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announcement that he will leavee onarch for talks with Adoularospectew break Id tbe Congo stalesate. It ls not certain that Tshombe will carry through on hie commitment. He resaiins under heavy pressure iromin bis entourage to resist any rapprochement with Adoula. lo his statementarch, however. Tshombetbat he was satisfied with assurances for bissafety provided by tbe UN.

Tshombe's announcement caseime when friction was mounting among thegovernment, tho UN Command, and tbe Tshonbe regime ln tbe absence ofprogress toward Katanga's reintegration with tbe Congo. Adoula toldGulllon In early March that he bad warned tbe UK Command that unless the Katanga issue were "resolved" byarch, be would proceed to settle the matter bymeans. In conversation with UK officials, Adoula has assorted that be Is under heavy political pressure tojl


argaining position. He notes, however, that Adoula is under some pressure totho recapture of Kongolo,

ove to strengthen the central government'sin northernoorly disciplined Congolese troops were airlifted from Loluabourg to Albertvllle ln late February and early March. Othor Congolese forces are being sent to Kabalo, which thc central government regards as threatened by Katangan units. Adoula has sought to prevent his northern Katanga operation from being used by Katangan extremists as Justification for breaking off communication With Leopoldvllle; arch, following an inspection trip to Albertvllle, Adoula announced that Congolese troops had beento fire only ln self-defense.

There Is evidence that Adoula ls confronted withproblems in maintaining his unwleldly coalition.Kasavubu reportedly ls concernedpate offrom Orlentale Province protesting Adoula's ousting of Gbenye from the Interior Ministry. The President ls worried that Adoula may have overplayed his band. Kasavubu reportedly has urged all deputies to consider carofully the effect any substantial weakening of the Adoula government would have on the stability of the state.

There are Indications that leftist elements may become more aggressive in their criticism of the Adoula Stanleyville elements



Gbenye's National Congo Movement (MNC) who at tended ths UNC conference ln Leopoldvllle in late February reportedly favor going Into formaland bringing down tbe Adoula government. LeasMembers reportedly support Gbeoye ln bis refusal tolce-preslershlp. but are not disposed to withdraw from the government atnr .

ing to the base. In Elisa-bothvllle, UN officers had noted an increase ln tension between UN forces and tbe Ka-tangans, and shots wereby UN and Katangan soldiers on tbe outskirts of Elisabetbville on the nightarch.

UN Under Secretary Bunche told US officialsarch OF THE CONGO

uneasy truce between the UN Command and Tshombe's forces in Katanga was disruptedarch, when Katangan snd UN soldiers clashed near Kamlna. Tshombe allegedN troops had launched anfrom the base; tbe UN counteredtatement charging that Katangan soldiers had firedN patrol, which had returned fire before retreat

that UN military commander McKoown would bo Instructed once again to curb provocative actions by UN officers ln Katanga. Bunche observed that McKeown bad earlierrip to Elisabetbville tosuch activity, and that the continuing problem was one more example of McKeown's Ineffectiveness.

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