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Current Intelligence Weekly Summary

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The Katanga Assembly, which Tshombe maintains is the only valid authority to accept orthe Kltona accord between him and Premier Adoula onecember, is continuing its The three-rcan Katangoi- delegation tobegan its talks Just this


it isassumed thcro that th? assembly will approvections at Kitona and author!-him to continue discussions with Leopoldvllle and tho UN.

Tshombe still disputes two key points of the Kltona the Congo constitution as it now .stands, and fullof the UNordering him to oust his white mercenaries and foreign advisers. Tshombe says the other six points "cause no realhe two he balks at. however, will requirenegotiation, as they are fundamental to his future p<tion with the UN and Leopola-vlllc.

UN Secretary General 1iant told tho Congoanuarv that although preparations wci_ being madeiew to the totalof Tshombe's mercenaries, he hoped Tshombe would make It unnecessary for the UN command to employ further force. He told the committee he thought it was "highly inadvisable" now, however, to undertake anywhich would prevent the Kitona accord from being

Oi.iclals of Union Ulniere and Socleto Generate in Brussels now appear to believe they would do well to discourage Katangan secession and persuade Tshombe to go along vith thorecmcnt in order to protect their economic Interests. High-ranking officials have been sent

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to Elisabetbville and Leopoldville to talk to Tshombe and other Congolese authorities, andalso to induce local Belgian business representatives toore cooperative

Foreign Minister Spaak. still undor strong pressure from right and cooler elements of tho Belgian parliament, continues to believe that the Kitona agreement must be made to stick, but he appears unwilling to applypressure unless Tshombeto be reneging on the The Belgian Foreignclaims that it cannot apply strong economic pressure onress the Union Mlnlore to stop paying export taxos to Katanga--untll thegovernment takeslegal steps to make clear lta own right to such receipts.

Anbassador GullIon saw Adoulaanuary, the premier was acutelyngered withvers with th* Katangandthat Tshombe was about to repudiate the agreement.

Adoula was tvsothe UN's refusal toCongolese Army contingentwithout UN militaryor to furnishfor an Independentforce. Adoulaparticipation by hisa condition for bisTshombe. On GeneralAdoula balked atcontingent under totaland no Congolesehas been broughtas originallyon

TjanuTr^^ha^large^TWrrTor-ail consignments of rations, clotblng. and motor spare parts were arriving in Luluabourg. in Kasai Province, but that theArmy forces there werooor state" and lackednd transportation.


Is afraid that the Baluba tribal administration Installed in northern Katanga may not be entirely secure. Jasonice premier lu tbe Adoula government who heads that administration, claimed ln early January that the area had beeno ssld that the Congolese Army forces from .Stanleyville under Generslia were not causing troubli, but he still hoped they could be replaced quickly with Balubri troops.

General Mobutu and Adoula have voicod concern that the UIi command was deliberately a'dlng tbe advance of Stanleyville 'orces into northorn Katanga, while refusing aid to forces loyal to Leopoldville. They fear tbat tbe Stanleyvillewill oust authorities there lo/al to Sendee and Awing into the Glzonga orbit. Mobutuadmitted he bad little control over Lunduln's troops and that Leopoldville had been forced to assist them with transportation to avoid charges that it was sabotaging thecampaign.

The Congolese parliamentanuary,bstentions, to order Glzenga to return toours. This, together with his ouster the same day ao president of the African Sol* idority partyrobably spoils the virtual oc1 ipse of Che Stanleyville leader for some ' .o. The PSA ls the gest party ln Leopold-vllle Province, but lt now is badly spilt. Glssngn'n attempt*.

toew national Lumumba party have failed, and his for-nerpolitical supporters have deserted him. elegram to Adouln, Glzenga insisted he would not return "until the secession af Katanga was ended."

Adoula has indicated to US official? that he Intones to proceed withremoval as vlco premier and possibly to arront him. According to Am-bai'iafor Oullion, Sture Llnner,ivilian in the Congo, has apparently promised Adoula he would assist lnrrest. bortiveto "arrest" General Lun-duln ln 3tanloyvilleay now hasten his ownand his return to Loopold-villo under detention.

henslvo nfiolent showdown with Glzenga, appeared to be in control and had twice refused Glzenga permission to loave Stanleyville for northern Katanga. The official added that the Stanleyvillewaa calm and moreln obtaining food and clothing than in the fits Of OigengSj i


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