axe colled. Howiscover thia? gree that our CountorlntoUlRonco uorko well ond strongly against the rcpTOoentativoo of America ondKnglend, but nevorthelooo there ore weak spots and one can deceive then.

e raust work carefully. id not flnleh enswering ono of your questions. Howot? to work with the English delegation? Vail, after they cent for moung aroundonths in the


loeeivea. id nothing bo* lire and volt. old can*.if, "Cleg, anticipation of pleasure Is also pleasure!" Well, thia ia thoas waiting for. Oo on a? Februaryit was loan yearan order eemo out that they had nerortheless decided to put aeerdor position on the operational directorate snd they gave ne India, Ceylon endegan to work in this Direction in the fcth Directorate. They put ne in charge of nllitary study training,odeglsent. There vere few others who hodod been ot tho Frunso Aesderay. So in the hthoo always ln charge of military traimng (Caannnder'e Dots) . onducted eenlnare andami net lone on new field oerriee regulations,

19- hen one day ZASORTJI eujsnoned ne with other senior officers and said, "Oeneral SOTOV ia going to glreecture on operetlonal trainingon comnunlcatlon with agents, theories, ideae, and nev practice a. Oive (Subject'sotebook end ho con moke notee". asotebookt. Col. of tankero of the Soviet Union vho boa Just gone to Iran no assistant military attache. lll rcaersber his nam*oment. Bo vaa vorklng on Iron. We tookn thn lecture from actual oases. Tn lectures like this, they do not mention agents by nemo, but only general cases, without connecting themown. Although one knows which country they are talking about, nor do they oration the operational personnel connected with the ease. Thoy mention the essential facts only ne on illustration. 'I leafed through the notebook andetter written outypistsods tines weetter to type, say to the RTJfl, and tell her "Leave out the mention of o veine for Richard ecu. The typistut the renal odor of the letter and sends lt out as SECRET. Riahardoon'e name goes by another non-operational channel so that he is not ascocloted vith tlie AQE7MURA. ypewritten statement on agent operations mentioned "the 1st secretory of the Afghan Embassy In the USSR, etc.". oseo not reemaber hod been written lighter in penoilit vae abbreviated. ould not make it out. In other vorde, the 1st secretary on the diplomatic listaid Soviet spy, carrying out orders,

SO. 81 In addition, the lot or Snd secretary of the Egyptian Qsbaasy in Moscow, obout six years ego,oviet agentthat leeard. This men ln the Afghan Embassy you oen spot at once fron the Diplaintte List. He la the let Deoretery. Q: And the Austrian AmbassadorISCHOFis be an agent of yours? 've heard hla rawe'e ln Moocov nov. ea,

he'a been there oboutaxnn a r

21. 0.

JJS!'->tt'^"UttT*the Turklah KIDeThL. judging

'Km nuehffwt- Then he vea loored froa

AfghardBtoa to Turhoy ana heov In either Syria or Egypt. I're got it

ZJ:Tirxkiari MID for vorklo ccTcoWry

tf STSe ia he haa contact vith our peopla. They knov vho he ia end wherever hend he vorka for Soviet lirbeUlgenee.

S3. Si then, oneen worriedthe moot denge-roue place ity thetmk eriata

" l oa ieix alone until you eraofa place.

nri- eeaOl queeticu. Where are tba

T Of Defense? Tbe fir* itlt cu aurt not talk ofaoob thinglret Directornte.

hMiS^ilS'S((TUVHIB . emain 2 not under tha General

in Wreotorat* of Berrico. (TTL) elao under the Wnt-terT

t^.inWret WraetornS'of

ITB!rff iB tha Orerotionnih. Ministerumber?leLf1rector,lte" unaar- what haa be? In th. Ceneral Staff,Iherl

! tbc^STrtrjt*^J'of the Oen^'gSr?

to your fl,e are all in the earn -bon"connected by entrance, and

(General discussion of amp) 8: The nemral staff 1*


Mreetornto, Medicaltc. All theae are subordinate totte

; General Staff. However, everything le not planned down to the laet .bX Directorate pinna howoony hoapltala vould be rnededsecond or third eategorleaend bov many > onal-^blUaation plan vould be ould oay that the Orgard tat ioiial-Moblll Wroctorate i0 the heart of plans for every arm of service

Ji Will you traoe tba route you take going to vork from your horaeT St One Interesting detailfor sons reason,ad made contact vith your otudents, English ond Aaoriean ears rery often drove up and down Gorkiy Ewbantarwnt. Perhaps this vns not connected vith ma because thoy could not find out my address. Myave youcan only be obtained officiallyo abroad. Hy addressif taken out of tho peeoport listT VGZ5 PIS'Mfj)they vould say, "Be used to Ure here,on't knov vhere bo's gone to now". All this goesard index. B colonel lo in charge of the process. This le "PABruRTTJWTaEXa".

