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OXCART Program

1. The official first flight of2 Aircraft fU, utilising

bl5 engines with sfterbura-r, took place at

Rerada, tbe acrning of The aircraft piloted by Lockheed Aircraft corporation Wet pilot. Nr. Louie Bohalk was taken offnots par hour,ross -tight0nd climbed0 feat. peednots was Indtested on climb out bat dueinor problem, lorairing bending, the alrarsft speed for tha flight was heldimitnots. During flight, instrumentation calibration sad preliminary stability and oontrol checks ware mads. Hut aircraft stability sad augmentation syatsm waa turned off during flight and yaw-roll (lateral directional coupling) mi checked. She aircraft bandied exoepttonaUy wall in these msnsurara down to rary low apeeda. The test was concluded afteriratee of flight vith touchdown of the aircraft on the runway occuringpeednots per hour. Tbe pilot, Mr. Schalk, reports that the aircraft feels good in all reglmea tested, has good reeponee to controls and is extremely stable with or without stability augmantora in tha speed reglmea tested. Minor aquakn concerning the aircraft, requiring eorrectlTe action, included; ent fairing (corrected either by spring-loeding or beefing up thab) Two slightly draglng wheel brakes requiring adjustment, and,udder trim actuator. Mr. C. L. Johnson, designer of the OXCART aircraft, reporte thia to be the smoothest official first flight of any

aircraft be has Assigned and tested. Photographs of OXCART Aircraft fl in flight are attached to tola report.

second test flight of2 Aircraftconducted

ay, vlth Mr. Louis Scbalk, Lockheed teat pilot at tba controls, was satisfactorily completedotal of one hour and twelve minutes In tbe air. Take off oocuredross weight0 lbs.apid climb-outcheduled altitude0 feat and sohoduled altitude0 feat aad scheduled maximum speednots per hour Indicated. Actual top spaed for tba flight vaa0 feat. Iha aircraft vaa checked throughout the transonic range and performed exceptionally vail. In lov subsonic ranges, the aircraft performance vaa excellent. Gross evaluation waa made of single engine performance and handling characteristics at altitudes0 feat. Ro aircraft problems were encountered during tlie flightinor instrumentation, problem relatinguel teak venting system. According to Nr. c. L. Johnson the aircraft performed veil throughout tbe flight range covered thus far in tests.

teat flights of Aircraft fx are scheduled for 8three weeks test flights are scheduled in thend up

0 feet areas. OXCART Aircraft fZ, tbe AR(anti radar) configured aircraft, is scheduled for delivery in Juneand intensive ground pole testing on tbe anti-radar teat range to be followed by extensive flight tests.


She Pratt and0XCART configuration) engine daveloaaent program le nov In tha phase of intensive ground endurance testing preparatory to flight qualification. Fourour preliminary endurance engine testa have been completed. Of the nine engines in the development program, five nov are on test with the other four being overhauled preparatory to further teating. Test time accumulation nov stands as follows:


Total Engine Time8 configurations) 3 hours

Afterburner Timeonfiguration Time

emperature Timeemperature Timeemperature Time

Maximum Turbine Temperature Time Engine Time Vlth Automatic Controls

aigniflcant progress has been realized sinceS in the major problem area of hydraulic pump durability, oombusion temperatureaa It affacta turbine durability, and engine controls development. Further engine development and endurance teating la required in order to establish flightworthineas. fia official SO hour preliminary flight rating test to establish flight worthiness is scheduled fortrong effort la being made to accelerate the development end teating program. Also, back-up alternate design work has been accelerated on key engine components aa incur anco to tha program. An additional hot teat stand facility has been authorised athitney's Florida test canterofificatianest stand at the Pratt and Whitney vlllgooB factum In Connecticut to accomodate8 engine In order to speed up endurance engine tasting.

5. Production delivery engines are on or slightly ahead of schedule at this time. Tat first production engine targeted for aJune

paaaed tba Initial aooeptaooa tent and nov li being reassembled for tbe final acceptance teat. She eeeond engine targeted12 delivery haa been assembled and la being prepared for an Initial aocep-tanee teat run. Ihe third and fourth production anginas are on schedule.

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