MEETING NO 21 - 24 JULY 1961

Created: 7/24/1961

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with the Kinlstry or Defence and Its General waff via thw f.n]oh Is olloovtod to all villtary "ru!cnvodyvjdw<My ooetaV for lntortant

*?. At Tha rnoorm why the THreotory, tny far lnstenew, deos mt glvo hlaa la ths rulo for tho majority listed In tinaT'nf being nolommon noma, It wao thought thio would ovoid noorls ruo-olrv. that the rrooant head of ORU le Identical withr old daroty.

?1. Subject also requests that ho he allowed to buy the latestheeceiver, which hav log eight wevo-Jengtho bands, 'V**jeet oould also use as an aitemetlve sot to receivea Intends Inetilling lt In his "dacha" ss he considers It would be eonr-lor lf he oouldten bo fevalo on it* Me has no radio et hone at allhe transistor wa govs hi-* Itssldee he wants to improve his Fhglloh by listening to the "PC. After much dissuasion regarding theactors the request ass held ln aheyertos for further eonelderstlw*

if. us work now en our agenda questions* first of allacne lointstho Berlin oueati n- lou soldthe rosds warehe All lee press on rsytvl the tendsend through transport rlarea toheee rlsnee at. who told you this' st riretly, thisd to ne fevjondly. It wee oerifirmea hj Tolcdys FTXWY when hethrough "ith his bettall- . y ruriy^wr* ths Chief of Staff of Artillery io the TankT J"

snd who weerigade eo usurper af Artionventi'vnJ Artillery, unlikewho is woket ArtlUory).

wasxoeve but waa recalled beev a

light -erlior than the late originally fired for his return, d- ring newnga to esret. wantninsnao Restaurent where, emengst ether things, he told ne (ae Treported to you) that 'the Germans wll'eal hsah cut eVed hln "Put what will ha-ndlied "thiswa ore being told, end thio is what feel ourselves (willwhet I,hieftaff can tellndwant on te confirm auoh ofaleard...

(as foltowai).

Ei Aa aeon aa the sgreeevmt (with GDR) latate oftrevoga') will be declar-d1utting ell the rma" force*he alert for the take ever efn all check-rohe defence end control of which ln future will hs their entire rearonslMllty. Heerc-whlle, the Soviet tro-re will he kept Inna legoha flan being that they ohould ome nut at enca te Occupy these reads, since tills would than mean provocation to ha followed byhat will havren is that the *eet will be told* "Asarloana, British ondleaae, you are stillto fgi to Wv'M'i, but you nut now deal with the npfl (for passesor If you wish to fly sleng the Corridor at tha apreed height ond on the agreedse, fleams do so, but youho now control allnd grant there red salon aooonilitglyertain time-table and msaber nflnUarly

Si If ho-ever th- Awe-leans, Pritiah end >reneh refuoe to oval the " and try te force their way thro'gh, then the Gsronrn will etart and elnoe the nrm farces ar- ovUently not strong encgh, then the -Jcvieti'i come out end a'task the forces with whloh the (the trn-nt) tried to nam their wav through to

Gi Thereailerei although one can Mock


nd or railway, cry cannotn the air. Conweriuanily, thle -nans thnt the OTP air force will hnra to shoot down the tronaprrtofhnt le fire the first rt ot. t| Ift do not epply for permission orf Intention to fly to UHflMli elno* the/ do not wish to deal with the ftTR andendlnne (without prior notification} thentuni will fire at thla plane (from the ground) or order their can planes Into the air (to attacklthoughtn) planes are in fact leviet planes... a, Tew, but th* first shot will bs fired by than' Tes, (the first shot will ba) thairal

v7) Of hut whkt happwns on the roada? ho will fire first? (QUIot be tho other aay round? at rsital let ua aay that tha eohsduled plane didn't fly through sinew tha Germans started firing at lt.hen you go along theot ln tanks oruet in ordinary oars or lorries mrrying people and food-supplies. Tou are stopped, but sinoe you do not wish to hav* any dealings (dieouaelona) with th*oun thoy start firing first at, "if thay (the West) do not rwcoerdee ourhanthem!"

rrn thcigh thehod not yet sent in theirhe Wests th* first tohay won't start firim. till the other* fireully untoratand that. hut thing* will happen. toldhlebsolutely eertain and eaot-iroru eard thisf they) rsf ea* te talk with the got and try ton toregardless, then whey sail be Slaked in the teeth!" ouch for thi* with my Ufan telling ths truth! If the Mbatern Correuvl then deal dee te send in their tanks so ss to elaar the any through, then they will aho send in their (Gin) own tonka!

