Created: 7/25/1961

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SUBJECTi Conversation* with Mr. Helms by CSR, SR/COF and ACSR/9

At Boon uly BBBSBBBraBBBBBBBSBBBsl wre discussed.

Helms. In the ensuing conversation It was pointed out that gtammessmmfl

could not be considered for the proposed action tack because of his unreliable performance to date and tho fact that his judgment and actions appear to be seriously affectedear complex. Accordingly it was recommended thatbe lor the proposed action task because of hie past training, motivation, awareneas of surveillance and uound judgment. It was further pointed out that contrary to Mr.mptioa that gtmmm*BBBBslnder heavy surveillance because helown slot, (hat Inaa beenvery spotty surveillance en only rare occasions. Tho use of the Doctor for the proposed action task was given secondary preference to the see erf HBIbbbbsI be cease the Doctor experiences more surveQlan .ctlvtty. would reeaire extensive training: and briefing, might be out of thesdty on official travel rec/ai rem exitsrucial moment, and. If utilirisd. the proposal would require coordination with the Department of Air Force and tho Senior Air Attache at the Post.

2. Against this background Mr. Holms directed Mr. Maury to sec the appropriate Department of State personnel and show them_and present rnzsune for our preference for uiiiirin3 services,

i. In connection with Jwaaagl r.oiced his cons iderable displeasure over the fact | LbsHbs bad been over-sold to him and that henceforth no Agency personnel could be assigned to the Postery thorough psychological assessment of them had been made and personally reviewed by Mr. Helms. SRVCOP pointed out that justrogram waa currently in effect andommented that wives were to participate in the same assessment program wherever so far possible. CSR asked how far Mr. Helms thought the Agency could go in



this regard. Mr. Helms replied, ,rWe could notife to undergo psychologicale would certainly grant to know of anyreasons why this could not be done and would evaluate tho entire assignment situation should this situation occur. He re-emphasised that every officer regardless of grade or position was to be yequired tosychological assessment aa one of the prerequisitesoscow assignment.

4, Mr, Helms directed that naVstBsi bo recalled from Moscow

the earliest practicable time and stated that he should be separated

the Agency.


Hwlma' recommendationas subsequently discus aod woth SiV COP who ataied> that ha had already discussed tho matter with CSR and thatcod thai; termination of fffliaHH was

indeed too harsh but. that ha did not feel the matter could ba profitably discus sod with Mr. Hcime during the meeting and thatadauona and action would be takenua oily to retain

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