87. Bi ften saw high quality ears vith the letter "Dn going In front of mr house ond around the area. njoyed It. hought to myself "Soon ve shell be seeing eeehi What were the numbers of these carer 8j on't know. idn't write them down. Thoy vent verynew the cars and maybe they wanted to esy "volt". But that is by tbe wsy^, (Subject describes hla daily routs from house to work) fli Bore is OSIPBTOCD Street. Heretory gray building et the end of theake, vhleh belongs to the Ministry of tha River Fleet and where tho Minister 8HASBKDT lives.

n (iS^ Bl a^ed vith our friends. From the powertotfggopposite the seadeay where the FI/tKhET factory jB. This alleyftffcv* bero Is tbe main entrance. Ve vent in heroent on ahead because the courtyard is illunlncted. Hereomenolicemen end here X

turned around and, evenm on intelligenceidn't soy farewell properly. J: And then you said, "So longi" 8t aid, 'Let's go". When we shook hands after ve got there, tho tell one with aa umbrella sold, "We vill hand everything over". Then heAreorty wen*xrr7" He found it strangeas suddenly veryold,sed to be". There vas no point in explelninsatted to reassure him. Ho sold, "Ve will do something". hought to nyself


mbrace you mentally". Tho toll ono vith the Castroeaidill helpill do ocnething". ented to port froa then vexnlynd to go on pant the vateherto port from then on tho ORAIflTfflY Bridge vaa difficult. onted to oey to them "Gentlemen, vhen you hare lianded over the notarial cone hereountain pen and nake an Ink mark on tha graniteark forloo vented to tell then to vetch for mo in CflZnMO Street while going to the BALChUK Hotol, hut there vas eueh eonfuolon. It all happenedere told you. They vent off veryotehed then go fron thia aide and vent after then wondering, "Hill they throw ny papera away:". ev tvo mUitlemen and they must have aeon them. They certainly eev one. Having looked around, one of theut my letter in his nncklntosh pocket. aid, "Control,In English). They vere good boys. Afteralked along this embankment ond vent homo. ragged out the first mooting vith them toodmit that thio vas unprofessional of menyway nil's veil that endo veil. (Inscription of hla way to vork end of route to dead drop ond signal point. In the course of this, Subject mentions that he had thought lt might be possible toeeting in BRTuSSOVHKIY PHJWULOKndH. The cover storyiplomat vould be eoonooted vith theie re, which is in use. An alternative suggestion vaa the DOOOTdVTJjTIYK Cathedral in BAT* 1AHSKIY Region necr tba BAUHAHSJOY motro station.)

: How about Riga, tbe heodbunrtero therethe Rigalr* argo headquarters'and" obout the Boltlo Region in general.

The Boltlo peoples live end volt for liberation. The mood there io bad, , - but good for ue. ould, of course, bo carry if it were neoeeenry to bomb or to annihilatealtic Republics. Thisatter for great

strategists but thio io ny point of view. Ifcvever, theedquartoreto whet la itperhaps sometioe you vlll send oeission to,Riga.end frora_RlgQan_corae to your perhnpo from eome ether port. Anyhow,ant to oey Is that Is is not necessary to annihilate the Baltic peoples. That is ny ovn opinion. (Tn English).

Bi Hovet Into the Conraitteo end hovome to England? Well, oneceived my orders toenior officer. ccepted the assignment, began to vork, and conducted tbe officer nllitary training progrrni. My vork vns prnlood at the Forty meetings. rite telegrams end vork vith agents. eduction In staff personnel began. On the ere rags, they restored the old nenj the Invalids; thoee who were unsuitable or politicolly unreliable. What supported mat odcrevntedong tlrne because of iry fatherany knev ebout him.

My great uncle they know about himieutenant general commending

a Military District. He benefited from the confidence tbay had in na --

which he needed too to retain his own position. n married toj

daughteristinguished polltlonl worker, GAFCHUVTL'h, who wust therefore

hove trusted ne. ook port three tinea In the war. I'vewnbor

of the Forty for CI years. ave no Party reprimands. I've twice

egiment end did not rnronder ny regimentdid

not desertought. They wanted to pin ma down and vera not able to

beould have rebelled against them. They vera afraid to take

everything into account, ew thet they were purging

people all the tine but they loft sn foronths after that.

ient to the MDA but not ea headourse aa prcedsed, butenior Instructor. As head, ny earnings vould heve beens you veil know. Os Bow nuch7hen, it wasublasit Is SCO. And iteneral's positionoveuchouree at one timet'sy character andegan et first by working In the Hanrtate Coranlsslon and finally began to run the class.

Ot Bo that's vhere you got your information! Si Of course. Atve selected the cleos. Hend took oO. Con* wore rejected for health reasons because the Special Medical ComndBsion impoaoa very strict conditions for th* MDA. Even though thoy hod boon passed by their Military Districts, some tens of people vera rejected by us. Either clirordo gastritisthat's no goodj or eye-sight defects5 They do not reveal the do requirements to tho Military Districts, but they reject then on tho spot if therarecedent for turningen and sending him book to his unit. ore processed and therealked to aboutf thro end assessed each one, clever,ool, energetic, experienced, etc. hatted with then; we discussed, everything.rote reports on then. Thoy are assessed end they take on examination. One canor foreign lpnguages but if onenock and tho ability to mooter the eoundn of foreign languages theyeparate entryreat facility for forolgnand In spite of tha foot that he now, ho will eventuallycoordlng to hishla la aeon hy tho hood of the faculty (KAFEDRA) end tho language teacher.


ghly paid. resent, ftcivilian teacherJWwa very hlflh sun. 3his is

You remember General LXSTTfrrw vho vns hoc* of tho cVrpnrtr^nt denllng with lntomQonoo training? has been retire* nov. Qi Really. vS as mrthorltr. ery man oo.

(interrupts) VAJmmail, ieutenant gnnsnl. s ho still

there? St So, now ho Is In eexsrand of our GoV Institute (technical) war ^osccv. hought thet vna miAKh. o. At PILlAKh ve nov have ths Opwatiooel Archives In the GHU. olcrml ia the chief en* thoy also hare oourms there. Veil, VARSrXfflnB Is not there. nov Mn very vcU. wan dmputy hood of the tenSwij- nov LXPTmS veil too.