til she was theof ths ataternmt that if nn'ti'OGffhere will be tremendous solid opposition fromst, then he will stop and not sign th* treaty? J* thi* an opinion held by yeu or held by others ea- isact baaed on policy that ansa una nay hav* heard atee tins nf the "upreme soviet or enoe other nash ejecting? i Thiol* an opinion held by ua allit wis expressed to ra* firstly by Generalas well as by mayieern, nAMlVthen. St'CTKiT said was as follows: "we are aynuv ahandery rleky evabl

me ar* gndng to show absolute finance *they say, history will noth* leaders af the arty, if one* nnnln they peetpono matter* and one* againalgn tha agre<vnent (with o yni mean wninowrpeerieh?" and T'^KITrnra/It* theyst) refuse to talk to the Germans, and tiesill bar the way and sayu* your prop,*ik" and thenwill getndh* righting will eepA eany say "whattall of the* ocn/lnead this to an, TWrVlf alao*,. ithlt Isknown foot, th* people in General taff knot* all thia andit is allofter all we are ecmabvrtly breathing *ndame to you ny variousnly giveof people who ore known to yri and nho ar* aotually oonoerrndoolite part) in all tht*. >eoaua*ear aomathing fronhere ia no pnint in telling you about lt andysslflt by next day alnce these people snan nothing to you or *ocn na the aprearaent (with) isattl* alert

be Instantly dec brad In th*and for what purpose? ror the purpose of ecuntering osry, es they (the "ovists) say, 'ordldiah* geatur* on the part of th* teatern Military ecrsnndara, the est era representativee ln Cerwny ae well a* on th* pirt of0 liravs thw-relvaa. elno* their (GPT)re net Bufficlontly strong, oonsepmntly they are going to he sup 'Orted by the ovist foroe* lnmho ar* being put on battle nl*rt, in position efhla battl* alert will ba

forlorn* hack to th* thane stationed on tarritosiea of a. toll It* bit

*r*the fonoM&nO nd what if the

wf^rl(Tir* MVrild suddenly send Ime nnitn

hen bottle will ooiwashot aort ef bottle?l te ehnt depth of front will it extend? To thethe territory on whioh theae troops nutcn. there sillstteek (by ths soviet foress) on the rear, on other countries nher*outer->vtnoop* ore ewsnrntratcd..Thnr* will be no nssh(the -ovlete) want everything te be decided in this portiewlurerea wherein the highways ere snd the railroads end ln theethe eotor where lt is expected that the -eet will shew, sa theysay,teavird* the DssWehnennj (the seat *dll amy toentry) go teon't show you tm> rvi sklpeteh will begin ln thisif the *est send out their tanks, thenoviet* will

V c

eV^xileO send out their tanks innd eo they will begin rlrlng nt eachT Ust la how the whale thirsr Is enrlenawd end planned and there la ivrlhlng clumsy ln tele, every tiling la aboolutely olaor. .to enoecJd like te recant te you nhnt ny nan earn hare heard and 1" nrknartood thehis Is the plan ensnlsa*asd), They will only ehow fore* and bar the way (to the *est) only in the event thntt eill reruns to talk te then (thend not that, aay faretanoaa eoon s* the rterman* will tahe up frontier control powltion* and the est sees thea. ths est will start firing at thsnateither (is lt enaiatged) that aa ason as tha ovists will one the aetem forest, they mil start firing atthey will say "and on what prour-,jB are you travelling on this territory? to the nrxeeennt yous peruaaion for this from the hireiiisnit of the fuv* If" yourei solan from theoil-ht at j snob endine, then please no

o *lev*r. 'or they will eayi re not Hi ting the entryiritlah and freneh (into I'ut cod forbid*

. dteuM loll the -esteeling that there is noecause this

; is only the first. erne the time-table ef twensmto (and permission for eioh inurements) is iahen they ean dictate the rule* ot ! the"ndtn press ith thoir own eill.

J* i It la perfectly olear to ua and we underatandl I voinment haa no rigfit to aignv*nt with the

"ereana, but they ar* try in to snpport thia set ion with armed strength. And (lt Is pbusved that>she>ild therritish, rrmnoh and the oernan* refwe* to talk and negotiate with the (llTt osneitdng for future us* of eoarreralantlonathey will bs tnldi "no,

stop) as snot defend our rights according te thehe f> ovist outhoritiet havend w* ere therefore a owwrelgn pomer in butwlet rnree* will not leave, they vill Just retreat sonsnd then, a*m) force* arehey haven't pat anytMnf sesahatter ofeu about it

eTwonallv know mora or lees shot they* v* aute% intoetthi*. over th* Oermsn territoryrote. That Is howwant lt for the svrawnt, thay do not want to didOn th* arwathey do not want to torn it into anMhOr world war... th* ovist plan and this la wterre th* ssy-hlo eefl ths risk eome* In. " is th* risk TA^-wrrnoT was talking

fy) mdd hav* assilyUvIb to yououldaB^rilsd ell wash rneirtsndond*/To enean supplied withpoekwt recorder. at thle aherild bexcellent 'prillty, se apparently the 'V ti nrdal ln drwadftil and snkeettiinn noises. and isact oelag used hy ovist ir'/Ul-eno*.


