MEETING NO 23 - 28 JULY 61

Created: 7/28/1961

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aliJag you yesterday, p to

ad bad ay conversation with PAVUA',ould Ua* your advice, you ar* ny forver*one trouble ooncwaolngeek', beforead reedfroa 3KRCV enquiring about hi*eply tba beanth*loan and the aaVgnpePg aspedltlon. raViAAf haaoff th* telagraat about* is th* texti "Aaing the/airandin ortuhl tod tee prototype*

ortableNITA. At th* present tlue fine haaroat nunbartrauta vith osrtals oapitaliator the supply of this machine (aasitloning CoteberJ. Duringair peelallst* in KjdOJS considered tb* advisability of acquirinc U* ANITA ooaputer. Tba English fire had than replied thatant on to* baal* of ons thwtaaandie*. Th* ongllah apedho Maintains eolanUfiat*onoieal relation* with th*a* proudaed (Subject'* name) to obtain an AM fit twaohlna a, aiDMt oaah duan and *uhsaquently paaa lt on to ua, To* price of the aaaauaaa 1* Fleeoe reply urgently whether itdiioahl* to ^ive this bub, via (UubjeoVa nans) to th*peoiAliat or shore any be th* poaa.tb1.ltty of repayment after deliverynohln*. let ua have your instruction*."

Oi Old you josntion tbe date* of tie exnlbiuon? g| sv* PAVLOV all th* otbar details orally. he aakedto thank Jf&iM and toantting withtt'clock on Monday. tuJaWXI oan* in and told PAVUAf and a* that ba i* leaving UXft by air on alt bar Saturday or 3unday.

5* ent withv to bia offio*. av*five rooo* already abioh are involved vith intelligence work, .it up for you later. OhArWAUV'o trouble ounalat* in to*tb* "Oentre" bad ordered bin to drop hla Indian contact aa ft*of being an "ag*nt*?roveoat*ur". ndian inoung man, representative of an insignificant eportodou in to* Spring. rfl* naoo beglnaand on tne 2Jrd July be la aipyaeed to bav* goneripelegation of Journallata

approved for release

0 jWARlSfiZ


CA< ft*-*

1 -U. -I*

byn*ferbo pooplo

wm* >w-

ioouioA >of bomb tro his. a. *n*

(Soviet) ulnlmtry of foreign Trade,e epokan to ao ebout bin, wareery low opinion oa to bio ohllltlos. Thoy thoughtool. Subject than repeats that SkTTH, tbednr, tremte Ma (Subject] lneery friendly eavawr.

Nor, about Mlita to ring bia? Hi all right, aad think about adBRZDE. unt xmax to aoat PAVLOV. Prior to ayoodail bill a, ahioh vthw abould obtain foraantion* tbe health radio, and George tell* hla tooad look* the radio la shown bin. explainsthat thia radio la being glean hln to show hla e* ereto hla wishes aa good friend*. the gift la fro* the heartbetterand ahould ahow ha that noneyoaeourity la. Therefore, the tap* recorder (personal uae)sine* be would be sua pent bating it andlaaaterto record TaaXffaUT If tb* latterlaltSubject ahould abida by our adtio* and decision*

re quae t*ecurity rlah nature ond alnlmla* hla

aoouioltlv* desire*. Subject was visibly touched end thanked us


' ll hat* TCOB take It In, rather thanaa raacved frox lta packing box end Subject was ebons It* oca.peration etc. It* unpaoked *la* perait* it to be carried- raal eultoaae easily. Subject reassured ue that ho oen easily legend hla hawing obtainedn the Coa-laalan .tors. Bs evrdalnsd hov lt is register d, how coolly lt oen go through euetcae, etc Since WXWJI had rood to poetjco* bia trip tossh August due to hlaudden apeoleot*srrfh* hill was reviewed and to permit aubjeot'* leave Janet and hueband'e loot* end eTWB'* arrival to fit In, th* 2Jru august waspo*.)

