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Recent Developments, In Bloc-Free World train.

ftoaferroua Metals and Minerala

5 the Slno-Soriet Bloc haa become an increasingly Important factor In the world trade of nonferrgue aetola and minerala. Following the formation of the Bloc in the late

andeant, trade between the countries of theBloc and tbe free World, la nonferroua aatala andalmoat entirely ef Halted laporte by tba Bloc. to the Bloc of anny of the strategic nonferrouaman wrheraned by the principal Western suppliers,trade thea-efore was alight.owever,baa Inflated export* of slgntftrant quantities of

Despite the fact that tha rolnae of Bloc exports of these uunfeiAuua commodities nsrer baaajor shore of tha world trade, timing and pricing ofsalsa bare caaaal considerable concern In tha western aarkets. solasnert ran and tin In the Free World byBor example, vera madeime when tbe western metal aarkets already were rea Irene ft by tha existence of sixabie mirplasee onsiderable amount of unfCTurahla publicity, tbe OBSB agreed to Halt eMpnenta to- tba Hast9 of four of the principalluminum, lead, zinc, end tin* These agnnrsnta apparently did not layimseut any real wo^aaalan oa the xert of the USSR and pmhaMr rssyltafl is propaganda benefits for the DBSB for cooperating vith the Free aorld ln tba control of these ccenodltles. At tbe present tine, noon Soviet exports of these metals are la effect. Although recent shipments of lead and sine from the Bloc bare increased, those of olualnum aad tin bare declined.

Bloc imports also hare bad some Impact on the Free World. The

> Coaaxplst Chine, and tba toopcea Satellites bare providedttaveastent of aaratml^ssatftr^ "aea^ai^ai Mm*underdevelopedith teertaaoval eff

froa all forms of copper la the last halfhe Bloc began to Import significant tonnages of unwrought copper from underdeveloped countries In Africa and Latin America ln preference to tbe aoreforms of copper sold by tbe countries of the Industrial vest.

Some of the Satellite* also hare been laporting aluminum, lead, and asbestos fron the free world while tbe USSB at tbe sane time has been exporting sisahle quantities of these ease cocnodltles to the Vest. In addition to these iaporta by the Bloc, the USSB also has Imported from the free world each raw materials as bauxite fron Greece end lead and sine ore and concentrate from Iran.

The extent of future Sino-Sorlrt Bloc trade ln the above-asntlonedwill depend to a egree on the nmon of production eejajaj end the Increased consumption reoaliuawiute relative to the planned Industrial growth and higher standard of living. Dae to the eecreoy concerning the levela of production and coasnmption of nonf arrous aartals, particularly effective inuture trade naves cannot be forecast easily. Btvevlholesi, the continued laport of coppsr from the

the^Sed for

gaining foreign exchange When the western Markets appear favorable.




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