Created: 6/1/1961

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Korea's revolutionary leaders are providing increasing evidence that they envision an extended period of military rule. The regime is moving to bring all social and politicalunder its control and appears to be movingontrolled economy. Brigadier General Kim Yun-kun, commander of the marine unit whichln the coupember of the ruling Supreme Council for National Construction, has stated that the Junta Intends toroup of youngleaders to whom it will give control of the governmentafter two years."

Factional differencesthe Junta leadership are much in evidence, and lines ofbetween moderate seniorand their more rash Juniors are becominguncertain. Tension between Army Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Chang To-yong and coupMaJ. Gen. Pale Chong-hui may belimax, with the ouster of one or the other from the ruling Junta reported possible before the end of the month. Chang Is credited withoderating influence on the Insurgent leadership and is believed toelatively early return to civilian

The clique of young colonels surrounding Pak favor prolonged military rule. The Supremehas been expanded andto provide them with greater representation. roup, the colonels arenationalistic and eager to undertake extensive reforms but they lack positive plans ortraining. Should -the regime fall to win public

support, these Junior officers probably will push forrepressive measures against any opposition.

Foreign Minister Kimnformed the American charge onay that the regime wasprovisional"to "legalize" theof power to the Supreme The "provisional"may be dignifiedopularIntended toegal basis for the extraconstltutional actions of tbe regime while preserving the appearance of continuity ofThe military leaders fear that unless such continuity isRheewas recognized by the UN resolutions0 andSeoul's claim to be the only legitimate Korean government will appear no more valid than that of Pyongyang,

Generals and one admiral have been appointed governors of all provinces and mayor of Seoul. The regime is seekingield officers to staff national and local government administrative posts down to and including the county level. Former Lieutenant General Kangfollower of theambassador to the United States, retired General Chongbeen ordered toan extreme right-wing veterans' group to support the revolutionary government.

Twelve leading businessmen accused of accumulating "illegal fortunes" have been orderedpossiblyop to public economic and socialAccording to the chief of national security, the coup has restored police morale,


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by the fall of the Rhee government last year. The police can now concentrate on their normal law-enforcement duties, since militaryorgans are largely taking over the investigation ofpolitical activities.

Public reaction to the new regime continues to be largely, passive, with known opponents reluctant tospeak up for fear of possible repression. Jtu-dents, who toppled theppear to be

about evenly divided for and against the coup. Many have been Impressed by the speed andof the military ln moving to clean up governmentand other obviousof bureaucratic Some, however, areincreasingly concerned over limitations placed on academic freedom. Should continue, student elemonts may be moved to take bolder action callingeturn to civilian government.


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