y^T^ soviet tank, enl artiHcry will be thrownn great .trength -

hat t'w> odvieta axe prepartng for. nd that le shy

The Cosnnnda c netss

t uui ury and Oovvrsuarit Organs hove stopped da Word ohor oen.bare alreadynhat shot is biking pine* in1e "allocationnd partial fwduntlon In ir "o. oa and navy, dletondaant ofolowente in -ir and navelthin iaot beaease Et ovistnd nigh rnatand do notigh regnrd for the nary orreood at all, they are doing thle beer.ja* they ooraddvr that tM*on be oaa-peneated by the orrrinlearn;nellnr hot nor* specialised foroo eith the inirnrt^tlrn of ne*oarata ofibera, di^metrae, end rnrans...

. 1*Ul try to find eat tttrthsr details onhetttnl" boa alrocdy bvld oa that he iabia nlly art of f'ornany in optnoVar and alloff naro are ajotns to do the anna.

1 It oouldary tood thingouldb^asethe FT* 'Irdetea-lthough ofr1sa nafi tooardena ia Ma to ad-riee hln to runohoole orn^nAsod for tsaeMng danmiirnry tnotioo mo ae to er*at* aheoleta panto atthln th* garrisons oraaaiM by^> log rims. Mowing up ronoa, earrtnai mtiom,It aoaU booune-trap than, and tho oetet fornoe aill then start nmW; round in olntles and hy the tlae they eUl atart firing it *U1 thaa hote..l 'nd If they or* too Into, with ivyfa help tla ncn^ntsm will beocnuee thia la what thoy (the miete) ar* friflhV-ned of. Andor* thay ao frl^tenadT o-an> they tne* full well ahat the strangers la, ho*errnns look upon tram, how the Oerenno hatend they krrr* full well that aa eoon aa any sUredoMng begins, thona will atart thrnwang atone* at then, heating than with atloks orf - they have 1 'rd Jnet in rim ahat will hnpoen then. frvrmr hut all naterial in hlafibrta two ooranlete firing unltai ono alraody fitted with rooeata randy ta fir* and th* othare ar* kept in the Pri-nde roar aran. "he I'rlnrtdolly hna four firing ordt* in all alloonted for lte irdttnl ml salon although In foot there e'rwild be twelvo la all epread out ia depth, ao that lt lehatepth or several hundred kilometres all th-ao roo'wte aro going'sint If Mdepots ore eat mn flra, eavernl huritrwd* of hieppod up, Junt iraaine the ffWrtol fworybody imrrdnc. in all direct Soon at one*. Trwrre mil ba nonlfled brtnnda, no orpnuiaednd oooe thayn the field Utey will eVirt firing at one* in all directions and at the orp ermrn, and at theeranna, and at tho Mlledil at ono*iro-nlnro they snyi *vtoo thoy aro in ornant dn^lrnwvsnt that ia had ror our eooentlnl not to allow then to deploy in oontnt formtlon. ni*>s, oftar all, they nrs sitting like innthoy are not sitting nut in anieldeen jso thnt sould indeed be bad for the evore ri tting ln leuei te positions on that it would then he very sdroio and 7Anak ta ehsnge to eortntu* thay ar* shire nstT'lns of ths tlndl They ars sittingaoasn srrrtarTO. aoanm-avvttion with telsjhon-s, hr.ths, bars and Jots bands Thia ia shnt thsy are afraid,a ia lleted as the prim nangsr. And shy should we not mas no* of bMs? for if sa (the oat; do not, rdntesy alao will never fhsrjslvs oa for ruaeing thisthesaj all right, letdo itlng toule, salt ror thaa to tabs apositions and thea atart ristrad

7 organise dlrvralornry aToupso deetroy

Ifs po-sihle as qulakly as poaeihle..isnat then lt would tatat aha

a^ 'trimStdyatntinMJ itself, and thnt only nfter they bee I received mr* ra*Ale* offromjndarea,everytJ lag In th* front Uno would hatell OTulpnanl anao net erralasa thatbe too difficult (for It* nt; to *eM*mol neonuae Ifol'. end decisive setter, team here, an onfoi lot of destruction onn be enhievedJ

