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hopes lo consign former Vice Premier Antolne Gizonga to politicaland enable himself to get onolution Inbe more difficult to fulfill now tbat the Stanleyville loader, albeit under "protectlvois back ln Leopoldvllle. Adoula probably had hoped the Gizenga problem mould be "solved" by Oriental* provincialbut concern for Glrenga's personalby Gizenga himself, UN officials, and Orientals officials,bis captor.undula, apparently induced Adoula to agree to Gizenga's return under UN safeguards. UK officials have turned Gizenga over to Congolese authorities, and he la now under guardongo army camp.

Gizenga has not yet been formally arrested. UN officials are under the Impression that Gizenga will, ln the first Instance at least, bo brought before parliament to face charges of refusing to return to his cabinet post and of provoking hostilities ln Adoula probably plans to bring Gizenga to formal trial, reportedly on numerous charges Including murder. from tbe Soviet bloc, from radical African states, and from Congo nationalistshowever, deflect Adoula from blm course.

has reacted sharply to the UN's actions against Gizenga. Pravda onanuary strongly criticized tbe UNln the Congo tor sllegedly violating the Security Council's decision to restore order In Katanga, while at tho same time undertaking unwarranted attacks against Gizenga. The article, which continued thc USSR's recent critical approachhant, questioned whether be

was "blind to tho danger" ln tbese new developments. Tbe Soviet press, meanwhile,its uncritical treatment of the Adoula regime. Indicating Moscow's desire to keep tbe way openolution to Congolese factionalism that will Include Gizengaymbol of rsdlcal nationalism.

The Yugoslav and Czech charges have made representations on Glzeoga's behalf. Among the radical African nations which have supported Olzonga, Mall and Ghana have voiced their concern to Adoula; tbe UAR will probablyimilar approach. Cairo's voice of Africa" on IB January described Gizenga asrue Image of the late Lumumba" and criticized tbe UN and Leopoldvllle for their "shameless act."

Meanwhile, Localpressures on Adoula are reflected ln Adoula's caution in reorgflnl?!nK Mw oablnet.alk with ^HI^IJI^BrjjrjJJJJJJJ onanuary,hat tbe "nationalists" must be retained. He was vague on bis previous plans for dropping Minister of Interiorbead of Lumumba's oldand indicated that bo might add two otherCleopfaas Kasltatu, Leopoldvllle provincial president, aad LumumblSt party loader and lower house president Joseph Ka Bongo.

Adoula ls reportedlybis trip to tbe USof fears the Gizengamay "backfire" and because of bis occupation with the cabinet reshuffle.

Adoula's efforts to end Katanga's secession have notdiscernlbly this week. In the view of the Katangans, tbe depredations of the Congo Army

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troop* in northern Katanga have probably offset whateveradvantage night have come from his moves to eliminate

tutaonal adviser. Constantinoegal adviser to the UN appointed to advise Tshombe. ls reported to have

departed for ElIsabethvllle. Tshombe. according to tbe press, discussed the mercenary problem wltb CM officials onanuary, but the results are unkown. He announced that he had dismissed some French officers, but lt is not clear whothor they left of their own accord or at Tshombe's request. In tho meantime. Katanga military leadersto Strengthen tbelr positions at Klpushl, Ji vllle, and Kolwesl.

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