35. Oi Zatsn colonelj*noral7 olooolhe is an instructor there.

36- SiWall, vo tookoW them they had passed and centlenve. Thisojrteaber. ait ot esse mentally. My friends^ whaVMlB Turkey- your iUAfsxV ehCtt^rov. tho

lle^rtewnt colonel, the thin one. n> asked me" oleg vlASTHTPCVIClv hovo go cut? eer uniform or civilian clothe*?" roeciel

torom civilian clothe*o that ho would not he different fron tho irbufentBwhen he need* to go

ryiee estiurilshnjen*. Of course, we hove days vhen tho wholethe ocRAemy charges into civilianhan they jw Into thedrops, enrry out rwetlngs, make reccenitlen contacts,ntufent has ctrtlien eo^oont,coat, ehoee, etc. i-

vilian outfit. Otherwise, thoy verr uniform. ook to tho ircrkove to^corwend) it'sed hnslnoes. KhXOPOYyour relativesaid Sco*-byc tow nnd said, "oleg Vlodimtrorieh, you suit me. Vo viU workh^lfl of tto ootsob were nil colonelsewsea)the

tferflh*olonel; the Military Attache from Afchnnlstan, Colonel ToUEVi pjvl (Subject's now), at And Kbzorov? flt Jhrtl of theoutoonntan't remeefcor Mo nemo. Dont evjar at mo fro* that. ill feeldufcy bound to find out for yon.

. r" fcnOT vlwn Wb lrtf*That whonow tnnt he was then married to another women but that the mrricgo van not reairtored. vea opposite the tj.S. FWbestry.


37. Si KhLOPOV said to as "Oo on leave". ook ny vife sad daughter sad went to Odessa. Returning froaet tout people.ot back with the beads of tho courses, we vest to the house, (the KM). as all set to gat down to sons work. Ths higher category ranks in above senior officer end the salary is norehio Is be dense of lte duty status. Ofod already node up ny Bind. The material oa tha rockets was already in oy pocket, or ratheriding place. Thoy told ne that they decided to sakeenior instructor in tactics. old,ill not work as oa Instructor. Vhat Is this obout?" Thoy sold, "with your training, with your experience, sad with your education on the teohnloal Bourse, you would be very well qualifiedob es an instructor." old,0 orearsill work es ea instructor. Mowad givenny sgreement prior to ny leave or If there had been any questions, everything vould have been settled." But theywithout snthoy wrote an order appointing ne as an Instructor. had the order nuober aad everything,id notajor general EM^rxJTHTJCThe is at present head of the faculty of tactics ' net no on tbe street near the barracke and sold, "Why have you not conee?" aid that be bod not talked to ne ond sold etralght out,ill not work for you."

as sent to ubDJCKEf. Be sold, "What's all tbds about?"

i"'i and hToent ne to HCLJXDV. BMTLTXDV likes to drink and ho alvnys has vonon ebout. Bb la frleVvHy with another oeneral whoormer dlreotorospitalvho also had vonen around. They kicked hla out for that. So has

. all sorts of furniture in his flat several picturesefrigerator. . Tbe refrigerator vns given toby flMBOHayj. You should hear nore of

rr-iA&ay thesepider's nest that Is. It shows hov everyone is caught up In this sorb of thing. igh moral standard is demanded of everyone. People are persoouted, beaten, thrown out of the Partybut thio is hov tho SVOTOChl themselves carry on. Thio erook vasefrigerator by ShTKHRHPl) when they vere playing cards in the General Staff. bbbbhsbsBD sold, "I'll give you this refrigerator*. Tho other thought that he would here to pay soaothlng for it, but there was no need. It was forgotten. KJsXHlVaCTTriend of OWLIKDV. They share women and therelat.'Ot What doeo KRUumvaUT do? St BB io the bendourse for medical nurses not far froa the Conmltteo. Ba receives three thousand rubleshousand rubles for each course, and be hides what he gets fron the coursee end drinks it up with girls. Ba livesension. Helat on Oorkly Street, near the ByoloRusnlon Station. PKJLTXfft eaid to ne, "Bbv long bore you served?" ny kneea vere knocking. old,t will beears".


Then etnas thewot Ion of ny father and of the (Subject's statement about hlo fether). Ifc told ne that vna theao not sent abroad but he still kept no. hov the Central Ccsnlttee of the QMSharacter sketch of ne end the proposal for tha trip to England put up by the Committee, aaeaoclined Colonel. And in addition, th* GRU, tbe nllltary section, inforned tht Committee of ny good candidature and of nyhere la nothing against ne eroept my father. Bnt of course this hinderecthen (ORO) from letting ne got ahead. "It iseBowan withast he an instructor ofuture Intelligence Officers. It nay mean nothing to ne but the Central Committee le interested and checks on it. It la inposalble to confirm you", as in Odessain Kievon leave, they changed ay aeslgnment to en instructorhat vould bo acceptable. ould giro lectures and Instructions in methods of vork. That is aomething, you know,an who Is inactive In the sense of odnlnistnative obligations to superioro and to tho Party. Perhaps they considered that thoy were showing me trust inoe working as on instructor,efused categorically to work vith thea. It is no life, you understand. ecided to defect. Three times to risk one's life; to be in the Party forenroon't knowave not done for tho country. Well, they put me hack in the Pe serve againegan to look for operationalGive no ooae vork in Pakistan or India". hovedould menage this. *Ve Can't do lt". In othor words, they did not wentto have onoperational staff anyone with the slightest thing against him.