'notherfon olarlf lontlon. TooyoaCrist one* of OTtl-taiealle letaaUee. meo you hoard whether iathere oxlats ocas iiugjusaui onderTD's directionfactories, trnlrdnc ecnreen ooneamtrntlnfi ononUnrccketrxftets...irenterest tn thia myself nndthat ebat 1told l- correct endaveorrectly as follows no oVrleo sat nlly exists thst is Inrn 1eonpletad, wnrhsbls dr-rlomooket atsnafc. aconsiderable arvaeri of ens*i- boirrj cam on theseork ahioh is carried nut in tho flelsntirio^oaanttfoot thoa* under th* tim ofA^TTTV, huttha "iron try of afnno* iteslf. -boss Trntltnten nro aorrtrmUedTechnical Trvineeringla tha "ird-try cf infernoamful lot of baatn^nhaumting *a* he been cons on

proMem, hat o stahls soviao tint enoM ho rot into on* aa an antl-roe*et has boont as yet. tJera? ofa basn tooted. an absolutely mm ah for that. *nd since tholal, this would ho Pe-rloen aj^wrookat, hut no such aneioo Ins bean perfvATbad yet, although trnrneaVsua west andninc dnnoa* Con* aldermbla sumsey hnvc been allomnred, cnantltles of saierrtifi* sapor's mohillaedtn porp-e* In "fahr to enlonlnt* aha aams*o rret the om-rdng roorst at th not -vplmVn that anuld dnetroy It.

i Put oould they adapt for inntnnoo, the W' or edherr thiand if so er* anyirendy being ends on

Hams? Tea, of eouree, they eouVi adjust it, ho* a* far tla

one not bean epremd out ore-erse, thoy enull sine* thar alrandy have rookots fmrecast that aan be parfsotly controlled byhy ant cxiflode lt on ths trajectory af fonariming fart ' tha ahole oomplexlty of the Titter Ilea In the enact eelcil.tlon nf ths osact avrant of our firing of our rtarost and to omapUte electrordoally all details determining height etther srlwelle la travelling In order to ba "hie to hit it. van if tray know the mnhs WasaJle fired they haven't not the arans fer -mrMn not th* tfnjeedery. On* can't really adopt the method of firing ausimt all peaible trnjeotories for ono pilven mlaeilo. lt'e too eirperaiv*. Thatfsaetion ahioh la being at idled vary snriejialy*

fa** they rnov anythlnf, ebon* aunh toots at W" TiP Yor tn

1 1 told an anything about thia. Teaaltl'llfl IV and alndler raraea In tha revtSn MUitaryn euro therehe other raraara, as Juat he ean't Caaoraarad yet, they are ao- any may all thee* plnoes aro need fortra-nt aMnh la pTaoticslly ready Per lee>e) to trerwm, or alas *arlna*?rrt eieandy In una whloh la being perfected. it lo "leo needrrj rprvavl by Inetltutee. 'ja rrt aesantad ln thia ant tor yrsi are asatrn


run you toll aa whether thanrojurvnn for antl-r. - ballistic adaailea*' hey expect to have thenear. %no reo.ro1 1 an tall you Hat lt will not han front one to vureo yerura. Put they are worfdng hard en it* farms auma are belne, opant. Tbadoctrine In ganerel aaeuna thnt for one' newmntaraaaapma is to ba found, onceank thoy Inrndaneely OBmnto an sritl-tenk aanponi I having orented rockets they are now wearing on antl^^okwt ean rone. Tnay I alao bnon tivit tho enaey ia working on the wane Una*. And the <brlots asBume that in view af thelahalfiwl of eleo'riaaaeajq^utlnn baoh-niquna they tto ohend. Pagielli eno* pecgdv can't find oat th* OTAoi dcrree.

Ct 'ma AnTrmy^ergeyevioh- to you about this?

I- '

i. *

ho ha*that aa (tie "ovists) ore wktrrj on lt. no hennything definite. yl- tre-yirr, rdrnslf etch on account of tho lAOk of tiuimd personnel nndlow lowol of I'll ao* blm about thi* and yon aan listen to hla revly.

Aiaavalfkt that to AQH eyoten aaisto, would it b* ln tba

hand*r would it haw* an' nm PTO

would hav* it primarily. hair troopa ar* talned for thin, Thnr* la OO point in rlTinrt it tov.;. It hna to b* arnr thaofirJtoly it oould be ondnr th* fVU.

'!| othor mo* ot, benlde* bho Vnft wan ahown at tho rny rwjrnd*' woro aho*n. -ao tho second onoM* G| fbu fli a won't heard anything. a* hero at the tin*. on thoy told ne about the rwrad* trnty did notythirvj rhap* itnother type or renteet, ant a 1 ohoev, bt ou attendedt the ondeny on the OOeo thia roant is rocket will b*o troopa for their own Te*. dram you'll ant theoa will om thnt it la used for dafene* of troopa. This laola* nentlonad in9ave yoa, but th* eaaot type of roatsat is not rwmtfcwvjd. lb*roops are oewsrodi laryo 2nd eoiwuon troop onrosntmtJom, Amy frontroops preparing for attack* f *non* aro available. Th*hloh *aa auspllod dinning >orld mnr II.

In thef liaprowad type* of the aas*>would the

i*Vo be theo get tbear 1 , of course, ey have alnsra tne first priority. Uarsnal of V, t'ornnndaro frroundis people are oo.ul.ppsd for th*ef troous ha ha*o hna aonoe* and when it la prokannw sroiaDly hna *on*eel sure he ha*.

