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iscussion betven SR/tOP,

OP'e European and

conversations with

that aammmmammnnl high voium of was tha greatest risk to the operation. However, Loee not feel that aammmemmal would accept kdbarK's suRgestion toreduce either thla activity or the number of personal nopt*et* withinr the following reasons*

a. Tbe personal contact with someone he knows Is very Important to tsTfffffffffsf aubjeotlvely.

masammwmmn1 han not nccopted previous suggestions to reduce the number of personal contacts.

ease officer teams were not able to bold down tbe number of personal meetings during the Parleook exception to this, noting that pushing for more meetings.)

otei himself was

is loath to use dead-drops beoauae of securityas well as because he derives aatlafaotion from personali bserved that thla was true so long as BmaBatmaal had

other means available to him.)

to SR/tCP that BBaaaaaaml haa followed closely bis. briefing, and extra material he haa reported baa been well selected, comprising materiala to which we did not know he had aooase. He has not been passing material of low Interest since the Parle phase, aaBmaaTsBemal feels that the lntroduotlono^ev requirements normally should he avoided, aa this will probably opur Kwaeeaaaal tc renewed collection aotivity, and this wouldreater risk to the security of the operation than to allow BBamaaaeml to aontinuo in his present mathod. UQUid therefore prefer to avoid inserting additional requirements now. While agreeing on theof roduclntf tha number ofHHKfl| doesn't believe that presently have that kind of control over ammmasmemmTH^rvrr, Kwaaaaeal maani feala veeasonable obanee toeduction in the number of personal contact* on grounds of Kwaaasaaeal physical condition. This would only be good temporarily.

according topreeently has three Minor cameras in his possess loo. Ha has hidden one, and carries tbe other two with him, enabling him torames without pausing to reload.

for several hours together with

X. -

avorable impression of her. She




her part ln tha operation, and SR/fcOP ebBtodtiuvt bo waa aonavhat reassured IJKAmM about tho conductontactsBbbbbbI

learned fromthat the personal oontaota In tha vicinity of

tha park -r- generally executed ln the manner outlined below. is l in the oerit vith herwho ip abouteara-old. ur? on the scene, and than Prooeeda ftw ona of thaatraetaow tha area.

different one eaob, aawaaaawfter hla, oooaelonally

with eone trouble persuading her young son to leave the pUea of anew in There la little vehicular traffic along theae various sidea fair amount of pedestrianlain girlanner that she does not feel she le conspicuousoreignerneighborhood. bbbbbbbbbI inters one of the doorways bIctr the eldepre-eelected by bin before each contact, and stands behind theso that he can observe anyone eccing down the stairs or through ths On just one occasion,apparently changed tbe entry bevhenitvaa suddenlypeople. No further Incident nd is with tin about tensometimea more, ananaamnl passes anything forin aalgaretMa^and be passes material to her in

olgarettes. Maaawaa places the material received fromIn her bag, and Hbbbbbbi pushes it down himself, being sure it is firmly in place. They alwaysomment or two about such things ss family health, eto. ammmamsmlsays when the next contact will bo. They have never bean interrupted, when meetings begin in the sbop instead of tbe park, maaaBBBSB out to another doorway In the sane manner above.

saked^Hj^Bal about normal surTelT,Lsncy on her and her cover far

action. BBBBBBBW^oted that her husband was heavily surveilled, but that he herself was seldom followed. SR/fcOP observed that she was probably good at detection, mmmmmmwamtor beingoorway would be to ad.'u.nt her clothing cr tend to her son out of the cold. Hmmmmmw! has neverecord of the windows overlooking tbe contact sites, but feels that thetraffic in theae streets renders the whole action inconspicuous. The only contact which took place in the open vas the first one. Hmmmmml does not discuss the oontaota vith her husband, but must communicate ln writing for security reasons.