39. Si ent to see Colonele le the heed of this section of 5O. ort of largo reserve, but en active reserve. Tho people there work and do smell Jobs and are taken out end sent off on nisalonn. BB went off and consulted 6HOT.IKUV vho gave his agreement,ould hove to resign. ould not vork on whet they suggested. ot go to Information. on't likeere neither the ability nor the desire.

ftoj S; And onhvortberI have the order at hemesgrrppointad oa an expert to tho Deportmnt of Foreign Affairs -Committee, thn^MKv oined tho Canadian Section only. onth they added Australia. That la toealt with both Canada and Australia.



hi. Si And nov vrite thio flown. You must check this although you love end honor noo you. Ono BKRtESTDCDV vent to Americaelegation of railway men In He actually left onnd took ten days traveling by sen. Be leftrrived. We have one largehs Tagil ah, end the American Sections. On tbe Anerlcan desk isealsne of our people vithtuded In the KDA end ve graduated together T> te snarled and vns in Indiairst Secretary. Prior to that he graduated fron tho Dxerahlnakly Academy. He tr tm Artillery Lieutenant Colonel. Ba finished tha Cofrmnnd faculty (rowttfbrfff Fnkultet).

'(2. Bi Tbe DserrblnaklyAcademy vas split up,old you, .6hereroup of5 of us from Strntogle Intelligenceout of tben the OTOC. There ere others in other fflnistrlesdepnxijnents of Foreign Affairsthe Ministry of Culture, theTransport, ote. I, POLTrJCOV,e vas In Austriabe in your card index. ViktorieutenantTeak Engineer, vho finished at the Stelln Academy (This isnext to the Lsfortovo Ttoopltal vhere the head isou about.)

'13. Oi Vhlch of your Direct orates is he from? Si Ba came fron the Austrian Section. He kncvs German. Then there is JTsTMAKOVSKIY, vho is now ln Italy. Vadia Vadimcvieh. ane to England st the scne time as be vent to Italyelegation. Heaptain Third Rank. Gi Is be ln Italy now? oe. Or he rny hove Just nov gone back.

kh. Qi And BERDEHBDXOVt e is on old vorker of the Ccnrdtteej the head of the English Section. POLYaEOV le head of the Asmrlcan Section; he has vorfcod there for three years. Before that be ves in Delhi. Hie vife, whoeautiful woman, vent to live with our trade repreeorrtatire in Delhi. Ao noon os they hoard of this they withdrew FOI.ihJnjV and his wife from Delhi vlthln Sh hours end ho landed up In thn Comltteethree years ago. BEn**irih lKDV vent to Arterlenelegation of rellvny men at tho end of Rovember. Ho vent for twenty days. Ba arrived in December.

&5. Si His nasi nt ant stayed behindho Is Igor KILOTtDCV, who io ln your photographs. He went straight to the Ccmittee vben be got beck from England. They said toubject'e ownTHHK's delegation is coming*'.

WttiHS haa already been before, but he had not been to the Ccmmlttoe. eed reportb ond eornmrootlons about bin by EERDKhhTTOV and AXTUKhOV -KTrm knows him, he is en engineer in the office. Qi ts he one of youra; B: Ho. a in the arm. of the RFSSB. Voommittee in each Republic They said to ne, "Tou will work with this delegation". et all ths Canadian busineoa dropod to prepare all tho lectures end to getanel of experts for ench lectureenginoora of thia and thatand sond telephone mcfioages, to aranon specielista and others to attend tho lectures of the English speclollabs. KTUSSOV, froa Alms Ato, vns there when Richards gave his lecture.

3: et WTfTBB ot Sheremetevo. orked very woll with the Fnglish delegation. All the lectures were organized, recaptions. The ope el all ato gave nothing but good written reports end the delegation vas also pleased as you know. Oi WasPTEV there? Tou mentioned Mm. Si ever mentionedoRHAKOVSKIY, BCTOPirrTKOT nnd Igor MILCVniOV who was In England. Oi la he on the English desk? Si Tea. And oo is BERORMIXCV who camo along end sold, "It's very good that (Subject's own nemo) ban helped ue". The deputy was nwomped. From England there ore very niny Oelegetions, Hot ao many come fren you ne go fromas brought In to help UKKUMHWIKOT woo not there. orked fron beginnlus to end with vnmR'a delegation and then took them out to the Airport.

(M) hen we were there, onh ofad the idea of etMenly handing over ny materials to'sMalafein the aircraft and saying, "Bore you are", it could hewn been donen the toilet forut ho would just have repented once again. "i& buslneaaement", (in English)

k&. 0: Ie MTXOVODOV one of your Intelligence officers? S: Bo. Hetrolghtforward worker who was eooptod by tha "nelehhors"o io not an Intelligence officer end he Is not ours. Ve wonted to take him on buthere wasase for his cooptlon. 0: now ia one of yours. Si inish?

ho. 0: hould Just like to recapitulate. IWAKOVSKIT is yours too. ee. Then POI.ToKDV end (Subdeat'o own name). G: You sold that thereeople. S: Yes. There: Hot BRRDJ-JHHljmy then?


Si Ho. He wet eoopted by tht "neighbors". They here two categoriesthose who vork against foreigners and vho watch ns while ve are abroad, and the local Internal "domestic" (English) lot vho look cot for counter-revolutlonarlei. If there are such people,ifth Column.

Si Thei? Si Ho. He la In the CHTK of the RSE3H,ifferent building eltogether. Gi Hot an Intelligence officer? Bion't think so. Be vaa invited by BmuFTOJlKOV, vhen VYEKE cbdis, to drawrogram shoving hov many specialists there are in the Federation, and so forth. Wo coordinate.

