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Current Intelligence Weekly Summary

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to bring Tshombe and Adoula together have once again been hampered by the threat of military outbreaks. Onebruary, the UK Command announced that Katangan forces bad reoccepied the town of Kongolo In northern Katanga and mere moving eastsard to-ward Albertvilie.hat approxTnaTeTy^ in troops, reportedly including aomo Europeans, moved into Kongolo following the withdrawal of Stanleyville-based Congolese troops. The Congolese soldlerH reportedly became demoralized following rumors that families leftIn Klndu and Stanleyville were in danger of starvation.

The reoccupation of Kongolo appears to have been Interpreted ln Leopoldville aa strengthening Tshoabe's hand prior to talks with Adoula. Tshombe emphasized that he was still prepared to meet with Adoula if the UN would provide suitablefor his personal safety. Onebruary, Tshombe told UN officials that he badrip to Kongolooint UN-Katanganteam. The central government, however, which has been trying to fill Ihe political vacuum ln northern Katanga, decided on military countermeasures. eneral Mobutu began tbo piecemeal airlifting of four battalions from Luluabourg to Albertville, utilizing the four transport aircraft available to the Congolese Army.

Tho UN Command Initially viewed the Congolese Army move with equanimity. The senior UN representative in tbe Congo, Robert Gardiner, advised Mobutu that while tbe CT could not provide transport aircraft, it would provide fighter cover for


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Congolese airlift. The UN subsequently withdrew the offer, as weroposition by which the UN Coanand would "sell" some UN vehicles in Albertvillc to the central government. Gardiner characterized recent moves by both sides inKatanga as "an elaborate bluff and counterbluffbut tbe he added that tbe UN would discourage further military adventures.

In Ellsabethvllle, there continues to be apprehensionossible UN move in key raining toons in southern Katanga.

Coniiuuid intends to occupy towns such as Jadotville, Kipu3bl, and Kolwozi. The UN military commander. Brigadier Raja, returned toonebruary from leave abroad. Althoughrelations between Katangan and UN authorities continue generally satisfactory, UN spokesnen have boen critical of Tshombe's failure to proceed to Leopoldville, and UN coia-Lianders speak openly of plans "to rsove on Kipushi" and other milling towns.

Senior officials of Union Miniere have periodically alludedlan by which the mining combine would place ln escrow as much asercent of the xevenues hitherto paid tOTshorsbe in the form of dividends and taxes. ove would cut Txhomod off from his nain source ofuntil he cane to anwith the central government. Union Uinlere officials in Brussels state that Tshombe has refused to consider the escrow plan prior

to meeting with Adoula. Union Uiniere, which fears economic retaliation by Tshombe, shows no disposition to force tne issue at this time.

In Leopoldville, Adoula has indicated that he h(uspended sontencc for his secessionist activities and then be sent into exile. To date, however, tho central government has not preferred charges or taken steps to remove Gizenga's parliamentary immunity. At the sane time, Adoula has not persuaded Gbenye to acceptfrom the keyice premiership. Local observers regard Gbenye'sin the Adoula government as important to tho maintenancealanced coalition.



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