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bad aa interview la Nr. Bleeell'a office tola aomingha unauceeeaful Cuban lavaalon attaapt of laat April.

Nr. Blaaell Mv than after he. had dlacuaaed whether or not ba ahouldtbeat wltb tba Director aad vlth ee. Nr. HcConeere of tba belief that there vaa aothlac to loee by ocelot thorn, and there wight


housbt Mr. Biaaall did an excellent Job. ha aGouaed no other oleaaurt of Covernaent aa bains reaponalbLe for tha failure. El* presentation vs* pailoeophlead in part. Tbe eaaeaca of hla talk vaa that no" looadn* at It vlth tba benefit of hlnd-alabt, the Initial plana vere round. Nr. Biaaall explained that to gat tba big pioture oca auat reallxa tba necaaaity that caletad to Judge political problaavj aaalnet power problaavj; to determine if tba United State* by tbe ua* ofpower vould haw auoh aalna that tbe alLitary effort would taae preoedenee orer politico-ur


atandlncation ln the United Nation* aod in the varioua other areaa of the world; eould tbe'United State* be openly connected with the oilitoryor vould political oonalderatlona require that the operan be covert and preavceably conducted by Cuban*?

3* Kr. Blssell recalled plans for th* lnvesto* that veram haia March Be thoa*to, ha amid, in MWIuestion, that tha cmapa outside tha United ataua ossst into bains mm tlaa in tba tuuan Is iiiwr to saothar qaastlea aboutlons thatin mmara part of tha lavaaloa effort, Mr. Hasan aacldedly did not agree. Ba said tbat froa th* very first there was aathat Bat lata foUown vould not bo JaWrtlMd th* point thatttUr af definition aa* involved hare) Mr. Bahat Military officer* aha ware pro-Batista aadlaaad Intel! laanoe activitia* eartalaly ware until oat aad vara not aooaptaala, although yon would find, ma laf th* foraar Batlata stray offlosrs, *oa*ho could as* to eara* Bstlat* adherent*. Th*tad aet, however, vho vara aet falloaara of Bat lata, van vary carefully checked and voald oot tof ttoy paaeed tto qualification rain.

brought up the naaeapturad cc the beaoh aa!to death vhoa Batista fellow, to aald. hatm netaaaner of tto lnvealna brigade. * aaatorhip's craw,nd vtoawant aabora, to want vlth ttoa aad

la* of aaaatloe* and tto git of Mr.mdvrstocd tha* vara^ about a* folloaei Tto firsta

waa la slgmlvlth that thought ttot tto Cutaa* would laara ho*

to us* ladle sets te cell for supply drop* to gurrlll*a ttoand ln Oriente. At that tin* th* plan under oooaiderstloD was to Infiltrate a

number of snail groups and supply thca vlth amterial to aacosplleh their mission aad later to hareay lDvaaien followed shortly thereafterecond, small invasion in the area betveea Guairtaoaao and Baracca and another lnvaalon at Plnar Dal Rio. It becaa* erldent, hovever, he eald,landestine underground had not bean veil eat ahh*rt and lt vould beIf not 1apoaaibla, to establish aa effective ona. Caatroary clever thine In aalag hla partly trained adlltla to aaal off area* where tha raaiatanca foreea ware located, and the readatanc* people, la order to try to aet food, had torwak-thxough, hot la most caaaa thay vere captured and put to death, thay had no aoaaaailoatlona that would permit air drone. Gam of th*f the landing vaa toeachhead,it aacnra, hav* air cover to protect it, and to have aireoy by first having knocked out Caatro'a air. Mr. Biaaall eald that later there vara reatrictlona laid down whichital bearing on tba ope rati ona. There vaa to be no air support; there vara to ba no pilot* other than Cubaaaj there vaa to be ao Aawrleao real


6. hr. Biaaall amid Caatro uaad hla air vary vail la attacking the ahlsa ratter than attacking tha ground forces, a* deviled that there ever was any activity out of Ouantanaao. Bs phllooaphleod that theperationao wall known becauae of leak* to ta*yd*r* that it ao longerovert operation. I* eald vfaon auch an operation iaigor j covert, than it should be handled by the Pentagon and thla, of course, raise* tha

baaio question! Vould It bar* baaa viae for the united State* to hav* gone all


out vlth nllltary power,having tha military override th* politicaleration*T





7- Retarding Cuban complaint* thatof their leader* were procUoaUy prisoners end couldn't visit tho training eaapa, Hr. Bia**ll explained that by heaping thaa amy froa tha training caap* It vaaituation bad been aborted that oould have >aed to troubla beea uae la tha eaapa you had man vho vara llrlag rather difficult Urea valla tharing poUt.mlana vould oca* la to vlalt thaa and hostile feallnga might result, vharaaa tha aUltary coaaasd required unity and baraony.

6. Thara vaa aoaa erltlclaa of Mr. Bender and tha allegation vaa repeated that maybeidn't know vbat CIA aganta ln Miami vara doing. Mr. alaaall defvadad Nr. Bander and aald tbat he felt aura that Vaaatagtoa vaa veil Informed at all tdaeo. Be alec had aoaa good word* to amy for Caraoaa aad

9. pleaaed vlth the calilytojactive, philosophical atataaanta by Mr. Biaeell vao did not point tha finger of blase at any oa* in Oovarraent, but who did amy that all .concerned bad agreed on the Initial invasion plana.

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