Ot But there is another one. St Tee, theas trained to vork as an illegal ln Spain.Ho vas ready to go. Ba knows Spanish "exactly". He vas on temporary duty in Spainhort time vith our specialists. annot understand hov the Spanish let hln in. eard he come to thoC. Hot long ago he was summoned ond they eaid, "Tou are not suitable for Intelligence vork". Bbv he hos gone to the Institute of Foreign languages. Be has an excellent knowledge of Spanish. Bs did not

go to the Medemy. ifn was almost completely ready to go es an illegal to Spain.ill give you hie nameid not knov himrrived. He finished tbe Academy after me and vent straight to' 8EFJOTHEV for his training for Spain. Something waais parents or Ms relativer -vhlch stopped him from going.

59. St Thereertainn Turkey vho finished at theear after me and who vent to the KS8. Ho workedong timeecond Secretary, thenirst Se<?retary in Turkey. Hie name is FETXJROY, Vedim.

53* Ot Bore you heard of KOSTTA BhESTAKOV? Si Tea, of course. id not know he was celled KOHSTftBTIH. Oi Where io ho nov? Vhat is ho doing? Do you knov? 8i Ho,nov the none. Ot Is he still an Illegal?on't knov. nov hla as an Intelligence Officer. m still trying to think of the Captain's name) it lo very irjportant. Ot It isuestion of your1 vould very much prefer to hare youather than hj. i

S: ccompenled WTHHE'a delegation and thus Um delegation knev meember of tho TJaportment of Foreign Relations. We were on close



r0T* *bowt together, shoved each other^

lT! "elegation ourselves, whloh RPfiJ? cm coo> oMxpended to lnalude theoreticians ond bo on. well, that'*o vork in Fnglsrrl, In short.

. f' oswemnrod tho surname of VARTOTsOY'o son-Ib-Im,ould not recall yesterday. Es is sailed Leonid"on't roerenber his retroeyede. ft liCaptain vho li finishing tha Crrrjnad Aoedenw in Laningred. After hohe very such vents to go to the(East Oemneny). at ho vns tbera eerlierl Bi Tee, he ess there before tb* Academy. He sere from Oernony and married TerOeno, had tvins, end vss sent to Leningrad to study. And hs ves acquainted vith Yerlenn vhen he studied the Tenth Class in Lvov. Re Is the nephevr. General KUPTE. Oi was he ever en XrrtelUgeoes officer? ieutenant, ft* vos norer in Iirbslllgenoe.

56. Oi no you knov another OOWBARCV? Si olonel. Oi Islip of the tongue: St Bo, that Is right. letake earUer. t Is mTChAROT. I'll reemisbrr the nam of the Captain end tell you later. n Just sorting out ny thoughts.

/ 81 One thingent to say quits simply as one vho considers bin*elf already your worker, your Intelllgenca officerI vould like toew polities! thought0. This is all connected with our work. o not understand why now, so long after World War It, the Soviet Aran; has not once had to shed blood as BXTTPB so rightly did ln his tlra* Inveugfi rinland. It vould be difficult for the soviet Army In the Far East. Bt n ono of those vho beliere thet from tloo to Us* there should be lecel vara vhlch do not involve our ovn powerful leading countries. Iteesary to do acre-thing to vrench Finland avsy from the relationship she has with the soviet Union, it is necessary to bleed then, to suck the Soviet Union dry of wateriale, using the nortvle factor, which es ycu know is unfavorable for thensuch local ware where atomic weapons are not used, only classical artillery snd close combat veepons. Then you vlll see for yourselves the morals level of the woldl-re ond officers. Tho vnr shouldionthB eorwvhere, like the one there vos in the Far feet in ths last decade. Blood bo opllt. ScnehovR must be weakened raterlally. It is good thnt rajTOntTBEF eticke hie neck out. let hln help CASTRO nore. Bight now CASTRO has ausost used up hie supplies. Let hln give norea lotJJmM im pernitbed hln to deliver these armsn not the President. m subordinated to then an Intelligence Officerittle tocpertenee.

Bt Tou naurfc excuse ne for pawing judgensrat on ouch large queatrBnaeel mysalf to ba free. n tbe Tree world. It la necessary somehow to drain the energy and to divert the great notarial and living strength of the Soviet Onionnot to bringreat world conflict. rote all thia down oaeen repeating it. hink it la necessary to have nestings, secretly conductednotmeetings, whichHE7 welcomes. He will use the flecleione reeehed at Summit meetings to Increase his own prestigeis. and England. And be uses then to his own advantage. This you understand very well, it is necessary to call together nil tha leaders of tbe Tree World and to arrange first their coordination! secondly, their unltyj and thirdly the material sacrifices which they must make in the name of easnon victory.

Si If this is not done, there willreatnd the General Staff can leave you behind. He is throwing together these rockets end he ean do terrible damage with then. But in ny estimation ond according to pcverful people in tho leadership, he will need tvo or three more years. But not longer, nenileaen, not longer, believe ne.

60. St wall, we will meet in Birmingham at the Midland Hotel0 hours, the day after tomorrow. (Ji Tory well. Si Bow about shovingsome more photographs. e are getting nore ready for you. Sihould call wTHR* and tellill not eome. Oi Tou had better not, since this may direct suspicion. Thle is dangerous. Si ave anotherinutes or so.

gi) Siave nentioned the First Secretary of the Afghanis an active agent, paid end

6a. St ifow, gentlemen, ooa thinganted to tell you ebout. Tou know itant to confirm it. Hot long ago 8UPTH gaveecture.

The same SUOTHT Si The sameyour friendabout illegals. The Central Conedttee of the Fraealdlumesolution pointing out the RhortcomingB and freouent mi shape of Soviet Strategic Intelligenceboth of tbe military (OPU) and of the neighbors (KOB)of the nelghbora, more then the military. Oi Excuse me, to whom did he give this lecture? o everyonetha operational peoplenot "Information" (English). Everyo to Ccraimader'a training. Gt Who took pert? Tha second, third and fourth Directorates? Si Ho. According to eachur group took part with tbe Fourth Directorate. Cur group is attached aometimea to one Directorate, sometimes to another.

