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viet troops deployed to the Figures cited belowknown tables ofwithin the USSR, and are probably higher than the actual figures for Cuba.

Thoro are four Soviet armored combat groups in Cuba, each of which coulden,on its composition. They aro located in camps near Artemisa, Santiago de las Vegas, Remedlos, andHolguin (see map with precedingach group has highly mobileforces equipped with some of the most modern Sovietwhich have not been released to non-Soviet units anywhere. The group at Santiago de lasas displaying ands unit badge, an armored emblem, and tho Red Army Star at the end of October.

Other Soviet military units remain in Cuba. Availableon personnel arriving by ship has not been definitive enough to assist in developingimate of the number of So-

There have boon differences in the types and quantities of equipment photographed at the locations of the four groups. Each group Includes one mediumank battalion and some of the following units: armored roconnaiasance, armorod infantry, multiple rocket launcher, Frog artillery rocket, Snapper antitankm. mortar,mm. antitank gun, and engineer troops with self-propelled bridging equipment.

The Frog (free rocket over ground) rocket is mounted on an amphibious tracked chassis


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current intelligence weekly review

is capable of ranges betweenndautical miles. It can carry conventional orwarheads. It is not known if the Frog units in Cuba have been provided with nuclear.

The status of the coastal defense cruise missileIs not known,but, they too are probably manned by Soviet personnel. Four and possibly five of thesehave been located in Cuba.

urface-to-airsites are manned andby anoviet air defense troops. In addition, thsrs are an unknown number of Soviet troops manning other elements of the island's air defense filter centers, and fighter interceptor units which includeFishbed) jets.

There is no Indication that Cuban personnel have control of theBeagle) jet light bombers being assembled on the island. It Is assumedthat some additional Soviet military personnel are involved In this program.

Tne numoer ana jouanuii oi these facilities are unknown, bat they would probably be manned by military personnel.

All of these forces are probably In addition to Soviet military personnel assisting and training Cubans In aaidor naval ships, aircraft, and land armaments being turned over to Cuba by the USSR.

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