Ion sold you sere toll at the lecture* Uwit you oan hove the

roeketa operateq eutrae nnd op teinrtr.e. perateruoe othor onllbro* for lower

1 eve la. o rvJovie developedurt be Orvjloyed at hi^fi altitoone. At loser levels filters. are ueed. I've nlroidy told you all about It.

The othor Using I've given you Is tho rocket Inuraahad from

_ an aI von ft. boreockets carried byw.

:>'. here ln onelenr. .ten they any th.tof the ronket la eO Mn, the guldono*) km, nldoh no*n* it nan flyea. afteronde, ho* lo It guidedeen out off fro* agonal exestrol? o tb* *ntcrlnle

tup (

ads note*). 'hioh rewrrltie to, borioontal or vertlnal" he eaoml^tn**of th* rootet ^ivedlng ends after Bt Vn, aa lt ie eonelderod that aft or thia height it willh* flnrd trajectory, and lt nanpsoinl emploslve device any ata it it fliesm without anyIt will flyna if* eeti orna if la aat1 root Ion in whioh it twa been molded.

In tl* way by using We posalbillty of the flight of roohwt


i-7'j for W) am, th* troops using lt for firing av at ft height ofra,it to th* limit of control. oniorlisting that the aootrol np toat will five absolutely aoourava flight in the aaae direct ion for the ro^ninoeraw with the help of rudders, tbe ocarrocting aaaaW.aiee *tc will cane into action, it oan operate at S$ and tew hat is why itonsiderodthatant thing with rofprd to thla rooket la to keep it under oontrol fornw

It larrtant to hnowppena wtnnodeo.

t'l I've written you in aooumto detail about this. Th* onlyove fcrpotten to toll youhef thehe frhfincnte). Thoao



tint, anglahole Is iIs allTha notion of tha fravreent* la guided,lstnno* of 'j: netree they ean pleraa atool tt? r. 'jho dlrtano* le calculated onation oone. Xt lo alvnja directed etraight ahead. ervwy-strstlon toirv th* ooovwrsetinn).

tes*5 not anWaruT.' flt o, nod thaw

Ain't ooostdsr it nocenaary for itn can "hoy oonoidor lttoo sooyernlve ontartalrrnnt juot for one airornf Ins* you honrd anything about It vodJrte, but

1 oh not Know any teohnloal detail*. ItlonrJ, bat itbooni itne of the first* Xt appmrednd they any ao bask 'oil rut. yoa rnow they have an aany -til they develop nleaUes for loWlying atrorafV :'i If

{ yon Hflan roe**te, the* They believehe not risk esrenslve neen rt plate to the opronltion ( bynd *apo*ing it to around C| ^hoyopangpowerful rny

^arbrvyure th* nt no. rny orvnolder that at the

present stageT indent,ehey have aircraftatling of J> na, theae aircraft oan onrry roo**t* nhloh will ands. nf course it wo-dd be rdoe to envelop and hav* them, but yonTytrdng nt one*.

i to thoy Intend to5 or atndlnr aid* on mval


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vessel*? i . <eso arena roottetn are holrr* ueod. The earn* prlnotpl*. I'll find out shout tStoor you. It hna Jiart not been on* of thoave dealt olth at lootr any-where else. o not lorwr where it la noun ted.

j5j (li fdd they giv*5 to ties UtelUientony haee ^rmthinr. bigger no. The reaeon why treryn riven:oos ass urrrrv has decided it is tins trvey had their nan trained porwornol and rose hoe to on thin weapon. It oone not sonn that tfcervtMrr bettor. 'nyoy let ne tell yon thit they only give eery little to thejJatellUon. all thatnprordng ie tattketssoad to theroopathee* oountrto*. Pat ttny do trainee In the ns* of trnev Anyeay they don't giv* than all the 'he nor* power-Til and long rang* omean for thens*leva, saying that thay will be fired fron Ikrrlst torrltori by >evict Troops.

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t* tou imnt anytrdnp about there relraj tin/ hand

roket* nhloh ooid ba aeed. by a ** . hem certainly not apt oarythinfl like thi a. n nortein of thla. For-hap* thay unlet aa two* anti-tank weapons and haven't toon ironed to the lbat I'll hoee to cheek on. Thereu-bermpons ehioh hare not been leeead to the troopa. aan rnohino auna* euto-watlc riflee.

Xt ana been notieed that, they are buil-

eeryjnldad rionile (defwnoea* "at they eppsnr toee type of onfenee not like* installation, (cold yon tell aato-thin* aboutIs? n, xdok that your loformtion that there are other typee of rrjokate there la lnoorrwet. rtw building la all dene for5 bet alao Include* aheltera, mahnuruuial *to*ngo arena and plnt-foro*. ot the only otty afiWed. ?onhea^fOrranote alao built roar 'itui-H, and other irAvrtrtaltrea, *tc xt lo all done for Of eoorwo. ltoaalhle that lt mil Inter beor other rncnrto. lao aonot tint any-on* oo-ddn either ther any neher rooket*. *ho tnrou th* infnomtionrobably duoto vw foot thnt he laook*4.