expeota to withdrew awmmmmaml and her husband from the area about Ha haa In mind another married oouple to replagf themj the wifefaH"ormer nmmmn secretary. She haa three children. Two are too old for cover use, but the third will beage" at her arrival in the area.


sa/JOP agreed, and said that KDB1RS would like to share in the present.

agrees on the need to supplement ort if possible, to switch fromine meetingsagetjr.ggover. BaaaV is nowounger

of flew, in en appropriate cover elot, to enter tha erea sometime in the fell for this purpose. Hla language proflolenoy la reputed to bo high, and SR/COP speculated whether George Blake might know of hla. In the Interim caused by personnellow-down on personal contacts may be required.

10. SR^O? and BBBBBBal briefly reflectedion the posslbllty of usingtaffere'

or ths oontaota. nformed mamas that ktibark was also pra-a

smsmsml parsonnel who could aerve aa contacts,.

U. In aneweruery byuggested thathouldee If handle the debriefing of centers of the Parsons-VIttemore delerstlop.

the time reoulred to paas material fromto KOntRt Headquarters. He said that there Is no delay in London, because ho uts the raterial In the next pouch toafter he receives It. at*rial may wait foreek In Lmmmmmm forext pouch after having been delivered by amemmmmfl to her husband, mmmmmmmmnml nays that he tries to ovoid sending cables to smmmnmmmam husband outaids of normal working hours. In order not to disrupt what should be ncreel routine in mmmmmnW (Kotoi bserved that^BBBi husband obviously knows of the occur-renceutlet with amam-fl very soon after It happens, and wondered

=-'Informs bin.) spamfcj^Bhaa^thrssclpher clerksthere cay

be weeE=ena delays, again because he doewant toormal pattern. One of the ciphw clerks, however, is always oa call.

Station, EUBARK, told SR/tOP that anmmmmmmmml normally responds to any aonrainlcationARK Headquarters via the same channel through which he receives lt. It was explained to mmmmmmmmnml that thale channel is preferable to ssmmmmmmmmm and that with K'JBARK's pots to its new building the nmmmmmml channel will be quite cumbersome, smmmmmmmnml saw the point, voiced no objection at all, and said he would discuss lt with


been asked by |HB |to "begin liningrip to ln March or Aprildoes not by then appear to be coming out. In any event,definitely go to smmmmmi about chemere-fabricated display van for making exhibits portable, mammal hasdvanced himn this connection. Apparently this is construedean on an eventual profit-making venture, mmmmmmm! will take this van with him to mmmmmmm! mmmmmmmms did not ralss the question of KDBARK participation In the financing of thia van.

SR/tOP raisedqnestloo of contact retorts on the Beat-

ings with snTammmmma.mmmmmmmmnml confirmed that separate reports would be sent on sny speoial lncidente, and also egresd to furnish more detail In the routine notices; specifically, the street and number where the contact takes place.

There is nothing new on

th* questioneneral operational said that he would provids one to Enbark. alao volunteered the information thst he hadeeeel Finance to earmarkan approsdnatedOne hundred thousand pounds sUrllnp)agalnHt JaTammanmmmfal poaiiibla defection and resettlement. memTJejaaaeaV has In nind that this would be administered to aemmmnaaml astrust fund, thereby provding himuaranteed annual income.


prefers, for his own administrative- purposes, not to change the TOO* crrptonya. unless it is causing KOBARK in confusing traffio

with tbat In another

prefer not to issue the electronic deed-dropforinstruction

in its use. SR/tOP agreed that thla would be most desirable, butwritten instructions Mill be adequate in theaselvaa towas agreed, therefore, that one unit would he retained in

U:ol bbbbbI Embassy to be passed as opportunity permits if bbbbbbbbbbI does not come out in the reasonably near future.

in aanfamnfa I"mfuai'sie to support poeslble transmission cm ap harr-onlo of their frequency. It would necessltat* tooeparture from theirrocedures.

(Qj/pbc from rough

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