26. Ot Hogardlng tba allltary erUel* you wanted our help to'wrltej it scene that elans' you are an artillery of floor and havs been giveno tba JfUKS data by VAaBJTiWV, and other artillery studies; you ahould lack over tho net*rial iotha QHJ epetafond to see whet narusl* or data there is on the aaa*: one, are froa; Anglo aaeriean kllltarynd give ua the bibliography. Si I'll oonslder thisii: getlist of subject* and ca^eainee daaling with Anglo-Aenrioer, forces whloh XQEQJXTSKIpeople hold in the OaTJ lafornation Directorate. il even expend thesetter,n infantry topio would he ill alao try oad aendof ay other paper* andanhrough tlSHf,

27. Gt Juet aaadibliography. JJ i: sand yooajtlete liet of whatav* on your forces. Than if ycu oan aend ae the sate rial bank 1'U work lt orar properly.

pflT/ a* ao* to reassure you thatforoatlon iseaching ourerseportesident KBXlOXt'bon't read lt to youaa point out to you thatuafeer ofxactly thoa* thought* whloh you euggected ware mentioned. (Gubjsot vaa dsllgi tsd).

SI eported to you last spring about the situationime ofooadng to power. he tdcjcod out thowe. There sea even three deahen he waa not In poorer. KhWahOblV le adopting the sees toohnl<xi* -Iti. the Army he hadith the Party offlolalj. During hla "reign' hs has personally promoted0 offleera to Oenorsla outotalnd alsoumber of old General* to higher ranks, up to the rank of aarahal, sad even Chief kn rebel. Ba rellee on their support, but both la the rreealdlun and ln tbe Central Committee there areack or of reonlo who BUpiorted KAUWX V, JCLOTCV, BuIflANlN, etc. ;jis one of then. There are alao unconfirmed runours that KhRU3nCh!CV fight* ocoaalorn-Uy with IQaXSaK. * in opposition wltti regard to -to of KblflJbhChE?'*xr^nQoaaTnte eto. thKL'^DhTVot ular witha**a. Thay do not oar* for hiscocnooia, u Tbsy blaaat hla far thel* life thay have to live, know beolitical advantarer.

3| Anong the leader* (rukovodatvo) there exiat*secret 7 Iticn, whichs* th* majority ar* etillpret*aa* and th* other* don't want to lou* their Jobs. But there oouldistribution of forosspllt aaresult of th* BERLIN Question. All of than who areof tho weak polnta, with regard to the aooncwdo and ailltary altuatluna, who will aay "It la toly to go to war" *e've got to wait, that's th* po nt of basting up th* situation beoauee of a lJ whioh haa existed for th* loot 16 Should thle occur, It is loaalblo i sill carry th* day and win onoe again, en the other bond the reverae a* hav* to take thi* Into oomideratl m. They oould either remove KhHU.^hOWJV, eaylng her elae he Bight*id, o.ould say Tou gong theutreat oci th* UiilLl" hink sonstnlrg up." '* aay outright thatrt- defender* of the peace, the ingle*Aanrieaaa have taken tb* extewwe view of our declaration and eralrg,'t want war, thore'a no hurry,bo nXhLIhr*day*. There aro lota of diploma tie words that oan b* found In order to most the situation and to fool Oat peoplegain.

d Congreaa will dseld* what eotlon is to beppear on the Agenda, butave told you before Thenevar theren* ofig gatherings they have secalona, th* planum, tha praesidlua,m poaltlv* that thiaill be diaouseed, it tight ewen be dlaouaend teforo the official opening of the Congreaa. bo aa auat keep in aind thea*oaelbllltiea. (talbjvotn thi* thea* for bod* tine, repeating roughly what ha ha* alreadywsnolyJ

KnUabChEV aay oruah all opposition and prooeod to sign eaat Oeraan psaos treaty, inviting local heat illnd risking gsneral *nr.

rb^shChEe* aay b* forced to oonpronia* and delay algnlng psao treat/ ln view of ftestem oppoeitlori and propagandise thi* more a*ir*till poetroning poaaiblo action reny and Berlinurt1 er late.

}) rhBUShChTV may be depoeed.

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