63* 8i Thn lectured ereeneral oharnctor and an on tba sequence of training of an Intelligence officer (illegal)ntry to, anfl exitountry for preparatory training (BTtthlHOVKA) aa phases or perl ode of traininghird country. Vhat le it ccepoead of, thle preliminary vork ln the Soviet Union? nit dlepatchhird country for preparatory trainingthe language, legalizationeReport, docuffontatlon, final polishing and everything. Bis training ends vith his dispatch to tbe country to vhlch be ll assigned. The leotures sre top secret, with eoncrete examples end theorybut theory taken from lifetheory. Be (fiUPTB) gave this last lecture. He worked on It and prepared it while he was working for BEKREHEV.

8> ant to say to you now? It is very necessary to sharpen the veepons of the experienced, esteemed, long-established British Intelligence Service and of the young, militant, comparatively young American Service "coBTpared with the English" (In English) and. In general, the intelligence services of the whole world, Everything thnt can be done must be worked cut separately to neutralise tba Illegals which the Soviet Union le planting; to uncover them and destroy them. This is "the main idea of our future" (in English). fl* Yes, va agree completely. or this, we are stealing from you. Ve buy up clean documents end all formsor Instance, materials for passports, for legal! rat ion to settle into organized vork.

65. Si That is oneant to put to you. now that in England forgery of moneyapital offense. That, as they told usound note hae inetal wire vhlch acts es en Indicator to pickorgedenuine pound note. Why can'tevice be used so that vhen passports are periodically controlled lt can be determined whether tho passport is also genuine, and whether it has been registered? Why, vhen youarge number of people on registration of the population, do you not check the genuineness of pea sports. (Hotei Two days before this meeting, on Sunday,pril, there hadyear national census in the United Kingdom). This one job should not be donet should bo linked vith government vorkational scale with our questions. The regime shouldE check. We cannot goenuine and whichalse possport. ule, pan sports for illegals are not issued by you but by Soviet Intelligence using ell its experience ln legalisation. Surely, such clever, experienced people under conditions and before the face of tbe greatest danger, cannot allow Soviet intelligence to rely on illegalsllegals vhleh ere sown throughout countries of interest) illegals who are perhaps recruited nationals of thle country or another. It is very difficult to unmask the people who were born, say, io England and who vera then sent to set up ln en illegal HFZIDnTTUHA.


ni This is very difficult, bet SuTJIH le going to Turkey te take Soviet Illegal9 and nationals of certain other countries ensp or organ! re as Illegal HEITFWTURA. It also oeeae that thla Soviet Rr/.IDK5TTOA in nev York consists of Soviet intelligence offloere vho vero filtered in from Teriooe eoontrlotrerehenta, flrsat, ete.thet lehinkon't knev exactly. SODtH la going to the beeean (l'a thinking of en intelligence hose ratherllltnry one). Vitbevt any Tarkiah intelligence egenta there van only rshlYIf aboutoldittle lieutenant vho van in touch vith ne through CUR IKY. 0UH1RV is not en experienced intelligence officer; he IrrtArpreted for ne daring the intelligence vork in Turkey. ot vith ny chauffeur end OURIKT eat behind vith thla MKMMYa BS finished school there end gathered data by askingld lore, 'Vhere ere you goingo BAShChieARATto Istanbulto BALYX/fMYR?". And then he vrot* dovo "Thishat division TMe data is fairly accurate because each person knev vhere he van going snd talked about it. Later this Iteuteaent vns awred to Istanbul and her- nov. on't knov, hovevvr, vhat nay hare heppened recently. Ferhapa he has been eeught (hAJCYT) in eonnectlon vith MARLAfJTII'b compromise.

f>7. Hi Vhatent to seyl Bow ve must sharpen our weapons oo thatcan think out and devise ecuntor-msasures to that we can catch

illegals by our combined efforts sad vlpe then out. Thiserrible business. Scon, for example, yeu vlll receive through the MXX< (lfl.nlatry of Forelsn Affairs) on applicationisa for SUP IN. of course, it la absurd for theo grant it| they night give it to hla knowing thet ha Is goingounsellor. Oi Do yon knov his Christian nonor Si Ton vlllhat fren ne otraigT't moo/. n on very good terns vithe vas sorry to see ie* go out of the Directorateas sasigned to tho Academy to heed ths course. Hs respects noorker. Ha does not knov the details about wy father. Volt, he is getting ready to go te Turkey. In Turkey, there Is nothinghe vill use hin experience end hs la not young. He vna bendirection ureler BTIOTWaTV. And he Is to tokoho vlll be sent to hin fron Iran, Afghanistan, perhaps wow one froa the VSflR, fron nulgrxln probehly (Bulgariaery good basn for intelllgenee vork against Turkey).