Could yon ant u* *on* rooket !'i too, of eoorne.

Th* lontrsrrtlon anntnle hadnte attached. ted to oouy thaeiold you in the <nrlnapUdrrt have the time to do lt> ioo thought thetave yon all the figuren you aould be abl* toanteh, I'lle in rind for the future. All you need to de la to bio op th* atop* of th* rooket to eattnl alao. Oil of oooree all projections of tho rooket euoh a* stabilisers er* cf inter*et. fl| Ion tht*. There aroedded in all rocket tatd-lieer* or* all fairly eaandnrd for rocket*.

you par* ua those figure* for fuel pre**ur* ao aony

ton*enpnratqre ofand forunrnt>are ofid you savin this to b* "t lll ohnok (lenko at Msea, oft ahcxdd bo minus. Ihnr omuge thrust_i o* ooeur atl> chanp*.

IUb mane? Thia iwfwr* to the vndnr

l-AprrmX, "t hink lt ia part of the lnurerdog eaworfoly iraautovnyn uetenoaaoi] but hore it In written rnoket Vlsdng stntlorf" ,navsdenlya J (radar station). In thla ona the alislng etn-tion for r-> hie isith the 'A control, ell you, it so* Jolly larky for uan* not sent toaff courses. "hoy would onl haw* clean no diataoooe, oonhnt penal -bllltieo, nnd taotionl conel darn tlon* in rpnernl. hey would have taught as nothinj at all about the rooket it self. are all er^olrswniraj details. hissing studied at th* ondeny - trordo*a>

hay eorvauns5 to the cditad rds-

alleee Bg Mo. Thay only had aerntnlt at th* beginning, on the amiean, rsessnh, ngllsh and Gaereua rookete. old you that for th*one*alked about the *. "hoy ae,w* ua rery little lnforeatlonat em trxtketa. an Jbyni^nams glean to th* Peaidanturas thataw* little inforrntlon.

n( flow, we have fladnhed the chapter eo nlll noweapon*. 'Tas* yeu henrd *nothlog about thi*vlerrul weaponave,ob k has eoohnn, bnlde* the atom pagarein*T no. That le tb* only thing he omtld have* preselng to develop this atomic powered ongln* and th* soclderit owrrred because they ears inurry, 1oould hove aasnt nee typsa of aircraft. Lot aa tall youndarvtand hie etatorientsaxahhal

Uff offl*. f'e hasd nterdo endbesTm, new types of alrcnft, roorotoo nlrotoV baan approved, thin ha oornddoro sufficient to hmg about. lt lo all rerybroad. Jhst onaaaa and directedor*t could of ooaras bo. puto capability af hitting mnr tercet", a la yellim for ptaoo to gain th-o.

Pal ho got baoteriaAolrjnl eoaporar? >'l fwn# ha haa*

Canave any details about tMa" t types? rathoda of envdny-oant? ntorag*i Thor*nnuel deailrw with oh*rdonlo, lt any bo datodt for you. hia ia tha latest. Oi lava you heard abator lt lowlet iTe-nMon to no* theea ewapone" B% I've already told you endting, therepaalal ilreotorate doallwg with ete natter) there are ehecdoal trooye, there are eeeret firing ranges, ahore ehernoal and bssnee-ioleidnel earfsr* ore being tasted. Thay intend to oa* thee* Jointly with ether types of eenpone In order to lnerens* tha effects of th* attack, h Paay Intend to oa* It ia leaaane* to theaotng It. or- do thsy Intend to baflrat to do eo? >t Tray haws tea eastern pl-uwasdi ia tho aaaaurprlaa att*okythlng nil be thrown in, othsrwiee oheald tha araaa' durirv the ooureear use ohasdoml andeawuui they will reply, if oa (ha other hand they adopt tho doctrine mt being the flrat ansa to disrupt everything, to preventnodsire hit froa the onony In reoponoo, they will throw la chaaaoal snd bootaricdnaloel -mien-.. ot io being {aaperad. Touleragerd thio in your ptenra^ng.

