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iiaaarecently re-Vienna, he told vm of someconversations^ hyad had withsked^acattavaVHli toopy^^which lshought seveaprpoints would interest you, and parlicularljpSiolotov's expressions of very deep adniiratiflff"Ior your brother (see

len Dullesh Building


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VyacheslpvM. Molotov

digest of Molotov's comi Secretary of State, Mr. John

[The following ia regarding the late it Dulles.

In all my talks wiUHKolotov this normally taciturn

septuagenarian BolshevlkAemed less dour and became slightly

more human on only two^oeasions. These were whenever he

talked about his grandcfflldren and on the one occasion when he

expressed his sincerajespect for the late John Foster Dulles;

His remarks concerjCaR the late Secretary were made-


eMSd every opportunity to make the pointthartiaistorical figure whoseduty it wasn the occasionI was

able toong talk with Molotov on this theme. He thawed considen^btyespectfully commented that he was probably the oruY/Uving prominent Bolshevik who was in St. Petersburg when the Rrf'jtfution started. (Stalin was ln Siberia; Lenin Inwaspeaking tour in the USA; Molotov wasf Bravda in St. Petersburg. All the other prominent Bolsheviks

further comment about hispromment Bolahevj-fTr about


Foreign Affairs seemed to have be Prime Minister9

llllhe had a,

formative stage * jfc#Pve hlS country ta

virile Molotov,

IJMffift' he remarked that

e of thefour ministers". ine we were drinkinginner, which accompanied the signing of tho Austrian Pea*"Treaty, which Molotov signed for the USSR. When offering me .plight for my cigarette he said that he still had the cigarette lighftr given to him by Ambassador Smith. This allowed me Ihe jKcasion to note that he must have personally known many U. S. dlnomats and that many of these American diplomats had writteni^put their experiences. Ex-Secretary of State Acheson was one sucl^recent author. Molotov smiled and asked, "What did he write abputodged this question by promising to send him Achewn's book. Actually Acheson, in his book, accuses Molotov a?ad diplomatist. Molotov laughed and answered that Achbson had probably maligned him. reat show of malice/ie added that Acheson was not the most distinguished of the American Secretaries of State that he had known. Then* me he said, "Aba Dulles etot bil yedinstvennyas."

jlles, this was the only leader you had. " as somewhat uapTised by the feeling which he showed at this time. He squeezed forearm and looked me straight in the eye.

aterweumhft ofwhich were Molotov's walks in the Wien^Fwald, hishis dacha and my summer ..

At the mention of my noarnern New England summer place, he again mentioned the late Secretary Dulles. He said Dulles also used to have an Island retreat inBcrthem New England. He mused that this "velikygryrTsed to go up to this island alone and even usedis own cooking. It ts curious to note that he again used the anatTent Russian, almost reverential, term for leader,ham referring to the late Secretary. As often happens when talking toas again surprised by the wistful naivete' in Molotov's voice when he was talking about the lateretreat. It was as thoughyear oldinovnUc'yEould not visualizeoreign ministerreat country cojAd enjoy some personal privacy.

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