68. Fi This you BBtst take into eee-nmt and think shout aeriously. (interruption The mid tried to get into the roow. but the door vneon didn't finish daseriblng the lectxrre on illegnle vhieh he govs. lll tell you The preparation of en intelligence officer for dispatch fron the WEB to another country for preparatory training (STASTrrFKJVKA) ond the third ntog* of prepare tl no of on offleer after tho preparatory training


for travel to tho aoueakn/ In which hoo vorh. TMb ve* interestingill ecTOorn sywelf vith thi a. llltho lectures. ill inolod* this activity in ny vorh for yon. All tho Material* thar* vlll ho "tht resources for thinning In ths futuro". (Tn tngUah). Mint ths* Xnosyvork on thla nov btonusc Tsluehl* tins vlll go very feet. Oi Do yen tek* noter7 Siill phuU^raph {the tens of) the lectures. They only ellov us "listening, oueetlcoe, ansvnrlag" (rngllah). They Ao not allow ua to take notes and the nntnrlal Is score* and the onsstiona are top senrst. Aay notOB vould he sacra*yon Uatenj asklonsj yon are in ant Aosdesy. Vhy ahould yon want to esk quest lcwrT rreryons should uaorrvtaod aed grasp vhet lo being astd. Those loetures aro in ths 6Fn*rtBn. Par/ are prepored In thaAoofteny. Vhen th* epliv-op (PAEIBUEaTTs) took place, and thoyet of BtSHJSWV'e Direction ehlafa to ran Illegals fron thsA. Col. UX'SKrmTt, on* of th*vix/lWhtlULl) cace to ua. He vns saogbt red-hmded In Iran ho eon* straight fron rroXlUIBBV heeaus* his vork in Iran vas connected vith ill eerie. o not know if ve hers ao illegal Bsataansanaal In Iran. ermet speculateove no right to do so, hot to this day tJFSKCatJt is oovusded vith lUegslB.

r fejhat do ve hov* In each country! We have serehouse* whichail drop* through which ve rapport illegals. There ere alreadyrg-iber of Illegal HWsllBflXFJtAB. Ot Did you evar uupvort lllogals in Turkey personolly7 Biilled dead drop* for thea. Oi Bo yon knov who they vere? fli There vas no pergonal contact vith any of then, (Il Vas thereprofessor at the unlTWsltyt Si BO. Oi A Si Bo. o not know.ers thsTS any vouenT Ton could hern known whether they vere rant ox wonen. Bi There vea on* illegal voam agent. nsvlanT Bi That's right, hut that vc* bo fore no. Butt Anyonehop, enyoon Ilk*at aha*lothea ehopT St BO. Bbehop on Atetoirk Boulevard, Just boyond th* lata Cross BuUding (IALXKn th* left rise when spina fron th* enhesey. TMo Is is Ankara. Therehop there It Is still there, of course, vhlch sails silver things, dlshea andstieks. By th* shop la en sntonatle telephone intoatnrush on the Hth of BovorSjcr, and phoned Jvet boy Aepartum* adeaspor and everything. eported (to Turkiehtannsl had been stolen front tha Turkieh exhibition. Oi Did your people do, our people and ths Bulgnriamr. old yon nhoot it. Ton can cheekit. write lt downwith ths Turkish CoorrterlnteUigonoo.


70. Gt hid you knew lllegalo byeal,alse none? on'twear to youpe/rheps JfUcoleerteht Did yon ever meet enyt St So. ffreiything venteedut in money. An operational worker would orrlTe end anyetter would arrive through the diplomatic pouch* vith on srtftorocd letter with lnetruotlcna stating the* the letter ves to be putail box in Ankara and that the pollen should not see this being doneragtgred sheets not to be tieprrnted or undone. id this. nehed rcney infnxtted. TMe ves to Berries BKJCTPKW's people.

/Jly Oi Whs tho shop far front the ericnasy. Si Tea. doing on thefrom our embssny, yon go pest Bed Croat House vhere there ere sculptured figures of doctors and great pedicel vorkers. Inredlately beyond this on the left is the little shop. nov tba* thereugoslaT there. They said to as, "ttereat Interest In this shop. Vhen necessary, thiseserve then ve shall use it". Ot Tou knov that thereeman there? Si Tha, some womanX never sew her foes or knev bar nnan, or anything. ever met her or hod any contact vith herT^ngliah). Curing nyonths stay, vo worked to servieeines, loading money. Onee.. Ot Cen you eay trpprrnrlmately vhen you worked with then? St I'll think about it. an't rastwiher very veil at theemember one detail. He cached noneyourier (MAPSuTfUTiirx) end they ftfnisht hln, just at the Turkish frontier. ed been given ellecognition Mgnelsthe color of Ms ayes, Ms nsne, and Msn Armenian. Through themntd outhere una no Bulgarian mllitery otteehs there then. on't knov whether there is one now or not but the 2nd fteoretery vss militaryn major. He discovered at the tins when he visited theou reneaher thoyulgarian ia Xrtsabul Vho vns caughtlandestine radio sot. Heiplomatic passport end they boat Mm. Vhether they fed Mm oro not knov. They arranged Ms release. Ho sold later vhen the jpilnBrlnas contacted hla that on Aropmiaa bed been brought into the prison end Ms csoerlptlon tallied with our mm vho bad been ccaight tad vho was sent from the K? (Intelligence Unit) on tho frontier cod oned been given reeojpiitioa data. Therefore, thoy do not perKlt military intelligence offlcera to have peracmal ernrtnets and why should thoy be nllcs-ad tor It is necessary to cMne nooey or Jewelsetter i crd then go off. Per cnythlns else, it ie none of hishere is another cbaaml for tha*. Ot It la very good the* you htro told us tMoit lo very ln*ereotlng.

79. Bt Theasntioned hfia nil sort* at tMngsrays, oimdloetle3cs,erve, hugs diehns. Opposite- tht rat KAIEHSOhieh sells lee ereen. show re the nop of Ankaralll spot lt. Ot te yea vest hln to see sone pictures? Ri now naah tine here we rrrt? Jt on't think we're going to hero tine. hould not go. Ot ft Is better thnt you so. St. .Xerexntso thli lt rery iMportent. Hi We can go onev nitrates.

