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Current Intelligence Weekly Summary




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after longnow has decided to visit tho United States andebruary; ho will speak at the united Nations and visit Washington. in Now York, ho will probably reiterate his statononts, made at the Lagos conference, that there hasarked improvement ln his country and that the Soviet Union'3 requestecurity Council debate on the Congo was an "unfriendly gesture" which would only bringo undercut tbe Soviot demand further, Adoula added that ho believed Tshombe would live up to his pledge to fire his mercenaries and to reintegrate Katanga with tbo rest of the country. The Soviot bid was, with Ghana and tho UAB abstaining.

Moscow continues itscampaign against tbo UN role ln the Congo amid aof commentaries and public protests demanding drastic measures to save the life Of Gizenga. While it avoids direct criticism of the Adoulathe Soviet Union wants to focus Afro-Asian attention on the fate of Gizenga In order to beosition to take the credit for savinglfo.

The domestic androaction to Gizenga's detention and tho Soviot moves ln tho UN appear to havo loft Adoula uncertain on his own po-

itrong public denunciation of the actions of tho Congolese Army ln northern Katanga, and was vacon plans for instituting ar. truiyprogram. He said be had temporarily shelved his plans to reorganize his entire cabinet and that he would make changes oneime instead. He said "powerful elements" were trouble', by his "catch" of Gizenga and ho did not want to risk "chaos."

No one close to Adoula knows what the premier plansiijn. iou ;

Hssmmssmn "dozens"

parTTamentarians are afraid

that if they agreed to lifting Glzenga's parliamentary Immunity, they would open tbe way for similar action against Gizenga, when he was visitedigh-leveldelegation onanuary, alternately pleaded for meroy and threatened them with his "powerful outside friends."

Surete Chief Ncndako, who Is responsible for thc detention arrangements for Gizenga,it may bo advisable to move him outside tho capital.0 unemployedontinuingsource of disorder.

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Although ii decision by the Katanga Asseably on tbe Kltona accord ls still pending,

be hasew cordiality toward UNand has taken two ntups which euggest some willingness

to novo forward on Katanga's Be has closed

down the Katanga mission la

Brussels, and UN officials have

been encouraged after their talks with bia to believe he will obey tbe UN resolutions and get rid of his mercenaries. Tshombe has shown UNoven-page list of mercenaries who he says will bo paid off, and lias promised to give the Us access to Jadotvllle. Kolwwxl, and Klpushl, the Katanganstrongholds near ElIsabethvllle

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Katanga Government siibse-cucntlyommunique in which it said it wasto put an end to the mercenary problem. Tshombe's request for one month tothis has been rejected by the UK as excessivo.

anagainst mutinous Congolese troops in Kivu and northernwould bepin soon. He indicated it wouldoint action by UNtroops and Congolese forces under General Lun-dula.


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