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A. Tha program lnolafloe aedntenaacs of acivil defense nUrr, training for operative group* and for tha general papulation, ostabllsh-mant of an alert system, poblioatlao of many aanuala, film strips, moving

aad periodicals,^ program in construction of

B. The DBSB haa therebyubataatlal lead over any of the Western Alliesrganisation, shelter Bpeee, and training of the populace.

II. The Soviet civil defense ayvten has aeverel dlatingaiahlng chareoteiisticsi


of supply, end the eepeslty of available shelter.

recently, pubnformation pleyed down weapons effects, to prevent alarm tfithln tha USSB.

defense aerviee and training are oompelsory for the Sovietfor goveraacntal end economic unite.

ratem of priorities in civil cefenecmore Important the city, factory, or other installation, thecivil defense provisions.

m. The olril defense effort Is highly organised, vith tbe ultimate goal oftbe participation of every able-bodied citizen.


last* to ft national 0=

(ess under MB until its abolition at national laral) S^

cnfenso unlta ara cirganixad ia cities and largo factoriestheir molel ths peeeetlaa police, fire aspei laawiti, aadlaalorganisations, sad the like.

C Be* ailltery or narestLUtar/ saltssre Veins created and iSSMlluUsni fcrwd la rural erea* aad snail towns to give additional

civil defense aid to el ties la sa XT- civil defense training la eonpulsory for all adults hut the prograa has not been nnlferalr carried oat.

A. V* cetlxat* that at laeat SO aUUon to Oo alUlon people hare had scanrtlllairriii SX&MIX

I Clsll defease trelalng ia Included la tha eouree of lastraatloa for

schools and tofthrrlftal aohcola, snd at the collage laral. 0. Large factories and aoaa cities hare carried outlTll oaf ens* . drill*. It io hbovn that siren* ara la plac* an* hare Bean used in practice elarta la sererel eltia*. Air raid drills and syetUllsen training for oparetlve unit* hare been conducted.T-D. lTil dsfsas* lnstltatealntalned la laalagrad to train aenber* of the fell tla* civil eafense staff of the ttSSa. T. 8 has been constructing air raid shelters sine* at least

A. Basenent shelters vers used ln World War XX. Byolicy of ln-

anauonr buildings vas

2 -


bee beenut thla aovol mm* bae coincided vithsightings of dstneend. ebaliere end vi th increased ireWliiretlu, of urban ermonatlon In the Soviet

WW, probably-esolt of -rentercf

*X. Sestetrawest* ot diU defease hews been

alx iMaatljl) that pictures ef the effects of large taniavenwlaar weanoaa harehe soviet oiril defense pressmajor bolldinga destroyed tod lea,

stays la air raid aheltera. S. It la not yet elear vhat lapeot the new eonoept* are having on theefense prugraa at lares. Strategic evaouatlca of el ties vest introduced Into training Uterichsre Instjwrclone ncv state thnt If long versing Use Isworhera vlllettled la mral trees aad aaall tovna. Perhape fever, bat Better aheltera will be built la urban areas, with preparations to be aed* for the countryelde to receive end shelter urban evaoneee.

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