73> ill finish off ny thought*. It is neoossory to eccslder this. As en example toko tHJVUK, yen must resrsnbor. onceell you thnt the Soviets have en Ulesolin their heals end Kaoy^HClBV, with ths heed Of the osneml Staff and with ETPCV has already begun to use this eren nore setlvaly. They tell os the* only with th* help of dlveroloosry groups and of the illegalean we seriously underslne the potential of the Agrricros end of th* Britishur worst senates. And their great defensive strength and Memento position,an be reported on by legale endf? must consider thiei learned men wart be eolleeted to consider this. We are fnood by tbe fact that there sre and will be illegals snd onesay thatthe sdlitary attaches are no longer theonsiderod that it woo too easy to spot thn BKXMssBf since he would culekly be Identified by Ms official position. Thle Is no* MAdea. Hov, all legal iTk'/.fWOTS ere under ecver. They ray bo colonels or generalo. Somehow passports aro adjusted or changed freouently. Tou ranrttMnK about this.

B: By the voy, IWTHFhTY is evom a* by 8TBPV. WROY does not like hln, sn that you know. orty nee ting In the Firs* Mrectornte RRROT Just tore Ma into strips. He said thnt he was not doing enough, the* he should settrong illegal rrtvork. Why does he need this? It mart beso that it could find out prior to "H" hour where there was en impending ettaek, so that ve nigh* be tbe first to act. Ihe English and /mcrieene are "the wain teak" (English). Therefute, the eceent is on illegals ts do toil. You see, from the position of military or naval ottaehe one sen only get hold of Journals nod wvspopero endorrt red! ethooe can eonttnuo to do this bat the operational priority is given to illegal*.

75- Bi ere training lllegalo intonslrely now. Ot Vhaft happened to your nft-drnlT you tsnsssssi youteo-eArdrel vho ves, ee iteparty for strotegie Intelligence, nopecial positionon't Sassnsbes Ms nrs TeETTLTT or something beginning withhat happened to htm? Ves he Jus* removed? St There vns such an admiral. Yes, yeo, ho wet removed. Ot Was tho orgoni nation eocrtnow. .t St The systen

vns ctewlSUDXH caid Inlecturo tfeftt ve vera ftirAlc^irjgcuT efforts,sard this before SUDttt. v* vera *rnUcotlnssoney and th* boot eridree vere sirenrJFTOBlAS. They hem the poflition.

< nTOTURA Is? of ecuron, all vork is IIXoepJ. . E?.mmJW Is node upegal APPARAT with vhlch egnrtta ere comaoted. Ve govo then the heat ceAres, rxmry,hey here leadership end ere directed In everyh operotlooel' letters, etc. ve aw thet thin ToTOdoecoo ^ereoents, ntchnps, ete. Therefore, they took out the lirtemgenee officers and ratUtary tnrtoehcB end svltchsd then oven, end nov they pro replacing then vith tools fron treops vho don't knov a, letteroreign limguege,ord. They asOn enalright, they are cov-roed vitho go to receptions. But direction is floni rroa under envrr.

T. Jn Irnn, for iristanooIronaerono spot. The RRXni am hie dexnrty ^fajor tttxcl'fXTf ahould be irrxrred. Irrov Is tbo sort^ knov vhlch la very dr^erous for us. o you knov met,-skit?ove vrittea shout hla end spoken sbrat hin. There ere tvoolorol, was operational deputy Ik tha DSR. Bi on't knov hin.

^vas BooD sort

i* *lfch you in the HPA? Si Be recently finished Ther aboutrote endek you to heve thrown out of

rT JT< , the Iraniantw, or is It the other? m rnret? fl; Tee, Persl. Then thin effectiveolonel, vho vna nhrcea before; he iaTWBT. HO^'HOT helpe hin withnogee, knows the vork veil. Jhlonearned person, operrtionol, ee,pohln and a. etrtet render fcUov. Bis wife works en director of the school ui our colony in

Ofcourse. Ot He vns in Aaerien,

ogether with wk-fc'HWV'o nen front rnglnndOTTKDV. Yon rewrfter bin. ma. ill cheek in; on hlr, and report.

tw. They haveTra to the Directorates, but mwWe

nnt-up rorantno for the opeeiol WZVmSOtoo which alrendy exist. Thoy have cent down people mw JOf^TOOT, fron Irani and the Pasha,ere already


sjor, whoseill nnrir) rj mi BMMOk Tbsy ol* snd vork out how to art up illegal IWUHnwnshese tares sspltelist countries. Thus tho task to Turkey la to tart an Ulsepl ItHillKNTW golnE- Taeraam thSTo and: thor* era people who as* in th* TO).oAe* sen be, moved fron third countries snd SODXB, ss ant erperisnced Intelligencela being sent there toe. TMak about ttshould ha be allowed to eater Turkey or not? This Is ss affair for ths Turks sanot deold* It. an only tell yon that there are opSYnUoofi being planned there.

'7:hink it is tins for you to go no you will not be into. Should fre/thtog hsppen to onset our plans In Min.iigTtwg so thnt we fell to nest, iuvanjbei that iraeSlately open your return to tendon, the roon at th* Hount Royal. So. JjfiO, has been retained for our tret log. 0t And pleas* don't forget to arrange room* for ue en the 5th floor, so that we will all be there even though ny roon should be slightly swey fron the others. WS vlll meet the day after tonorrewin Btrcdnnhan then0 boors. Will youlnox for nor Ot we will nob only itfepore this but train you in its uoo before you return. 8till woke only nenrAivee end giro you the urrtevelopsd filn.est work in daylight. There ore no eleetrie lenpo rrrnlleels vhere ths nstsrlsl is. Ikc/be ysflex paper ean be used to copy? Ot We will outer all this during your training. Si Very well, we will nest0 hours Oft ths day after tocrjrrow. Bubjeet lsft0 hours.


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