rearing the loot asrlA war tho ^arsons and tha other oasr-

ry purposes hut alao ean bo used as an etnrjto woa^oa? Ht ave-

battan'a did not ao* pot eon aaa. -Ti he ^alet. troope ware equipped "ith ohe-doal sheila. ad then Myself, 'hoy war* not cupelled t* tha firing po^lUone,new thnt nyhad rear arm In th* eaaa amy that oil artillery had been metered to doati eg the araoy tanks, in th* anne way the ohsrnonl troope would hose bad cr-Aera to go oilold one of theee otwwelosl ernlle in.ut there wae* nana at the front, they ware at the ray group baldes.ssnay. Paw, yoa hare asked by what one a-rrl erawdonl wanpor* are acdng to be need. rjuree, the adat inpsrteni part is to ha plnyed by tha aireoisl tanka. ahioh will be fitted to alrarnft, at*nterca. Vho diasercln tion will bsnyinc certain dcraredard arena. Thays oheoionl shells ehloh onn bo fitted to roorsts to thoul has thoa*. Thor* oreontalrearo for fitting to tha wan-head, filled with rrssniiril or Inn*eriole*deol oodutione. All tha 'roekwtasi talij will be ohecdoni^aru^rt-wn. leal oarriero. fVU

not' heard this. Put lha hoard that lt is very difficult to adaptfor oorrooting tha slsdhg of atopic aaapoas, do* ta thest which tho apafasifc travels. now that they er* *nrklag onhas aad* his flight en which he took irartonrephe of cnsrtalnalthough they said there acre nonstalled. Therecomplex of varloue types and eisea of eraserse, ahioh be saitohod Wand the press lied when thay said at tbalaunched the *nn that nothing ano photographed and no lrTomntion Ot *ho told you thin i nchor of people told a*nd ia foot on every putrdh, they try to Ira tal all aortainstrsse-nte, revrtcsaarhio irertnrrrrts, for taringsaa gtwsn all eoodpnent. Py thauet tall youwid when thsy learnt thnt tho er erica ne had lnunorsnl aterritory. Thoy said that thianr^ratnlk.







where touts arc being prewired, but thoy rrroo no oonrrrete InTorratloa that bent* hare netrilly bean tented tn those places.

rare* thay not lrrterv-ediary atcrdena

llotene, Tea. hay have then. r.sen,ted .rnbien). hoy hie* opactAlorfeerlotona. idn't have ny Hincnioulded tho Ublao**mpon9 are for oa* with rooket a, farno "ll-al". 'or atonic pur* theyllot on Thorn were no lo kUotoo alalia errrtle-atd, only 5. eotm win r> adiwth* troorn ar* Ion ted and what th* troop oafoty lino lo).

re groat nunfcera of thaoar ln operational

use? [t| . thay got than tn niftt ;j, hinkor oartato, but thereront renter ofeing reduced. 3| ^r* all your troop* aatng than? hink an, <i| rot tau yon whet/er there are aooh fur* thee*" it idn't aaa hln. you hadn't told a* yoa Bant to lover (Jokiogj. invar woooe cornnnd do they aono' wider VA'TrtunT, They are tho

reserve (RM) for frnund fornaa* far om thay ar* lahands, butla euberdimt* *ntir*lyTftW, vhTf'TrrcV know* theee gunsold ne be red leva ln fan, thay art good fan*. th'"-nw ha* beanon atnaao nana. on't think there are any others. They hoes -rrt been tested with atnrrlo nhellei thoy Ivtb been tested withh *p1 naivela,ranr{ they war* otonlo onen, o thej> uend thaa for


r>% Mow oh they arret that ths ganlow up nV*Tt theysheilat la teetadt ell, thoy trvn nodeoilouletlcna. rjnst moat*/ tir -atordo ehelle re. re haan fired. It* had aoked inrrtrxrtors(heho rne worked ih* tank waa to

toet the gun arrt lte reliability ualng Ugh aploniv* sheila. therutwlent twr, bat n't by endivi arret nnd nor* tare. 'ibey hare dropred tnaae horbe lYrnairrnvft, eery oonuratoly, no tho trr.Jerrtory nut ooanotedj itootA, after relen**. I'a* told yeu about thia. ill oh*ok on thle: you hnwa ean/usad no,atn eery row tat the rara *ai* not tooted with atonieutaey ehallo wave oaleulated to the last sdlinotro to lapreeent the otondo one*, w* wereain*ith starlet atanll aorta ofenlaala, vehicle* eto. war* pieced at various oen to teat destruntiwa effects. lng an atanol.oaion were recordedteel aaaao ia the for*teelteel pwdfcrnne whloh reoerna byn the -setnl. ae groueen re,istar the eresaure.saodred Wiciennd Slice.

' hat Is the ratio of a,>losiwo to nuolear

fornd "Bwll't >t an't gleehe eaoot ratio, but '. ia the prinoipio thsy work ctw ^vsrythiag hna flrat aoto pro-pared for tho ocrresrd larnl, high aplo-lwe waatnnda. riola arloosy io-ide to bury Cnyitallan, than tho lot will bao atonicaade. if tbe onrrdvtlroueotoalone, then the rookots Billh iraplosit* earhanaa,r-ioi, ate, on't know the aonot fi^narae,hink thnt tho

'tic is fornorate, you will hnr*tcedoforigh aploalee enrheooe. 'tinrwd trcra lectrx-sa,no mpmatfto fle^ras were giwsrw The otonlo varhrnd* aro rnrsr-fhoturel and stored *eram'aly. Of eoorse. nhnt eon happen is thnt thoy decide to rire ai nc rookatsortain fhaatr* of mr, mmS then they will Aucply ecly otonlo rnrheoda, forooL-ato. nvmvor, thin in only oonjeoturej this raat bo peetlernd.

ohiarr* of thea"

At went level? . cgrj aontrolo tt^dr iwrohetlon, ani otoree the, Tha

U poeeibl.

