Created: 5/18/1961

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force ofrmy troops and marines led by MaJ. Gen. Pak Chong-hul, deputyof Southecond Army, seized Seoul onay and deposed the government of Prime Minister Chang Myon. Pak's group professesfor the United Statesesire to eliminate official corruption and strengthen the national economy, after which It will purportedly return the government to civilian authority.

ormer officer in the Japanese Army, Joined the South Korean Armywo years later he was sentenced to ten years' Imprisonment for Communist activities, but he was recalled to service at the outbreak of the Korean war He ls not known to have re-established his formercontacts.

The revolutionary Junta has declared martial law andemporary all-military cabinet. All major population centers are believed quiet, and the city of Taegu reportedly bas been returned to civilian In Seoul,leftistreportedly have been arrested and all suspectedordered taken Into custody.

Army Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Chang To-yong has accepted the chairmanship of Pak'sRevolutionary Committee.

Lt..Gen Yl Han-lim,general of the Plrst Army, which is deployed along the Demilitarized Zone facing North Koroa, is holding his men in position and has declared that he "and all bis officers and men suppoi

Chang said he did so with the understanding that there would bo no mass punishment oragainst Individuals, ew cabinet would be formed composed of the best menand that troops would be withdrawn from the capital city "at the earlieste noted that tbe committee agreed to tbe last condition provided troops remained until the position of the United States toward the coup was clear.

Following the takeover, Prime Minister Chang failed to rally any support for hisOnay he announced the resignation of his government over Seoul radio. This action haaloak of legality for the coup and opened the way for transitional measuresonstitutional framework.

With the cooperation of President Yun Po-sun, Lt. Gen. Chang appears to be workingransfer of poweronparty government composed of civilians and some military officers. There is some Indication that Pak Chong-hul might agree to such an.

Initial ackInformation onKorea, forthe event someafter lt had takenthen was forced to relypress etatements asSubsequently,denounced theastatementthat things may yetthe Communists'balling Chang Myonfetbe statementKorean troops asmisled" and urged them"Internal problemsoscow andhave labled the coup group

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