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Helms'urried to intercept the Director before the Secretary was informed.issed connections since the Director was at that moment In the White Honse.esult, the Directoi wenteeting with the Secretary at four o'clock still unbrlefed on the Vienna material, and at the meeting the Secretary mentioned the material to him.

ater when the Director met and talked to me, he was incensed and threatened to tire Bis sell, Helms, andxplained how the situation had come about, assuring him thai the Secretary had notleco of paper, but bad only been told briefly of theof the material bylso explained to him our fervent efforts to get him before Bohlen got to the Secretary. The Director was entirely pacified and askedrite-up of the material which he could show the President this morning.

when we talked to Bohlen, we obtained from Mm the very closely held American veraion of the Vienna talks to aid ourI assured him tt would be used by only one officer and would be returned promptly.

Bohlen also informed Roger Hilaman of the existence ol the Vienna material. Tbfe morning the Director briefed the President and showed film the Vienna material.

The Director inter told me thai the President was most enthusiastic and would like to be Informed, after the transcript Is completed, of the extent to which it varies from tbe American version.

Thiselivered toranslation of the decree calling for circulation of the Vienna material among the Communist Parties and the underdeveloped nations. He was pleased, and he said be would also like toopy of the Russian text, which we provided him this afternoon, in deliveringempha- ized the security aspects of this material.

lso talked to Bohlen today about the British aspect,that the British had the Russian transcripts and were awaiting word from us as to how to handle them. Bohlen said that since the President, Secretary, and top Agency and Department officials have

now seen the material, he thought we could tell the British that for obvious reasons it was being very closely held in Washington, and we would appreciate their treating it with maximum safeguards onmoat Limited possibleave asked anaaVto include this instructionable to London tomorrow.

he Director told me this afternoon he had given one copy of the material on an'eyeso Sheldon aod would show the Director's own copy to Kent. The Director asked what we should do about getting the material to the Defenseuggested that he consult Helms on this and later Informed Helms of tho foregoing.

for the use of AWdlanTHiiaman argues that this proved thai the State Department is alwaya ready to cooperate if weegitimatenformed Helms of the resulting securityof this discussion, bat begreed that there was nothin we could do about It at this stage.


M. MATIRY Chief, SR Division

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