Created: 1/11/1962

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The episode reported In

letter ofecember,aloneev minutes in BUZIEDV'a office in the midst ofile of secret whipped out hla Mlnox and tried to photograph TiBENTSOV'e Theses",the latest and most dramatic Illustrationroblem which haa beenconnected with the cass here for some tiraei the collossal and everthat ve are permittingto take in the pursuit and transmittalintelligence. Another good illustration isage manual onwhich we recently requestedto obtain, and which now looks as ifbe of no mors than marginal interest. Ovr frequont admonitions tocareful, to think first and foreaost of hie own security, to meetetc,etc, in the context of our simultaneous requests tof this,5 of that, andf tha other areave it" nature, aad have clearly been interpreted by snmnmsnsnl in

2. It is clear that the great dangers to the operation ln its present stage lie

in the frequent^RtingaHHHH photographic endsavoure,

wwo bslng of course largely interdependent. It should be sufflcisnt to note that

, | (Oct# Jtm or

xeetingswith smaaanmnl In the pastweeks, and that she haa gone


to ths nesting aite on sevsral otherhese risks areonstant factor in

our operational equation) they Increase geometrically with the regularity and

frequency of the meetings and the amount of material photographed andimessed.

3* It should be noted that Just because these risks were Justified at one stage in the operation, does not mean that they are necessary now. The following factors deserve consideration I

translation backlog j

evaluation baoklogi consumers have nothancedigest the documents already provided.(it aeema to me that it's entirelywe have alreadyoint of diminishing returns on aome of the articles

own reporting, which is

c) the improvement in increasingly tlrely, specific end well-sourced.

In the light of these factors,it seems to me that ve can well afford ton photographyev this will allow

to -cool off" and

will enable us to get caught up on the backlog and to take, better stock of what we _have# j

elae appears to ne shipshape, and future prospects aroever, what vith anBanaansnawa1 rise in professional stature and the avenuesopening up before him. XDPOLENKO), All the mora reason this time whether or not we are Justified In jeopardizing this

unique source in the interests of acquiring more military manuals (in this connection,

the record shows dearly that amnKsaaa himself inood Judge of what

he can and should

recommended that LB^WM*ei be immediately instructed to suspend all

documantary photography until further notice, and to-concentrate on his oun reporting.. t is further recommended that we reduce the scheduled meetings with Bnenammaal to once every twoo weeks.

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