Itn^rtem^ -

*het oan mpyen to ne? Thayrepare to send

J (XTrLaht give tho ordOr "returnto thai Mppantas', to P" enn either neke a* thoI'ono ofraprnvlerdy* or even th* fundfepravlsni^re. Tlait usuld alao ho a, avevdlena* Rod. noln then raanln la

and oould go on seeing oddron tin* le tine. It aoold still not reus* eonusnti nftornt bs polite, greet peoplenet thaw, keep np 'dtplenstlo barnviour*. flhotfld frrmson* go, yon oould Introono* suss una It enn not by oha no* thet I, for thi* renson, piupoeod ofapnja, to yon. ny thi*n My proposnle *ny be the rlchtr the wong on**.

.'i "ould you he In tntfor- If you loturned,on then anet foreign nllltary atteohee? Df las, ill be In oinibn (tree*. oven inand even In theX nlll seres, out nlll ualk about (la the aerwn doing rrnt hould therearail be hne* In nnlTntea. Oi In reverse, pssM you cut onr*xn to neet.military ttoor*r> f. aould hose bo oorrnftt ny nynima about thla. Thsy night roplyi 'this un-dd be difficult, mm should e* try to throe dnet in thnlr eye*. Tnoy hav* alrendy aofa>*rledgoa yon, and 1st yougland twin* alrmdyan who hes had Ma dieoharseolerr/jj and here you are eanln epponrinr, ann of thenf. Ot Tea, that la true.

*i| nnafly rolntlone ntth peoplee inefuian*olid irrtrohartian, n not need to

rin agent aotivitl**t an study binear. J| on neet rash Individual*" taujrane> ;t| ill tell you th* orela. lll tell you ho* we are ine true tod In this, and nhnt Is re fulred av* beeone ao^ualrrtednaeeertloni I've not hin ore* or twgno. ave already reportedn acquainted with hin. Ra appear* toysrathetloto whoa It la worth ^eying attention. lready the art of tha lyrtelUgenee ofYloer, woe thsr it la worth ool Uniting him for three reontbe, sinear. ee sauting* be (th* intelligence nffioer)reoeivse an Invitation fron tho contactelebration, any the M'thdny of eont-vet's stfe. They are Interested ia the enn,e anew. s for official fund* to entertain th* innestaurant, ln order to get to know hlaan keep oloeer oontaot on -ny one lnitlntlva with aonn Crvwei to be wvarklng.

i on eselnggrease of rmlonn* or frltlahoe*

tnurnnt, eay dlplonnta, you oould aerape aoauslntano* with thus" fii It aould not b* wall laokwat uponad never ant than barore.are not pored tted to ansonlate with people if we are nottsd with. no plok upe with

if after properare to esyhtnh

it would be worth while to spend wnrm tineoreigner, who ad/Tht be of irremst andould bs told to no ahead, aa this la ny ao'.tve initiative. eed fins aerwtrrtarrwioMp* of tMs eort anan be eetlwely vrwerlng Inf ny poonlblo onenjai of ooouw potionfrvt, rter ny holinyw. Off toon nnr*ing in -WO do'- to rwe tat* ante, a* for lartnnoo, toe let uoretory n. the fr>nn wneey an* invited, and ot ere, for instance,

ot Ut uao.'n to-day,willItood iw tn fee, ef courac.

Tn thereleYtl-Tf ttiwt* veerem? St e le

nel-noi ia.aT.

1PI,. Pt MJIAlXIv le t lte let Ot.Wtl, he hue hewn prwtolwhile lA'.Wf ia rrob*b' there to-i.

18% Ci no you ronenber gfi'ATI 3t an't.

1%. oi no you here ethere, he hee gold teeth, helonel. rt w hJ end ineldentniiy hew ngr rtentl-t? nt To-lay an arnolntnent le beingror you.

wfJ Subject nebee hie roquet foreonrter,f*et laeool. etc. ftftjeot aaya In ie free when he went* to he Ino hie niaeiona. If he oen fl* theANITA1 natter up oMloVlj, he'llon thaej ne arrlwee et the nnbe-ryrnJng ethe* Beeet tan to ten ho haa flnlo'eHandfor ten At the oabaeay he beenytheyave for hin, drop* ln to acero- tine lo tine, etc, alta thereime, but after thet he he* Me ownc attend to, bothndust nana, after all. heto taVe core of hla art alone.

Si hit local programnrcboneo heeot aaya lie wil! be free enyttne during thahe

ayhe hector. lett1 ho--re on

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