Created: 7/17/1961

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approved fob beltrse 0atiwr2ii1

C. tusphasia upon flexibility end diversity of tactics in pursuit of chiefala.

principalal In "to point the tipioan iisp^iialisn.1'

on the struggle against India.

t, Admission of elstakeo, and enjolnerovator effacienoy and sffeotlvenssB.

*. h) so doing, emphasis upon ideology, bott as regardsjtanos and "working stylo."

h. Anticipation that President Kennedy willnemy-

1. ftitlnatOB1 will bring i

more tense world situation, hut not all-out war.

Bloc states willaoe tr-sties with rait Germany,'if no IB-Soviet "summit" occurs.

Laos events will move to Cowsunlst advantago, but this will be Icov, drawn-out affair."

li) hinese offorte to "establioh our beaeh-

haajd in Africa and Lwtin America."

S) Halntenance of status quo In China'fl relations with theest) Chinese eaehasia on tryln.xploit the "contredlotlona" aronc the Eastern countries.

3, ThnroBfJsJT of referencesno->ovlet dispute. These reveal i

a. Differences with tha U'iSR era serlus but muct be considered ilnorj the Ugher good la Moc unity.

i . China was under unweeedented attack froa UimIndia-Indonaala and tha United States."

0. Chinese sensitivity to anyotanU.

d. Chinee* resolve not to "violate the spirit" of the Koacow Conference, nor to "rickispute." ;jjd, while being always arepuredispute,must not dlaeuse political problflMs on our own with brotherly partioa." The USSR* Incidentally, Is referred to as "the big brother."

a. Chinese expectation ofordial Sine-Soviettitan has apparently proved the ease since the document wen writtenl).

"everal hints ofportant -rrecaants, reached Just after the hoeeow Conforenre, v ch are to snt nev dlreetlens Inporation. These srreenente are not defined. ontinue personally toid In Sovembir-DeeaaberthatM>osnber ^lAtooent was rwichad Inwith sonsf ?ino-ftoviet deal which involved sore

concessions on the Soviet parto certain Chinas* positions in the text of the Abatement* aal coave been concerned with Soviet pol else towards the tost, Chlneee Influence In Asia, or assistance to China in tho acquisition eC .wjarn weapons aystaras. Tlur* lo, sine, no eonfirmation- of such business.)

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