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The recently formed Government tn Italy headed by Christian Democratic Party leader Amintore Fa&fanioalition of Christian Democrats, Social Democrats, and Republican* which is dependent upon the parliamentary aupport, though not the ministerial participation, of the Socialists. The new Governmentong advocated but previously untried experiment In Italian politics the broadening of the democratic base by encouraging the Socialist Left to break Its remaining ties with the Communists and to collaborate with the ruling Center forces.

Membership ofhe present Cabinet consists of twenty-four ministers of whom seven were not in the previous Fanabinet, and almost half of whom are representatives of the center faction of the ChristianParty which until shortly before its recent national congress at Naples was hesitant toenter-Left policy. The former ministers for Foreign Affairs (Segnl) and Defense (Andreotti) are retained in the new Cabinet to reassure both the Italian public andATO allies that there will be no change ln basic Italian foreign policy. The allotment of the major economic ministries to the Republicans and Social Democrats indicates that the new Government is disposed to give major impetus to more government planning and social-economic reforms.

Opposition topposition within the Christian Democratic and Socialist parties to the Center-Left experiment la temporarily quiescent but has not been eliminated. Party Secretary Moro and Fanfanl have won the supportarge majority of the Christian Democratic Party in their attempt to make the Center-Left experiment work. The experiment will, however, be under constant surveillance. If it (alls to achieve results, or If it opens the way for policy changes which the right-wing or center faction of the party considers dangerous, the opposition can be expected to gather immediate strength.

Similarly, within the Socialist Party the fellow-traveling left wing has agreed (on what amounts to Communiet



Instructions) to the proposed experiment, but these elemente will also be watching closely. From the sidelines, Liberal Party Secretary Malagodi, one of the moderate Right'e more articulate spokesmen, has kepttream of public attacks against the experiment. otives appear to be to establish the Liberal Party aa the cathode of opposition sentiment and to attract Christian Democratic supporters who may become disillusioned by the attempt of their party to work with the Socialists.

Communist Partyhe initial reaction of Italian Communist Party boss Togliatti was to view the Center-Left experimentomewhat favorable light. Speaking before the Party1Central Committee, Togliatti stated that the experiment might be advantageous einco the political climate which he expected it to create could enable the Communist Party to expand and develop Ue activities more freely. More recently, however, Togliatti and other top Communist leaders haveore cautious attitude and have criticised the Center-Loft programourgeois maneuver to split the unity of the workers' movement.

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